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Elliott's Podcast

Elliott's Podcast

By Elliott Fienberg

Every week, Elliott gives a mix of mind-expanding music and thoughtful messages to help bring you back into your centre.
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Adventures in Europe and Beyond

Elliott's PodcastNov 07, 2021

When Everything Disappeared Twice (Live in the Studio Version)
Feb 19, 202311:45
The Gift

The Gift

This episode talks about my mission to help share the gift of both playing music for you, and to tap into the infinite power required for you to do this on your own. The power is available to everyone who chooses to accept it and take it on. Wishing you the happiest holidays today.

Dec 25, 202219:48
The Two Channels of Consciousness + Ambient Rhodes Piece
Dec 17, 202223:30
The Trey Anastasio Method for Inspired Play

The Trey Anastasio Method for Inspired Play

In this week's episode of Elliott's Podcast, I talk about encouraging a sense of play with music and how that might be different from our traditional ideas about practice.   

I also show a great holiday gift for guitarists to play in the morning, the Mustang Micro, as well as the iReal Pro app for generating backing tracks to play along to.   

The song I played along to was called Thursday Night, Friday Morning by IKSRE and Party Store: 

Interested in attending a session to help encourage you to play music? Fill out the form here 

Watch the video with Trey talking about his morning routine here:   

Mustang Micro: 

iReal Pro:

Dec 11, 202240:13
Reconnecting with the Guitar
Dec 04, 202216:26
Constancy Bears Fruit

Constancy Bears Fruit

My newsletter is located at - subscribe if you don't already receive it. 

Be sure to listen to the seasonal mix of the latest music from Elliott's Podcast over here

Nov 27, 202206:32
Fingerprint the Sky - Seasonal Mix Special Edition

Fingerprint the Sky - Seasonal Mix Special Edition

Welcome to the special edition of Elliott's Podcast where we review the music that's been made over the past few months. These mixes are dedicated to my Patrons but this month also the Red Rockers get a shoutout. Photo by Adam. 

Patrons get the full mix without any talking and in higher quality audio at

Nov 20, 202233:49
Take a Minute for Yourself

Take a Minute for Yourself

A great opportunity to put the news feeds away and just sit with what is. 

Nov 13, 202204:15
The Best Goal You Can Have
Nov 06, 202205:28
Your Creativity is in Orbit

Your Creativity is in Orbit

This week is a short prompt to help you reframe your creativity, seeing it as something that is slightly adjusting and evolving every day. And you get a Rhodes jam in Bb!

Oct 30, 202206:22
Grounding - Calming the Noise Down

Grounding - Calming the Noise Down

In service of settling down all the noise that might be floating around your mind this week.

Oct 23, 202205:09
How to Design a Creative Habit

How to Design a Creative Habit

This week I talk about the idea of the cue and the reward and how you can build momentum in doing your Most Creative Work (MCW).   

Referencing the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.   

Join my Discord channel to find the Clock In Accountability channel:

Oct 16, 202242:28
The Enormity of Nature (Just Sit in the Park)

The Enormity of Nature (Just Sit in the Park)

Sitting in a park is an underrated habit. Better if you can go by yourself, and top marks if you go to one that is outside of your neighbourhood. Just look on the map and get out there.   Your time in the park is the perfect antidote to the stress of living in the city.

Oct 08, 202204:50
Begin With Where You Are
Oct 02, 202206:33
Mix Series: One Day Things Will Remain Still

Mix Series: One Day Things Will Remain Still

This episode is part of my mix series that is designed as a thank you to my Patrons. It compiles music that was made for this podcast in the weeks prior. 

On this episode we hear: 

  • Provoking Lake Sunset
  • The Map
  • Gonawinda
  • Harness
  • Head
Sep 25, 202243:31
Making Time for Community

Making Time for Community

This week we kick off with a track I call Gonawinda and then we discuss the idea of community and how I have started a Discord to help put this vision to the test. (good for 7 days after the episode airs)  

Derek Sivers Dancing Guy:

Sep 18, 202232:51
Facing the Fear of Technology - Jam in E Major and Discussion
Sep 11, 202235:38
The Mindset of a Songwriter: Matt James in Joseph Workman Park in Toronto
Sep 04, 202249:23
Sleep Tea Ritual and Fake Spotify Artists at Bedtime
Aug 28, 202231:43
Harnessing a Sense of Surrender

Harnessing a Sense of Surrender

The idea that naturally came about this week is to continue writing a piece of music for another lake that I visited on this month’s hiking trip. We stayed on three lakes, so this week I wrote a piece called Harness and paired it with the video from that one.   

Mentioned in this episode: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman 

I Didn't Do The Thing Today by Madeleine Dore  

My website is, stop by and pay a visit

Aug 21, 202229:23
Drop into the Provoking Lake Sunset

Drop into the Provoking Lake Sunset

Sunset captured on Provoking Lake in Alqonquin Park. Thanks for coming along for the journey!   

Find more of my work on my website at

Aug 14, 202238:39
Track Premiere: Good Vibe Society

Track Premiere: Good Vibe Society

This week we play my new track Good Vibe Society which you can listen to on streaming here

Join the Patreon to get the download of this track here

Thanks for coming along for the journey... 

