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The Brain Game

The Brain Game

By Elizabeth Salazar

Building an online coaching business is a brain game.

You sell something entirely created from your MIND. Then you create assets and supporting elements to deliver it.

On this podcast we explore the mental elements of growing an online coaching business.

We cover things like:
1) Simplifying business (offers, marketing, selling, money…we cover it all)
2) Goals
3) Emotions (as a means to creating money)
4) Enjoying the experience of your business

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Normalizing Growth (6 Areas)

The Brain GameNov 16, 2023

Normalizing Growth (6 Areas)

Normalizing Growth (6 Areas)

Episode 195: Sales and marketing can make it easy to believe that growing a business is easy if you just have the right method or mentor.

In this episode...I normalize 6 pieces of business. So you can stop thinking something has gone wrong and own the playfulness of figuring it out.

Nov 16, 202327:49
Creating With Perfectionist Tendencies

Creating With Perfectionist Tendencies

Episode 194: If you have perfectionist tendencies...wanting to get something right and perfect the first try, today's episode is for you.

In this episode I teach you a mental process that will allow you to:

  1. Create / Finish new ideas or projects
  2. In a way that feels easy, simple and fun for YOU
  3. Making sure the next round is EVEN better

You can use this to launch a new offer, launch an old offer, start a podcast or finally build that funnel.

Your perfectionist habits won't harass you using this method.

They may still beckon you over to consider them...but they won't feel like you've captured you and are holding you captive as you drown in all the pressure you put on yourself as you try to do it perfectly.

Oct 20, 202341:51
Youngest Child Approach To Group Coaching

Youngest Child Approach To Group Coaching

Episode 193 – It’s silly but fun…and will help you get results faster when you buy group coaching. 

We all know the oldest child wants everyone to be happy…

They think they need to figure everything out on their own and even though they bought the group program it feels weird to ask for help. 

In this episode of the Brain Game…we playfully explore what it would be like to approach group coaching environments like a Youngest Child. 

You’ll chuckle with how our birth order impacts how we show up…but more importantly you’ll get faster results when you are in a group coaching environment.

Oct 12, 202319:37
Building Your Plateau Business

Building Your Plateau Business

Episode 192 -- In this week's episode I introduce to you the idea of a Plateau Business.

The first skill of building a business is learning how to create money.

The next skill though?

Identifying the business you actually want to have.

The business that...

  1. Feels simple (you know what to do and have the habits in place)
  2. Runs smoothly (their is rhythm to your marketing and selling and most problems are decisions or adjustments)
  3. Pays you consistently (an amount you LOVE)
  4. Allows mental space for the rest of your life

A Plateau Business is what you've been looking for.

In the 6 Month Steady mastermind we build yours out, so the work you're doing isn't focused on "making more money" but lines up with the exact business you want to run.

Oct 05, 202324:02
What To Think When People Don’t Buy

What To Think When People Don’t Buy

Episode 191: In this week’s episode I teach you how to build mental structure for WHEN you make an offer…and people don’t buy.

I say WHEN because it's going to's part of making offers and selling.

How you think when it happens will determine:

1. Your ability to see what to tweak (and learn from yourself)

2. How quickly you're ready to try again

Sep 21, 202327:46
Energy Check: Your Offer
Sep 18, 202324:28
Are you joining the October 6-Week Sprint?
Sep 15, 202314:43
The Dark Side of Growth

The Dark Side of Growth

Episode 189: Today's episode is more personal than normal.

Often we hear about the inspiring and shiny parts of business and growth.

This episode though is about the hard parts. Over the last 2 years I've been in a low part of my business, my "dark era".

This is part of business too. My experience isn't often shared but I know it's normal.

Sep 14, 202317:35
Meditation: Unwinding Tight Negative Emotion
Jul 27, 202329:47
Lessons From 2 Sold Out Groups

Lessons From 2 Sold Out Groups

Episode 187 – Launching can feel scary and be a lot of work.

You make decisions, write emails, create structure…all without really knowing if anyone will actually buy. 

