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"The Fruit Snacks Podcast" with Emily Wardrop, the T1D Moms Coach

"The Fruit Snacks Podcast" with Emily Wardrop, the T1D Moms Coach

By Emily Wardrop

Emily Wardrop from Drop the War Life Coaching is an Advanced Certified Peaceful Parenting Life Coach who loves to help all the moms believe that they Are a Good Mom!
She is the "T1D Moms Coach" helping Moms who have a child with Type 1 Diabetes manage themselves while managing their child's diabetes. She helps these warrior Moms feel less stress, scared, and sad and start feeling more calm, confident, and connected.
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"Sex is for you! Even while your kids are young" with Amanda Louder

"The Fruit Snacks Podcast" with Emily Wardrop, the T1D Moms CoachJun 01, 2023

10. Drop the Power Struggle Wars
Dec 05, 202316:51
13. "Your Relationship with Diabetes" with Andelin Price

13. "Your Relationship with Diabetes" with Andelin Price

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I sure am thankful for all of you listeners!! Thank you for supporting the podcast! Thank you for listening, sharing, rating, and reviewing. Your support really helps us support all other T1D Moms around the globe!

In honor of diabetes awareness month, I am re-airing this fun episode with guest host, Andelin Price.

You know that you have a relationship with your child, but did you know that you have a relationship with their Type 1 Diabetes also? 

In this episode fellow life coach Andelin Price and I chat about our experiences having children with T1D and how life coaching tools have helped us manage ourselves as we manage our child's diabetes. 

The way we think about the disease matters and it can make it harder or easier on you as the Mom.

Whether your child has T1D or not, the principles discussed in this episode can be applied to any struggle you are dealing with. 

Please forward this podcast to any Moms you know that do have children with Type 1 Diabetes, there is so much additional suffering that can be eliminated as we work together to manage our relationships with Diabetes! 

And spread the word about my new T1D Mom Support Group Calls that are starting next Tuesday February 21st at 9:30 AM Mountain Time.
Use this link to sign up for the free T1D moms support group call where you can come and get rejuvenated. We need to take the time for ourselves to fill our own cups in order to have anything to pour into our children. We are building an uplifting community of Moms going through similar struggles where we can all strengthen each other as we go. 

For more help from Andelin, check her out on  her Website:

Marriage Bites! Podcast


And when you're ready to take all this theory to the next level and actually appy it in your life to drop the war and create more peace in your parenting, sign up here for a free complimentary coaching session!

Nov 28, 202330:51
12. "Raising a Son with Type 1 Diabetes" with Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins, MD MPH MBA,

12. "Raising a Son with Type 1 Diabetes" with Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins, MD MPH MBA,

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!

So Grateful to all of you for reading, listening, applying, and learning and growing with me on our journeys!

In honor of November being Diabetes Awareness Month, I am re-airing this interview episode with Dr OC. Enjoy!

I am the T1D Moms Coach.

Two of my five kids have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the past few years and so I love to support other moms with T1D children. Because we do SO much to keep our kids healthy and well, but how much time and energy does that leave for us to take care of ourselves? And if we don't do it, who will?

And, of course, the mental and emotional load of caring for young kids is taxing enough but then add the constant stress, scared, and sad feelings and we've got quite the hot mess of a mom trying to manage her child's diabetes. Not ideal. We need clear minds and bodies ourselves in order to take care of everyone else. So I teach strategies to generate on purpose more feelings of connection, calm, and confidence instead!

So, I've got you Momma!

And today I have an extra special treat for you. Dr OC and I discuss her personal journey being a T1D Mom herself in addition to her pediatric career. And her son is all grown and doing amazing things in the T1D world now also! So it is really fun to be able to learn from her years of experience and "light at the end of the tunnel" perspective.

To join our Tuesday Morning T1D Mom Support Group Calls, get access to replays of past calls, and all my other T1D specific support, go to ⁠⁠

Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins, MD MPH MBA, is an accomplished and experienced pediatrician

with a subspecialty in neonatology. She is a dedicated clinician and health care executive who

has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to improve care coordination and foster healthier

outcomes through policy initiatives and quality of care. Dr. Owens-Collins has also conducted

extensive research on the social determinants of health that shape disparities in health outcomes.

Her passion for children's health was further galvanized when her oldest son was diagnosed with

Type 1 Diabetes at age 13, inspiring her to write the upcoming book “A Parent’s Guide to Type 1

Diabetes: Helping Your Child Balance the Highs and Lows” which will be released in June 2024.

Her son would go on to not only play football at Yale University but also make the All-Ivy

League Team his senior year; he is currently a Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Stanford,

specializing in sports psychiatry and neuroscience of resilience while speaking frequently on

subjects related to mental health such as burnout, resilience, and how exercise can bolster both

physical wellness and overall wellbeing. Dr. Owens-Collins’ vast knowledge, experience and

dedication make her one of the foremost voices advocating for improved children's healthcare today.

