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The Emerging Podcast

The Emerging Podcast

By Dicey Tech

As the world innovates faster, The Emerging Podcast exists to guide emerging people into emerging careers.

We cover emerging technologies, jobs, companies, industries, and the people that drive all of this innovation.

Think of us as your personal career compass - dropping inspiration and insight nuggets to help navigate your early career.

We speak with people doing interesting things in data and tech to:
- learn about their career journeys
- explore impactful past, present and future projects
- demystify careers and how to break into the space

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E18: From Warfare to Software: A Physicist's Guide To Startups | Sean Gourley @Primer

The Emerging Podcast Sep 15, 2023

E18: From Warfare to Software: A Physicist's Guide To Startups | Sean Gourley @Primer

E18: From Warfare to Software: A Physicist's Guide To Startups | Sean Gourley @Primer

Sean Gourley is the founder of Primer, an AI company enabling better decision making in the world’s most critical organisations.

Sean is a physicist by training and data scientist by passion. This curiosity and skillset enables him to study the mathematical patterns of war and terrorism, the algorithmic ecosystem of high frequency trading, and the rise of augmented intelligence through big data - just to name a few.

In this episode, we explore the factors that led Sean down the research and entrepreneurship pathway, and dive into key lessons about hiring, timing, and mindset.

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References from episode

Ted Talk about The Mathematics of War -

‘Mapping Ideas Worth Spreading’ Ted Talk with Eric Berlow -

‘Big Data and the Rise of Augmented Intelligence’ Tedx Talk -


[00:00 – 13:23] What is the mathematics of war?

[13:23 – 26:56] Why you should leave your comfort zone.

[26:56 – 41:47] How founders should think about building startup teams.

[41:47 – 1:02:30] The importance of timing when building a startup.

[1:02:30 – 1:07:46] What to do after building a successful venture.

Sep 15, 202301:07:47
E17: Grades, Grit, and Gains: Journeying into Statistics | Benjamen Simon @New Frontiers AI

E17: Grades, Grit, and Gains: Journeying into Statistics | Benjamen Simon @New Frontiers AI

Our guest today is Benjamen Simon, who founded New Frontiers AI whilst finishing his PhD in Statistics at the Lancaster University.

Ben walks us through the maze of statistics and data, touching on a range of topics, including how school grades are actually marked, learning on the fly, modelling COVID, and breaking into data science. A must-listen for any aspiring data enthusiast!

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References from episode


[00:00 – 10:06] The truth behind school grades.

[10:06 – 21:54] How to fall in love with statistics.

[21:54 – 26:08] Learning R in 4 hours while applying for a job.

[26:08 – 38:55] Modelling super spreaders and new variants during COVID.

[38:55 – 41:47] Is a data scientist just a poor man’s statistician?

[41:47 – 44:44] Finding the balance - pursuing dreams without dismissing doors.

[44:44 – 55:55] Trusting yourself - taking the plunge & starting a business.

[55:55 – 1:03:56] How to get a job in data without work experience.

Aug 23, 202301:03:56
E16: Crunching Numbers & Crafting Content: A Roadmap to Success | Khuyen Tran @Ocelot Consulting
Aug 08, 202352:01
E15: From Conquering Fears to Empowering Careers | Rasha Salim @Omdena
Jul 21, 202355:07
E14: Blending Engineering & Data Science in Autonomous Vehicles | Tim Cordingley @Wayve

E14: Blending Engineering & Data Science in Autonomous Vehicles | Tim Cordingley @Wayve

Tim Cordingley is a data scientist currently working for Wayve Technologies, an exciting startup developing embodied intelligence for autonomous vehicles..

After completing his engineering studies at Durham University, Tim gained valuable experience through an internship at Jaguar Land Rover. He embarked on his professional journey as an Associate Consultant at KPMG before making a successful transition into the field of data science, where he contributed his skills at Deliveroo. Currently, Tim has returned to the automotive domain, bringing his expertise to Wayve.

Join us as we explore transitioning from engineering to data science and learn how to effectively pitch yourself to prospective employers. Uncover Wayve's cutting-edge work in autonomous driving and gain insights into their recruitment process.

