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Flip The Script With Emma

Flip The Script With Emma

By Emma

Season 4 is here! The last and final season of Flip The Script is here! What a journey it has been, and it's not over yet! This season we will speak to guests from a variety of backgrounds who share their candid stories of trauma and how they have overcome it. Thank you to our listeners and tune in to learn more about what projects will be dropped next!
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Narcism, Emotional & Relational Trauma: Special Guest Teresa Lodato

Flip The Script With Emma Jan 19, 2022

S4 E2 Trauma and Fatherless Daughters Special Guest Shalina
Sep 12, 202256:38
S4 E1 Alternative Trauma Therapy Special Guest Spiritual Anxiety Coach Sunayana

S4 E1 Alternative Trauma Therapy Special Guest Spiritual Anxiety Coach Sunayana

Thanks for tuning in! If you would like to suggest a topic or a guest, please email me at:!

Here is what the Anxiety and Depression Association of America has to say on Social Anxiety:

Social Anxiety Disorder

- SAD affects 15 million adults or 7.1% of the U.S. population.

- SAD is equally common among men and women and typically begins around age 13. According to a 2007 ADAA survey, 36% of people with social anxiety disorder report - experiencing symptoms for 10 or more years before seeking help.

Let's dive in to today's episode

My very special guest today is a Spiritual Anxiety Coach. Sunayana works with individuals to help them get to the root of what is causing them to feel unhappy and unfulfilled. 

If you would like to know more about Hypnosis and the many benefits, please email me at

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Jun 20, 202238:08
Ditching Diets & Learning To Trust Yourself: Special Guest Emotional Eating Expert Cassie Christopher

Ditching Diets & Learning To Trust Yourself: Special Guest Emotional Eating Expert Cassie Christopher

Cassie Christopher is a Registered Dietitian, Emotional Eating Expert and owner of Cassie Christopher Health Coaching. She graduated with a Master's degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and specializes in helping women 45 and up find the courage to trust themselves around food and make the supportive eating choices that bring them health and happiness.

Thanks for tuning in! If you would like to learn more about how trauma may be affecting your relationship with food, please email:

#mentalhealth #weightloss #trauma #food #eating #wellness #mindfulness #selfcare #selflove #mindset  

Mar 26, 202238:40
Trauma Free Dating, Is It Possible? Special Guest Lilli Bewley

Trauma Free Dating, Is It Possible? Special Guest Lilli Bewley

Dating in general is tricky, marriage and commitment is hard enough as it is. Trusting and being our authentic selves in a romantic relationship can be overwhelming for those of us who have unhealed Trauma. can we actually date and be healthy compassionate partners? 

Meet Lilli!

Lilli Bewley is a Feminine & Masculine Dating Coach with over 10 years of experience in personal development. She, herself, went from just surviving in life to thriving in love & purpose. Currently, she is helping women & men date with confidence so that they can find epic, magnetic love. Through her LOVE Method & DATE with Authenticity Framework, her life-long mission is for everyone to find the fulfillment & joy that only love & connection can bring. You can connect with her on IG @lillibewley or her podcast ‘The Lilli Bewley Podcast’ where she has epic conversations with thought leaders & visionaries looking to change the world.

Thanks so much for tuning in! If you would like to know more about Emma and The Mindset Makeover Programs please email

#trauma #ptsd #weightloss #healthy #relationships #love #selfcare #mentalhealth #mindset #meditation #mindfulness #bodyimage #selfawareness #innerchildhealing #innerpeace #childhoodtrauma #livingconsciously #consciousness #dating

Mar 12, 202258:51
 Trauma & Alcoholism: The Side Effects: Special Guest, Shanenn Bryant

Trauma & Alcoholism: The Side Effects: Special Guest, Shanenn Bryant

In the US, there are 11 million children under the age of 18 living with at least 1 alcoholic parent.

Children with alcoholic parents are 4 times as likely to engage in excessive drinking at some point in their life. This can be attributed to genetic factors related to addiction or the normalization of unhealthy drinking habits in their family. They can experience loneliness, depression, anxiety, guilt, anger issues, and an inability to trust. Exploring typical environments and associated trauma can help adult children of addiction treat the wounds caused by their parent’s AUD. 

- Addiction Center

Meet Shanenn!

Shanenn is a certified life coach and host of the Top Self podcast supporting adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) through their personal development journey.

In what ways has Trauma impacted you in your life? 

I grew up in alcohol fueled dysfunctional family which lead to low self-confidence and low self-esteem. This held me back for many years in both my personal and professional life.

Thanks for tuning in! If you would like to know more about how you can work with Emma and start your healing journey, please visit or email Emma:

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Mar 08, 202244:25
Betrayal Blindness & Trauma: Special Guest Mr. Jay

Betrayal Blindness & Trauma: Special Guest Mr. Jay

What is betrayal trauma?

According to here is what they define as Betrayal Trauma:

"In short, betrayal trauma is trauma stemming from mistreatment by a caregiver and/or a trusted person, like an intimate partner. It can include physical violence or emotional or sexual abuse. Childhood physical, emotional, or sexual abuse perpetrated by a caregiver are types of betrayal trauma. But it's not restricted to childhood. Infidelity and intimate partner violence are other examples of events that can cause betrayal trauma, because they all involve a breach of trust between people in an intimate relationship. Betrayal trauma can also happen when an institution, such as a government or law enforcement body, harms the individuals it claims to serve."

Meet Mr. Jay!

Mr. Jay holds a master's degree in education.  He is Ministry Credentialed, a Certified Special Education Teacher, Author of a children's book,, a military veteran, an Inspirational Public Speaker, an Activist, Wedding Officiant, and Adoptive Parent.  Mr. Jay has worked in Schools, Psychiatric hospitals, Group homes, Churches, Crisis hotlines as an Intrapersonal Relationship Coach and Betrayal Trauma Practitioner.  Mr. Jay's motto is, "The Relationship With Yourself Sets the Tone for All Other Relationships Around You" and says, "Relationships can break you but even broken crayons still color.  Together let's draw out the masterpiece within you."

What would most people be surprised to learn about you? 