⁠Click Here⁠ to see Dr Roy Collins' presentation about using exercise to build resilience with physical and mental strategies to combat diabetes burnout.

And you can sign up for a complimentary coaching session with me here! Let's drop the war and start creating peace in your parenting

Nov 21, 202327:19
9. Jesus and Diabetes

9. Jesus and Diabetes

Jesus can help enable us to do the hard things that we have to do in the acute heat of the moments. And the eternal big picture that His plan presents can help give overview meaning to the long-term nature of our struggles.

In this episode we explore both. How the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring you peace amidst the chaos of diabetes and enable us to do the hard things that we cannot endure alone.

Nov 14, 202314:34
8. "Overwhelm, Worry, and Guilt" with Kristen Mattison
Nov 07, 202324:44
7. Living in Alignment with Your True Self
Oct 31, 202317:47
6. Halloween and T1D

6. Halloween and T1D

Having a child with type 1 diabetes and Halloween may cause a lot of mental drama. And that's where I come in! As your coach, I'm here to help you drop the war on that mental drama-even in regards to Halloween!

On this episode we explore a few of the possible problems that Halloween may be causing for you and yours.

There are a lot of people with a lot of opinions about how you should manage your child's diabetes around a night when kids go door to door getting buckets filled with candy.

As your coach I actually have no agenda on how you should handle it! Let me say that again!! It might be a breath of fresh air because most people do.

I believe that YOU are the parenting expert for your own children. Even your diabetic child. You are the expert on how to manage their diabetes. I am here to help you believe that.

Many are swirling in confusion about the whole thing. So many fiery opinions spinning around them and especially if this is your first Halloween since diagnosis, it might feel like a lot. Again, I've got you!

I will give you the gift of making a team decision with all those involved and the confidence to get your own back when that decision is questioned. Even by your own brain.

Halloween doesn't have to be the monster that it's made out to be. It's supposed to be fun. Let's take the stress out of it so you and your kiddo can enjoy!

Cause let's be honest, this is just the beginning of all the very sweetened holidays coming up. So let's get ahead of the drama before it swallows us up whole!

Head to to find a time for us to chat this week before the big day or even after if you want to talk about how it went and make plans for the future.

You are the expert. Let me help you feel like it.

Oct 24, 202321:22
5. Allowing Vs Resisting Emotions
Oct 17, 202319:17
4. T1D in The Model and in the AAA Battery Framework

4. T1D in The Model and in the AAA Battery Framework

Before we get too far into this new "Fruit Snack Podcast", we need to get a foundational working knowledge of two of my favorite coaching tools which I will refer to over and over in future episodes.

The first is "The Model" which Brooke Castillo trains us in at The Life Coach School and the second is my personal coaching framework which I refer to as the "Triple A Batteries"

The Model consists of 5 parts abbreviated as CTFAR






The troubles you are having with your child's diabetes all fall into one of these 5 categories.

T1D is your circumstance but it isn't a problem until you have problematic thoughts about it which causes feelings that drive less than ideal actions and those lead to the result that you're not happy with and that's when you come to me and we can change anything below that Circumstance of Diabetes to improve your life.

Maybe you're not happy with the way you're showing up or what you're feeling. And we blame diabetes for that. But the fact that your child's pancreas doesn't produce insulin anymore is not the problem. It's your thoughts about that fact. So that is where we need to explore.

And we do that exploring in the AAA framework.




The goal is to live in alignment with our highest truest holiest selves. And in order to get there, we must be aware of where we are not. But awareness without judgement; with acceptance.

Listen in to today's episode for more detail on both these coaching tools and use this episode as a reference guide through our journey in the future.

When you're ready to hash it all out for you and your individual thoughts, feelings, actions, and results, sign up for your complimentary coaching session at

And join our T1D Moms Support Group call every Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM Mountain Time

Link for the call and my "Top 3 Tips for T1D Moms" prerecorded masterclass at

Oct 10, 202314:20
3. Diabetes Parenting on the same TEAM, not the same page
Oct 03, 202311:38
Special Invitation to Conference

Special Invitation to Conference

There are many, many virtual conferences you can attend nowadays.

If you've never heard of General Conference, I am honored and excited to be the first to let you know that this is no ordinary conference of people with a similar interest getting together to learn more from experts and motivational speakers.

The General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is an opportunity to hear from the Lord's living Prophet and Apostles on the earth today!

Did you know we have a Moses among us now? A Noah? Abraham? Just like in days of old, God leads His church directly through prophets. and Just like when Jesus was on the earth, he has again called 12 Apostles to lead and guide in His name and under his direction.

Awesome, right?!