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References from episode:


[00:00 – 06:37] Transitioning from engineering to DS, KPMG to Deliveroo.

[06:37 – 11:42] Working in DS at Deliveroo.

[11:42 – 15:32] How to pitch yourself to prospective employers.

[15:32 – 32:16] What does Wayve do?

[32:16 – 36:00] Recruitment and hiring process at Wayve.

[36:00 – 42:36] Useful interview skills for getting into DS and closing thoughts.

Jul 04, 202341:08
E13: Building Influence in Data Science | Fabian Werkmeister @FUNKE

E13: Building Influence in Data Science | Fabian Werkmeister @FUNKE

Fabian Werkmeister is a data scientist at FUNKE, a media company based out of Germany, and a thought leader dedicated to helping people become fluent in data and discover the exciting intersection between business and tech.

Passionate about data, Fabian transitioned from studying economics and an early career in marketing to data science through a bootcamp he undertook during the pandemic. Now, he seeks to inspire others and ignite their passion for data science.

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of of data science and how to effectively transition into this growing space. We also discuss building an online following and tips for breaking out on LinkedIn.

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References from episode:


[00:00 – 07:55] The ins and outs of doing a business degree.

[07:55 – 23:55] Transitioning into data science via online bootcamps.

[23:55 – 34:33] The reality of data science while working at FUNKE.

[34:33 – 45:32] Building an online following on LinkedIn.

[45:32 – 53:09] ChatGPT and its uses across writing articles and data science.

[53:09 – 58:14] Advice on breaking into data.

May 19, 202358:18
E12: Math, Markets, and ML: A Story of Adaptation and Reinvention | Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus @Infer

E12: Math, Markets, and ML: A Story of Adaptation and Reinvention | Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus @Infer

Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus is co-founder of Infer, a platform supercharging data analysts with data exploration & research tools, and co-organiser of MancML, one of the original AI/ML communities in Manchester.

After a few years in academia, Erik started his career at Bear Stearns, right before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. He quickly progressed as a quant for some of the big names out there, before becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, he has started his own financial services firm, a ML startup in recruitment, built and scaled data teams for companies like Streetbees & Attest, and now he is back in the startup world again as a founder with Infer.

Join us as we discuss education in different countries, navigating career pathways, and how we need to adapt our view and measure skills and competencies in a rapidly changing world.

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Dicey Tech -


[00:00 – 04:56] Study maths at university or go to the army?

[04:56 – 06:05] What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography?

[06:05 – 12:28] Exams in Denmark & Romania.

[12:28 – 15:41] Competition and investment banking.

[15:41 – 21:04] Working at Bear Stearns in the eye of the storm.

[21:04 – 26:54] Starting your first business, what could go wrong?

[26:54 – 32:14] The truth about CVs.

[32:14 – 34:30] Lessons learnt while hiring your first team.

[34:30 – 37:28] When to shut down a start-up.

[37:28 – 45:28] Building data science teams and hiring at Streetbees.

[45:28 – 1:00:08] Learning from mistakes with Infer.

Apr 28, 202301:00:06
E11: AI Unleashed - Battling Infinite Misinformation & Bias | Guillaume Bouchard @Checkstep

E11: AI Unleashed - Battling Infinite Misinformation & Bias | Guillaume Bouchard @Checkstep

Guillaume Bouchard is the Co-Founder and CEO of Checkstep. He is also a ML researcher and trust and safety expert. He previously co-founded Bloomsbury AI to reduce the prevalence of misinformation using AI, which he sold to Facebook in 2018. Now he spends his time building content moderation systems to reduce harm and hate online.

Join us today as we cover a range of fascinating topics like doing ML research inside a French castle, building and selling AI start-ups, relocating with a wife and 3 kids from France to London, the distribution of human genes through dating apps, and the opportunities and risks that come with the explosion of generative AI.

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References from episode:

Andrew Ng’s Paper about Discriminative vs. Generative models –

Ilya Sutskever’s Paper ‘Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks –

What is federated learning? – [ learning (often referred to,model locally%2C increasing data privacy]( learning (often referred to,model locally%2C increasing data privacy).