I am a professional singer, my guilty pleasure is binge-watching Investigation Discovery, and I quit school in sixth grade  :)

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Flip The Script with Emma. If you would like to know more about how Hypnotherapy & Coaching can help you through your healing journey, email me: If you would like to suggest a show topic or be a guest, please reach out!

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Mar 02, 202246:52
Internalizing Trauma, "I'm Fine"!: Special Guest Shanna McSorley

Internalizing Trauma, "I'm Fine"!: Special Guest Shanna McSorley

The infamous "I'm fine" response. We know we aren't fine but years of suppressing our emotions have created this automatic response. It's a clear Trauma response, isn't it? It's time to normalize the "I'm not fine" movement and learn how to work through the layers of trauma to get to a place where we feel safe expressing our true emotions.

Meet Shanna!

Hi, I'm Shanna, mummy of 2, wife of 1, a mental and emotional wellbeing coach and social worker. Deeply passionate about all trauma related life experiences and how it shows up lifelong if left unaddressed.  It is my dream to support and facilitate women through the self-discovery process to a place of more contentment and less anxiety and less stress.

n what ways has Trauma impacted you in your life? 

I grew up in a home with narcissism; domestic abuse and addiction. This was normal to me and I never understood why people considered it traumatic. Truth is, it wasn't traumatic. The thought processes I internalized were the trauma. My reactions to life events beyond my childhood years were symptomatic of the trauma that was unresolved. I see this play out so much and it breaks my heart when it is left unresolved in other amazing ladies.

Thanks for being here! Curious about Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and how these modalities can help you get to the root cause of what's keeping you stuck? Email me:

#mentalhealth #trauma #traumahealing #abuse #emotionalabuse #healthy #wellness #support #hypnotherapy #weightloss #loseweight #healing #innerchildhealing #flipthescriptpodcast #flipthescriptwithemma #mindfulness #meditation #selflove #selfcare #mindsetmakeovercoach #holistictherapy  

Feb 21, 202233:38
The Physical Toll of Childhood Emotional Abuse: Special Guest Christa Bevan

The Physical Toll of Childhood Emotional Abuse: Special Guest Christa Bevan

When thinking about abuse, physical abuse may come to mind first. But abuse can come in many forms. Emotional abuse is just as serious as physical abuse and often precedes it. Sometimes they happen together.

Adults who were abused or neglected as children may also be more likely to develop chronic health problems, including:

My special guest today will share her first hand experience of living in an environment that was emotionally abusive.

Christa Bevan is the founder of The Radical Mother Village for mothers dedicated to consciously breaking cycles of generational trauma.  She's a certified TRE® (tension and trauma releasing exercises) provider and a stress-resilience coach for mothers. She is also the host of The Radical Mother Village Podcast.

In what ways has Trauma impacted you in your life? 

I grew up in an emotionally abusive household from the time I was born.  At 12 years old I had my first panic attack.  These would continue for close to two decades while I tried everything I could do to stop them and get my severe anxiety under control.  In my late 20's I realized that my subconscious thoughts of self-hatred were fueling my autoimmune symptoms.  Trauma healing continues to be active work I do daily for myself, and now for my son.


Thanks for tuning in. If you would like to suggest a topic please email me or find me on Facebook: 

If you are in need of support, or you have questions about how you can heal from your own experience of emotional abuse, please email me:

Feb 16, 202221:13
ADHD, Obesity and The Pandemic Special Guest: Dr. Sasha
Feb 11, 202235:52
Childhood Trauma, The Cost Of Living In Fear: Special Guest Kari O'Driscoll

Childhood Trauma, The Cost Of Living In Fear: Special Guest Kari O'Driscoll

This season we are diving head first into Trauma. How does Trauma show up in our lives when we least expect it, and how can we identify the warning signs? How does unhealed trauma manifest itself as self sabotage, lack of ambition, fear of failure and success! Let's find out!

Meet Kari!

I am a writer and founder of The SELF Project, an organization dedicated to enhancing the social-emotional health of adolescents and building stronger communities. My work has been published in Ms. Magazine, Mommyish, ParentMap, Healthline and other outlets and I am the author of One Teenager at a Time: Developing Critical Thinking and Self Awareness in Adolescents and a memoir entitled Truth Has a Different Shape. My book Happy, Healthy Teens: Why Focusing on Relationship Works is due out from Rowman & Littlefield in January 2022.

In what ways has Trauma impacted you in your life? 

Childhood trauma set the stage for me to become a caregiver at an early age and really informed the way that I made decisions for decades. Not only did I become someone who felt as though I needed to be on alert all the time, but I was unable to trust anyone else to really keep me safe emotionally or physically. When I became a mother, shadows of that trauma chased me as I exhausted myself trying to keep my children safe from the kind of experiences I'd had and I eventually fell in to a deep depression. I spent years battling depression and anxiety and replaying traumas in my head.

Thanks for tuning in! If you would like to learn more about the show, submit a topic or have a chat with me, email me:

#trauma #mentalhealth #weightloss #loseweight #subconsciousmind #innerchildhealing #flipthescriptwithemma #podcast #innerchildhealing #mindset #traumahealing #healthy #wellness 

Feb 07, 202229:48
Weighing In, The Obesity Crisis: Special Guest: PsychoNutritionist, Dr. Talbot

Weighing In, The Obesity Crisis: Special Guest: PsychoNutritionist, Dr. Talbot

Dr. Shawn Talbott is a PsychoNutritionist who integrates nutrition, biochemistry, and psychology to help people feel, look, and perform better. As a scientist (PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, Rutgers) and entrepreneur (EMP in Entrepreneurship, MIT), his recent projects include two academic textbooks, an award-winning documentary film, several best-selling books translated into multiple languages, and numerous top-selling nutraceuticals and functional foods.

My mission is to help millions of people improve their mental fitness by harnessing their Gut-Brain-Axis - the title of my most recent book (Sept 2021) is, “Mental Fitness - Maximizing Mood, Motivation and Mental Wellness by Optimizing the Brain-Body-Biome”

What is your opinion on the current global obesity situation? 