What does that have to do with being a T1D Mom? Come and find out! Life coaching tools and the gospel of Jesus Christ are the ways that I have best managed my own mental and emotional health while managing my girls' Diabetes. Without the strength that comes from Jesus, there is no way I could do what's required.

I know that He knows you, He knows what you're going through and He wants to help you! Come listen in to get your own inspiration on your life. When I talk about becoming your own personal expert on how to parent, this is a key to knowing how. We always want to look for outside sources to tell us what to do. Go internally, the Most Expert Source you can find on how to care for you and yours is He who created you all in the first place!

Go to to watch General Conference with us live all this weekend or the replays are always available there also!

Then hit me. up at Drop the War Life Coach on IG to chat about what you heard and more especially what you felt.

Sep 30, 202306:28
2. Guilt Energy
Sep 26, 202315:17
1. Panic Mode is as useful as the Glucagon Shot

1. Panic Mode is as useful as the Glucagon Shot

Welcome to the new "Fruit Snacks Podcast!"

I have been "The T1D Moms Coach" for awhile now and going forward my podcast is going to reflect more of our focus on diabetes here also.

The Believe you ARE a Good Mom podcast published at least one episode a week for exactly a year and now we are pivoting to focus more on the specific needs of our families who are managing their child's type 1 diabetes and need support in managing their own mental and emotional health along with this Herculean life long challenge that has been dropped into their lives.

If you don't have a child with diabetes, you are always welcome here and if you've enjoyed this podcast thus far, I'm sure you will still benefit from it and chances are, if you don't already, you will soon have loved ones in your sphere of influence that have been effected by T1D also so continue to listen and share. The principles I share can definitely still be applicable to you and yours also.

We are here to start feeling less scared, sad, and stressed and start feeling more calm, connected, and confident.

In today's intro to the fruit snack podcast, I want to start with befriending our nervous systems. We have all been through traumatic experiences as our child was diagnosed and our bodies remember those feelings as a threat. So now every time your dexcom beeps, your body interprets that as a reason to go into panic mode.

But panic mode is only as useful as your glucagon shot. Super important in case of an emergency, but not needed for the constant ups and downs on managing diabetes on a day to day basis.

Listen in to the episode to learn more and come join us every Tuesday morning live on zoom for our Free T1D Moms Support Group Call. Get the deets at

Sep 15, 202316:59
"Agency for Desire" with Dr Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
Sep 05, 202333:38
Aug 28, 202319:51
Get your own Heart
Aug 22, 202325:04
"Developing who you and your children ARE" with Laura Lines

"Developing who you and your children ARE" with Laura Lines

We can go through life following the rules that were handed to us.

Some of us are very good and this and have "successful" lives.

But do we love the life that was prescribed by others?

Maybe you feel lost in your life.

Maybe your children do too.

Developing who we actually ARE and then modeling that for our kids so that they can learn how to discover who they really are is a skill we are not usually taught.

Today I discuss this will Homeschool Mom Coach Laura Lines.

Laura tried doing public school until she and her husband realized that it didn't work for their family. She shares with us a little bit of her journey in that transition that has led to her own style of Heart Learning for her children.

Learning from the heart instead of the head helps us figure out who we really are, what our passions and interests are, and it makes learning fun and enjoyable.

If you are in a constant power struggle with your kiddos, they may need more autonomy to exercise their own agency in their life. This doesn't always look like home schooling but the principles we discuss in this episode can be applicable to all of us.

If you are interested in learning more about Laura's Heart Learning methods or just need a coach in your corner (who doesn't?) as you navigate figuring out what homeschooling could look like in your home, find Laura at:

HELD 3 Month Program:
Intro to Heart Learning Free Training

And as always, if you are ready for your FREE RBC (Relationship Boost Call) head over to and I'll see ya on zoom!

Aug 14, 202328:25
Emotional Waves

Emotional Waves

As a mom, we know our job is to take care of the physical needs of our kids. We clothe them, feed them, feed them again, more food, brush teeth, get good sleep, and on and on.

What about their emotional needs?

The best way to take care of your kids emotionally, is to take care of yourself emotionally. (and physically also, actually)

Learn more about how to raise your emotionally healthy family in our upcoming free virtual summit!

Sign up at

Back in the day, when just providing food for our families took all of our time and attention, physical needs was challenging enough. Now we can provide food in seconds and we have the challenge of managing our emotional needs instead.

When we don't know how to deal with emotions in a healthy way, we just want to get rid of them and our families can come up with some very unhealthy ways of coping. Me and 28+ other experts will help you in this summit to add to your tool belt of healthy emotional coping strategies.

The number one tool in your tool box that you can literally use anytime is your breath. In today's episode I use the metaphor of waves to learn more about how to manage our own emotions in order to model healthy habits for our kids.

