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Believe you ARE a Good Mom with Emily Wardrop

Believe you ARE a Good Mom with Emily Wardrop

By Emily Wardrop

Emily Wardrop from Drop the War Life Coaching is an Advanced Certified Peaceful Parenting Life Coach who loves to help all the moms believe that they Are a Good Mom!
She is also the "T1D Moms Coach" helping Moms who have a child with Type 1 Diabetes manage themselves while managing their child's diabetes. She helps these warrior Moms feel less stress, scared, and sad and start feeling more calm, confident, and connected.
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"Raise Confident and Resilient Children" with The Parenting Mentor, Susan Groner

Believe you ARE a Good Mom with Emily WardropJun 09, 2023

"Raise Confident and Resilient Children" with The Parenting Mentor, Susan Groner

"Raise Confident and Resilient Children" with The Parenting Mentor, Susan Groner

As an experienced mother of 2 young adults, Sue Groner knows how stressful and overwhelming parenting can be at times. She founded The Parenting Mentor to provide an ally for parents in their quest to raise confident and resilient children.  Sue is the author of Parenting with Sanity and Joy. 101 Simple Strategies, is the host of The Parenting Mentor Sessions Podcast, and is a certified Positive Discipline parent educator. Sue is also the creator of the CLEARR™ method of parenting, developed through years of trial (and her fair share of errors!) with her own family. CLEARR™ adheres to the belief that parenting strategies should be grounded in six important pillars: Communication, Love, Empathy, Awareness, Rules, and Respect. This has become the cornerstone of her practice as The Parenting Mentor. A graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a former advertising executive, Sue is a frequent guest expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox to name a few, and provides advice for many national publications and websites such as The Wall Street Journal, Parents, Real Simple,, HuffPost, and Katie Couric Media. Sue resides in New York City and Bedford, NY with her husband, and when she’s lucky, with her children. She is available for speaking engagements as well as for private and group mentorship sessions(in-person or virtual) nationwide for individuals and corporations.

Jun 09, 202328:42
"Sex is for you! Even while your kids are young" with Amanda Louder

"Sex is for you! Even while your kids are young" with Amanda Louder

You are a Mom of young kids. Your life is crazy, chaotic, and busy. Everyone is pulling you in a thousand different directions all the time. You never get a break.

Day in and day out (and all through the night!) you are meeting everyone else's needs.

You are nurturing relationships with each one of your children and that takes a lot out of you.

You love your kids fiercely and you are also a person. That needs taking care of.

When and how do you take care of yourself?

My friend and fellow life coach Amanda Louder believes that one way we, as women, and as moms, can take care of ourselves is through sex.

A lot of us have been conditioned to believe that sex is for the man. And that our husbands are just one more person that we need to take care of. But if you look at the sexual differences between men and women, maybe God actually had something different in mind.

Listen in to this episode to learn more.

Amanda Louder is a Certified Sex & Marriage Coach who helps Christian men & women overcome their obstacles to create a more emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically intimate relationship.  She is also the host of the Sex for Saints Podcast that has over 1 Million Downloads.

In addition to being a coach, Amanda is also a wife to Kevin, and mom and step-mom to 5 kids, ranging in ages from 14-23.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching her kids play sports, fishing, and camping.

If you are ready for support in this area, you can contact Amanda through her website or on instagram:



And, as always, when you need a boost in any of your relationships, sign up for a FREE RBC (Relationship Boost Call) at

Jun 01, 202333:07
Stop LYING To Yourself!

Stop LYING To Yourself!

Satan is the father of lies.

He takes truth and changes it just enough so it's harder to discern that it is a lie.

We have to be aware of this.

And consciously sift through the 60,000 thoughts we have a day to find and discard the lies.

You do not have to believe every thought that crosses your mind.

A LOT of them are lies.

We need to get awareness with acceptance in order to live in alignment.

How do we know if what we're thinking is true or not?

Your body will tell you.

Thoughts all cause vibrations in the body that we refer to as emotions.

How does that thought feel?

What is the message that your feelings are trying to tell you?

Is it true?

You ARE Not your feelings.

If you are in the habit of saying "I am Angry or I am impatient", those are lies.

You ARE Good. And you FEEL all the feels. And that's ok. You don't need to IDENTIFY with the feeling. It's just an emotion. Not a label.

You also might be lying in your Action Line.

What are you doing that is out of alignment with your true self?

We may even be lying unconsciously in our actions. Our efficient brains memorize patterns of behavior that send out lies to those around us.

If we are practiced at being overwhelmed and frustrated, we are snippy with our kids and annoyed when they interrupt us, and the child will interpret our actions as the lie that we don't love them. Of course we love them! And we are feeling feels that are driving actions that are lying.

We HAVE to stop lying to ourselves and to everyone around us!

But HOW?

Through my AAA coaching framework. Awareness, Acceptance, and Alignment.

Go to and sign up for your FREE RBC and I can support your in this journey to stop lying to yourself! It will change everything for you! Let's do it!!

May 28, 202330:44
"ADHD in Us and In Our Kids" with Brigette Little
May 25, 202329:40
"Following your Intuition by Calming your Nervous System" with Megan Nicole Windhorst

"Following your Intuition by Calming your Nervous System" with Megan Nicole Windhorst

Intuitive Parenting is being your own parenting expert and not having to look to outside sources for answers. You know best how to parent your own children.

Last episode we discussed that our sacred bodies are the user manual for this earth life, today is some specific hows to actually do so.

I have special guest and Intuition Coach, Megan Nicole Windhorst joining me to teach us more about how to tap into our own inner wisdom, heal our childhood wounds, believe in ourselves, reparent, etc. We've got ALL the goods for you today! Including actionable ideas that you can implement right away to start calming your nervous system in order to connect with your own intuitive parenting style.

Megan Windhorst is the owner and CEO of Megan Nicole Coaching LLC.

Megan is an intuition coach and nervous system expert helping women heal and connect deeply to their own inner knowing so that they can follow their soul's calling confidently. Megan is a former school counselor and teacher turned full time online entrepreneur. She holds a master's degree in counseling and a bachelor's degree in education. Megan is a best selling author, certified Reiki Master, certified breath-work facilitator, and an Intuitive.

Get access to all of her incredible offers here:

Free facebook group Intuition Connection


Facebook: Megan Nicole Coaching

As always, if you are ready to boost any relationship, sign up for a FREE RBC with me at

And if you or anyone you know has a child with Type 1 Diabetes also, get access to our free T1D Moms Support Group call and all other resources at

May 18, 202338:50
Your Sacred Body
May 15, 202326:00
How to get the Mother's Day that YOU WANT

How to get the Mother's Day that YOU WANT

Mother's Day is coming up and I want to help you get the Mother's Day experience that YOU WANT!

Listen in for all the tips tricks and tools to have the BEST Mother's Day EVER!

Because You ARE a Good Mom!

And when you believe that, you can receive the love and compliments from everyone else around you.

Happy Mother's Day, my friends!!

Be sure to listen before Sunday so that you can make it all that you want it to be!

May 09, 202317:23
Getting on the Same Page

Getting on the Same Page

Co-Parenting is so hard.

Your brain's job is to prove itself right.

So you are right.

Which means your husband must be wrong if he doesn't agree with you.

This is not a useful function of our brain in this circumstance.

We need to manage that default setting with some intentional thoughts that will serve us and our families better.

On our T1D Moms Support Group call today we talked about how to get on the same page with our spouse.

Do you ever struggle with that?

Whether you have a child with type 1 diabetes or not, if you have a child and you have someone else who you coordinate care of that child with, this episode is for you!

I am sharing a bouquet of new thoughts for you to try on right in time for Mother's Day!

Let your husband and kids appreciate you in the best way that they know how. It won't be exactly right but they are trying.

And when you believe that you ARE a Good Mom, you will receive that love more graciously.

More about that on my upcoming Mother's Day Podcast

May 09, 202324:56
"Raising a Son with Type 1 Diabetes" with Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins, MD MPH MBA,

"Raising a Son with Type 1 Diabetes" with Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins, MD MPH MBA,

I am the T1D Moms Coach.

Two of my five kids have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the past few years and so I love to support other moms with T1D children. Because we do SO much to keep our kids healthy and well, but how much time and energy does that leave for us to take care of ourselves? And if we don't do it, who will?

And, of course, the mental and emotional load of caring for young kids is taxing enough but then add the constant stress, scared, and sad feelings and we've got quite the hot mess of a mom trying to manage her child's diabetes. Not ideal. We need clear minds and bodies ourselves in order to take care of everyone else. So I teach strategies to generate on purpose more feelings of connection, calm, and confidence instead!

So, I've got you Momma!

And today I have an extra special treat for you. Dr OC and I discuss her personal journey being a T1D Mom herself in addition to her pediatric career. And her son is all grown and doing amazing things in the T1D world now also! So it is really fun to be able to learn from her years of experience and "light at the end of the tunnel" perspective.

To join our Tuesday Morning T1D Mom Support Group Calls, get access to replays of past calls, and all my other T1D specific support, go to

Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins, MD MPH MBA, is an accomplished and experienced pediatrician

with a subspecialty in neonatology. She is a dedicated clinician and health care executive who

has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to improve care coordination and foster healthier

outcomes through policy initiatives and quality of care. Dr. Owens-Collins has also conducted

extensive research on the social determinants of health that shape disparities in health outcomes.

Her passion for children's health was further galvanized when her oldest son was diagnosed with

Type 1 Diabetes at age 13, inspiring her to write the upcoming book “A Parent’s Guide to Type 1

Diabetes: Helping Your Child Balance the Highs and Lows” which will be released in June 2024.

Her son would go on to not only play football at Yale University but also make the All-Ivy

League Team his senior year; he is currently a Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Stanford,

specializing in sports psychiatry and neuroscience of resilience while speaking frequently on

subjects related to mental health such as burnout, resilience, and how exercise can bolster both

physical wellness and overall wellbeing. Dr. Owens-Collins’ vast knowledge, experience and

dedication make her one of the foremost voices advocating for improved children's healthcare today.

Click Here to see Dr Roy Collins' presentation about using exercise to build resilience with physical and mental strategies to combat diabetes burnout.

May 07, 202326:52
Loving and Accepting Yourself
Apr 28, 202317:53
Your Child's Behavior
Apr 23, 202325:30
"Up-Leveling our Lives" with Heather Rackham

"Up-Leveling our Lives" with Heather Rackham

Heather Rackham is the face and voice of the Latter-Day Saint Life Coach Directory.

She is also the host of the Latter-Day Life Coaches podcast.