‘The Age of Infinite Misinformation Has Arrived’, Gary Marcus –


[00:00 – 08:21] Early years of generative AI - ChatGPT’s brother from another mother.

[08:21 – 14:08] Building generative AI for knowledge bases.

[14:08 – 23:58] Growing and recruiting at Bloomsbury AI.

[23:58 – 31:22] Fundraising and building a content moderation system at CheckStep.

[31:22 – 33:13] Is scale all we need to further develop generative AI?

[33:13 – 35:07] Using AI to improve research output.

[35:07 – 40:40] How to fight against ‘The Age of Infinite Misinformation’.

[40:40 – 45:10] Can we remove bias? What are the implications?

[45:10 – 47:04] The role of content distribution platforms and how they should be managed.

[47:04 – 49:30] Breaking into Data Science.

Apr 19, 202349:32
E10: Psychedelics, AI, and Diversity in Tech | Luchele Mendes @Trust in SODA

E10: Psychedelics, AI, and Diversity in Tech | Luchele Mendes @Trust in SODA

Luchele Mendes is the Principal Recruiter for Natural Language Processing (NLP) & MLOps at Trust in Soda and Hosts their Podcast SODA Social.

Luchele uses her podcast to help Natural Language Processing (NLP) tech start-ups to build their brand and assists in building strong teams in ML, MLOps, and other data roles.

Join us as we highlight the opportunities and challenges of working in recruitment and improving diversity in the world of tech. We also discuss how AI can impact working within such an advanced sector.

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References from episode:


[00:00 – 06:44] From studying psychology and psychedelics to recruiting data scientists.

[06:44 – 12:09] How to thrive in recruitment.

[12:09 – 15:56] Navigating layoffs & hiring freezes.

[15:56 – 21:14] Day in the life of a recruitment consultant & podcast host.

[21:14 – 25:03] Ethnic and academic diversity in tech.

[25:03 – 32:07] SODA Social, the networking revolution podcast.

[32:07 – 36:47] How tech recruitment has evolved over the years.

[36:47 – 44:29] The daily use and developments of generative AI in the world.

[44:29 – 48:03] A guide to building a career in data science starting as a student.

Apr 11, 202348:03
E9: From the early wild west of data science to the present day | Leanne Fitzpatrick @Financial Times

E9: From the early wild west of data science to the present day | Leanne Fitzpatrick @Financial Times

In this episode, we explore the intersection of mathematics, music, and data science with Leanne Fitzpatrick, Director of Data Science at the Financial Times. We delve into the differences between left and right-brained thinking, share strategies for coping with disillusionment after leaving education, and discuss the impact of data science on the world of media.

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References from episode:

Timestamps: [00:00 – 06:12] Mathematics and Music in Academia and the differences between Left and Right Brained thinking. [06:12 – 13:54] Coping with the disillusionment of work after leaving education. [13:54 – 22:18] Building teams in the wild west of early data science days. [22:18 – 26:10] Unlocking new capabilities with data science at the Financial Times. [26:10 – 33:08] Opportunities, risks and ethics around generative AI. [33:08 – 36:42] Are jobs at risk? [36:42 – 39:48] The role of culture in data science teams at the Financial Times. [39:48 – 49:40] How junior data scientists get hired and what to do to get an edge.

Mar 24, 202349:40
E8: Throwing yourself in the deep end | Andy McMahon @NatWest
Mar 12, 202356:14
E7: From Linguistics to NLP, One Project at a Time | Anna Koroleva @Springbok AI

E7: From Linguistics to NLP, One Project at a Time | Anna Koroleva @Springbok AI

Anna is a conversational AI engineer at Springbok AI, with a fascinating career journey, from linguistics to NLP.

She shares insights on applying NLP in forensic linguistics and healthcare, freezing in an interview and turning a painful experience into an anecdotal one, and balancing theoretical learning with practical projects to grow your career.

Join us to learn about how to build a project portfolio to keep track of your skills and break into data science from any non-technical background.