Emotions literally ebb and flow through your body same as waves do. The more we know about how our bodies handle emotions, the less fear and resistance we have and the more we can let loose of our need to try to control ourselves and everyone around us in an effort to feel good. You don't have to feel good all the time. You were never meant to. All of the emotions are useful, even the ones that don't feel great. But if you're willing to feel them (not resist them, stuff them, avoid them etc) then you can get through the tunnel of the emotion and come out the other side back into the light.

Aug 07, 202324:22
"Raising Emotionally Healthy Families" with Emily Hamblin
Aug 01, 202326:56
"When we think we don't need help" with Mimi Porter

"When we think we don't need help" with Mimi Porter

Being a Mom can be very hard! And when we think that we are the only one who is struggling, it is also a very lonely hard time.

Some of us think that just because we had the desire to be a Mom, that would qualify us to know how to do it and do it well. Then we actually have kids and it's a huge wake-up call!

But it's hard to admit that we need support because everyone else looks like they are doing it all just fine and they don't need help.

I hope to pop this shame bubble that we put ourselves in.

On this episode, I have a delightful conversation with life coach Mimi Porter where we explore how our idealistic views of what life and motherhood were supposed to look like can get us into trouble.

We discuss the acronym for shame:






When we are a brand new mom, of course we have no idea what we're doing! And with every phase our children grow into, we are continually learning and trying new things. There is no point at which we can proclaim mastery in motherhood. AND you ARE still a Good Mom!

Listen in to learn more

And if you have a husband that you would like to introduce coaching to, Mimi is "In the Good Guy Corner"! She helps men who are struggling to love their lives even though they are a good guy and doing all the good things.

website: The Good Guy Corner
podcast: In The Good Guy Corner Podcast | The Good Guy Corner


Instagram: Mimi Porter, Podcaster, Master Coach (@thegoodguycorner) | Instagram


And if you are ready to get that support that we all need as busy stressed out Moms, let's hop on zoom for a free chat.

Jul 26, 202327:31
"Brain Injuries" with Bethany Lewis
Jul 18, 202331:14
You don't have to let the weeds take over your life

You don't have to let the weeds take over your life

Every week I host a free T1D Moms support group call for fellow moms with kids that have Type 1 Diabetes. If no one else comes on the call, I share an idea that has been helping me and post it on our replay page. Today I'm sharing that video with all of you here on the podcast.

This week on the support group call (and on IG and in "Wednesday Wisdom with Emily Wardrop" to sign up for my weekly email) I've been exploring the metaphor of weeds in our lives.

The diabetes diagnosis can become like a very intrusive weed that takes over your life. If you're not a T1D Mom, you still surely have some sort of trial or hardship that feels like weeds in the garden of your life.

You do have options with the weeds of life. You can ignore the way you're thinking about them and they will unintentionally take over. You can continue to "water the weeds" by focussing on the rough parts in a negative way. You can argue with the reality of the situation, complain about it incessantly, and choke everyone else with the weeds also. Or you can deliberately change the way you see the trial and find the beauty in the hard.

It is literally a choice. There are circumstances in life that we would never choose, but how you think and feel about those circumstances is what creates your results. You do have infinite choices in that only realm you have control of. Your own thoughts and feelings. It depends on how you look at it.

If you'd like support with intentionally choosing how to think about the hard in your life, sign up for your free RBC (relationship boost call) at

And if you or someone you know has a child with Type 1 Diabetes, send them to to sign up for the calls and all the other T1D Family resources to help you manage your own mental and emotional state as you manage your child's diabetes.

Jul 14, 202315:27
"A Hint of Hot Mess" with Liz and Holly
Jul 06, 202331:31
"How Trauma is Affecting Your Parenting" with Leah Davidson

"How Trauma is Affecting Your Parenting" with Leah Davidson

We've all heard of PTSD for veterans or car accidents but did you know that your own Mommy nervous system has been affected by legit traumatic experiences also?

Trauma is not about what happened but how you responded to it internally.

If you feel triggered throughout your day, you are experiencing a nervous system response that is understandable and with brain science on our side, we can actually reprogram our minds and bodies to react differently in the future.

Leah Davidson is the stress, burn out, and resilience coach and she has a professional background in healing traumatic brain injuries.

Every human on this planet experiences trauma. Our brains are designed to keep us safe and if we interpret a situation as unsafe, we will remember that so that we can stay safe in the future. This is an amazing and useful function of our brain but in our modern world, it can get overused.

Listen in to today's episode where Leah gives us practical takeaways of how we can start calming ourselves so that we can more effectively model this for our kids and help them co-regulate to learn these useful skill also.

