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The Couples Workshop

The Couples Workshop

By Emily Altman

Obtain real tools for your relationship that you can start implementing today.
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Ep. 01. My Why

The Couples WorkshopApr 03, 2020

Ep. 04. You Have To Keep Dating Your Partner

Ep. 04. You Have To Keep Dating Your Partner

In this episode I discuss the reason why I always talk about continuing to date your partner. We discuss the difference between love and a lover. Both are important. Both are a part of your relationship. And both need to be in the spotlight.

Love is a word we throw out with different meanings. We say we love to grill steak, but then we say I love you. And yet, both statements are true. Love is showing care. Love is proving. A lover is someone we desire, we long for them, and we are curious about them. Being in love and having a lover are both points of amazing connection in your relationship.

In addition to the importance of connection, I provide some psychoeducation surrounding the prediction of a divorce or a breakup. Research shows how a lack of dating or a lack of solid connections negatively impacts our relationships – both for our present, our future, and surprisingly, even our past. But how?

You can learn more about feeding your positive connections, learn about a predictor of divorce, and more, so stay tuned!

Apr 15, 202020:49
Ep. 03. Financial Strategies During A Pandemic with Sam Altman

Ep. 03. Financial Strategies During A Pandemic with Sam Altman

We are living in a time that future generations will ask us about. We are dealing with the Corona virus pandemic and it is causing a lot stress. Some of this stress is tied to our finances, so thankfully I didn’t have to look far for my guest. Sam Altman is the Principal of Full Cycle CFO which is a local accounting firm, he has his Masters in Business Administration, and Sam is my husband. Yes, Sam and I have different career fields, and yet also have similar career goals of being business owners and wanting to provide tools for our community.

In this episode Sam discusses how to be financially smart during this pandemic. We talk a little about our relationship and discussing finances – even when it’s challenging. And Sam also provides recommended tools for financial planning that can be utilized for your business and for your personal financial goals.

Some of these tools include the Business Model Canvas, a few finance planning apps, and how to utilize Microsoft Excel to create your own budget. Even if you already have tools in place, we need to adapt as quickly as possible during this time in order to be successful. Our world is going through a stressful time, so learn some tools on how to thrive when your cash flow has decreased.

Thank you again to Sam for being here. I am full of joy to have my husband as my first guest, but also to provide valuable resources during a scary time. Even though I can pick his brain often, I learned tools I will start implementing in my business and personally in order to try to get through this pandemic. A recession or a depression are probable for our future, so let’s start planning now in order to be successful.

Tools Discussed:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Mint - App
  • YouNeedABudget - App
  • Utilizing Microsoft Excel
  • Cash Flow Frog

Sam Altman can be found at and welcomes you to reach out with any questions you may have about the information discussed in this podcast.


Questions for Emily? Contact her at 

Apr 03, 202043:30
Ep. 02. Staying Mentally Strong During COVID-19

Ep. 02. Staying Mentally Strong During COVID-19

You read the title and thought –no more info about COVID-19. You’re being drowned with content about how challenging this time is. Instead, today I’m talking about specific tools you can implement to decrease your stress when our lives have changed so quickly.

I focus a lot on making your relationship solid during this time. After all, if your relationship is in a good place, I believe you then have the skills to get through this pandemic together. At the same time, our average day now looks very different. This impacts our relationships, so you have to adapt. In addition to relationships, we discuss spirituality, emotional connections, and physical health.

From here, we can work together to create a solid mental health plan. This plan helps us tackle the day, week, and month ahead - even when our stress is high.

Learn some tools to get through the muck of COVID-19. Let’s work together to keep our community happy, healthy, and connected. Let’s get to work.

Tools discussed:

  • Creating a mental health strategy
  • Understanding the psycho-education around stress and its impact on our bodies
  • Grounding Exercise: 5 Senses
  • Grounding Exercise: Feeling Heavy
Apr 03, 202026:16
Ep. 01. My Why

Ep. 01. My Why

Hi. I’m Emily. This is my podcast. Specifically, this is the first podcast episode I recorded. It’s surreal!

But who am I and why would you want to hear from me? Who I am starts with my story. My story about why I wanted to become a therapist. Why I chose to create a different kind of therapy practice. And where I get my drive.

I have a mantra and it has turned into one of my values for my business. Choose happiness. Fuck being unhappy. Life is here to challenge us and make us work for what we want. Life is also here for us to enjoy – even more so if we can find a partner to enjoy it with.

This is just the first step. The first episode. I can’t wait to see what this podcast can become. I look forward to the content we create together on this podcast in hopes of fulfilling that goal for our community. We all deserve to be happy. Change also takes work. Along the way, we will discuss tools for accomplishing our overall goal of being happier.

But first, I hope you hearing some of my past can bring you some insight into me and what you can expect from me in the future. This is my story.

Contact me at

Apr 03, 202013:04