After making such amazing transformations in her own life from coaching, Heather certified as a life coach herself and then decided that one way that she could help the most people get those same transformations is by creating a place where latter-day saints can come searching for a coach in one place. And the directory was born.

In our chat today we dig in deeper to what those personal transformations were for Heather and why it is so awesome to have a coach!

Maybe you already love your life. So what is a coach for, then? Well, what if there is more? It's fun to up-level from good. There doesn't have to be a big problem that we need to fix, but as humans, we are wired to progress and to grow. We crave the need to continually move forward.

We all understand the basic physical maintenance that our bodies need. We go to the doctor and dentist for routine check ups. A life coach does the same for our mental and emotional health.

Listen in for more about that and be sure to check out the directory to find a coach that resonates the most for you.

and on instagram where we go Live every Wednesday with different topics combining faith and coaching.

Heather and I, along with dozens of our amazing coach colleagues also recently participated in a virtual summit which you can purchase lifetime access to HERE! The Courageous Discipleship Summit. How to keep your faith strong while your loved ones are questioning their beliefs.

And, as always, if you'd like to up-level any relationship in your life, sign up for a FREE RBC with me at and to learn more about HOW to Believe you ARE a Good Mom, check out my free masterclass at

Apr 21, 202334:38
You ARE Special by Max Lucado

You ARE Special by Max Lucado

You ARE Special! and You ARE a Good Mom!!

Are you familiar with Max Lucado's children's book called "You Are Special"?

It's a great book for humans of all ages, actually.

I love love love it!

It's my favorite!!

And that is really saying something cause I love a LOT of children's books.

In this book he tells the story of a little wooden boy named Punchinello who gets lots of bad marks and decides to make that mean that he is a bad Wemmick.

But he meets a friend named Lucia who doesn't have dots or starts, nothing sticks on her!

I won't spoil the whole book for you, but listen in to the episode to learn HOW to Believe you ARE a Good Mom from Max Lucado's book.

And be sure to be the Lucia in your friend's lives by sharing this episode and this podcast.

We don't have to let other people's judgements define who we are!

God made you, you ARE Good!

You are not a mistake. You make mistakes, but that's all part of the plan for our learning and growth.

Through Jesus Christ, we can be make stronger through the repeated mistakes, picking ourselves up, not beating ourselves further down, quickly forgiving ourselves, asking for forgiveness from God and the offended, dust it off, and try again. and again. and again. Through the reps we get stronger! Jesus will help us!

Daily as we turn to God and remember who we ARE we will make the improvements we are yearning for.

You've got this Momma!!!

You can purchase this and so many more amazing books by Max Lucado here. Thank you for shining your light, Max, and sharing your love and wisdom with the world!!

Apr 16, 202314:02
Being Present is the BEST Present!
Apr 13, 202340:02
How to Not Burn Out with Wendy Schofer MD

How to Not Burn Out with Wendy Schofer MD

Feeling a little burnt out?

Dr Wendy Schofer generously shares her burn out story with us and gives us tips on how to not burn out in our Motherhood.

If our energy levels come from our thought/feeling combinations, paying attention to what our thoughts and feelings even are gives us half the battle of regaining more precious energy in our busy days.

You are not failing, you are just burnt out from beating yourself up with thoughts of not being enough.

We have to catch those sneaky thoughts, remind ourselves that that they are lies, and redirect to the truth that you ARE a Good Mom!

Wendy Schofer, MD is the straight-talking pediatrician and life coach who specializes in helping parents learn how to raise kids to be healthy at every weight. Life doesn't revolve around portion control and the scale, and neither should our approach to health.

Learn how to love your kids and let them love themselves as they are, while creating lifelong healthy relationships with food, body and self.

Free "Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family" Mini-Course: ----

I KNOW! Parents kept asking me, "Where is Weight Loss 101?"

I answered that question and more: with the info that they actually need to hear, like why weight loss shouldn't be the focus for kids.

And when you are ready to really start believing that you ARE a Good Mom, check out my free masterclass at

Question? Comments?

Want help with your relationship with your kiddo?

I am still doing FREE RBCs!! Relationship Boost Calls!

Sign up at

Apr 13, 202328:35
Good Friday and Good Moms

Good Friday and Good Moms

Happy Holy Week, my friends!

What are you and your family doing to celebrate the most important weekend of the year?!

We all make a big deal out of the Birth of the Savior at Christmas, but if it wasn't for Easter, there would be no Christmas.

Jesus Christ overcame sin and death! We can be forgiven, we are strengthened through our trials and sorrows, and we will be resurrected just as he was on Sunday Morning!

Today is Good Friday. Why do we call the darkest day of the year good? The day that Jesus suffered for every sin of every human being. The day that he felt everything that we feel? Do you only feel good? He felt all of the good, the bad, and the unbearable. He suffered for all. He knows you. He knows what you are going though. He's felt it all. And because he's been there, he can support us through it. And that IS Good! That is the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

You ARE a Good Mom! But sometimes our good feels like Good Friday. Heavy, dark, betrayed, accused, bleeding, sorrowing, sinful, guilt, hurt, sad, and lonely.
We all have to go through the hard stuff.
It’s an important part of life.
And it IS endurable when we know the bigger picture.
Sunday will come!
Light, love, happiness, joy, peace, hope, and new life!

Hang on through the dark times, morning always comes.

Because of Him!

Happy Easter, my friend! May the love, joy, and peace of Christ be with you this week and always is my prayer for you!

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace Himself, Amen!!

Apr 07, 202310:03
How to find answers to your parenting questions with Marielle Melling
Apr 06, 202320:14
"Alone Time is NOT Selfish!" with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy
Apr 04, 202322:29
You ARE 100%
Apr 02, 202314:17
Welcome Jesus into your Life
Mar 30, 202321:02
"Sidekick to Hero" with Joey Mascio

"Sidekick to Hero" with Joey Mascio

Joey Mascio is a life coach for teens and you're not going to want to miss this incredible app that he is developing to help our kids learn all of the important mental and emotional resilience principles! Check it out at: And more from Joey at: Secrets for an Awesome Life Podcast Instagram:

Mar 28, 202330:12
"I just want something" with Jennie Lakenan

"I just want something" with Jennie Lakenan

Are you living your dream as a Stay at Home Mom but sometimes it doesn't feel like the "Happily Every After" you thought it'd be?

Do you find yourself saying "I just want something" to help you feel more alive, more like yourself, more fulfilled, more validated?

Then do you feel guilty that being a mom just doesn't feel like enough even though you're thoroughly exhausted and drained?

Do you feel bad wondering about getting fulfillment outside of motherhood?

As if being a mom is supposed to be the end all be all of your existence and should meet all of your very complicated human needs?

If so, Mama, You are NOT alone!!

A LOT of us have felt this way and on the podcast today I have special guest Jennie Lakenan who will share with us her similar story.

She resisted a lot of these feelings also but after she found coaching, she realized that it was not only ok to feel this way, but embracing her true self and her God-given desires was actually the biggest gift that she could give her children!

Jennie Lakenan is now a certified digital business consultant and certified life coach in addition to being a Good Mom to three young girls. When she discovered coaching in 2018, her life transformed for the better. She quickly saw the need in the coaching industry for website services for coaches, and founded her design agency. Her mission is to get more coaching into the world by helping other coaches to promote and grow their businesses via extraordinary websites and strategic marketing.

And if any of this resonates with you and you'd like to learn more about coaching and how You can also embrace all the feels to create your dream life, sign up for a FREE RBC Relationship Boost Call with me at to get started! You CAN live happily ever after in the life that you choose!

Mar 27, 202327:40
Motivations to Be a Good Mom
Mar 23, 202316:29
"Break Through the Hard" with Kimberly Nichols

"Break Through the Hard" with Kimberly Nichols

Kimberly Nichols is the Resilience Coach for Moms. She helps moms find more joy even when mom life is hard and discover their power & strength within to be the mom they want to be for their teens & tweens.
Being a mom is part of the adventure of becoming. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. She believes that you can still love your life even when it’s hard.
4 Power Thoughts to Help You Get Through the Hard

When we think that we are supposed to feel happy all of the time, we also think there is something wrong with us when we don't. But as Kimberly has learned and now teaches through life coaching, that just isn't true. There is nothing wrong with you if you are feeling any sort of way. It's all part of the human experience.

The journey from caterpillar to butterfly is a beautiful symbol in nature of Our Eternal nature. This earth life often feels like the gooey middle phase but we can break through the hard and come out the beautiful butterflies that we are destined to become through Jesus Christ who strengthens us and enables us to do the hard things we can't do alone yet.

When we believe that all of the hard stuff is for our growth and development, it helps us endure it faithfully and gives it purpose.

Learn more from Kimberly @

And get your FREE RBC with me and if you are a T1D Mom, sign up for our support group calls, get the replays that you've missed and all other Type 1 Diabetes content at

Mar 22, 202323:03
"Inclusion and Belonging" with Jodi Schilling
Mar 20, 202340:09
Wounds will be Dressed

Wounds will be Dressed

Not one soul of them did perish AND neither was there one soul among them who had not received many wounds.
Immediately gave orders that my men who had been wounded should be taken from among the dead and caused that their woulds should be dressed. 

To read the full story

Take hope in the story of the Stripling Warriors.
You have taught your children to trust in God.
Now You have to trust in the "long game"
If your children are currently out on the battle field,
there is hope.
They will receive many wounds.
But Christ will dress their wounds,
Their SOULS will Not perish! 

Do not judge yourself too harshly or too soon.
The end is not yet.
We are in the messy middle.
It's not too late for you or your kids.
The battle is real and it is wounding
But Christ is real also and he will dress those wounds.
Your job is just to continue in hope and faith. 

Lengthen your lens.
Use this story as a light of hope.
not as one more indication of failure on your part and another weapon to wound yourself with.

Do not doubt. God WILL deliver them.
If He hasn't yet, He will! 

It's never too late.
No matter how old your kids are.
No matter what they are doing.
You are still their mother and your faith will help them. 

The stripling warrior's fathers had all been killed but God still delivered them.
In an eternal perspective.
Their mothers had experienced that.
So they knew that their sons would also be delivered. 

We can also have that kind of faith
and teach it to our children. 

Even after receiving many wounds,
Jesus Christ will dress the wounds.
God will deliver them! 

Mar 13, 202317:51
"Empowering your Kids" with Jane Copier
Mar 08, 202337:30
Perfect Patience
Mar 06, 202322:41
Trust Yourself with Bridget Lundrigan
Mar 04, 202334:58
Just Breathe! T1D Mom Instructional Call
Mar 02, 202329:12
Women at the Well with Hyo North
Feb 26, 202318:20
Elevate with Kami Banks
Feb 24, 202340:29
Patience NOT Perfection

Patience NOT Perfection

I know you think that a Good Mom is Patient.
With her kids.
But what about Patient with yourself?!
Has it ever bothered you that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus commands us to be perfect?
Like the "higher law" isn't too high already, how the heck does He expect this also?!!
On today's episode I shed some light and a lot of HOPE on all of this. 