Leah Davidson is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Resilience Coach and Consultant.  She  is also a registered Speech Language Pathologist and has spent over two decades working in the area of traumatic  brain injury and cognitive communication. Leah has acquired extensive training and certifications in various areas such as polyvagal theory, neuroplasticity, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, EFT, and Breathwork. She is the host of the Building Resilience Podcast and the creator of Advanced Training for Nervous System Resilience, designed for coaches and helping professionals. Leah's coaching expertise lies in resolving and preventing burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue. She empowers  individuals to regulate their nervous system, manage their mindset, and cultivate resilience so that they can  lead a life filled with joy and purpose.  Leah lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband Rob and they have a blended family with 5 children. She loves to learn, grow, hike, read, travel and spend time with friends and family. You can find her on instagram and Facebook at @leahdavidsonlifecoaching and her website is

Jun 30, 202337:04
Do what You WANT to do!

Do what You WANT to do!

How is your summer break going?

Are your kids driving you crazy? (get my Secrets to Keeping your Sanity here)

What do You WANT your summer to look like?

What do YOU Want to do?!

Let's find out and then do it!

I promise, it's not selfish to take care of your own needs.

You are a person also.

Yes you love your kids, yes they need you and you want to do what they want to do.

But what are your true desires? Who are You?

Let's find out!

Learn more in today's episode and then hit me up for a free zoom chat to get individualized help to make sure this is the BEST Summer Evs!!

Jun 23, 202323:08
Your Worth does NOT come from your works!

Your Worth does NOT come from your works!

What are you referring to when you think that your neighbor friend is "such a good mom"?

Or when you call yourself such a terrible mom?

What determines whether you or anyone else are worthy of this title?

What are the "Yeah But"s that come to mind when I tell you that you can believe YOU ARE a Good Mom?!

I guarantee that all the things you just thought of are works. Actions. Behaviors.

Works do NOT determine Worth!

Your worth as an eternal being is 100%. Unchanging. It just IS.

You are also a human being right now and your worth is still 100%.

Your actions are not 100% good, but your worth is still 100%.

Just try believing that for one second and see how it feels.

It's a relief, right?!

I have finally found PEACE by believing this.

Yes I am a flawed human that thinks, feels, and acts out of alignment with who I eternally AM.

AND I am STILL 100% valuable.

No matter what, even if, and especially when.


And so are your kids!

And your husband, and your neighbors, and in-laws, and even the politicians!

If you are struggling to believe this, please sign up for your FREE RBC. In just a few minutes on a zoom chat, I can boost any relationship you are struggling to believe is 100%.

Worth and worthiness are a little different and we delve into that in this episode. Be sure to listen in! This belief can literally change your life. Then share it with a friend. Their life can benefit from this change also!

ALL the children of the world deserve to be raised by a Mom who Believes she IS a Good Mom!

Jun 16, 202329:23
"Raise Confident and Resilient Children" with The Parenting Mentor, Susan Groner

"Raise Confident and Resilient Children" with The Parenting Mentor, Susan Groner

As an experienced mother of 2 young adults, Sue Groner knows how stressful and overwhelming parenting can be at times. She founded The Parenting Mentor to provide an ally for parents in their quest to raise confident and resilient children.  Sue is the author of Parenting with Sanity and Joy. 101 Simple Strategies, is the host of The Parenting Mentor Sessions Podcast, and is a certified Positive Discipline parent educator. Sue is also the creator of the CLEARR™ method of parenting, developed through years of trial (and her fair share of errors!) with her own family. CLEARR™ adheres to the belief that parenting strategies should be grounded in six important pillars: Communication, Love, Empathy, Awareness, Rules, and Respect. This has become the cornerstone of her practice as The Parenting Mentor. A graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a former advertising executive, Sue is a frequent guest expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox to name a few, and provides advice for many national publications and websites such as The Wall Street Journal, Parents, Real Simple,, HuffPost, and Katie Couric Media. Sue resides in New York City and Bedford, NY with her husband, and when she’s lucky, with her children. She is available for speaking engagements as well as for private and group mentorship sessions(in-person or virtual) nationwide for individuals and corporations.

Jun 09, 202328:42
"Sex is for you! Even while your kids are young" with Amanda Louder

"Sex is for you! Even while your kids are young" with Amanda Louder

You are a Mom of young kids. Your life is crazy, chaotic, and busy. Everyone is pulling you in a thousand different directions all the time. You never get a break.

Day in and day out (and all through the night!) you are meeting everyone else's needs.

You are nurturing relationships with each one of your children and that takes a lot out of you.

You love your kids fiercely and you are also a person. That needs taking care of.

When and how do you take care of yourself?

My friend and fellow life coach Amanda Louder believes that one way we, as women, and as moms, can take care of ourselves is through sex.

A lot of us have been conditioned to believe that sex is for the man. And that our husbands are just one more person that we need to take care of. But if you look at the sexual differences between men and women, maybe God actually had something different in mind.

Listen in to this episode to learn more.

Amanda Louder is a Certified Sex & Marriage Coach who helps Christian men & women overcome their obstacles to create a more emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically intimate relationship.  She is also the host of the Sex for Saints Podcast that has over 1 Million Downloads.