In this episode I share a peek behind the scenes of my business. I recently launched a 6-week group for 10 people. I called it the 6-Week Sprint.

It sold out in just a few days. 

That statement though…the one about selling out in 4 days, that’s we ALWAYS here from businesses.

And sure, great for them right? This episode though is everything that was happening in my mind and with setup while that happened.

I share what motivated me to offer 10 more spots after those first 10 sold even though my mind was telling me, “this was a mistake, we should have just let it all be done”.

This episode…is the real stuff. 

 I hope you hear this and let your first launch or next launch…be way easier. 

Jul 20, 202339:58
Tactical “Why’s” For Goal Setting

Tactical “Why’s” For Goal Setting

Episode 186: In goal setting there is the big end goal AND the sub-goals.

People often talk about this in terms of knowing "why" you want a goal.

In this episode I make this "why" tactical.

Yes your WHY will motivate you and keep you going but the specifics of your why help your brain be onboard too.

The specific reasons you want a goal (your why) will allow your brain to WIN the whole way to goal.

So while getting it is amazing...not getting it isn't awful.

The brain feels safer to go after goals when this is the case.

Jul 13, 202336:25
The 6-Week Sprint
Jul 07, 202329:06
Processing Your Love / Hate With Social Media
Jun 08, 202340:11
Developing Your Identity As A Coach Clients Want To Hire

Developing Your Identity As A Coach Clients Want To Hire

Episode #119 -- Who does your best client WANT to hire? 

You might put yourself in their shoes by thinking about who YOU want hire. What does the person you want to hire think about you? What does the person you want to hire think about what they're offering? What does the person you want to hire think about themselves?

These details are the difference between believing they have your best interest at heart verses theirs.

These details are the difference between you believing they can follow through or not.

These details are at the basis of the identity of a person someone wants to hire.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. How to know in minutes if you need to build your identity as a coach
  2. What exactly is an identity
  3. Who your clients WANT to hire

Visit to sign up for the free training.

Jun 04, 202337:32
Building Belief from Marketing Content

Building Belief from Marketing Content

Episode 183: Do you find yourself buying courses and following paths of interest because of excellent marketing and selling that catches your attention?

In today’s episode I teach you a simple technique (plus lots of examples) for how to identify what you really want from that content.

This will help calm your mind, effectively look at what you’re buying with time or money and then get exactly what you want from it.

May 19, 202334:47
Reducing The Weight of Money-Goal Doubt

Reducing The Weight of Money-Goal Doubt

Episode 182: When you set a big money goal, it’s normal to have doubts and uncertainty.

In this episode, I walk you through an exercise I use with my clients to categorize the doubts that make going after a money goal feel hard.

With this technique you won’t ever need to “believe harder” or wonder if you’re missing something…you can do this exercise and feel the weight lifted and the instant increase of your belief. 

Making using today for your goal…more fun and light.

May 12, 202331:15
Feeling Ownership

Feeling Ownership

Episode 181 – Emotion training for coaches building their online business. 

In this episode we dig into the emotion of ownership. 

WHY build the skill of feeling an emotion like ownership?

It directly links to…

  1. Creating money in your business

  2. Your ability to see HOW you’ve created money already 

  3. Your joy setting goals and doing what it takes to hit them 

  4. How you experience and use today…for your goals 

This podcast is emotional training. 

You’ll see the difference between taking ownership (an action) and feeling the sensation of ownership in your body. 

You’ll be guided through identifying the sensation of ownership in your body plus guided through language that will help you put words to what you’re experiencing in your body. 

You’ll be introduced to the opposite of ownership…and how those emotions can create the illusion of being “far away” from accessing your sense of ownership over your business and results. 

You’ll see what you have ownership over beyond what you do so you feel in control of your results, yourself and can delight in the process of setting and hitting business goals.

May 04, 202344:45
Talking About What you Sell (especially when it’s vague)

Talking About What you Sell (especially when it’s vague)

Episode 180 – In the online world there is a lot of weight given to having a specific niche and specific result you help your clients get with your coaching.

And if you know a specific result and love it…then it works.

