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The Ginger Introvert Podcast

The Ginger Introvert Podcast

By Elizabeth McIlhenney

Weekly deep chats with your host, blogger, writer, and twenty-something Liz Henney! An eclectic soirée of all sorts of topics, anything is on the table as long as I’ve red wine in my hand!
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Reflecting on 2019 and welcoming 2020!

The Ginger Introvert PodcastJan 19, 2020

Quarantine Catch-up: reflecting on the Covid-19 crisis and my first year as a post grad

Quarantine Catch-up: reflecting on the Covid-19 crisis and my first year as a post grad

In this episode I talk all about how I've been feeling since graduating college a year ago in 2019, and how unconventional that year has been. Especially since the beginning of the quarantine. This is an especially vulnerable episode, since I talk about how I have struggled with finding a full time job since graduating, and how I got laid off from my part-time gig at the beginning of quarantine.

Creators to check out:

Check out Jazmine Rogers for all your thrifted fashion and sustainable lifestyle! Follow her @ThatCurlyTop on Instagram, and That Curly Top on YouTube.

Check out one of my oldest friends Cassie Braun for some awesome bookish content for my fellow readers out there! Follow her @manoshgirl51 on Instagram, and Cassie Braun on YouTube.

Where to follow Liz:

You can follow @thegingerintrovert on Insta for all of my blog content and some thrifted fashion inspiration! I also have new posts on The Ginger Introvert website on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all about thrifted and sustainable fashion!

I also have a page where I sell vintage clothing as well, and you can follow my shop @thegingerthrift on Instagram, or @thegingerintrovert on the Depop app. I drop new inventory every Friday! 

Additionally, if you're a big reader like me, you should follow my Bookstagram @gingerintrovertreads to see what I'm reading on a weekly basis!

Click here to access the full show notes, including all these links and a full transcription on The Ginger Introvert website!

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