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Money Talks with Elizabeth Buko

Money Talks with Elizabeth Buko

By Elizabeth Buko

Money Talks with Elizabeth Buko, challenges the status quo when it comes to conversations about money. We believe that money doesn't have to be a taboo topic - in fact, we think it's something worth talking about openly and honestly. Each episode of Money Talks will feature stories from people who are breaking the mold when it comes to how we think about and manage our finances. Our hope is that by sharing these stories, we can start a dialogue about money that can help us all make better financial decisions. So join us on this journey, and let's talk about money!

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E2: How to build a business without focusing on money.

Money Talks with Elizabeth BukoDec 05, 2022

E2: How to build a business without focusing on money.

E2: How to build a business without focusing on money.

In this episode, I am speaking with Alison Boutoille who is a French expat who arrived in London in the middle of the pandemic. She quickly fell in love with the pub culture and was fascinated by how British people consider a pub as an extension of their living room.

With the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns she was sorry to see how people deserted these amazing places dedicated to gatherings.

So she decided to give pubs some support armed with her marketing background, she launched her business City Stack and this unique gift idea: a pack of beer mats that offers £100 worth of food & drinks at independent pubs. This unique collection pack offers ten money-saving coasters, each giving £10 off a £20 spend at one of the ten independent London pubs that are part of the collection. With this pack, our users save money, keep going to lovely pubs, and support independent pubs at the same time.

Alison says "launching a start up is investing a lot of money without being sure you'll get a return on investment and it is definitely something new to me. I decided to stop worrying about how much money I invest without return (for this launch at least) and my thoughts now are more along the following: some people spend hundreds in passions like sport, music, travel. Something that makes them feel alive. I consider this project as my passion for now and I try not to be counting too much each penny I spend". 

Alison also says she has a minimalist mindest, from her point of view "what makes you happy in life is not the amount of objects you collect, but what you do, how you connect with people and the purpose you follow. Launching this project to support independent pubs participates in my happiness so I don't consider the money invested (nor time) as a loss."

To find out more about Alison & Citystack go to:

Press contact:  Alison Boutoille, Co-founder 07385849824

Hope you enjoy this episode. 

Elizabeth Buko

Dec 05, 202227:48
E1: Welcome To Money Talks

E1: Welcome To Money Talks

A few years ago the financial dream life that I had been building for myself brick by brick cam crumbling down. In what seemed like an overnight financial disaster movie, my Jobe role was made redundant while I was heavily pregnant, I lost all my investments and I had no idea who I was. My identity had be wrapped up in my pay check, so I wasn't sure who I was without it and I was drowning. Thankfully, Jesus gave me a life line,  I am rebuilding my identity in HIM and not money.  Through my financial education company - Wealth From Little and this Money Talks Podcast I hope to start necessary conversation round money in the hope to inspire, & encourage women to keep building their wealth no matter how little their starting point is.  


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Dec 04, 202205:09