This episode though is for all of you that DON’T have a specific result and still want to help people with coaching.

Apr 20, 202320:52
3 Realms Influencing Your Online Business

3 Realms Influencing Your Online Business

Episode 179 – there are 3 parts at play as you grow your online business. In this podcast, we look at each and how they impact the growth of your business.

Most coaches are VERY familiar with the external realm of online business. The parts they use to build the business; webinars, email marketing, social media.

Then there is the spiritual realm. Learning to create gratefulness, presence and to quiet your mind instead of believing all of your thoughts.

The last realm is the internal realm. It’s that PUSH that fuels your external pieces. 

In this episode we break down in detail what’s in the Internal Realm and how it helps you hit goals, make money and grow your business.

Apr 13, 202353:24
Goals: Making Them Happen

Goals: Making Them Happen

Episode 178 – It’s kind of annoying to WANT things but realize that you’re not actually doing what it takes to make those goals a reality.

Most people see themselves NOT going after their goals and then tell themselves they’re…

  1. Procrastinating

  2. Blocked

  3. Don’t have time

Then instead of going AFTER their goals they start consuming content that helps them be more productive, work through blocks or manage their time. 

Those are great skills…ONCE you’re focused on your goal.

In this episode, we break through what you REALLY need to do in order to bring those goals to life. 

Once you do this you’ll feel the difference, you’ll see how you think differently about the goal and you’ll start showing up for what you want. 

Apr 06, 202318:51
Creating Curious

Creating Curious

Episode 177 – How often do you feel CURIOUS?

Emotions are a tool that can be created and used in your business.

In this episode I teach you how to identify the sensation of curiosity so you can create it for situations that you need you to slow down and learn. 

Learning to feel and create the emotion of curiosity gives you access to its natural effects.

Feeling curious leads you to listen, put your opinion to the side, ask questions, follow your inclinations and slow down. 

Curiosity is a tool to see data in your business like a $0 month, 4 consults, $18k month or details of a training…and get useful information from it before moving on. 

Mar 30, 202320:17
Money Formula For Creating Security

Money Formula For Creating Security

Episode 176 – Every entrepreneur I know wants financial security.

It often sounds like wanting “consistent income”...but that’s just old job thinking.

When you’re an entrepreneur you may have a $4,000 month, a $34,000 month and a $7,000 month. 

It’s the normal flow of business, selling and delivery. 

In this episode give you a way of thinking about structuring what happens AFTER you bring money in so you can create security for yourself. 

This way of structuring your money takes care of you AND the business.

It flips the script on creating money so that it becomes a fun game, instead of a number you have to hit to pay for everything. 

Mar 23, 202321:15
“I set me up for success”

“I set me up for success”

Episode 175 – Thoughts have power. In this episode I share a thought I stumbled upon and have seen clear changes in my behavior just thinking it.

This episode offers this thought to try on but it also helps you slow down and SEE the impact of thoughts.

You don’t need to hustle your thinking to create more results you want.

There is power in just one thought.

Mar 16, 202315:10
Why You Want A Timeframe (for your goal)

Why You Want A Timeframe (for your goal)

Episode 174: Do you love the idea of setting goals…but are reluctant to set them after not hitting them?

In this episode we shift how you experience having a specific goal with a timeframe.

The pressure and stress while you go after a goal are optional and as you’ve probably discovered can happen even when you don’t have a goal and timeframe.

There is something you ONLY get when you have them though and that something makes goals feel easy and fun again.

Mar 09, 202323:09
Why Your Person WANTS To Pay You Money

Why Your Person WANTS To Pay You Money

Episode 173: In business it's easy to be so focused on the outcome of creating money that you forget why your person WANTS to pay you. 

My husband pays our girls $1 for creating a book. 

The girls LOVE it and for a while were confused why creating a book quickly and without effort wasn't rewarded with a dollar.

Once they understand why he WANTS to pay them though...they were able to create what they want (money) while giving him what he wants).

In this episode I break down what this looks like for your COACHING business. 