If you're struggling to believe you Are a Good Mom no matter what you do or don't do, please check out my masterclass at and get some more free help. And when you're ready to chat with me about it sign up for a FREE RBC Relationship Boost Call where we can work on any relationship you are struggling with including your relationship with yourself which is at the heart of any perfectionist tendencies. I'd love to give you a quick boost there also! See ya on zoom! 

ALSO, remember to send your Type 1 Diabetic Mom friends my way! I just started a new and amazing T1D Mom Support Group call and I have lots of other resources at

Feb 23, 202325:24


To sign up for the Virtual Summit:

I am so excited to be part of a free virtual summit on February 21st and 22nd:

Courageous Discipleship--courageously be a disciple of Christ when you or those around you are questioning their traditional religious beliefs.

Patrick Mason, Fiona Givens, Ben Schilaty, myself and 33 of my life coach colleagues, have joined together to create an amazing resource full of tools and real life applications that will leave a lasting impact on all viewers. Whether it’s you, your spouse, children, adult children or friends that are questioning traditional beliefs, you will find resources here.

The summit is free to view at any time on February 21st and 22nd. And just in case you can’t view it on those days, you have the option for extended access.

And to sign up for the T1D Mom Support Group Calls:

And our message for today comes from Mathew 5: 25 where the footnote for "Agree with thine adversary quickly" helps us understand that perhaps what Jesus was inviting us to do is not necessarily agree per se but "Quickly have kind thoughts for, or be well disposed toward" those who you are disagreeing with. 

It is literally a very important part of God's plan for us all to be different. We aren't supposed to think and feel about things in the same way. How boring would that be?
So no one has to be right or wrong, we're just different. 

Learning to manage our differences and still love is the challenge of this lifetime. 

A quick and easy brain hack to drop the war on disagreements is to remind yourself that "they can think that if they want to"
Cause, guess what? They CAN! And the Do! And they will.
So what are you going to do about it? They aren't changing their mind. They don't need to. They're not wrong.
And You don't have to change either, you're not wrong. 

"There ain't no good guys. There ain't no bad guys. There's only you and me and we just disagree."

And we ARE Both Good! 

Good Luck! 

And when you get stuck, let me help you out with a FREE RBC! Relationship Boost Call. Sign up at

Feb 18, 202317:44
"Your Relationship with Diabetes" with Andelin Price

"Your Relationship with Diabetes" with Andelin Price

You know that you have a relationship with your child, but did you know that you have a relationship with their Type 1 Diabetes also? 

In this episode fellow life coach Andelin Price and I chat about our experiences having children with T1D and how life coaching tools have helped us manage ourselves as we manage our child's diabetes. 

The way we think about the disease matters and it can make it harder or easier on you as the Mom.

Whether your child has T1D or not, the principles discussed in this episode can be applied to any struggle you are dealing with. 

Please forward this podcast to any Moms you know that do have children with Type 1 Diabetes, there is so much additional suffering that can be eliminated as we work together to manage our relationships with Diabetes! 

And spread the word about my new T1D Mom Support Group Calls that are starting next Tuesday February 21st at 9:30 AM Mountain Time.
Use this link to sign up for the free zoom call where you can come and get rejuvenated. We need to take the time for ourselves to fill our own cups in order to have anything to pour into our children. We are building an uplifting community of Moms going through similar struggles where we can all strengthen each other as we go. 

For more help from Andelin, check her out on  her Website:

Marriage Bites! Podcast


Feb 14, 202330:51
You ARE Loved
Feb 14, 202319:58
Conscious Parenting with Bryana Kappadakunnel
Feb 06, 202339:33
**T1D Moms Support Group Announcement!**

**T1D Moms Support Group Announcement!**

**BIG Announcement Day!!***

Starting February 21, 2023
Every Tuesday Morning at 9:30 AM MT

I am going to host a support group for Moms with children that have Type 1 Diabetes on zoom. 

Sign up at

Join us for a supportive half hour of taking care of yourself! 

You work so hard to take care of your child's diabetes, now let me take care of you with a quick break of stress-free bucket filling rejuvenation for YOU, Mama! 

You have your doctors and nurses to help you manage the T1D, let me help you manage your own thoughts and emotions 

So that you can go from feeling stressed, sad, and scared. To calm, confident, and connected! 

Create more Peace in your Parenting

Live into the Good Mom you already ARE!

It's going to be completely FREE and you don't have to do anything! Just show up and let me pamper you. We will breathe, relax, and learn emotional regulation tools so that you can leave the call rejuvenated and ready to take on your life again!! 

Please spread the word to any and all T1D Moms that you know. The more the merrier! See ya then! 

Feb 06, 202306:60
Connection for Cooperation

Connection for Cooperation

Happy Groundhog Day! 

This is a very important holiday at our house because we all love the summer/spring so much! Any chance that winter is ending is a cause for celebration!! 

Don't let your life turn into a perpetual groundhog day! You don't have to repeat the mistakes from yesterday today and tomorrow and forever!
Yes we will always be human and we will continue to make mistakes but that's all part of the learning and development of this mortal life. And learning and growth don't happen in ease and perfection. Growth also doesn't come from making the same mistakes over and over. That's insanity. 

So, with our recharging our Triple A Battery coaching framework, we can actually learn from the Awareness of our current mistakes, be ok with them as we fill up our Acceptance battery, and then live into Alignment with the truth of who we ARE. 

Please go and learn all you want from the "parenting experts" and then come back to me to reassure you that you ARE Good even if you currently are not doing all of their great advice. 

There is a reason you can't quite get that "A line" dialed in. Your actions are not aligned because you don't have the first two batteries filled. We have to know where you're starting from and know that it's not a problem that needs to be fixed. 

Today I give you an example of how this works. 

One of my guiding parenting principles is "Connection for Cooperation" but yesterday there was a serious lack of both in my house trying to get the kids out the door. Listen is as I walk you through how the learning and growth AND CHANGE can happen through these coaching tools, both human and divine. 

Then when you're ready to try it out yourself, let me know how it goes! You can DM me on FB, IG, email me at, or sign up for a free zoom chat at and I'll walk you through how you can apply all of this to your specific struggles with connection for cooperation. 

Feb 02, 202330:33
Let's Get Funky!
Jan 31, 202330:49
Your Daily Compass with Marla Beech

Your Daily Compass with Marla Beech

Marla Beech is a self connection coach. She helps her clients really learn how to connect with themselves in order to live their best lives!
In this episode she walks us through her Daily Compass routine to start our days off with purpose. This includes self care to service, a spiritual practice, and affirmations. Listen in for all the details!

Just can't get enough?  I was on her podcast "Overburdened No More" today also!  To listen in on another different conversation we had, check that episode number 82 at this link:

And here is more from Marla!

Sign up for a Free Mini-Mentor Session:

Tip Tuesday Video Link:

Uniquee Connection Method:  

Option #1: Video Course

Option #2: One-on-One Coaching

Take a Workshop:

Join the Keeping it Together Community:

Hunkeedori Website:

And if you're ready to uplevel any relationship, jump on a free zoom call with me for your RBC (Relationship Boost Call) at

Jan 25, 202327:23
Jesus is the Answer

Jesus is the Answer

No matter what the problem is,

Jesus is the Answer

Anything you are struggling with right now, Christ can and will help you. He makes meaning out of all of the mess of this life. Without Him nothing makes sense, but with Him, we can understand the purpose behind all of the hard. 

There is no growth in ease. We are here to progress. To learn and grown. We can't learn if we don't make mistakes and we growth requires resistance. 

Lean in, team up with Him in His yoke.

In this episode I share with you the talk I gave at church yesterday about the Savior's role in the Plan of Salvation. There is no Salvation without Jesus so that was an easy topic. 

No matter what you are struggling with, no matter what the question is,

Jesus is the Answer! 

Jan 23, 202320:03
Time Bending

Time Bending

All things are present before God (D&C 38:2 and Moses 1:6)
Past, Present, and Future are just mental constructs created in this mortal state that we are living in right now.

But we are divine eternal beings. 

So we can try to keep an eternal perspective and "time bend" the way God can. 

When we trust that He created us and called it good, then we get a glimpse into remembering our eternal goodness.

You ARE Good because you always have been, always will be, and therefore are now in the present also.

Even though you made mistakes in the past and you are trying to be better in the future.

If you could bend time and put the past and future into the present, you could believe that you Are a Good Mom and then easily live into that.
Still never perfectly cause we are limited by our mortality but trusting in the immortal state of our souls, we can tap into our divine goodness more often and with so much more grace and compassion. 

Try it on. Try time bending. It's life changing. Literally. Cause we are so used to living in a world misguided by the human invention of the clock and calendar. 

But if you believe in your eternal presence, you can be her now. You are her now. You're not what you did in the past or how you hope to behave in the future. You just are who you are. Believe that and you'll be ready to enjoy the. miracles of being who you've always been.

If you want some solid help applying this woo woo concept, sign up for a free chat at

Use the link for the RBC and we can do both. Relationship Boost Call and talk about time bending. I'm so down! Let's Go!! 

Jan 18, 202319:31
How to Approve of Yourself with Stacy Saunders

How to Approve of Yourself with Stacy Saunders

Stacy Saunders is a certified life coach who coaches moms of kids with food intolerances. She is the Mother of 3 and is a Member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And is a Homeschooler.

In this episode, Stacy and I have a great conversation about how to approve of yourself. 

Being a mom is hard and it only gets harder when we are so hard on ourselves! 

But if we can shift the narrative from "I'm going to do that cause I should or If I was a good person then I would" to really believing that we don't do things in order to earn our own approval, things can shift dramatically.
Instead thinking that "I Am a Good Person and that's why I Want to"

Stacy recently made this shift and explains how it has changed her life so much. 

For more tips and tools on believing that you ARE a Good Mom, check out my free prerecorded masterclass at

And to schedule your FREE RBC Relationship Boost Call go to 

See ya there! 

Jan 14, 202334:56
Happy2BeMe with Barbara Stacey
Jan 14, 202333:47
You ARE Always Right with Jill Wright

You ARE Always Right with Jill Wright

You are not wrong. You don't have to make yourself wrong. Even if other people are doing things differently. And even if your own true self would do something differently, the way you just did it was right for that time. 