It’s an epidemic - and yet its causes are completely misunderstood by most people.

What do you believe are the main contributors to the obesity crisis? 

Ultra-Processed Foods and Stress are a toxic combination - which disrupt the gut microbiome and the signals across the Gut-Brain-Axis. This causes us to crave more junk food and store more fat - BUT we can change those signals to naturally control our appetite and lose fat.

#obesity #crisis #health #weightloss #loseweight #trauma #healing #healthygut #healthylifestyle #flipthescriptwithemaa #nutrition #fitness #healthyeating #consciousness #purpose #selflove #meditation #mindfuleating #intuitiveeatng 

Feb 02, 202230:32
Trauma & Burnout, What Are The Signs? Special Guest Elizabeth Collins

Trauma & Burnout, What Are The Signs? Special Guest Elizabeth Collins

According to Verrywell Mind, here is their definition of Burnout. In my candid discussion with Elizabeth we dove into the nitty gritty of what causes outside of work can lead to burnout. Particularly, unhealed trauma and learned coping mechanisms. 

Burnout may be accompanied by a variety of mental and physical health symptoms as well. If left unaddressed, burnout can make it difficult for an individual to function well in their daily life.

Here are some of the most common signs of burnout

  • Alienation from work-related activities: Individuals experiencing burnout view their jobs as increasingly stressful and frustrating. They may grow cynical about their working conditions and the people they work with. They may also emotionally distance themselves and begin to feel numb about their work.
  • Physical symptoms: Chronic stress may lead to physical symptoms, like headaches and stomachaches or intestinal issues.
  • Emotional exhaustion: Burnout causes people to feel drained, unable to cope, and tired. They often lack the energy to get their work done.
  • Reduced performance: Burnout mainly affects everyday tasks at work—or in the home when someone's main job involves caring for family members. Individuals with burnout feel negative about tasks. They have difficulty concentrating and often lack creativity.

Meet Elizabeth!

I'm a burnout recovery coach and integrative wellness specialist.  I use a combination of functional medicine, coaching, hypnosis, mindfulness, and Eastern medicine to help individuals recover from burnout and gain the tools necessary to live smoother, more fulfilling lives by responding to stress more efficiently and effectively.

In what ways has Trauma impacted you in your life? 

My biological mother passed when I was 13 months old, and I was also in an abusive relationship.  My mother's death impacted the development of my personality and coping mechanisms in such ways that I was a perfectionist people-pleaser with poor stress management and coping skills.  Therapy and burnout coaching with my own coach were both critical to my recovery.

Email Elizabeth:


Thanks for listening to the podcast! If you have any questions about how trauma may be showing up in your life, email me! or visit me on Facebook! 

Jan 28, 202245:44
A Candid Look Into The Obesity Crisis: Special Guest Dr. Blaise Collins
Jan 24, 202245:02
Narcism, Emotional & Relational Trauma: Special Guest Teresa Lodato

Narcism, Emotional & Relational Trauma: Special Guest Teresa Lodato

As we discuss Trauma this season, it's important to take a look at emotional and relational Trauma. How it shows up, impacts us and how we can begin to notice the patterns in order to start the healing process.

What is Emotional Trauma?

Emotional trauma is the end result of events or experiences that leave us feeling deeply unsafe and often helpless. It can result from a single event or be part of an ongoing experience, such as chronic abuse, bullying, discrimination or humiliation.

- The Jed Foundation

Meet Teresa Lodato, CPCC, CNTC, PCC, NCRT

As a former stressed-out financial services executive of a Fortune 50 firm, I now guide adults and teens in learning to trust themselves by discovering innate wisdom which create incredible breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Using neuroscience and psychology, my clients learn the language of their mind, body and soul to align with purpose and live their best life!

In what ways has Trauma impacted you in your life? 

The unhealed emotional wound of abandonment impacted my life tremendously. It wasn’t until I began healing that part of me was I able to Step into my full power and live my life purpose, guiding others to do the same.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Flip The Script! If you would like to reach out and learn more about how Hypnotherapy & Mindset Coaching can help you find the root cause of your trauma, email me : emma@rapidtransformationca. 

Jan 19, 202232:17
Forgiving The Abuser & Thanking Your Trauma Response: Special Guest Laurette Smith

Forgiving The Abuser & Thanking Your Trauma Response: Special Guest Laurette Smith

***WARNING*** This episode contains information that may be disturbing to some audiences. 

Eating disorders have an established link to trauma. Studies have shown time and again that trauma makes us more like to develop an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. In this episode we will dive into the effects of PTSD after living through trauma.

Here is some insight from the Center For Discovery - Eating Disorder Treatment on PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) is a mental illness that was first identified in the 1970s and applied to soldiers returning home from the horror of combat. (It had previously been known as “shell shock,” a term that described the terror many soldiers experienced from World War I onward). But experiences that cause PTSD aren’t limited to war. These are all types of trauma that can cause PTSD.

Symptoms of PTSD

The symptoms of PTSD may vary from person to person. However, it all starts with at least one traumatic event where there is at least the threat of death, serious injury or sexual violence. The traumatic event(s) can happen directly to the person, or be witnessed. In the case of close friends or family members, just hearing about the traumatic incident can trigger PTSD. Additionally, people who repeatedly hear about traumatic events, such as law enforcement, first responders, therapists or medical personnel, are at risk.

Of course, not everyone who is exposed to trauma will develop PTSD. Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Re-experiencing a traumatic event or events through intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, or nightmares
  • Irritability, anger, and increased arousal
  • Avoidance of people, places, and elements that remind people of the trauma (“triggers”)
  • Irritable or aggressive behavior, anger, hyperarousal (body and mind kick into high gear)
  • Reckless and/or self-destructive behavior
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Exaggerated response when startled


My Special Guest:

Laurette is an energy worker and is a licensed Neuro-linguistic Programming Associate Practitioner and certified Life Coach. She specializes in disordered eating, and emotional and sexual trauma. Having come from a background of sexual abuse and bulimia, Laurette knows what it's like to feel lost and stuck in despair. That is why she is now so passionate at helping women reconnect to who they truly are, and then allowing that inner glow to heal them from the inside out.