Plus 2 questions to ask yourself so you can access why your best person wants to pay you money and how to see that in a non-marketing way that draws in who you actually want to work with.

Mar 02, 202319:25
Book: The Intrusive Thoughts Toolkit

Book: The Intrusive Thoughts Toolkit

Episode 172:  In this episode I share my new favorite book for using your mind.

When we learn to turn our awareness on (thoughts and feelings) we do it for the UPSIDE.

We don’t consider the downside that happens when you become aware of your thoughts and feelings.

That downside is that you...

  • start looking at your thoughts and feelings a lot
  • have unwanted thoughts, patterns you see in yourself and know aren’t helpful but can’t seem to get out of
  • wonder if this experience of yourself is normal (or if maybe you're high functioning crazy)

This book speaks in simple words, focuses on the issue (instead of TEACHING you) and then gives you a very tangible way of processing that issue.

Feb 27, 202315:48
Seeing What You Can’t See

Seeing What You Can’t See

Episode 171: In this week's episode I'm helping you BREAK the habit of searching for what you don’t know.

If you’ve read books, listened to podcasts, bought courses, hired someone or asked someone for feedback because you KNOW you’re…

  • Missing something
  • Hoping someone else can show you what you can’t see

This episode is for you.

I also break down 4 beliefs to use as you RE-train your mind out of this loop.

Feb 17, 202327:44
Client Question: Sell 1:1, group or both first?

Client Question: Sell 1:1, group or both first?

Episode 170: When you start a coaching business you’ll notice that everyone online sells something different.

It can be overwhelming deciding what to sell.

In this episode I share my opinion on why all coaches should start with 1:1 coaching and WHY.

I break down what the selling process looks like so you brain doesn’t accidentally think a lower price (of group) is what will cause people to buy.

I also outline 3 elements to have in place BEFORE you sell group:

  1. Know exactly how you sign clients (and feel confident doing it)
  2. Build an audience of people that know you, want to hire you and DO hire you
  3. Know how to help your clients work through what’s stopping them and get the results they want

Selling and delivering 1:1 coaching prepares you for the bigger business you imagine and even see others running now.

You prepare yourself for your dreams 1 client at a time.

Feb 03, 202332:04
Client Question: Sharing Your Expertise

Client Question: Sharing Your Expertise

Episode 169: this week's episode is answering a question a client asked this week.

“Should I be telling people my expertise and why they should coach with me?”

I break down what this looks like in person, online and when and how to totally sprinkle your expertise in.

Most importantly…what ENERGY to be in when you’re sprinkly your brilliance around for people to see.

Hint…it’s NOT from a fear you’re not an expert or the desire to prove yourself.

Jan 26, 202319:06
How To Know Which Type of Coach To Hire

How To Know Which Type of Coach To Hire

Episode 168: hiring a coach is FUN.

It’s even more fun when you know what each type of coach does and how that helps YOUR business get closer to your goals.

In this episode we talk through 11 types of coaches and the one thing you need to know before you choose your next coach.

Jan 19, 202335:39
Developing Your Sexy 1-Liner

Developing Your Sexy 1-Liner

Episode 167: if you struggle to explain what you do or have been working on your elevator pitch for way longer than you want to admit…today’s episode is for you.

It’s easy to get hung up developing a 1-liner that’s sexy and grabs people’s attention.

But you don’t need one to sign clients and build your business.

In this episode I walk you through exactly what it looks like to market online AND in person, even if you don’t have a 1-liner.

I share with you the 3-types of people you’ll run into every time you share the simple version of what you do.

Knowing these 3-types of people exist will help you focus on the ones who are actually interested in what you do while not letting the others get you down.

Jan 05, 202324:02
Details for Your Marketing VS Niche

Details for Your Marketing VS Niche

Episode 166: coaches keep themselves stuck with their niche and offer because they're TOO specific. 

In this episode I show you how simple (yet effective) your niche can be and what it looks like to use all that detail in your marketing instead.  

Dec 22, 202215:47
Using Money Data, To Create More Money

Using Money Data, To Create More Money

Episode 165: Do you look at your money data 1-2x a month? What comes in and what goes out? This data will help you create more money.