Connection coach Jill Wright helps all of us believe that we ARE Right Also! (we're not Wright like she is but we ARE Right!) You are not wrong!! You Are Always Right!!

You ARE with a capital letter A!
Your (capital letter) D Desires are who you Are!
What you Want matters! 

If your brain is always going to judge, at least we can drop the war with it by calling it discerning instead. And if we have to compare, let's compare ourselves to something useful, like our eternal self. We always have been and always will be but we need to remember who that is. 

Instead of trying to make the right decisions and do everything right, let's just make decisions, make them right and believe that we ARE a Good Mom! 

You have all the information that you need. You don't need another book, blog, email, or IG post to give you more information on how to be a good mom!! You already ARE and when you believe that, along with acceptance of the awareness of where you are now, then you will live in alignment with who you've always been! And it's SO Fun!! 

Learn more at

Sign up for a FREE RBC Relationship Boost Call at

And find more of Jill's amazingness at 

My website:



I currently have a fun freebie where people can get their 2023 Word of the Year on a bracelet. They can get that here:

Jan 13, 202333:25
Systems for Sanity and Survival with Laura Hernandez
Jan 11, 202330:09
Peace ✌️ ☮️ !

Peace ✌️ ☮️ !

Here at Drop the War life coaching we drop power struggle wars with our kids to create more PEACE in our parenting!

So today we are delving deeper into what Peace even is.

Where does it go in "the model"? Is it a circumstance, thought, feeling, action, or result? 

Peace is fun to play with because it could actually go in any of those categories.

And I believe it is such a complicated mental construct because peace is not actually of this world. 

In John 14:17, Jesus promises us that "Peace I leave with you. MY peace I give unto You. NOT as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." 

So there is a worldly peace which fits in the model but Jesus is giving us HIS Peace! Which is not as the world giveth. 

Awesome! So what does that look like for you? In this episode I explore a bit about what that is meaning for me right now. (which is always up for evolution, of course) 

If your heart is feeling troubled right now whether by the global wars or your own personal wars, I invite you to Drop the War and enjoy the Peace that only Jesus Christ can bring. It surpasses this world and all the stress and worry of this world. You can feel peaceful amidst all the full range of human emotions a the same time. Make peace with feeling your worry. Just let the emotions be human emotions and know that you are more than a human. You are a celestial being so in the eternal perspective, there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Peace Out!  

Jan 11, 202326:09
What is Your 4 Minute Mile?
Jan 09, 202329:17
Believe in Yourself Because You Can with Marci Owen

Believe in Yourself Because You Can with Marci Owen

Marci Owen is a dear coach friend of mine. She puts on an incredible coaches retreat which I got to attend a couple years ago and it was amazing! 

On this episode, she shares with us a couple of her very impactful personal stories which I find so inspirational in motivating me to Be Myself, believe in myself, and to live my dreams, "Because I Can!" 

Believing that you ARE a Good Mom IS Believing in Yourself so this is the perfect message to share on this podcast and at the perfect time of year as many of us are embarking on a New Year, New You! 

Earn the confidence to be this new version of yourself by doing the thing that scares you. Feel the courage by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. And by doing so, you develop the confidence you're seeking. 


Enjoy the episode and don't forget to sign up for your FREE RBC Relationship Boost Call!

From Marci:

As a life coach, I help Christian moms over the age of 30 tap into their inner strength and confidence. I understand that it can be easy to doubt yourself and feel unfulfilled, especially as a mom, but my goal is to help you believe in yourself and your potential. By working together, we can revamp your beliefs about yourself and empower you to take control of your life and pursue your passions with purpose and meaning. Let's work together to fully engage with your life and create the future you desire.As mentioned on the podcast: Discover the power of reflection with my free pdf journal: The Journey. Imagine looking back on the past year and being amazed at all the progress you’ve made. That’s exactly what my free journal will help you do. By setting aside a couple of hours to reflect and recognize events from 2022, you’ll discover hidden strengths, talents and moments of courage that you may have forgotten about. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also receive a guide to help you intentionally plan for the year ahead. I promise the way this is laid out is actually fun! Let’s do this!Email me at: and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

And all the other ways to find her:

Podcast: Apple Podcast:

Jan 07, 202342:57
Service, Selfishness, and New Born Babies

Service, Selfishness, and New Born Babies

I am a baby whisperer

I am also a new born Mommy Whisperer. 

What do I want to whisper to you Momma?! 

You are amazing! You just did something miraculous and spectacular and you are a rock star! 

AND especially...

Your Worth does NOT depend on your productivity!!

It is time for rest.

Let other people help you.

What you do or don't do does not make you a good mom!

You ARE a Good Mom!!

It is in your divine DNA. It is your inherent identity.

No matter what even if and especially when! 

AND that NEVER changes!!

Imagine a world if we all actually believed that.

That is my mission.

To believe that I AM a Good Mom and to help ALL the Moms of the world believe it also!! 

Because Believe Achieve! 

So, lay back and relax and enjoy being a mom! 

And let everyone else enjoy your baby also!! Those of us who have moved out of that season, LOVE taking care of babies because we don't "Have" to anymore. We WANT to! So let us!! So that you can fully experience whatever you are going through. It's all good and rigged in your eternal perspective favor. Trust that God is in the details. He's got you. No worries. You will feel ALL the feels!! Embrace it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. It's all part of this incredible journey called life. 

AND if you're not a newborn mom, STILL Your Worth does NOT depend on your Productivity!!
Let's rethink the way we think about service and selfishness.
Is the way you are thinking about them serving you? or your family?

If not, then drop the war on those thoughts.

Need help with that? Sign up for a FREE RBC! Relationship Boost Call at 

Jan 04, 202338:26
New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

It's Day Two of the New Year!! 

Are you a whole new person since switching out the calendar?

Did everything you resolved to do daily without fail, fail on day one? Me too. So, let's just throw in the towel, shall we? Why not, that's how most years go. Let's just add one more to the failure pile...

No! Let's not do that. Let's come up with some realistic expectations of ourselves this year instead, eh? 

You do not have to be perfect overnight. It's not a new you from Dec 31 to Jan 1 but rather, what "new you" would you like to see in the mirror on Jan 1 of 2024?! 

That is something we can work towards! We can't white knuckle will power our way through the whole year. Change is not an overnight one and done process. It is slow and has ups and downs. So let's plan to fail forward instead of messing up and giving up this time. 

I propose that you resolve this year to the meta skill of believing you ARE a Good Mom!! This will help you with all the other goals you have for your parenting, I promise! And in this episode I explain a little more about how that works. 

Perhaps you've resolved to be more kind and patient and loving to your "hardest" child. How many minutes on January 1st were you able to do that? You woke up with the same brain that has the same memorized patterns. It takes time effort and especially compassion to change those patterns. I'd love to help you do that. Don't beat yourself up that you'll never change and that all because the date changed, you weren't able to. Yet! Change is possible and actually quicker than you might expect but your brain is stuck in its own lies that it has developed lots of evidence for over the years. A coach can help you navigate all of that. 

Sign up for a FREE Relationship Boost Call (RBC) and let's get started! In just 20 minutes on zoom, I can help you change your relationship with that hardest child! You can be a new you this year. You can live into the Good Mom that you've always been. One relationship boost at a time! 

Jan 02, 202326:47
You Inherently ARE Good with Tyson Bradley

You Inherently ARE Good with Tyson Bradley

My Coaching Origin Stories Series Part 3

Tyson Bradley 

I always wanted to be a Mom and after Jody helped me love living my happily ever after, I decided to combine what she'd taught me with the parenting coaching from many different coaches and experts over the years and become a Peaceful Parenting Life Coach. Then after Crystal helped dig me out of layers of shame about my own parenting, I was ready to get back to my commitment to my business.

I always wanted to combine Jesus, Jody, and parenting skills. But I wasn't doing it at home or in my coaching practice. I knew that the life coaching tools and the parent coaching tools fell flat when they weren't backed by the actual enabling power of Jesus Christ but I was still trying to figure out how that actually works and how to share it. 

Enter Tyson. Tyson was doing it! He started a group called Entrepreneurs of Christ and he was talking about Jesus and business together. Just like I wanted to be doing with parenting. Partnering with Christ to build and grow a business. And he seemed as awkward and uncomfortable as I was feeling but he was doing it anyway! So I decided to join him in his journey and our business calls felt more like sunday school lessons on steroids than funnel building and ad improving. And I loved it!! 

So I've been in on the ground floor and seen how Christ has been transforming Tyson's message and that has helped mold my message also.

He transitioned from Entrepreneurs of Christ to "Inherent Identity" and as we all worked on remembering who we Inherently ARE, I could feel in my heart and soul that I AM a Good Mom! It's who I have always been and as my identity, it didn't matter anymore what "a mess" as a Mom I was, I knew my inherent worth and nothing I did or didn't do could change that. 

Growing up in Primary we learn that we are Children of God and in young women's I firmly believed that I was a Beloved Daughter of Heavenly Parents who loved me and I loved them. I didn't start to forget what that identity meant for me until I got married and had kids. Irony of life since that, I thought, was supposed to be God's whole plan for me! 

It's easy to believe we are good and loved when we are doing good but what about when we make mistakes? Does that affect/effect our worth in the sight of God? No! Of course not. We still are as 100% valuable on our good days as on our not so good days. Or moments. 

Once I really started believing that! wow!! the magic really started! 

It's as simple as "the model" really. When we think "I am a good mom" then we feel confident and show up in the ways that we want to and our result is that we are a good mom. But we are usually in a shame model from the lies that our brain feeds us that whatever we did or didn't do makes us a terrible mom and then that is our result. 

I understood that. But adding on the inherent identity process from Tyson really solidifies the truths and helps me chip off the lies daily. 

None of this work is "one and done". Every single day I need to connect to Heaven and be reminded of my worth and that I am a Beloved Daughter. 

And then showing up as the Mom I want to be and the Good Mom that I've always been is so much easier!! 

All of this came together for me through the ground breaking work that Christ has been revealing to Tyson and he is about to launch the Inherent Identity Family on New Years's Day so if any of this resonates with your soul also, please come join us! We hold loving space for each other to be able to safely tap into the powers of Heaven for help in your life! In whatever areas you are needing help with. Get all the information you need at and I'll see you there! 

Dec 28, 202231:57
10/10 Mom with Crystal, The Parenting Coach

10/10 Mom with Crystal, The Parenting Coach

My Coaching Origin Story Series Part 2

Crystal Haitsma is "The Parenting Coach"

She was my parenting coach after I finished coach training and was drowning in imposter syndrome. 