In addition to being a coach, Amanda is also a wife to Kevin, and mom and step-mom to 5 kids, ranging in ages from 14-23.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching her kids play sports, fishing, and camping.

If you are ready for support in this area, you can contact Amanda through her website or on instagram:



And, as always, when you need a boost in any of your relationships, sign up for a FREE RBC (Relationship Boost Call) at

Jun 01, 202333:07
Stop LYING To Yourself!

Stop LYING To Yourself!

Satan is the father of lies.

He takes truth and changes it just enough so it's harder to discern that it is a lie.

We have to be aware of this.

And consciously sift through the 60,000 thoughts we have a day to find and discard the lies.

You do not have to believe every thought that crosses your mind.

A LOT of them are lies.

We need to get awareness with acceptance in order to live in alignment.

How do we know if what we're thinking is true or not?

Your body will tell you.

Thoughts all cause vibrations in the body that we refer to as emotions.

How does that thought feel?

What is the message that your feelings are trying to tell you?

Is it true?

You ARE Not your feelings.

If you are in the habit of saying "I am Angry or I am impatient", those are lies.

You ARE Good. And you FEEL all the feels. And that's ok. You don't need to IDENTIFY with the feeling. It's just an emotion. Not a label.

You also might be lying in your Action Line.

What are you doing that is out of alignment with your true self?

We may even be lying unconsciously in our actions. Our efficient brains memorize patterns of behavior that send out lies to those around us.

If we are practiced at being overwhelmed and frustrated, we are snippy with our kids and annoyed when they interrupt us, and the child will interpret our actions as the lie that we don't love them. Of course we love them! And we are feeling feels that are driving actions that are lying.

We HAVE to stop lying to ourselves and to everyone around us!

But HOW?

Through my AAA coaching framework. Awareness, Acceptance, and Alignment.

Go to and sign up for your FREE RBC and I can support your in this journey to stop lying to yourself! It will change everything for you! Let's do it!!

May 28, 202330:44
"ADHD in Us and In Our Kids" with Brigette Little
May 25, 202329:40
"Following your Intuition by Calming your Nervous System" with Megan Nicole Windhorst

"Following your Intuition by Calming your Nervous System" with Megan Nicole Windhorst

Intuitive Parenting is being your own parenting expert and not having to look to outside sources for answers. You know best how to parent your own children.

Last episode we discussed that our sacred bodies are the user manual for this earth life, today is some specific hows to actually do so.

I have special guest and Intuition Coach, Megan Nicole Windhorst joining me to teach us more about how to tap into our own inner wisdom, heal our childhood wounds, believe in ourselves, reparent, etc. We've got ALL the goods for you today! Including actionable ideas that you can implement right away to start calming your nervous system in order to connect with your own intuitive parenting style.

Megan Windhorst is the owner and CEO of Megan Nicole Coaching LLC.

Megan is an intuition coach and nervous system expert helping women heal and connect deeply to their own inner knowing so that they can follow their soul's calling confidently. Megan is a former school counselor and teacher turned full time online entrepreneur. She holds a master's degree in counseling and a bachelor's degree in education. Megan is a best selling author, certified Reiki Master, certified breath-work facilitator, and an Intuitive.

Get access to all of her incredible offers here:

Free facebook group Intuition Connection


Facebook: Megan Nicole Coaching

As always, if you are ready to boost any relationship, sign up for a FREE RBC with me at

And if you or anyone you know has a child with Type 1 Diabetes also, get access to our free T1D Moms Support Group call and all other resources at

May 18, 202338:50
Your Sacred Body
May 15, 202326:00
How to get the Mother's Day that YOU WANT

How to get the Mother's Day that YOU WANT

Mother's Day is coming up and I want to help you get the Mother's Day experience that YOU WANT!

Listen in for all the tips tricks and tools to have the BEST Mother's Day EVER!

Because You ARE a Good Mom!

And when you believe that, you can receive the love and compliments from everyone else around you.

Happy Mother's Day, my friends!!

Be sure to listen before Sunday so that you can make it all that you want it to be!

May 09, 202317:23
Getting on the Same Page

Getting on the Same Page

Co-Parenting is so hard.

Your brain's job is to prove itself right.

So you are right.

Which means your husband must be wrong if he doesn't agree with you.

This is not a useful function of our brain in this circumstance.

We need to manage that default setting with some intentional thoughts that will serve us and our families better.

On our T1D Moms Support Group call today we talked about how to get on the same page with our spouse.

Do you ever struggle with that?

Whether you have a child with type 1 diabetes or not, if you have a child and you have someone else who you coordinate care of that child with, this episode is for you!

I am sharing a bouquet of new thoughts for you to try on right in time for Mother's Day!

Let your husband and kids appreciate you in the best way that they know how. It won't be exactly right but they are trying.