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Anna Koroleva - LinkedIn

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[00:00 - 05:38] Starting your career in forensic linguistics

[05:37 - 07:34]  The intersection between data science & linguistics

[07:34 - 11:56] Using NLP to spot ‘spin’ misreporting in clinical trials

[11:56 - 15:39] The evolution of NLP over the last 10 years

[15:39 - 24:53] Why you should be intentional about building your project portfolio

[22:44 - 29:10] How to balance theoretical learning with practical experience

[29:10 - 33:35] Pathways into data science from non-tech backgrounds

[33:35 - 39:35] Tips for interviewing, what happens when you freeze, and recency bias

[39:35 - 45:22] How to keep track of and talk about your skills

[45:22 - 53:57] Conversational AI before and after chatGPT

[53:57 - 55:31] Closing thoughts


Feb 19, 202355:31
E6: Making the UK a Top AI Innovator | Sara El Hanfy @Innovateuk

E6: Making the UK a Top AI Innovator | Sara El Hanfy @Innovateuk

Sara El-Hanfy is the Head of AI & ML at InnovateUK, the UK’s innovation agency. Join us in exploring what led her down this pathway and the things that are top of mind these days as we move into the age of AI.

We talk about spotting AI hype from opportunity, adoption, mitigating risks, overcoming skills gaps, and how InnovateUK works to ensure an even distribution of the AI opportunity across industries, particularly encouraging adoption in low maturity sectors.

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Sara El-Hanfy -

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[00:00 - 07:49] Understanding your values and following your passion throughout your career

[07:49 - 09:32] First experiences working in AI

[09:32 - 12:18] Seeing AI development from macro level at InnovateUK

[12:18 - 15:05] Learning curve in transitioning from contributor to strategic level

[15:05 - 17:14] Challenges for AI adoption in low maturity sectors

[17:14 - 22:52] Increasing awareness & diversity in AI development

[22:52 - 28:38] Encouraging innovation with InnovateUK vs. mitigating risk

[28:38 - 31:34] What is holding back AI adoption in the UK: information asymmetry

[32:57 - 37:03] Spotting real opportunity from hype in AI

[37:03 - 40:41] Generative AI: real opportunity or hype?

[40:41 - 42:45] Next areas of opportunity in AI

Feb 11, 202342:46
E5: Demystifying Data Science | Gerard Cardoso @nPlan

E5: Demystifying Data Science | Gerard Cardoso @nPlan

Gerard shares key insights and tips he learned along his journey, from the early days, launching a ski comparison site, helping startups with data strategies and to joining the nPlan rocketship.

If you like hearing about solving complex problems, building all-star data teams, and what it take to write a book on the subject, this episode will leave you inspired.

Book: Business Models in Emerging Technologies: Data Science, AI, and Blockchain -

Follow us: Gerard Cardoso - LinkedIn  // Twitter: Alexandrescu - Bebert -

Timestamps [00:00 - 09:41] Early days - how a part time job in university led to a career in data science [09:41 - 12:55] Difference between data projects in industry vs academia [12:55 - 18:07] Launching a ski deal comparison startup [18:07 - 24:02] Helping startups create their data strategy at Founders Factory [24:02 - 35:32] How to & how not to build great data products [35:32 - 47:35] Joining the nPlan rocketship & recruiting all-stars [47:35 - 54:34] Writing a book to demystify data science roles [54:34 - 57:25] The data science hierarchy of needs

Feb 02, 202357:26
E4: From studying physics in Munich to building AI solutions in London | Heiko Hotz @AWS

E4: From studying physics in Munich to building AI solutions in London | Heiko Hotz @AWS

Heiko is a Senior Solutions Architect for AI/ML at AWS, organises NLP meetups in London, and loves tinkering with Large Language Models (LLMs) and writing about it.

Throughout his journey, from studying physics to becoming a solutions architect at AWS, he talks about different types of data science projects he’s worked on - from assessing financial fraud to building AI apps with chatGPT.

Tune in to learn more about how data science has changed over the years, using generative AI tools effectively, and what to do to stay ahead of the curve.