I wanted to be a peaceful parenting life coach because I wanted to combine the life coaching world with the parenting coaching world that I'd been learning from and I didn't know of anyone who was doing that. But then when I learned about Crystal I thought," oh good. someone is doing it so I don't have to." Ha ha! Cause one coach can really take care of all the moms in all the world?! Not so much!
The first time she coached me, she told me that (yeah yeah bla bla I know I know...) there are people out there that need my specific voice. I will say things differently and in a way that will resonate with them. 

But I still felt way too off in my own parenting to be of any help to anyone else. Until she asked me this one life changing question.

What if you are a 10/10 Mom already? 

What? Surely, that couldn't be true. I long ago dropped the war on expecting myself to be perfect. No one on this earth except Jesus was ever perfect and that's obviously because He didn't have kids!! ;) So the thought took a while to seep in but when I changed the 10/10 from meaning perfection to just being a fact that I am a 10/10 Mom.... whatever my best is for today is the best i could do today and nothing has gone wrong here? Could that possibly be true?! 

Pair that with the Inherent Identity work with Tyson Bradly (episode coming soon!...) and i was off! In a good way this time. I finally had a message. I found a truth that I could believe and that actually did start changing things for me in my parenting!! 

Between Crystal's 10 out of 10 Mom idea and Tyson's "I Am Me" work, I birthed MY Belief that 

I AM a Good Mom! 

And believing that I inherently AM a 10/10 Mom, changed me. I am far from perfect still but I am so much closer to staying aligned with who I Truly AM more often and when I don't, I have so much more grace for my human self that is going to mess up. A lot. But I don't make those mistakes mean anything about my inherent worth anymore. I've peeled off so many layers of shame, I am finally free! The truth has set me free!! And now I AM ready to help other Moms break free also. By Believing that You too, my friend, YOU ARE a Good Mom!! You are inherently a 10/10 Mom!! Believe it to Be it! Cause you already are. Always have been. Always will be. It's just who you ARE. 

Still don't believe me? That's ok. I know the brain takes a while to believe new things. I have a prerecorded masterclass just for you. To step you through how to believe you ARE a Good Mom. Get it for free at 

And if you or anyone you know has kids with Type 1 Diabetes, I have content specifically for T1D Mamas at I get it! I have two T1D daughters myself! And it is a wild ride!! 

Crystal has a really fun new offer CLICK HERE to get access to her new "Burn this Book" workbook that steps you through a daily self coaching routine. She has all of her best tools all in one place complete with QR codes to lead you to video trainings to help guide you through. If you've been interested in these tools but need more guidance, get this workbook today! 

And connect on FB and IG at Crystal the Parenting Coach and her website is

Dec 27, 202230:07
Jody Moore "Following God's Plan for You"

Jody Moore "Following God's Plan for You"

Jody was the first life coach I had ever heard of and she continues to be my life coach to this day, over 6 years later. 

She helps me love my life. What else would you expect from a life coach? 

My whole life, I always wanted to be a mom and once I finally got my "Happily Ever After" most days it felt more like a nightmare than living the dream. Everything was perfect, no actual problems. So why did I feel so terrible? What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I just enjoy my blessings?
Enter Jody Moore. Life coaching tools changed everything for me and then Jody helped me birth a new dream: to help others the way she had helped me. 

When I was 11, I cross stitched a pillow that said "I can follow God's plan for me" and for decades I thought that plan was to get married and make babies.
Turns out as Jody puts it, that was a "gross oversimplification".
Now that I am married and finished making babies, what is God's plan for me?
To learn how to love that amazing husband and adorable kiddos more fully? Yes!

AND what else?!

Did you know that it's ok to yearn for more?! It doesn't mean that you're ungrateful or unappreciative of what you have.
On the contrary, it magnifies all that you have when you continue to expand yourself. 

You are a person also, Momma! Not just a Mom. You ARE a Good Mom! And you ARE a Good Woman. What does she WANT to do? Who IS She?

AND what else? 

Enjoy your bounteous blessings this beautiful Christmas Eve AND allow yourself to dream big. To get what You Want! To let ideas flow. Open your heart to your true desires. Let those desires take root and grow and flourish. Be more of who you are. Who you've always been. 

If this sounds impossible or out of reach, I've got you! 

Start with a FREE RBC this year. Relationship Boost Call. Maybe it's your relationship with yourself that you want to boost. 
If you want to Believe that you Are a Good Mom but you just can't figure out how, I put together a free masterclass just for you. 
And if you or anyone you know has kids with Type 1 Diabetes (I have TWO myself!!) I have specific help for T1D Moms also. 

You can get more of Jody's amazingness at and on her "Better Than Happy" podcast.
Sign up for her coaching intensive "Get Your Goal" coming up in January. And I'll see ya in "Be Bold"- my favorite place to hang out! 

Dec 24, 202232:22
The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

Merry "Christmas Adam"!
Or so we called the day before Christmas Eve growing up.
Cause we wanted to open a present early early.

I have an early Christmas Present for YOU! Yes, YOU!!


Sign up at

Now, on to our topic for today! The Purpose of Life!! That sounds a bit heavy but come on, it's me. We keep everything light and fun, right?
No spoilers, if you want to explore with me some of my thoughts on the purpose of life, tap into today's episode! 

Episode Art:

Dec 23, 202227:28
My Origin Story Intro

My Origin Story Intro

I love stories. I love to hear people's experiences. To understand better where they are coming from. To get to know them better. 

Today I am sharing an overview of my coaching origin story. The quick google search definition of origin is "the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived."

So in today's story I explain why I got into coaching, how it helped me, and then why I wanted to become a coach myself to pay it forward and help others. 

My origin story includes three of my coaches whose influence helped me form the messages that I share with you today. There are countless other friends, family, coaches, and teachers who have influenced me and continue to do so. Many of them I have already shared with you. 

In the coming weeks I will share these three coaches with you in what I am calling my special "origin story series". 

So be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you don't miss the incredible episodes I have coming up with Tyson Bradley, Crystal The Parenting Coach, and the original of the origin, the one and only Jody freakin Moore! 

Jody Moore started it all and was so gracious and generous to give me the Christmas Gift of an hour of her time yesterday to record an origin episode where she shares my story from her perspective. 

No more spoilers, gotta be sure to be subscribed to the podcast so that you don't miss when these incredible episodes drop. 

And don't forget to sign up for your FREE RBC as my Christmas gift to you! You can redeem your gift any time in 2023. Relationship Boost Calls for all! All you have to do is jump on a zoom call with me with a relationship in mind that needs a boost and you will come off the call feeling like a whole new person ready to enjoy that person like you never have before. 

Dec 22, 202227:47
Believing IS Seeing

Believing IS Seeing

Merry Christmas!
Believe is a theme that we hear a lot at this season.
My kids LOVE "The Polar Express" book and movie and music so Josh Groban is constantly reminding me when we're driving in the van that "you have everything you need if you just believe" He admonishes us to "believe in what your heart is saying" and "believe in what you feel inside"

So, when you think that you're a terrible mom, that is a lie coming from your head. But drop into your heart. What do you feel inside? The truth that you ARE a Good Mom! Believe in what your heart is saying. 

It's a practice to get out of your head and listen to believe your heart. 

Believe, my friends!
Because Believing IS seeing.
Faith IS the evidence of things hoped for but not seen. 

Once you believe something, then you start seeing evidence for it everywhere.
That's the way that brains work. Their job is to prove themselves right.
But sometimes its thoughts are not useful or helpful.
So then we intentionally from our heart space, remind the brain of the truth. 

You ARE Good. God is Good and He made you. God don't make no junk.

As Christmas approaches in a few days, remember that thanks to that Baby in the manger, You ARE Good. Even when you're not doing good. That doesn't change who you inherently ARE. And thanks to Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven of all the non-good and it can all be for our eternal good. 

Now that's a reason to celebrate!! What a Gift! 

And speaking of gifts, I have a Christmas present for YOU!! to claim your FREE RBC (Relationship Boost Call) I would love to help you this year improve any relationship in your life that is struggling. I have a quick, fun, and easy 20 min process we do on a zoom call that will have you feeling better toward this individual in just one call. Why not give it a try? Merry Christmas! 

Dec 21, 202217:45
True Confidence is Remembering Who You ARE with Laura Dry

True Confidence is Remembering Who You ARE with Laura Dry

Merry Christmas! I want to give you all a gift! I want to gift you a better relationship! Who doesn't need that?!
Go to and sign up for your FREE RBC!
What's an RBC you're wondering?
Well, I'm not giving you the Royal Bank of Canada, that's for sure!
I am giving you a free
In a quick, easy, and fun 20 minute call with me on zoom, I will help you boost any of your relationships.
Do you have one particular kid that's really been getting on your nerves?
Or maybe it's your husband?
Are you struggling with dread about an upcoming holiday social gathering?
Who do you need a little work on your relationship with?
I've got you!!
Merry Christmas! 

AND on to our podcast for today!!
Laura Dry is a connection coach for Moms and so we have a really fun conversation where we share our stories of becoming a mom and struggling with confidence and our journeys (that are ongoing) on becoming more confident Moms.
Listen in, Laura drops some serious wisdom. 

And to work with her further, you can check her out at:  



7 days of confidence journal prompts


Dec 20, 202237:45
Flip the Script

Flip the Script

We've all heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Well, today we are flipping the pyramid on it's head! I think we need "self actualization" the MOST and it is the highest priority. And after we have charged those batteries, the basic needs fall into place. 

Especially with Faith in Jesus Christ! Because He himself told us in Matthew 6 to take no thought for the things at the bottom of the pyramid. He's got us! He has our air, food, shelter, water, even reproduction in His control. He tells us to seek FIRST "the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you"

So what does that mean exactly? Well, that is up to you to figure out for yourself but today I share some of my recent thoughts on the subject.

What is your job as a Mom anyway? Aren't we supposed to take care of our children's basic needs? And our own? And our husbands? Are we?
or is your job to take care of their "higher needs" things up higher on Maslow's pyramid?
Like Dr Paul Jenkins always says, that our job is to LOVE our Children. That's not till the middle of the layers! 

(and ps, check me out on Dr Paul's podcast here)

I propose that our number one job on this earth is to REMEMBER. Once we remember who we truly ARE, then we really start living. We aren't just bogged down by the earthly problems. We find meaning in the struggle and know that there is learning pains but that they have purpose. WE have purpose. 

Who are you? You are a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents. What does that mean to you? For me it reminds me that I have a divine mission to help their other Daughters remember who they are also. That is my higher cause, the world needs self actualization. And not just as a tiny triangle at the top of the pyramid if we have enough bandwidth after stressing and worrying about our "lower needs". Flip the pyramid on it's head, my friends!