And when you believe that you ARE a Good Mom, you will receive that love more graciously.

More about that on my upcoming Mother's Day Podcast

May 09, 202324:56
Loving and Accepting Yourself
Apr 28, 202317:53
Your Child's Behavior
Apr 23, 202325:30
"Up-Leveling our Lives" with Heather Rackham

"Up-Leveling our Lives" with Heather Rackham

Heather Rackham is the face and voice of the Latter-Day Saint Life Coach Directory.

She is also the host of the Latter-Day Life Coaches podcast.

After making such amazing transformations in her own life from coaching, Heather certified as a life coach herself and then decided that one way that she could help the most people get those same transformations is by creating a place where latter-day saints can come searching for a coach in one place. And the directory was born.

In our chat today we dig in deeper to what those personal transformations were for Heather and why it is so awesome to have a coach!

Maybe you already love your life. So what is a coach for, then? Well, what if there is more? It's fun to up-level from good. There doesn't have to be a big problem that we need to fix, but as humans, we are wired to progress and to grow. We crave the need to continually move forward.

We all understand the basic physical maintenance that our bodies need. We go to the doctor and dentist for routine check ups. A life coach does the same for our mental and emotional health.

Listen in for more about that and be sure to check out the directory to find a coach that resonates the most for you.

and on instagram where we go Live every Wednesday with different topics combining faith and coaching.

Heather and I, along with dozens of our amazing coach colleagues also recently participated in a virtual summit which you can purchase lifetime access to HERE! The Courageous Discipleship Summit. How to keep your faith strong while your loved ones are questioning their beliefs.

And, as always, if you'd like to up-level any relationship in your life, sign up for a FREE RBC with me at and to learn more about HOW to Believe you ARE a Good Mom, check out my free masterclass at

Apr 21, 202334:38
You ARE Special by Max Lucado

You ARE Special by Max Lucado

You ARE Special! and You ARE a Good Mom!!

Are you familiar with Max Lucado's children's book called "You Are Special"?

It's a great book for humans of all ages, actually.

I love love love it!

It's my favorite!!

And that is really saying something cause I love a LOT of children's books.

In this book he tells the story of a little wooden boy named Punchinello who gets lots of bad marks and decides to make that mean that he is a bad Wemmick.

But he meets a friend named Lucia who doesn't have dots or starts, nothing sticks on her!

I won't spoil the whole book for you, but listen in to the episode to learn HOW to Believe you ARE a Good Mom from Max Lucado's book.

And be sure to be the Lucia in your friend's lives by sharing this episode and this podcast.

We don't have to let other people's judgements define who we are!

God made you, you ARE Good!

You are not a mistake. You make mistakes, but that's all part of the plan for our learning and growth.

Through Jesus Christ, we can be make stronger through the repeated mistakes, picking ourselves up, not beating ourselves further down, quickly forgiving ourselves, asking for forgiveness from God and the offended, dust it off, and try again. and again. and again. Through the reps we get stronger! Jesus will help us!

Daily as we turn to God and remember who we ARE we will make the improvements we are yearning for.

You've got this Momma!!!

You can purchase this and so many more amazing books by Max Lucado here. Thank you for shining your light, Max, and sharing your love and wisdom with the world!!

Apr 16, 202314:02
Being Present is the BEST Present!
Apr 13, 202340:02
How to Not Burn Out with Wendy Schofer MD

How to Not Burn Out with Wendy Schofer MD

Feeling a little burnt out?

Dr Wendy Schofer generously shares her burn out story with us and gives us tips on how to not burn out in our Motherhood.

If our energy levels come from our thought/feeling combinations, paying attention to what our thoughts and feelings even are gives us half the battle of regaining more precious energy in our busy days.

You are not failing, you are just burnt out from beating yourself up with thoughts of not being enough.

We have to catch those sneaky thoughts, remind ourselves that that they are lies, and redirect to the truth that you ARE a Good Mom!

Wendy Schofer, MD is the straight-talking pediatrician and life coach who specializes in helping parents learn how to raise kids to be healthy at every weight. Life doesn't revolve around portion control and the scale, and neither should our approach to health.

Learn how to love your kids and let them love themselves as they are, while creating lifelong healthy relationships with food, body and self.

Free "Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family" Mini-Course: ----

I KNOW! Parents kept asking me, "Where is Weight Loss 101?"

I answered that question and more: with the info that they actually need to hear, like why weight loss shouldn't be the focus for kids.

And when you are ready to really start believing that you ARE a Good Mom, check out my free masterclass at

Question? Comments?

Want help with your relationship with your kiddo?

I am still doing FREE RBCs!! Relationship Boost Calls!

Sign up at

Apr 13, 202328:35
Good Friday and Good Moms

Good Friday and Good Moms

Happy Holy Week, my friends!