For more information on healing your trauma in a holistic way please visit:

#mentalhealth #trauma #traumahealing #eatingdisorders #eatingdisorderrecovery #ptsd #anorexia #wellness #weightloss #loseweight #support #mindset #subconsciousmind #innerchildhealing #abuse #holistichealth #flipthescriptwithemma

Jan 16, 202227:58
Bonus Episode: Breaking Up With Sugar! Special Guest Netta Gorman
Jan 16, 202235:11
Hypervigilance & 40 Years Of Chronic Pain: Special Guest Elizabeth Kipp

Hypervigilance & 40 Years Of Chronic Pain: Special Guest Elizabeth Kipp

This season we are diving head first into Trauma. How does Trauma show up in our lives when we least expect it, and how can we identify the warning signs? How does unhealed trauma manifest itself as self sabotage, lack of ambition, fear of failure and success! Let's find out!

What is Hypervigilance?

Hypervigilance is when the nervous system is inaccurately filtering sensory information and the individual is in an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity. This appears to be linked to a dysregulated nervous system which can often be caused by traumatic events or PTSD. People suffering from hypervigilance may become preoccupied with scanning their environment for possible threats. They might 'overreact' to loud and unexpected noises or become agitated in highly crowded or noisy environments. They will often have a difficult time getting to sleep or staying asleep

- Wikipedia

Trauma is far from linear and can manifest itself in so many ways. Here is Elizabeth's story.


Elizabeth Kipp is a Chronic Pain Specialist, Yoga-Informed Addiction Recovery Coach, Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and international best-selling author of “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power. She focuses on helping people realize the power of their inherent healing. Elizabeth healed from over 40 years of chronic pain, including anxiety, panic attacks, and 32 years of addiction to prescribed opiate and benzodiazepine medication. She now works to help others achieve the same healing that she experienced directly from the work she teaches. In addition, Elizabeth offers one-on-one and group sessions in stress and chronic pain management and addiction recovery, Ancestral Clearing®, trauma-informed yoga, and meditation. Find out more about Elizabeth on her website


Ready to begin your healing journey and uncover the cause of your limiting beliefs? Email me: or visit me on Facebook.

#wellness #mentalhealth #flipthescriptwithemma #pocast #mindset #healthy #chronicpain #weightloss #loseweight #holisticwellness #freedom #support #unhealedtrauma #traumahealing #ptsd #bingeeatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery 

Jan 13, 202231:30
Trauma & Parental Detachment: Special Guest Christy Primmer

Trauma & Parental Detachment: Special Guest Christy Primmer

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 1 of Flip The Script with Emma - Inside The Trauma. Whether you are holding onto weight, addictions or suffer from anxiety, depression or patterns of self sabotage, this season is for you.

Trauma can be caused by so many things, natural disasters, abuse, aggression, violence and it can also be caused by events that are a little more subtle and often overlooked. My guest today, Chrissy Primmer shares her story of adoption and not having anyone to call dad. She is brilliant, open and candid.

Who is Christy Primmer?

Christy Primmer is a world-renowned thought leader on self-care and financial empowerment for women. As a registered counsellor and personal development author, Christy is obsessed with helping women create their EPIC life.  Through her wildly popular books: Primetime Success, Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie and EXPOSED: Diary of a Self-Care Junkie, TV show Women Who Lead, media presence, and free online content distributed across her social media platform, Christy is teaching ambitious women how to stand in their fierce feminine power becoming confident AF to create the life and business they desire using self-care and law of attraction.  Christy is the President of her company Primetime Consulting Services Inc., founded in 2011, which provides services and products that educate and empower women to get back into the driver’s seat of their own lives to live and love better. Bringing more than two decades of experience and extensive post-secondary education in psychology and professional studies, Christy specializes in mindset and is the queen of inner game change.  Christy has been featured on ABC, NBC, The CW, The ListTV, FOX, in Thrive Global, Yahoo! Finance, Authority Magazine, and on numerous podcasts.   Her mission is to build healthy and wealthy women one conversation at a time.

Thanks to our listeners, your feedback is crucial to our development. If there is a subject you are curious about and would like us to explore, please email: or visit for more info

#mentalhealth #mindset #inspiration #weightloss #loseweight #flipthescriptwithemma #trauma #traumahealing #weightlosssurgery #diets #selfcare #selfconsidence #mindsetmakeovercoaching #mindsetmatters 

Jan 11, 202229:47
Trailer: Season 3 Inside The Trauma

Trailer: Season 3 Inside The Trauma

Welcome to Season 3 of FTS, Inside The Trauma!

In my practice as a Holistic Transformation Coach my primary role is to help women uncover the source of their self- sabotage. Excavate the limiting beliefs and get to the root of the emotions that are holding them back. This work is not for the faint of heart. As a women, a mother and a survivor of childhood trauma it's emotional to hear the stories of pain, tragedy and loss so many women have faced and continue to face daily.

As a child I've faced abandonment, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I've witnessed violence. As an adult I've lost a child and lost an eye.  I've lost my businesses and my home. I have lost a mother to alcoholism. I share this to highlight that for so many, this is an unfortunate series of events. To those who suffer with issues like chronic weight, eating disorders, phobias, anxiety, depression, people pleasing, procrastination, cognitive distortion... it's the side effects of the unfortunate events. We can also call it unhealed trauma.

Trauma is not linear, not cut and paste. It can be caused by so many events and can affect us all differently. One thing is for sure, figuring out how the unhealed trauma is showing up and holding us back in our lives is necessary in order for us to let go of what no longer serves us - and step into the greatest versions of ourselves.

If you would like to know more about how trauma may be keeping you stuck you can find me here:

#trauma #mentalhealth #weightloss #loseweight #selfcare #mindfulness #selflove #abuse #innerchildhealing #mindset #healthy #wellness #flipthescriptwithemma #podcast #mindsetmakeovercoaching #mindsetmakeovercoach 

Jan 11, 202202:55
Taking Control Of Your Wellness - Mindfully! Special Guest Dr. Lynn Anderson

Taking Control Of Your Wellness - Mindfully! Special Guest Dr. Lynn Anderson

What is Body Neutrality?