Even if that data is $0.

In this episode, I teach you how to learn from money data when you make $0, blow your goal out of the water and land somewhere in between.

I also teach you how to look at that data and identify what to do differently for next month.

This way, “do more, better” is never the answer but rather something way more helpful and do-able.

Dec 15, 202234:37
Selling In December

Selling In December

Episode 164: How are you feeling about selling in December?

  • Dreading it? 
  • Wishing you were more present with your own family? 
  • Eager for it?

In today’s episode, we go through 3 common beliefs that will STOP you from selling in December…or make it feel hard.

Plus, I share a question to ask yourself that will spark your passion, excitement and love selling coaching this month.

Dec 08, 202229:04
the action of mindset in a work day

the action of mindset in a work day

Episode 163: your skill using your mind is the difference between enjoying your experience of business, making lots of money…and not.

In this episode I show you what mindset looks like in a very actionable way throughout my work day.

How I use it to make decisions, work through what’s bothering me, focus on goals and manage emotions.

There is no one way to use your mind and this will give you access to ways you may want to use too.

Nov 24, 202237:25
Pricing: The Benefits of Posting It & Not Posting It

Pricing: The Benefits of Posting It & Not Posting It

Episode 162: as a coach, do you post your prices so people know before they book a call…or wait until the call to share the price?

This is a really common question.

In this episode I help you make a decision for your business by helping you understand…

  1. What doesn’t change whether you post the price or not
  2. The benefit of not posting the price and who that might be best for
  3. The benefit of posting the price and this is best for

As you listen to the benefits of each I guarantee you’ll hear nuggets you’ve never thought of that will change how you approach either option.

Nov 17, 202235:40
Who are you building a business for?

Who are you building a business for?

Episode 161: when you’re creating an offer, who are you thinking about?

A current client? Past client? Future client?

In this episode we talk about the difference between building an offer for each of these and which creates the most self-permission and enjoyment.

Nov 10, 202213:43
4 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

4 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Episode 160: growing your business requires a balance of productivity and creativity.

In this episode, we explore 4 ways to spark and nurture creativity.

Oct 27, 202226:54
Are you Blocking Consults?
Oct 21, 202227:16
The Big Picture Structure of A Coaching Business
Oct 13, 202228:13
Offer Issues Commonly Mistaken as Marketing Issues
Oct 07, 202235:22
Niches, Simplified
Sep 29, 202225:15
The “others” of Content Creation

The “others” of Content Creation

Episode 155: who are you creating content for? Inside of every category of people...there are subcategories. A painful mistake coaches make is speaking to the version of their person who wants their offer the least

In this episode we break down how to know if you're talking to the right people based on the painful side effects and how this focus looks in your automated emails sequence. 

Sep 01, 202225:44
Being An Entrepreneur

Being An Entrepreneur

Episode 154: there are the flashy parts of being an entrepreneur and there are the other parts that are also true. 

In this episode I talk about both so as you experience the normal parts of being an entrepreneur you don't make them mean something has gone wrong but rather see them as part of the process. 

Aug 25, 202226:45
Advice I Gave A Friend

Advice I Gave A Friend

Episode 153: in this episode I share some advice I gave a friend who was feeling bad after a consult.

You’ll hear how I learn from a situation even if I don’t know much, what that sounds like and how I walk away feeling like I won even in a situation I didn't get the result I thought I might.

This is a more casual podcast but as always the interaction with how my mind thinks will help change and shift how you think too. 

Aug 11, 202223:03
4 Approaches To Goal Setting

4 Approaches To Goal Setting

Episode 152: the point of a goal is to focus your attention and shift how you normally do things so you can create a new result.

There are 4 approaches you can take to focus your attention on a goal.

In this episode we dig into them plus the little details that make each easier and more fun to do.

The first way is my favorite.

Setting a yearly goal…

by becoming the person and creating the business, that that goal is the norm for.

Most people get hung up with this approach because they think growth is supposed to happen in equally divided chunks.