What are you and your family doing to celebrate the most important weekend of the year?!

We all make a big deal out of the Birth of the Savior at Christmas, but if it wasn't for Easter, there would be no Christmas.

Jesus Christ overcame sin and death! We can be forgiven, we are strengthened through our trials and sorrows, and we will be resurrected just as he was on Sunday Morning!

Today is Good Friday. Why do we call the darkest day of the year good? The day that Jesus suffered for every sin of every human being. The day that he felt everything that we feel? Do you only feel good? He felt all of the good, the bad, and the unbearable. He suffered for all. He knows you. He knows what you are going though. He's felt it all. And because he's been there, he can support us through it. And that IS Good! That is the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

You ARE a Good Mom! But sometimes our good feels like Good Friday. Heavy, dark, betrayed, accused, bleeding, sorrowing, sinful, guilt, hurt, sad, and lonely.
We all have to go through the hard stuff.
It’s an important part of life.
And it IS endurable when we know the bigger picture.
Sunday will come!
Light, love, happiness, joy, peace, hope, and new life!

Hang on through the dark times, morning always comes.

Because of Him!

Happy Easter, my friend! May the love, joy, and peace of Christ be with you this week and always is my prayer for you!

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace Himself, Amen!!

Apr 07, 202310:03
How to find answers to your parenting questions with Marielle Melling
Apr 06, 202320:14
"Alone Time is NOT Selfish!" with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy
Apr 04, 202322:29
You ARE 100%
Apr 02, 202314:17
Welcome Jesus into your Life
Mar 30, 202321:02
"Sidekick to Hero" with Joey Mascio

"Sidekick to Hero" with Joey Mascio

Joey Mascio is a life coach for teens and you're not going to want to miss this incredible app that he is developing to help our kids learn all of the important mental and emotional resilience principles! Check it out at: And more from Joey at: Secrets for an Awesome Life Podcast Instagram:

Mar 28, 202330:12
"I just want something" with Jennie Lakenan

"I just want something" with Jennie Lakenan

Are you living your dream as a Stay at Home Mom but sometimes it doesn't feel like the "Happily Every After" you thought it'd be?

Do you find yourself saying "I just want something" to help you feel more alive, more like yourself, more fulfilled, more validated?

Then do you feel guilty that being a mom just doesn't feel like enough even though you're thoroughly exhausted and drained?

Do you feel bad wondering about getting fulfillment outside of motherhood?

As if being a mom is supposed to be the end all be all of your existence and should meet all of your very complicated human needs?

If so, Mama, You are NOT alone!!

A LOT of us have felt this way and on the podcast today I have special guest Jennie Lakenan who will share with us her similar story.

She resisted a lot of these feelings also but after she found coaching, she realized that it was not only ok to feel this way, but embracing her true self and her God-given desires was actually the biggest gift that she could give her children!

Jennie Lakenan is now a certified digital business consultant and certified life coach in addition to being a Good Mom to three young girls. When she discovered coaching in 2018, her life transformed for the better. She quickly saw the need in the coaching industry for website services for coaches, and founded her design agency. Her mission is to get more coaching into the world by helping other coaches to promote and grow their businesses via extraordinary websites and strategic marketing.

And if any of this resonates with you and you'd like to learn more about coaching and how You can also embrace all the feels to create your dream life, sign up for a FREE RBC Relationship Boost Call with me at to get started! You CAN live happily ever after in the life that you choose!

Mar 27, 202327:40
Motivations to Be a Good Mom
Mar 23, 202316:29
"Break Through the Hard" with Kimberly Nichols

"Break Through the Hard" with Kimberly Nichols

Kimberly Nichols is the Resilience Coach for Moms. She helps moms find more joy even when mom life is hard and discover their power & strength within to be the mom they want to be for their teens & tweens.
Being a mom is part of the adventure of becoming. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. She believes that you can still love your life even when it’s hard.
4 Power Thoughts to Help You Get Through the Hard

When we think that we are supposed to feel happy all of the time, we also think there is something wrong with us when we don't. But as Kimberly has learned and now teaches through life coaching, that just isn't true. There is nothing wrong with you if you are feeling any sort of way. It's all part of the human experience.

The journey from caterpillar to butterfly is a beautiful symbol in nature of Our Eternal nature. This earth life often feels like the gooey middle phase but we can break through the hard and come out the beautiful butterflies that we are destined to become through Jesus Christ who strengthens us and enables us to do the hard things we can't do alone yet.

When we believe that all of the hard stuff is for our growth and development, it helps us endure it faithfully and gives it purpose.

Learn more from Kimberly @

And get your FREE RBC with me and if you are a T1D Mom, sign up for our support group calls, get the replays that you've missed and all other Type 1 Diabetes content at

Mar 22, 202323:03
"Inclusion and Belonging" with Jodi Schilling
Mar 20, 202340:09