Body neutrality is a concept of accepting that your body looks the way it does, without judging it as positive or negative. It can be really difficult for some people to love their body if they're used to body-bashing themselves. Not only might body neutrality be a more accessible alternative, but it also helps you separate the value you place on yourself from the value you place on your body.

We are told to love ourselves and that is good advice, but in a world of constant comparison it is so easy to find fault and self-loathing. Social media constantly compares and competes for perfection. We are told if we go on this diet, or that diet we will not only attain the perfect body but we will be happy. Sadly, we come to realize that there is no such thing as perfection. There is no magic pill that will instantly transform us into the perfect person body, mind and soul.

Neutrality implies impartiality between the two spheres of positive and negative. In yoga we call this the middle way. It basically means to let go of comparisons. This requires acceptance.

In the material world we only know something because we know it’s opposite. For example: remove thin from the world and fat does not exist.

How do we come to that sharp edge of neutrality without falling off and risk getting hurt? Accept the uniqueness of your body and then focus on health rather than image. A healthy body reflects radiance and radiance is far more beautiful than a photo shopped image. Impartiality or neutrality towards oneself and toward the world actually establishes a sense of self-acceptance that will endure under any circumstance.

The first thing we need to do is let go of comparison. Each body is unique. We need to be taught to celebrate our uniqueness rather than focus on our differences.

Many times, in my classes’ women come up to me with a concern about their body image. They complain about being too fat, or having wrinkles, sags and bags. I see a beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, flowing hair and glowing skin. I remind them of their unique beauty and to let go of comparisons. Beauty is radiant health and not body image.

Body love implies an emotional attachment. Neutrality implies a detachment from false images of perfection. Body bashing is really a striving for perfection which is rife with self-criticism and judgement. Neutrality accepts by simply removing comparison. Detachment is simple; just let go of comparison.

The advantage of having a neutral attitude towards your body is the freedom that exists when we accept ourselves. No longer caught up in the emotions of comparison we are free to enjoy the essence of life which is to be happy and content. Its’ called,” being comfortable in your own skin.”

Doctor Lynn is a naturopath, yoga therapist, fitness professional, karma master, published author, international speaker and video producer with over 30 years’ experience in the field of natural health and fitness. She has been featured in Redbook, Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Shape, SELF and various other national publications, TV networks and Podcasts. She is the author and producer of Karma; learn how to work your karma so your life works for you; How to Prosper with a Purpose; Doctor Lynn’s Anti-Aging Workouts; Burnout – it happens to all of us; Sex Matters, and other health and fitness courses.

#thekemmamethod #wellness #mentalhealth

Dec 30, 202135:12
Getting Real With Yourself! Special Guest Natalie Mich

Getting Real With Yourself! Special Guest Natalie Mich

When it comes to self care, or any kind of care that's for "us" we need to get real for a second and ask ourselves some pretty tough questions. It's really a question of awareness and readiness to receive the hard core answers, even if they scare us. If you've listened to any of our episodes, you know how much we drive home the point that self care is far from selfish! It is so important in order for us to run at our optimal levels, to care for others!

When it comes to lasting health and permanent weight loss, self care is essential. Our special guest, Natalie Mich shares her story of personal struggle and how that led her to her own personal purpose and on a journey to optimal wellness and inspiration.

I order to shift our reality we first have to come to terms with where we are. When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy, we often forget that most of the healing must be done on the inside. It literaly is an inside job. Whether you have 20 pounds or 100 to lose, it's your priority to take a good look at where you are right now and create a clear plan on where you would like to go. or 

The KEMMA Method's 5 pillars of personal development coaching programs will help you figure out exactly how to put in motion a plan that is in alignment with where you would like to be.

#wellness #mentalhealth #healthy #food #momlife #mindset #weightloss #loseweight #selfcare #purpose #healthylifestyle #rtt #rapidtransformation #acupuncture #holisticwellness #mentalhealthmatters #depression #anxiety #eatingdisorders #flipthescriptwithkellyandemma 

Nov 03, 202155:45
Ambition, Goals, Purpose & Self Worth! Special Guest Jennifer Kremer

Ambition, Goals, Purpose & Self Worth! Special Guest Jennifer Kremer

What is the cost of ambition? Can we really have it all as women, moms, wives and caregivers? How do we keep our mental health in check as we chase down our passions and dreams? As women we are often faced with so much pressure from the external world, and trust me when I say we are also very good at adding way more to our plate than we should. 

Jen Kremer, will dive into how she managed to fulfill her lifelong dream of working for NASA, start a family and a very successful coaching practice. But is she immune to the pressure? Jen is a Success and High-performance Coach, a mom, a wife and has a major leadership position at NASA. If anyone can debunk what having it all should like like, it's this girl!

Our mental health is often compromised as we try and check all of the boxes on the checklist of life, let's find out how this inspirational ball of energy recharges! For more information on The KEMMA Method and our coaching programs visit: or

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Ditch the Diet, Fear & Judgement with Bethany Gettis & Dr. Carla Manly

Ditch the Diet, Fear & Judgement with Bethany Gettis & Dr. Carla Manly

From fasting to binging, low carb to all carb. Keto to who knows... Diet culture has quite literaly enabled us to lose trust in ourselves, and in what the definition of being "healthy" actually means. Join Kelly & Emma as they chat with Bethany and Dr. Carla about what it means to unlearn and master the art of listening to your body.

For more information on healing your body, mind and spirit from the inside out, please reach out to Kelly & Emma:


Bethany Gettis C.H.N.Certified
Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

Having had Postpartum depression myself with my first baby, I know what it’s like to feel alone, overwhelmed and anxious as a new mother. Society put’s so much pressure on moms to be superwoman and on top of all that, lose the baby weight and be a contributor to the household.

I’ve worked as a nurse in the healthcare sector for over 5 years before kids, then went into holistic nutrition and earned a diploma from CSNN in 2010, with accompanying C.H.N designation. Motherhood has been the hardest job by far, but has taught me the most rewarding life lessons.