It’s not.

Normal growth is up and down and you can still hit a yearly goal, even if you’re currently “not on track”.

Head over and listen and see which way of goal setting lights you up.

Aug 04, 202222:15
The Unexpected Role of Time

The Unexpected Role of Time

Episode 151: time has a very specific role in your business…in this episode we uncover what that role is and what it isn’t.

❌Time doesn’t create change.

❌Time doesn’t create money or goals.

👉🏼 You do.

✔️ You use time to create a future for yourself that doesn’t exist yet and won’t exist if you keep using time the way you have in the past.

✔️ You use time to give you space to have ideas, make decisions, bring your ideas to life and then learn from those ideas.

✔️ You use time to build and develop a mind that creates the future you want as a normal habit.

✔️ You use time to build the skills and habits that match the future you’re creating.

Check out episode 33 of the Build Your Coaching Business podcast to try on a new way of thinking about and using time for your goals.

Jul 28, 202220:07
what mindset tangibly looks like

what mindset tangibly looks like

Episode 150 – the structure and strategy of your business are the LEAST interesting parts.

You create an offer, your offer determines what you talk about and to who…you choose where to show up based on where your people are and your preferences. You practice converting.

This seems simple. But we both know it’s not.

The reason it’s not actually though is THE MIND.

It takes that simplicity and scrambles it up like eggs in a hot pan.

Suddenly you’re not sure you’re an expert, you’re confused about what and where to be focusing and you’re doing so much stuff you can’t even fathom adding more to the list.

You’re exhausted.

You feel bad a lot. (overwhelmed, unsure, nervous, inadequate)

And the brain wants somewhere to place that blame so it can STOP it…

And so it blames “building a business” or “people don’t want this”.

In episode 32 of the Build Your Coaching Business podcast…I share what mindset tangibly looks like in your business.

I show you how a simple thought like “I don’t know if I can get it all done” snowballs into doing strange things that don’t get the list done…plus the exact questions I used to shift my mind out of this space and into one that gets me the results I want.

Jul 21, 202229:40
Think Fewer Thoughts

Think Fewer Thoughts

Episode 149: Think Few Thoughts.

In this episode we move past the setup and logistics of business and focus on the day to day experience.

I’ve never met anyone who says they want to build a business with a mind running fast with everything they need to do and think about.

Instead coaches say they want to feel calm, focused and clear on what they do and when.

Thinking fewer thoughts creates a calm mind and simpler access to what you WANT to be thinking about (rather than just what is being throw at you as urgent to think about).

The key to thinking FEWER thoughts is to see & remove the default thought steam. (which thankfully also removes the emotional experience)

I share a 4 step process for this on the podcast. But it does require some knowledge of self-coaching. If you don’t have that, don’t worry I teach it inside An Unconventional Business School.

Once you see what would have been running on default (which is often negative)..

You establish 1-2 simple thoughts that you ALSO believe in place for when you need to think them.

I share 5 areas every coach experiences in their business on the podcast but let me show you an example:

Area: consult said yes, 1st call is scheduled, they haven’t paid yet

Built Thought: We have a call scheduled for ___, she either comes or she doesn’t (if she hasn’t paid by then, I’ll ask her about it then)

It’s simple.

It’s true.

It leaves zero room for your mind to chatter, worry or wonder.

It leaves room for all possibilities.

The objective…no brain space is spent on THIS area when it could be focused in more productive ways.

The other 5 areas we develop thoughts on episode 31 are:

  1. New client, scheduled but not paid yet
  2. Right before a consult
  3. After a consult: YES
  4. After a consult: NO or maybe
  5. No consults currently booked

Creating a calm mind that knows where to think and can gently hold those thoughts CREATES a calm and peaceful experience of your business.

So all your nervousness and uncertainty can be on new problems that you are learning how to solve in your growing coaching business.

To listen to episode 31, head over to the Build Your Coaching Business podcast. Link in bio.

Referenced on this Podcast:

An Unconventional Business School: 

Jul 14, 202244:54
no consults? Check these layers
Jul 07, 202220:23