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Create Amusement

Create Amusement

By Elizabeth M Frederick

Learning Together
Sharing Time as Friends
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Create Amusement Sep 13, 2023



A dream is a wish your heart makes. There will be times you wish you could save in a bottle. A hope and prayer for healing as you seek power and might.
Sep 13, 202313:27


Nation shall not lift sword against nation as God has the whole world in his hands while we pray for peace. Trust that dreams come true when we join hands together.
Sep 13, 202310:55


Let’s share sweetness and enjoy time together. The peace that surrounds us is throughout all the world. Wake up and listen. We make heaven on earth when we come together in bliss; let’s look to the stars.
Sep 11, 202314:21
This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine

I am a mom who loves to sing and pray with her 2 children. They have asked me to record the songs I sing to them so they can hear them where ever they are and so others can sing along with us, even if we are distances apart. This episode includes the following songs and prayers: 

It's OK

Acceptance Prayer

The Gift of Love

You've Got A Friend

Let there be Peace on Earth

Silent Prayer 

Here I am God

This Little Light of Mine

I have also included an Ad so my daughters can gain the benefits of their encouragement of my craft. Please consider supporting our mission to share songs of peace and prayer together as friends. Thank you for your support and listenership. 

If you are an artist who creates from their home and wants to list your items for sale, please reach out to us and negotiate being a wholesaler on our site we want to help as many artists as possible join our co-op online store. 

Mar 24, 202019:10
Christmas Songs and Prayers

Christmas Songs and Prayers

When I was a child I sang Christmas Carols with my grandparents. Going to church to hear the choir sing and then being part of the choir lite me up inside. Here are some of my favorite simple classic hymns:

Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Angles have Heard on High

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear


Joy to the World 

Dec 23, 201918:21
Prayers of Peace and Healing

Prayers of Peace and Healing

I am a mom who sings to her children every night. Uniting faith through song is a gift that I share with them. They have asked me to record our songs so they can listen to them anywhere and everywhere. Our mission to collaborate to create amusement during our journey of success allows us to share our joy with you. 

This set of prayers are near and dear to our heart as they include:

A Welcome Prayer

Prayers for Personal Peace

Prayers For Healing

Praise and Thanks

Prayers for World Peace

We are always looking to add to our repertoire of songs and welcome the opportunity to learn songs of various faiths. Connect with us via Collaborative Creators, Create Amusement or Join one of our favorite Communities at Your Success Life on Facebook.   

Dec 06, 201910:19