Learn from my trials and tribulations, how I have become the leader in my life and use what I have implemented to change your life too. When mom’s needs come first, we are in fact taking care of the whole family through a way of osmosis.

Dr. Carla Marie Manly,

a clinical psychologist and relationship expert, makes her home in Sonoma County, California. In addition to her clinical practice, she is deeply invested in her roles as an author, consultant, advocate, and speaker. With a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach, Dr. Manly specializes in improving professional and personal relationships through mindfulness and communication skills.  With a focus on self-development as the foundation for optimal wellness, she builds relationships by fostering individual awareness.  Blending traditional psychotherapy with alternative mindfulness practices, Dr. Manly knows the importance of creating healthy balance, awareness, and positivity. Her motto is this: “A well-lived life is a journey of consciously crafting the best version of oneself.  Wellness and joy do not occur by chance; they are fostered by manifesting one’s true light with courage and strength. Overall wellbeing occurs by creating a respectful, aware relationship with oneself and others.”  Dr. Manly’s latest book, Date Smart, joins her other highly acclaimed titles,Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully. As a clinical psychologist, advocate, and author, Dr. Manly contributes her expertise to top-notch media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Oprah, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, NBC, Newsweek, Parade, GQ, Women’s Health, and more.

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What's love got to do with it? Special Guest Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin

What's love got to do with it? Special Guest Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin

Kelly & Emma love to dig deeper into the art of transformation. Today we speak with Rabbi Slatkin and ask him to help us uncover how we can show up as better version of ourselves without compromising every relationship around us.

How do we navigate the murky waters of personal transformation within our relationships? Here is Rabbi Shlomo's perspective:

Although others may be unhappy with us and our relationship, when we decide to take control of our wellness it can be intimidating because status quo is sometimes more preferable than change. Change generates fear of the unknown. Now that you have lost weight, will you leave me? Will others find you attractive? etc... Perhaps you have "outgrown" me. These are some of the concerns others have. In a relationship, it is important to accept people where they are at and not look down upon those who are not at your "level."

Who is Rabbi Slatkin?

My name is Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. Together with my wife Rivka, we founded, a Global Initiative to help keep couples together and happy. To learn how to have a happy and healthy relationship,  click here to find out about our 2 day Private Marriage Retreat, or visit



Are you looking to transform your life? Visit and learn more about our signature wellness programs.

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Can you command your body to heal? Special guest Nicole DiCristofaro

Can you command your body to heal? Special guest Nicole DiCristofaro

What is energy? What is energy healing? How do we tune into becoming our primary healers? Is it possible to heal your body through the power of your mind? We've all heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his amazing story and theories. But how? Our special guest Nicole will share her story and journey and how she ultimately tapped into her gifts as a spiritual mentor and healer. Our mind is a powerful thing. Can we lose weight, heal from cancer and immune disorders through energy work and mindset? 

Who is Nicole?

Nicole DiCristofaro helps spiritually curious women tap into their spiritual superpowers using Energy Medicine and Western Shamanism so that they feel more connected, centered, and confident every day. Nicole is trained in the art and science of Energy Medicine with a Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine®. Her new approach to intuition development and self-healing combines ancient wisdom and modern science - The Intuition Mastery Method™.


Social Media Links:

IG: @divineflowhealing
Twitter @divineflow1
Clubhouse: @divineflow

For more information on Command Cell Therapy, Hypnosis or Mindset Coaching please visit to learn more

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Expectations, Transformation and Relationships with Dr. Robin Buckley

Expectations, Transformation and Relationships with Dr. Robin Buckley

A few words from Dr. Buckley:

As humans, we use each other for social comparison. Ideally, this keeps us on track or in check with where we want to be, but for some people it creates feelings of insecurity or feelings of inadequacy. In situations where you go through personal transformation, you are the "mirror" for others to use as their social comparison. Some individuals feel threatened by your transformation because they are jealous of your results. When they compare themselves to you, they feel that they are lacking. While their choice could be to devote themselves to work hard like you to achieve the goals they want, some may not use the social comparison as motivation and instead, will turn their insecurities as attacks on you. When this happens, remembering that your results are so incredible, these people are noticing your work (good for you!) and, unfortunately, may not be receiving it in a positive way....which is not your job to fix. They have the ability to choose to improve their lives, just as you chose to improve yours. You can't do it for them.

Other people's negative reaction to your transformation may be about their doubts regarding their relationship with you. Maybe they are concerned that you are changing and questioning if you are still the same person they developed a relationship with. This is particularly true because often with personal transformation, individuals develop new interests, new connections and new passions in their lives. Your relationships from before your transformation might wonder where they fit in or whether you still have things in common. When that line of thinking starts, they also might progress to concerns that they are going to lose you, that you will keep moving forward and leave them behind..

The main theme for these individuals is insecurity - about themselves and about their relationship with you. When you consider their negative reactions from this perspective, it can help you determine a more effective way to communicate with them when they are reacting from insecurity. This is also part of your personal transformation - learning to react in the manner that makes you stronger, more positive, more satisfied.

My training in clinical psychology allows me to help people understand the connection between their thoughts and their emotions and behaviors. From there, I can support them in discovering productive strategies to manage the thoughts in order to function at their optimal levels. A significant percentage of my client list are women. The commonalities that many women experience, and the issues they share, often helps normalize the female experience to my clients. By integrating my psychology background, with my expertise with women, I can help women learn that their experiences are typical and their reactions and emotions are within their power to control. 

Dr. Robin Buckley, CPC, helps high-achieving women thrive in their careers and relationships. She is an author, public speaker, and cognitive-behavioral coach who works with executive women and high-performance couples. Her proprietary coaching model uses a business framework and cognitive-behavioral strategies to support women in creating and executing concrete, strategic plans for developing their careers and relationships. The founder of Insights Group Psychological & Coaching Services, Dr. Buckley has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and served as a doctoral professor and dissertation chair for students in business, leadership, education, and healthcare. She has published two books, including Voices From the Village: Advice for Girls on the Verge of Adulthood. Dr. Buckley is a columnist for and has been featured as an expert on multiple media platforms, including Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Nike, the Happiness Talks podcast, and News Radio 96.7.