We can easily get lost in the weeds of the basic needs, especially with a house full of littles whose basic needs can take all day every day over and over. It's beyond a full time job just to keep these kids fed-especially with the T1D!! 

But God said to consider the lilies of the field and the fowls of the air. "for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.. and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought.."

So you have permission to stop worrying and stressing about the basics. God will provide. Have Faith. Trust in Jesus.
And now with that load off your mind, what do You WANT to do?!
Your desires are from God. He is trying to communicate to you what your life is for. Listen for it. Trust the messages.
I can help you with this

Maybe our job is to trust Him, Rely on Him, and our number one job as a Mom is to Remember who we ARE. and then remember to BELIEVE it! 

Believe you ARE a Good Mom, my friend! I promise, when you flip the script, it will change everything for you!! 

Dec 16, 202224:09
Get Ready, It's Time!!

Get Ready, It's Time!!

GRIT is my word for the new year! 


What is it time for for you? What resolutions are you thinking about setting? What goals do you have for 2023?

Life Coaching is the perfect support you need to actually reach those goals, meet those resolutions and fulfill the yearnings of your heart! 

This year I am gifting 365 FREE coaching sessions. Never too soon to get started! Sign up now to jumpstart your resolutions with a useful mindset going into the new year. Get help even setting a goal. I can support you in discovering what your heart has been trying to tell you. Let's discover who you truly are and improve your relationship with Self, with God, and with your family this year! 

You can sign up for as many of these free sessions as you want throughout the year! Absolutely no strings attached. I'm just ready! It's time!! Let's get serious about making the changes we've been putting off. 

This is YOUR Year also!
Get ready, it's time! to get started!

Dec 15, 202214:27
Band Aids and Ribbon Bows
Dec 14, 202221:55
Breathe in the Shalom Peace

Breathe in the Shalom Peace

Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning Peace! 

We are all about dropping the war to create more peace in our parenting here at Drop the War Life Coaching!!
So I love this idea of Shalom!
It is a peaceful wholeness, perfection, and tranquility. 

Peace be with you, my friend! Especially at this Christmas time of year when we are all about Peace on Earth. And especially at this Hanukkah time of year also!!

How do we create more peace when it's just chaos of kids swirling around us all the time? That is what we explore in this episode! 

Peace be with you, my friends! Shalom that is not an absence of trials or of "negative" emotions but a Peace that comes from believing that you Are a Good Mom and that it is all part of the plan. It's all good. It's all for your good. Eternally. You are a good eternal celestial being and in order to continue to progress, we are in this mortal experience and it's all for our learning, growth, and development. It's all good. Even the bad. For me, with this perspective, I get into a Peaceful state of mind. A way of being. Shalom Peace is a calm reassurance that everything is as it should be. 

When things start getting wild, breathe in the Shalom! Acceptance. They are doing what they're doing. You are reacting the way you are reacting. It's all part of the human experience. Shalom. Acceptance. Peace. It is as it should be. It is as it is. Literally stop and breath it in. 

Breath in the Shalom for Peace, my friends! You can do it!! And of course as always, if you need help, I'm a free zoom chat away

Shalom Chaverim "Goodbye and be safe my friends. Until we meet again, have peace."

Dec 13, 202224:02
See Christ in Christmas

See Christ in Christmas

Merry Christmas season, my friends!!
Hope you are all enjoying the decorations and symbols of Christ all around us at this glorious time of year! 

Today's episode is "story time" so grab your teddy and gather around on the carpet criss cross apple sauce for me to read you this great book By Melissa Sunday and Alyssa Parker "See Christ in Christmas. 12 symbols of Christmas"

In this beautiful book, Melissa and Alyssa remind us of how each symbol around us represents Jesus and helps us to see Him everywhere at this time of year. 

I love this so much and I love to see Him everywhere at all times of year and that, my friends, is how we drop the war to find more Peace in our Parenting. It is through Jesus Christ. No matter what mayhem and chaos comes with raising all these little kiddos, Peace is always still available. One breath of heaven away. 

Enjoy a peaceful Sabbath day today with love and laughter. And fighting, tantrums, and whining. ;) My wish for you today and all season is that you soak it all in deeply. It is going by so fast. No time to wallow in self pity with blame and shame. Give yourself the gift this year of dropping those wars and enjoying the peace that comes from loving your life! Love on those littles so hard. They are only little for so long. And we have the rest of eternity to look back with fondness to this magical time when we can celebrate Christmas with our small children! Don't let the stresses and task distract you from the love and joy and peace. 

I Love You, dear listeners. Thank you for being on this journey with me!
Let me know what you're struggling with so you can find maximum Joy to YOUR World this Christmas season! 

Dec 11, 202209:17
"What is Your JuJuJuice" with Zil Eiler

"What is Your JuJuJuice" with Zil Eiler

I frequently talk about your need as a Mom to fill up your cup first. You can’t pour out of an empty pitcher. And you have to put on your oxygen mask first in order to keep anyone else alive also.

So in these metaphors, what is the oxygen exactly? How do you put on that mask? How do you fill your cup? And with what?

The amazing and lovely coach Zil Eiler tells us her story today of when she was a struggling young mom who was filling her cup with the wrong juice. She loves Orange Juice and maybe she was drinking that but must have been trying to drink it from a sippy cup. Ever try to drink freshly squeezed OJ from those tiny holes? Doesn’t work! Or maybe it was milk. Are you trying to fill your cup with the wrong bev?

In modern-day slang, “juju” typically refers to a sort of positive, magnetic power — an energy, feeling, or vibe that any of us can create, give off, or experience.

I’d like to offer that we all fill our cups with our own personal form of juju juice. You have to discover what that is for you specifically. And it can change with your changing seasons. But what works for one person doesn't necessarily fill someone else. You are an individual. Your job is to learn who you are. And what fills you. 

You ARE a Good Mom! If you don't feel that, maybe you haven't discovered your flavor of jujujuice yet. But you can. Keep exploring. Keep trying. 

And know that you are worth it! You are a person also. You have talents and gifts and interests and the world needs them. You are a Mom AND you Are YOU! 

Find out who that is! Living in alignment with your inherent self is awesome!!
If you would like some guidance in all of this, I'd love to help!
Let's chat

To get more of Zil's amazingness, check her out on fb and instagram @zileilercoaching especially if you are also a Coach who wants to 

🚀Sky rocket your coaching business by building your confidence.
🔥VIP group coaching for life coaches to gain confidence and grow their business.

Dec 10, 202229:03
"You are a Rock Star!" with Brooke Oniki
Dec 09, 202241:29
Agency and Codependency with Alyssa Jaco

Agency and Codependency with Alyssa Jaco

Alyssa Michaela Jaco is a People-Pleasing Expert and Health and Life Coach. She stopped waiting to be saved & became the hero of her own story.
Now she is helping you feel better, love yourself, be yourself & love your life! 

Alyssa shares with us her journey and how coaching has helped her. She said that before coaching she never knew that she had choices.
Of course we know we have agency, but do we really know we have agency?
If someone wants you to do something and you want to do something else, which do you do?
How free do you feel to make that choice?

Learning how to own your own agency is liberating, and a bit scary on how it will affect those around us.
But if you don't take care of yourself, who will? 

Codependency can come into play when we are trying to control other people's emotions with our choices.
We are free to choose what we want and they are free to choose how they want to feel about it.
And that is differentiation in our relationships. So that we can be interdependent. Not too independent and not too dependent. 

And we are all dynamic people who swing from one end of the continuum to the other all the time. We can't arrive at a static destination and stay there forever. And we don't need to identify ourselves by any certain action or trait. 

None of this work is one and done. 

That's why we all need a coach or two all the time! Cause we'll never coach ourselves out of being human. 

You ARE a Good Mom and that is not determined by how your family is feeling. Truly. Don't believe me? Let's chat!

And be sure to follow Alyssa on instagram for more help with people pleasing and to keep your blonde hair healthy! 

Dec 08, 202229:48
How to Recharge Your Batteries
Dec 07, 202230:00
The Shame/Blame trap AND How To get out of it!!
Dec 05, 202212:40
We Believe What We Think with Dr Paul Jenkins

We Believe What We Think with Dr Paul Jenkins

Dr Paul Jenkins is a clinical psychologist specializing in the science and practice of positivity. He is the author of "Pathological Positivity" and hosts the "Live on Purpose Radio" podcast which he started in 2007! On Dec 15th 2022, episode 526 will drop and it is another conversation that we had for his show, so check me out over there in a couple of weeks!
Dr Paul says that the number one error in our thinking is that we believe what we think.
This is only a problem if what we're thinking doesn't serve us.
So think something useful to believe!
For Instance, that you ARE a Good Mom!!
On this episode, Dr Paul teaches us about his model which helps us understand that our brains have two processes that you can't turn off. They will always be evaluating and they always need to be creating.
Evaluating, or in other words, judging. Things can always be better or worse. There will always be a comparison to some standard. So decide what standard you intentionally want to be comparing yourself to. And then go create the beautiful life that you've always envisoned.
Because you ARE a Good Mom! And your brain wants to believe what you think. So think that you are and you will start believing that and then you will be. to get that process started! 

You can find more wisdom from Dr Paul at his website Your go-to source for positivity! And who doesn't need more of that in their lives? 
Get the FREE Digital Download of Dr Paul's "cute little concise mini book" with special code: 

Dec 03, 202246:04
Do Your 1/11th with Ben Pugh

Do Your 1/11th with Ben Pugh

Are you trying to get on the same page with your husband and kids? How is that working for you? When you think about it like that, how do you feel and act?
What if we look at it like being on the same TEAM instead? Each player on the football team has a different job to do and if they try to be someone else, the team as a whole struggles. Same with our families. Just do your own 1/11th and then trust that team work will make the dream work!


Ben Pugh is a friend and fellow coach who also coaches Moms to believe that they ARE a Good Mom!! Because the way you think about things not only affects your results but also you child's. In this episode we explore how that works. Whether your kids are teens that Ben usually coaches or toddlers Moms that I coach, these principles can blow your mind a little in all the best ways. 

Agency, Control, Respect, All the emotions are ok, The goal is not to make them happy, etc, etc, etc. Learn more about my parenting philosophies at, get specific help with your Type 1 Diabetes child at, and for more help with Believing that you ARE a Good Mom,

For More Help from Ben, check out his

FREE Podcast-MINI-Series that will be ending on Dec 14th!