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Alex Alexandrescu -

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[00:00 - 06:11] Early days - nurturing a passion for coding and pushing Basic (programming language) to the limit

[06:11 - 14:10] How a part-time job in university led to a smooth transition into the world of work

[14:10 - 18:40] Going beyond the technical - understanding the business side of things through analytics

[18:40 - 25:20] Using data to solve the largest ever financial fraud case to come out of the Cayman Islands

[25:20 - 31:00] Volunteering on data science projects and landing a job at Amazon

[31:00 - 33:47] What a Solutions Architect at AWS does

[33:47 - 42:36] What are Large Language Models (LLMs) like chatGPT and how can they be used effectively

[42:36 - 46:50] Developing a strategy bot using chatGPT for an NGO

[46:50 - 51:14] What should students learn to transition effectively into work

Jan 18, 202351:15
E3: From studying consciousness to fixing global supply chains | Yacine Mahdid @Axya

E3: From studying consciousness to fixing global supply chains | Yacine Mahdid @Axya

Yacine is the COO of Axya, a platform that simplifies the procurement process down to a few clicks for both buyers and suppliers.

Coming from the world of academia, Yacine was doing a PhD to study how consciousness could be detected in individuals not able to move or speak, when a hackathon set him on an entirely new but not unfamiliar path - entrepreneurship.

Listen in as we talk about Yacine’s transition from education to employment, strategies for building a startup, growing data teams, and more.


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[00:00 - 00:37] Intro

[00:37 - 06:12] How an interest in the brain and an unusual learning strategy led Yacine into Data Science

[06:12 - 08:33] How is research similar to entrepreneurship

[08:33 - 14:17] Yacine’s transition from academia to building startups

[14:17 - 19:26] How did Axya come about and what problem are you solving?

[19:26 - 24:58] Pivoting until you find success

[24:58 - 33:25] How did you approach building your team?

[33:25 - 40:24] How do you work with students to grow the business and what’s your process?

[40:24 - 44:18] What does the future look like for Axya’s data team?

[44:18 - 47:35] Thoughts on Axya and the current recession

Dec 06, 202247:36
E2: Building technology teams in deep tech | David Sully @Advai

E2: Building technology teams in deep tech | David Sully @Advai

David is the CEO of Advai, a platform that helps companies test and build robustness in their AI systems. 

With a rich background that includes headhunting and working in the Foreign Office, David shares nuggets of wisdom on how he thinks about building data science teams, what is the most important quality that candidates can demonstrate, and how he builds a culture of effective and open communication, inspired from the ML Ops lifecycle. 

Follow us:

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Sofiane Bebert -


[00:00 - 01:18] Intro

[01:18 - 03:02] What is Advai

[03:02 - 05:33] What do you look for in your ideal team?

[05:33 - 12:34] What process do you have to identify this?

[12:34 - 17:34] How do you look at a CV and portfolio?

[17:34 - 20:40] The role of vision in managing highly technical teams

[20:40 - 23:49] Building the culture and mechanisms for effective communication

[23:49 - 29:22] Embracing the ML Ops lifecycle

[29:22 - 34:26] Advice for students applying for jobs in the current economic climate

Nov 30, 202234:31
E1: From soldier to building data science teams | Sean Kennedy @BenchSci

E1: From soldier to building data science teams | Sean Kennedy @BenchSci

In this first episode, Alex and Sofiane talk to Sean Kennedy, Talent Acquisition Specialist at BenchSci.

Sean gives us an overview of his journey from education to employment - from soldier to tech recruiter.

We then talk about some of his more memorable experiences, what candidates do to stand out, and things to consider while looking your next role.

Finally, we touch a bit on the potential impact of a looming recession on graduate recruitment - how do employers think and what can you do to prepare.

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Sofiane Bebert -  


[0:00 - 1:15] Intro

[1:15 - 9:07] Sean’s early career

[9:07 - 12:56] Graduate opportunities with BenchSci

[12:56 - 22:25] How to stand out

[22:25  - 26:20] How agency recruiters think differently from internal recruiters

[25:45 - 30:57] Providing feedback constructively

[30:57 - 37:51] Why graduates are important to the team

[37:51 - 42:17] Starting salaries and the looming recession

[42:17 - 44:55] Closing thoughts

Nov 21, 202244:55