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40 is just the beginning Love, Marriage, Babies... or is it?

40 is just the beginning Love, Marriage, Babies... or is it?

Personal transformation can be a magical process. Not an easy one, but transformative for sure. But, what and how does this affect the people in our lives? Our lovers and partners, family and friends. When we commit to changing an aspect of ourselves, we impose that change onto our loved ones by default. How do we navigate that? How do you find yourself and love at 40? Can you get pregnant at 40? What if you're in a rush? Let's find out!

Our special guest is Michelle Johnson, she shares her amazing story of perseverance, transformation and all of that as she was turning 40!

Michelle Johnson was a broke single mother who became an attorney that reached career and financial success in her 30’s. However, like so many other successful, educated, accomplished, and professional women she was failing terribly in the love department. Michelle was stressed, depressed and heartbroken as a result of being in a 10-year toxic relationship. Then, she went through an amazing and life-altering transformation that changed her life forever.

Within 1 year of fully transforming, Michelle married a great guy at 41 years old and subsequently had 2 more healthy children at 41 and 43 years old. After creating her signature 5 Step “HEART” transformation process, Michelle now works with other highly successful & professional women to attract and connect with quality partners for the healthy relationships that they deserve and desire.

Social Media:






"40 Is Just the Beginning...The Best is Yet to Come!"

Attorney * Speaker * Relationship Expert

For more information about Flip The Script with Kelly and Emma on E360TV available on ROKU, FIRESTICK, Apple Tv and also at and

Whether it's weight loss, or learning to love yourself all over again The KEMMA Method can help you reconnect with your inner goddess and course course!

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Feminine & Masculine energy and how this affects our relationships with guest Chloe Ballatore

Feminine & Masculine energy and how this affects our relationships with guest Chloe Ballatore

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, we all have relationships with someone or other. Friends, family and so on. But what happens to those relationships when we begin to evolve and grow as a person? 

On tonight's episode of Flip The Script, we chat with our special guest Chloe Ballatore:

Relationship & Communication Expert; and a graduate of Princeton University and the WANT Institute. I use tools derived from Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis (author of THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY) and Pat Allen's (of MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER) Androgynous Semantic Realignment. In simpler terms, this means I help people balance their yin and yang energies so they can get what they want out of their relationships and their lives.

You can learn all about me and my work on my website:  My IG is: @chloes_consciousness_training and youtube: I have a great time breaking down reality TV using these tools.

I also wrote a book about how to find love and keep it: It has dating tips, conflict resolution tools and meditations for coping when you're triggered. I am just about done with my second book, NEW WAYS OF BEING: The Pain of Change. It seems like this is the exact topic you're addressing!

1) People around you often get uncomfortable when you change because any change at all is painful. They now have to readjust their view and opinion of you. They may have had self-serving interests that were invested in the old you. For example, if you've always been a doormat and let other people take advantage of you without saying anything, they are going to get mad they don't have their free slave anymore!

2) My expertise is helping people find the love they want; and helping people keep that love. This often involves making behavioral changes to counteract childhood scripting that results from trauma. As I said above, all change is painful, even change for the better. So I also guide people through the pain of change so they don't get cold feet and give up just when they need to push the arrow through..

For more information on The KEMMA Method, support or just to chat visit:

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Emotional Mastery - De-escalating Conflict with Special Guest Doug Noll

Emotional Mastery - De-escalating Conflict with Special Guest Doug Noll

What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Mastery? How do we keep our inner peace and calm in high stress situations?

When it comes to mental health, love, relationships - everything really, learning to keep our cool can get us way further not being reactional. Our special guest tonight is Doug Noll, here is what his superpowers are!

Doug Noll speaks about and teaches people how to solve difficult, intractable, and highly emotional problems. He  was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to leadership development, problem-solving, and peacemaking. He is a Senior Consultant with Mobius Executive Leadership and maintains a high-level mediation and arbitration practice.

For his innovative work, Doug Noll has been voted as one of the Best Lawyers in America since 2005, by US News & World Report and has been recognized since 2006 as a Northern California Super Lawyer. He is listed in the Who’s Who of International Commercial Mediators. He has been honored as Lawyer of the Year in 2014 by Best Lawyers in America. In 2014, Doug was honored as a Purpose Prize Fellow by In 2018, Doug was named the Distinguished Neutral of the Year by The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

Along with his colleague Laurel Kaufer, Doug Noll was named California Attorney of the Year in 2012 for their pro bono Prison of Peace project.

Doug Noll is the author of the book De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less (Simon & Schuster, September 2017), which was the winner of the Book Excellence Award for 2017.

In addition, Doug Noll is the author of Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts (Prometheus Books, April 2011), winner of the Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) International Peace and Justice Book Award for 2011, Sex, Politics & Religion at the Office: The New Competitive Advantage (Auberry Press 2006), with John Boogaert, and Peacemaking: Practicing at the Intersection of Law and Human Conflict (Cascadia 2002) and, numerous articles on peacemaking, restorative justice, conflict resolution and mediation, and is a mediator trainer, lecturer, and continuing education panelist. Doug Noll is an adjunct faculty member of the Pepperdine School of Law Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and teaches The Psychology of Conflict Communication and Decision Making in Conflict.

Doug Noll makes his home in the foothills above Clovis, California with his wife Aleya.[/vc_column_text][vc_wp_text]

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It's a $hit $how! Special Guest IBS & Anxiety Coach Laura Martin

It's a $hit $how! Special Guest IBS & Anxiety Coach Laura Martin

What a fascinating and mystical part of the human body the gut is! Isnèt it crazy to think that everything you eat and drink is processed through your gut, and then processed just like a recycling center. Whatès even more fascinating is that we really take this part of our body for granted. Study after study shows a direct link and quaralation between gut health and mental health.

As with most things in life, we seldom pay attention to whats going on, until something's not right. On tonight's episode of Flip The Script, we will be speaking with an expert on gut health & IBS.

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder that affects an estimated 10-15% of the American population. That is approximately 50 million Americans. IBS is defined as recurrent abdominal pain, on average, at least 1 day/week in the last 3 months associated with altered bowel movements.