FREE Parenting from the Inside-Out

And don't miss his FREE Parenting from the Inside Out trainings will be live trainings held on the following dates and times:

Dec 6, 2022 10:00 AM
Dec 7, 2022 02:00 PM
Dec 14, 2022 12:00 PM

Dec 02, 202227:60
Finding Balance in Motherhood with Ceri Payne
Nov 30, 202238:19
Working Moms in Military Life with Sarah Larsen Shiozawa
Nov 29, 202230:14
Be Your WHOLE You

Be Your WHOLE You

If you need glasses to see clearly, you understand why we enjoy modern medicine for thinking clearly also.
I am not anti any of this. Yes to glasses. Yes to medicine that helps you live your life the way you want to.
As a general society, we are terrible at accepting the full range of emotions and the ebb and flow of ups and downs in our days and in our whole lives.
Seasons and cycles in the world give us a pattern to help us understand ourselves better. 

We erroneously expect ourselves to think, feel, and behave a certain way all day every day day in and day out.
This is unsustainable and unfair to expect of ourselves, our kids, and any other human.
It's just not how we are made. 

Our inherent selves are not stagnant or flat either. We need to be careful in our efforts to "get better" that we're not breaking our own spirits to fit into a cookie cutter mold that we were never meant to fit into.

If God made every single tiny snowflake unique, why do we think that He expects us to conform to some cookie cutter person? No! It is majestic to ponder on each of our uniqueness.
Find out who you really are. Live into Her. She has depth that only your shadow side can bring out. If you're feeling the darkness, that means that there is light. Light is what casts the shadows. Both sides are Good. It's all good. It's all part of the plan. Opposition in ALL things. 

If we succeeded in getting rid of all of the "negative", we would never comprehend the positive. 

Embrace it ALL my friends, your WHOLE YOU!

Nov 26, 202231:43
Love Always Wins with Bonnie Lyman
Nov 23, 202236:40
Love your Shadow Side with Elisa Fucci
Nov 22, 202238:30
Connection not Contention in Conversations with Meredith Gardner
Nov 22, 202232:54
You ARE Enough!

You ARE Enough!

You ARE Enough!
Do you believe that?
Or is your brain giving you some resistance thoughts?
But what is your heart telling you about the truth of that? 

You are 100% worthy, lovable, and valuable.
AND you are an expansive being that needs to progress.

We are eternal beings that are Good!
AND we are mortal beings that are here to learn and grow and develop.

How can both be true?
There are a LOT of dualities actually.
yin and yang
They both are true.

Believing in who you eternally ARE while you're in the midst of this earthly mortal experience is a challenge but it's also the secret. 

You want a better relationship with your kids? You need to know who you are first. When you remember your inherent worth and you remember your child's inherent worth, kindness, compassion, love, and yes even patience come a lot more naturally and sustainably. 

So come with me on the journey of believing you ARE a good mom. Start with my prerecorded masterclass at

oh and if you love this cover art, you'll love my friend Jackie! Check her out @jackieinspires on instagram cause she does inspire. She has always inspired me with her resilience and faith in the midst of adversity! Love you, purple flower! 

Nov 19, 202222:06
Your Cosmic You with Davina Fear

Your Cosmic You with Davina Fear

Nov 18, 202235:52
Having a Coach for a Mom with Caleb Price

Having a Coach for a Mom with Caleb Price

Caleb the college coach was raised by an amazing mom who didn't necessarily believe that she was a good mom until she became a life coach. Huh, that sounds familiar! ;)
Listen in to this episode to get an interesting perspective on motherhood- from the pov of the son himself! He had a great life with a great Mom AND he can testify to the difference that life coaching can make on the Mom and the whole family, for generations to come! When she felt better about herself, he could tell that parenting became lighter, not so heavy. Loving yourself has more of an effect on the rest of the family than anything else can. 

We all think we need to DO all the things in order to BE a good mom. Caleb and I chat about why we don't think that is the case. 

Trying to control another person's emotions is the biggest uphill battle you'll never win.

To learn more from Caleb check out these great offers!

Caleb Price Coaching

Caleb Price, the College Coach, helps young adults stop letting anxiety, indecision, and perfectionism take over their lives so they can confidently create the life they want most! (31 kB)

For the Parents

How to Get the BEST relationship with your young adult. This is your ticket to success.

Get to Love and Peace with Your Young Adult Children: link abovePodcast:

Relatable Thoughts Podcast with Caleb Price

This hit college adult podcast talks about what's going on in your mind and how you can use your mindset to break up with negative habits and reach success!

And as always, to learn more about how to Believe you ARE a Good Mom, get the free masterclass at 

Nov 14, 202237:48
Control What You Can Control with Jenn Mullins
Nov 14, 202218:25
Toddlers and Teens with Cheree Murdock
Nov 11, 202231:09
Do vs Be

Do vs Be

When I ask you "What kind of Mom do you want to be?" what comes up for you?
When you get to "define for yourself" what kind of mom you want to be? 

Look at what you wrote down (or thought of)

Is it a big long list of DO's. And don't do's?
It's all in your action line, right?
Maybe with some feelings you want to feel.
And maybe even some thoughts you want to think.

What does a "Good Mom" look like for you?
Does your brain interpret that mostly as 'What does a good mom DO?"

Let's talk about the difference between BEing and DOing! 

You are a human BEing which means you are going to DO a bunch of messy stuff that's not your ideal.

But who ARE you actually?
You Are actually an eternal being, not just a human being.

And our job is to REMEMBER who She IS!

It's not actually about what you DO. It's about who you ARE.
Not even who you are becoming, cause you already Are Her.
You just need to remember who She IS! 

And then live into in. Meaning your thoughts, feelings, and yes, Actions will align eventually once you believe and remember that you already ARE Good!! 

So, instead of "What kind of Mom do you want to DO?" which is your your brain might have interpreted that first question, just know that You already Are the kind of Mom you Want to BE! Cause your desires (your wants) yours, your specific to you! tell you who you ARE. 

What kind of Mom ARE you? (not what kind of Mom are you doing?)
Who have you always been? Your spirit is trying to tell you. Listen to your heart to find out. And the rest of the model will follow along. 

Believe you ARE a Good Mom, my friend! It'll change everything for you!
Ready to get started on the How To?!

Nov 11, 202224:15
Mom Fulfillment with Amber Haider
Nov 10, 202232:35
Butterflies and The Messy Middle

Butterflies and The Messy Middle

You ARE a beautiful butterfly!
And you might be feeling like you are in the "Messy Middle" phase between when a perfectly content and happy caterpillar transforms into that beautiful butterfly!
But the inherent divine DNA is in your goop!
Nothing has gone wrong here.
You are experiencing exactly what you need to be in order for you to fully develop the way you need to in order to fly, my friend!
Endure the is goopy messy middle well and you will be that beautiful flying you someday.
When you believe in the process, in the Plan, then you have the eternal perspective that makes the insanity of this life make a little more sense.
Trust in the creator of the plan.
God gave us physically a symbol of His plan for you in the journey of a caterpillar to goop to butterfly. 

If you need supported through your messy middle goop phase, I'm here for you, my friend! I'm one free zoom chat away. No strings attached. I'm here to just listen and/or coach you. Whatever you need. 

Nov 10, 202211:12
Soy Una Buena Madre con Cris Berlingeri
Nov 09, 202225:49
You're Not Wrong!

You're Not Wrong!

To my dear friend with her first baby wrapped in her arms hoping that she's "doing it right", girl! I have a message for you today!

And for the rest of us:
How do you feel when you sing this song with your kids...
"There's a RIGHT way to live and be happy. It is choosing the RIGHT everyday..."

For me, I cringe a little every time.

Yes, I believe in Choosing the Right. I have worn CTR rings my whole life also.

But not until recently have I noticed how that thought doesn't actually make me feel so great.

If there is a right or wrong way to do things, I am often, if not always, doing them wrong. And that feels terrible. And my brain makes that mean that I must be a terrible mom.

But I am trying to Believe that I AM a Good Mom!
And You ARE a Good Mom!! 

You are not wrong! 

You do not have to make yourself wrong!!

You may do things that you wish you hadn't. You may have a long list of things that you want to do but can't seem to make them happen.
You are still not wrong. You are Good. And you are trying. "Beating yourself up" is never helpful.

So say it with me now... "There is no right or wrong way to be a Mom!"

again. "There is no right or wrong way to be a Mom"

If your brain rejects that idea and may even feel like it's a little bit scary, I get it. I grew up with the all or nothing "black and white" thinking also.

But I've noticed over the years how this thinking is not serving me.

When I believe that there is a right or wrong way to do this gig, I feel pressure and I choke. Every time.

But when I believe in loving Heavenly Parents who sent me to earth with my divine attributes that I inherited from them, full well knowing that I'd use my agency and "mess up" time and time again so they also provided me with a Savior?! Oh yeah. That's when I can start living! I'm not paralyzed by the prospect of perfection or perish. I am actually free to choose joy and eternal life by not being scared of making mistakes, failing, and going to Hell. 

I believe that because of Jesus Christ, I can use my agency to choose whatever I feel directed by Him to do. 

It's not about right or wrong, per se. It's about making choices and learning and growing which only happens through trial and error and strength from the Lord to try again. To repent over and over and over and over again. 

You will be a Mom forever. You have a long time to practice, refine, repair, and practice some more.

It's all Good, my friend! And you ARE Good! 

As always, if you'd like some help with any of this, please reach out! I'd love to help you believe you ARE a Good mom! And then you will start living into who you have been all along. It's awesome!! Let's get started. You've got this!! 

Nov 08, 202218:50
Not doing a good enough job?

Not doing a good enough job?

Do you sometimes feel like you are not doing a good enough job at being a Mom?
Is that what is keeping you from feeling like you are a good Mom? 

Listen in today as we explore this idea! 

In this episode I reference my interview on "The Confident Mom" podcast with Laura Dry. Check that out here!

And when you're ready to take next steps to really believing in your bones that you ARE a Good Mom, inherently, it's who you truly ARE, grab your copy of my prerecorded masterclass at Let's do this! You can believe it! Cause you ARE a Good Mom!! 

Nov 08, 202212:27
Marriage, Mommy-ing, and Master Certified Coach Candice Toone

Marriage, Mommy-ing, and Master Certified Coach Candice Toone

Today my guest host is none other than the relationship expert and Master Coach Candice Toone!
Candice helps women stop wondering if they married the right man and start putting all their energy toward having the marriage they imagined when they said "I do." 

I love helping women do the same with their parenting also! Before we had kids, we imagined such beautiful relationships with our children someday. We were going to be the perfect mom. And then one day we woke up and our happily ever after dream feels more like a nightmare. 

Candice and I discuss how it's our own list of "rules" or "expectations" of ourselves and our families that causes this disconnect. 