Aug 07, 202209:11
Music Mix: Pathways into the Park (July/August Mix)
Jul 31, 202227:46
Alchemizing Fear into Creativity

Alchemizing Fear into Creativity

This show is about taking your darkest emotions and using them as fuel for your greatest work. There is a short segment on sleep which is a big theme in Elliott's work. We finish up with a short blues jam called, "I Didn't Know".

  • Elliott's website is 
  • Buy him a coffee at 
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Thanks for listening!

Jul 24, 202229:31
Elliott Plays Harmonica and Lap Steel Guitar in Cedervale Park
Jul 17, 202223:37
Elliott Plays Clarinet in Earlscourt Park and Talks about Working with the Moon Cycles

Elliott Plays Clarinet in Earlscourt Park and Talks about Working with the Moon Cycles

Thanks for hanging with Elliott this week!   

Oprah article on working with the moon: 

Support Elliott's quest to play music in unconventional spaces at

Jul 10, 202225:21
Elliott Plays in Bickford Park (Toronto)
Jul 03, 202207:45
Elliott Plays in Sir Winston Churchill Park
Jun 26, 202224:39
Discovering Creative Wealth
Jun 19, 202233:57
Your Creative Home

Your Creative Home

This week's podcast shows my new fretless guitar and talks about the home you create for your creative work and how to cultivate that relationship just like any other relationship in your life.

Become an official supporter of Elliott's Podcast at

Jun 12, 202239:49
Elliott's Music Mix Series: Furnishing the Cosmos

Elliott's Music Mix Series: Furnishing the Cosmos

Today I bring you my latest mix which compiles music that was originally recorded on my podcast in roughly the month of May but a bit of April as well. These mixes are created for my patrons on Patreon but I thought it would be nice to share it on my podcast feed. The patrons get a higher quality FLAC download of this. 

There is one track in there that is technically unreleased called How to Disappear into the Thin Air. Other than this track all the music made here is done in some sort of improvisation for the podcast.

The name of this mix is a reference to Erik Satie who worked on "Furniture Music" which was essentially the muzak of his time. Those compositions were meant to be easy going and so accessible they could be played in the background of a furniture store while people went shopping.

I would like to think that this music can be put on in the background, and since I'm mostly playing guitar throughout all the pieces, that it's almost as if I am sitting in the corner playing for you.

If someone hired me to serenade their party, this is what I would ideally play. I wouldn't want people to focus on me with any sort of intensity like they do a traditional concert.

So in a way, this mix is almost like a prototype of a live show that I could one day play, even though it's stitched together over a few weeks of Elliott's Podcast.

Album photo of a Hong Kong apartment building by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels

Jun 05, 202258:43
The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment is that one moment where a track makes perfect sense. As if everything was in place just for that segment of time.   Support my work at and

May 29, 202225:17
Setting Levels

Setting Levels

Lots to talk about with my morning routine and accessing flow with making music. Thanks for listening!

May 22, 202254:07
Shaman Soundsystem (Guitar and Vocals on Elliott's Podcast)

Shaman Soundsystem (Guitar and Vocals on Elliott's Podcast)

Thanks for listening!

May 15, 202221:17
The Waves of Infinity (Electric Piano and Pedal Steel Guitar Ambient)

The Waves of Infinity (Electric Piano and Pedal Steel Guitar Ambient)

There is no talking in this video but I was lucky to catch some waves on the dock at my friend's cottage this past weekend over on Lake Simcoe in Ontario.   

Day to day we have things that disrupt and interrupt us but our ability to find some calm and a sense of presence will always renew itself like the waves of infinity.   

Visit my website at for more info about where to find my music. Thanks for being here now with me.

May 08, 202209:03
Elliott's Podcast One Year Special Anniversary Episode
May 01, 202248:56
The Infinite Bridge (Relaxing Ambient with Nylon Guitar)
Apr 24, 202224:31
Music in Circles
Apr 10, 202240:46
Let's Jam!

Let's Jam!

I switch between two rooms for Elliott's Podcast. This episode is in the bedroom where we just play guitar.

Grab a one-hour mix of music from Elliott's Podcast here:  

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Apr 03, 202232:40
The Power of Chill
Mar 27, 202239:34
The Cosmic Babysitter

The Cosmic Babysitter

Thanks for being here with me

Mar 20, 202221:59
March 13, 2022

March 13, 2022

Mar 13, 202200:50
Earth Envy: Lac Des Femmes Field Recording
Mar 13, 202209:30
Swirling Sounds into the Ether
Mar 06, 202235:56
What Does the Art Want - Live Ambient Set on Elliott's Podcast
Feb 27, 202231:03
Spinning Together on Planet E
Feb 20, 202235:26
Take a Chance
Feb 13, 202215:50
Setting a Restore Point: Underwater Serenade
Feb 06, 202231:25
Strange Music in the Blox
Jan 30, 202231:48
Have Tea with Elliott and Reflect

Have Tea with Elliott and Reflect

The drones in the background were generated using Metaphysical Function A by Native Instruments.   

The Universe Always Expands Left is an exclusive download available at   

Thanks for watching and hanging out!

Jan 23, 202243:29