Check out all of these additional resources from Candice here: 

Check out the
Defying Gravity Revolution – a Candice-led community of Bees committed to stop wondering if they married the wrong guy so they can enjoy the marriage they imagined when they said “I do.” Grab your free e-copy of “Wife on Purpose” and the companion workbook HERE Join the Bees for four days of totally free book club discussion and coaching sessions – December 5-8, 2022 This is your chance to get a no-strings-attached taste of what coaching is all about If you’re a coach who wants to up the trauma-informed factor in your sessions and your business, join the Trauma-Informed coaching interest list HERE. Follow Candice on Instagram and Facebook

And to learn more about how You Can Believe you ARE a Good Mom! Sign up for my free masterclass at

Nov 08, 202224:39
Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month

November is national diabetes awareness month so in this episode I am doing my small part to spread awareness of especially Type 1 Diabetes, which two of my little sweet daughters have been diagnosed with in the past couple years. It is the real deal! So much diabetes drama around here and I literally have no idea how I would survive without my "coaching tool belt" to manage myself while managing their diabetes. 

These sweet innocent little people have a pancreas that has called it quits and now we have to essentially try to recreate all the magic that a God made body organ can just do automatically. Absolutely unreal to try to comprehend how intricate our bodies are! And what they do for us every second of every day and night! And when any part malfunctions, how we finally can recognize that. 

Having to "be a pancreas" is a full time job. Luckily we have a lot of medical technology to help but it is still a LOT! Physically, medically, and also mentally and especially emotionally! 

As a coach, that is the support that I can offer. Mental and emotional support for the worn out, exhausted, heart-broken, and overwhelmed Momma of these sweet T1D kiddos. 

PLEASE, if you meet any of these moms, send them my way! I'd love to help and support them on this roller coaster that never ends!

Nov 05, 202214:25
Cotton Candy with Theresa Diulus
Nov 04, 202226:51
Embracing all the emotions with Angela Adams
Oct 29, 202243:54
Your Mess becomes your Message with Candice Noss
Oct 28, 202231:25
Dropping the Shame with Diane Payne
Oct 25, 202233:25
Just Listen
Oct 25, 202211:52
How Do You Do It All?!

How Do You Do It All?!

Do people look at you with your "litter" of children at church and say comments like "I don't know how you do it all!" or ask you "How do you do it?!"

What is "it" exactly? 

Cause when people ask me that, my answer is that I don't do it "all". Who could? Who does? 

I don't think that anyone can or does "do it ALL"

We all have to make decisions all day long about what we are going to and not going to do. Sometimes we make those decisions unconsciously but regardless, the decisions are being made. I suggest you get intentional it and "pick your fights" where it best serves you and your kids.

And remember, if it doesn't determine whether you are a "good mom" or not, then just decide by what you want to do and not do.

You get to decide! You are the mother here now! No parenting expert on instagram or even your own mom can decide for you. You know you, you know your kids, and your desires will lead you to your best life. So start paying attention to you! You can be your own parenting expert. You have The Almighty God in your corner! He will lead you and guide you and walk beside you. He gave you the exact kids that you need and that need you for the optimal earth life experience. Trust the process. And do what you feel called to do. And drop the war on the rest! 

You've got this Momma! You don't have to do it ALL, you ARE a Good Mom no matter what. 

Still don't believe me? Or just want more support in making these deliberate decisions for yourself? I've got you! 

Oct 24, 202212:52
Ser vs Estar
Oct 20, 202211:55
Drop the Power Struggles
Oct 18, 202213:29
Mommy Report Card
Oct 17, 202211:51
How do you Identify?
Oct 13, 202213:49
Productivity and Worth

Productivity and Worth

Drop the War on the connection between productivity and worth. 

You can not DO enough to prove to yourself that you ARE enough!

Believe that you ARE Good and then you will do good! 

You were not "productive enough" today AND you ARE Still a Good Mom! 

Still don't believe me? Check out the free masterclass. It will change everything for you!

Are you struggling with potty training, screen time usage, sibling rivalry, (the list goes on and on...)
Those are symptoms of an unconscious limiting belief keeping you stuck.

I can help you with both!
Head to and let's get started! 

Oct 10, 202220:40
Good Girl!
Oct 08, 202214:40
Faith and Repentance part 2

Faith and Repentance part 2

In the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 18:20 says that the prophet Alma "commanded them that they should preach nothing save it were repentance and faith on the Lord, who had redeemed his people" In that spirit, I am sharing with you today in a two part series what Faith and Repentance have to do with Peaceful Parenting.

This second part is available in video on Spotify or you can watch it on YouTube

I am excited to share with you today my thoughts on how Faith and Repentance go hand in hand with Life Coaching and that it all can help you believe that you ARE a Good Mom! 

Learn more in my free masterclass

Oct 07, 202210:50
Faith and Repentance part 1

Faith and Repentance part 1

In the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 18:20 says that the prophet Alma "commanded them that they should preach nothing save it were repentance and faith on the Lord, who had redeemed his people"
In that spirit, I am sharing with you today in a two part series what Faith and Repentance have to do with Peaceful Parenting. 

When I decided to become a Life Coach, my vision was to combine all the strategies that had helped me so much in my parenting journey which simply put involved Life Coaching, Parent Coaching, and Jesus Christ. We are tapping into more detail on that latter today. 

In my journey of Believing I AM a Good Mom, I have to remember Whose I Am. The Great I Am. Christ is our redeemer who makes it ok that we are imperfect AND we are Still Good. He is Good. We are Good. It's all Good. Find out more in this and the next episodes. 

(episode art:Image by brgfx on Freepik)

Check out my free masterclass for more tips on Believing you ARE a Good Mom. 

Oct 07, 202209:46
Style Coaching with Sheri Brasier
Oct 05, 202231:21
Single Mom Spirituality with Hyo North
Oct 04, 202234:42
Break the Rules!

Break the Rules!

The main reason I find that people think that they are a "bad mom" is that they are not able to comply with a long list of expectations or "rules" that they have for themselves which qualifies them as a good mom. I think that this is all a big thought error. You ARE a Good Mom! Inherently. You just ARE. AND you do and don't do things that are not on that list. And it's ok.
One of the first things I do with my clients is get awareness of this "list of rules" that we have for ourselves and our kids. Our unrealistically long list of expectations is what is causing all the havoc in our lives. It's not that we are a bad mom, it's that we don't understand that we are a good mom no matter what, even if, and especially when. 

So break the rules. Who cares? Who made up this rule? Why should you comply with it? You're probably breaking it anyway but you're beating yourself up about it. Let's drop that second part and then we can work on "following" the rule if you decide it's actually something that is important to YOU. Not to your mom or your neighbor or sister or the author of that book you read. YOU! You are the mother here and you get to make the rules. Make the list short and doable and break all the rest! It is amazingly liberating!!

And as a bonus tangent concept in this episode I go on my rant about how you don't HAVE to do anything and if you are doing it, then you DO actually WANT to. 

To learn more about Believing that you ARE a Good Mom, check out the free Masterclass.
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Oct 03, 202213:20
What are you making it mean?

What are you making it mean?

When I ask you if you are a good mom you might actually say Yes! Awesome!! That's the goal, right? But do you believe that about yourself 100% of the time? No matter what, even if, and especially when?
How about on a scale of 1-10? If "good mom" is a 10, where are you? Why?
If you're an 8, maybe you're having a potty training issue or your son keeps hitting his sister or maybe you yelled at them about that and that is making you think that you are 8 out of 10.
In this episode I will break down for you what we do in coaching that gives you awareness of your subconscious thoughts that are still trying to make it mean that you are a terrible mom, even when consciously you know that you are good.
Because if you are struggling with your relationship with your kiddo, it's not because they still aren't potty trained yet and you're fed up with cleaning up the messes. The real problem is buried layers deeper in what you are making it mean.
What are you making it mean? Is a question we use as coaches to help you figure out what the real problem is. So your daughter is 4 and not potty trained. So what? You think kids should be trained by 2. So what? Then there must be something wrong with. my kid. So what? So there must be something wrong with me. I haven't been able to figure this out yet. So? There's something wrong with me. There it is. I'm not a good mom. That's why I'm an 8.
So when we clean that up, then we can peel off the layers starting at the bottom there. Do you see how that works?
If you have no awareness that your brain is making it mean that you're a bad mom, then you can't change that and create the peaceful parent that you want to be. First step is awareness. Without judgement and dripping with self-compassion and grace.
Asking yourself what you're making it mean will get you that awareness.
And then you'll be ready to work with me to turn all your behavior issues (yours and theirs) into opportunities to solidify your new belief that you ARE Good. No matter what, even if and especially when.
And when you're ready for a coach to help you through,
chat with me for free and then use coupon code "Christmas" to get 11% off and your kids will get the best Christmas gift this year: a Mom who knows who she IS! Consciously and subconsciously. Let's get started changing those neuropathways! 

Oct 01, 202222:10
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Intro to coaching on Type 1 Diabetes

Intro to coaching on Type 1 Diabetes

Two of my daughters have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
So in addition to helping all the moms of the world believe that they ARE a Good Mom,
I really love helping other T1D Moms manage themselves so that they can better manage their child's diabetes.
Click here to learn more about it.
And of course, please forward this episode on to any parents you know of children with Type 1 Diabetes.
I'd love to get them the specific support for maneuvering that challenges that comes with T1D.
I help my clients go from overwhelm, stress, and guilt to love, connection, and peace.
They have all the doctors and nurses to help manage the child's blood but what about the parent's emotional health?
I'm your girl! Let's do this!! 

Sep 21, 202206:43
What is an Advanced Certified Peaceful Parenting Life Coach?
Sep 21, 202213:55
Episode 1 "Spastastic Introduction"

Episode 1 "Spastastic Introduction"

Welcome to the "Believe You ARE a Good Mom" podcast!
I am Emily Wardrop from 'Drop the War Life Coaching' where we drop the power struggle wars to create more peace in your parenting. I am an advanced certified peaceful parenting life coach and I am on a mission to help ALL the Moms of the World Believe that they ARE a Good Mom! Inherently. It's who you ARE. At your core. You are not what you think, feel, or do! You Are who you are. I believe that God is good, He made us, and so we Are Good also. Full Stop!
To learn more for the masterclass
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And if you are listening to this "real" time, it's the end of 2022 and I have the BEST Christmas gift for you and your kids. The Gift of a Mom who Knows Who she IS! Use coupon code "Christmas" to get 11% off your coaching package with me. In eight weeks of just 30 mins on zoom a week, you Will Believe that you ARE a Good Mom! And from that foundation, we will build all your other parenting dreams into reality! 

Sep 21, 202206:37
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