What causes IBS?

There is currently no known cause of the disease. However, genetics plays a minor role, so the disease is likely caused by nutritional and lifestyle factors. There is strong evidence that the gut microbiome dysbiosis plays a significant role in IBS. Evidence includes the overuse of antibiotics, colonoscopy (intestinal prep), and postinfectious IBS, which has been confirmed in animal models. Infections that have been associated with follow-on onset of IBS include Giardiasis, Campylobacter, and specific toxin-producing strains of Escherichia coli. However, many other types of nonspecific gastroenteritis have been associated with the downstream development of IBS symptoms.

The most likely cause of IBS is functional gut microbiome dysbiosis (dysfunction), which affects both the intestinal lining and production of neurotransmitters that influence mental health. This dysbiosis can be established with antibiotics.

Diet and lifestyle changes can help according to Web Md

Usually, with a few basic changes in diet and activities, IBS will improve over time. Here are some tips to help ease symptoms:

Avoid caffeine (in coffee, tea, and soda).

Add fiber to your diet with foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.

Drink at least three to four glasses of water per day.

Don't smoke.

Learn to relax, either by getting more exercise or by reducing stress in your life.

Limit how much milk or cheese you eat.

Eat smaller meals more often instead of big meals.

Keep a record of the foods you eat so you can figure out which foods bring on bouts of IBS.

Let’s Ask The Expert!

Meet our guest for tonight’s episode, Laura Martin, IBS-Anxiety Specialist, and founder of Healing to Happy, a luxury wellness brand that focuses on the gut-brain connection to help women feel like themselves again.

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Sep 15, 202152:50
Let's Get Curious! Wellness Done Differently - Special Guest Dr. Tom of Charm City Integrative

Let's Get Curious! Wellness Done Differently - Special Guest Dr. Tom of Charm City Integrative

Getting healthy is a matter of perception. It means different things to different people. The key element is that “getting healthy” requires us to have to tweak some of our habits and patterns in order to achieve a more optimal level of health.

Diets, diets, diets! That’s the issue. We are so conditioned to believe that the only way to get healthy is to diet or lose weight. Health is way more than fitting into your size 6 jeans from 20 years ago. And the way to achieve that is or well, should be tailored to your needs, lifestyle and body type. Many different modalities exist to help you achieve your desired level of optimal health.

Getting curious about what is out there, and not just diets, is a great way to begin finding what works for you and your lifestyle. Health is a combination of things, essentially a complete alignment, Body + Mind + Spirit. That is not usually how diets works, they don’t factor in the most important part of the equation, you!

On tonight’s episode we will have a chat with Dr. Tom. He will shed light on how to get curious about different modalities that can lead you down the path of complete and total health in a unique way.

Tip’s from Dr. Tom on how to become more mindful!

1) It is important to start with short sessions. You can sit for 40 minutes when you start your meditation practice, but it will seem like a chore within days. Beginning with a long mediation session will make your back hurt and your legs will be numb and you’ll decide it just isn’t for you. Start with 10 relaxed breaths and increase from there.  

2) Schedule it!  Having your meditation planned for the same time each day helps you keep consistent and with any practice that you need to cultivate, consistency is the key.

3) Be tender with yourself.  We are always our own worst critics.  The Dalai Lama himself has thoughts pop up during meditation.  Our minds are never silent, but getting frustrated or beating ourselves up is much more damaging to our practice than treating your thoughts like clouds rolling through the sky.  


Dr. Tom Ingegno, DACM, LAC, aka “Dr. Tom,” owns and operates Charm City Integrative Health, a multifaceted clinic that NYT bestseller and futurist David Houle called, the "Future of Medicine."  His clinic provides a multidimensional approach to reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and regulating the immune system to help people thrive. Dr. Tom has taught at two universities of East Asian Medicine, is a published author, and was Chair of the Maryland Board of Acupuncture.  He served as director of a chain of wellness centers in the mid-Atlantic. Dr. Tom has been featured in both consumer and professional media spreading his message of health using modern research, traditional practices and, humor to make complex theories and treatments understandable. His professional passion is to help patients and like-minded practitioners develop no-nonsense practices to allow people to thrive.   

Sep 08, 202154:22
Does our environment really have an impact on our overall health & well being? Let's find out with special guest Dr. Aly Cohen

Does our environment really have an impact on our overall health & well being? Let's find out with special guest Dr. Aly Cohen

Have you ever wondered what is safe or not when it comes to products we use everyday? From women's sanitary products, to pet food, makeup and so much more? How does the use of these products affect our long term health, or does it have an impact at all. Find out on today's epidoe!

Our guest is an author, mother and researcher who is passionate about educating people on what's going on around you and why you should care.

About Dr. Aly Cohen
Dr. Aly Cohen is a board certified rheumatologist and integrative medicine specialist, as well as an environmental health expert in Princeton, New Jersey. She has collaborated with the Environmental Working Group, Cancer Schmancer, and other disease- prevention or­ganizations, and is coeditor of the textbook, Integrative Environmental Medicine, part of the Oxford University Press/Weil Integrative Medicine, Academic Series. In 2015, she created to share environ­mental health, disease prevention, and wellness information with the public. She lectures nationally on environmental health topics for el­ementary/ high schools, colleges/ universities, medical schools, and physician- training programs, and she is a regular expert guest for tele­vision, print, and podcasts. She has been the recipient of countless awards, including Top Docs NJ in rheumatology from 2016-2021, the NJ Healthcare Heroes Award in Education for The Smart Human educational platform in 2015, and the 2016 Burton L. Eichler Award for humanitarianism.

Dr. Cohen is working to educate and empower the next generation to make safer, smarter lifestyle choices through the creation of en­vironmental health and prevention curricula for schools nationally. Her TEDx talk, “How to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals", can be found on YouTube, and you can follow her health and wellness tips and recommendations on Facebook at The Smart Human, Twitter, and Instagram: @thesmarthuman. Sign up for The Smart Human newsletter, read her latest posts at, and listen to her podcast The Smart Human.
Dr. Cohen lives on a farm in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and lots of furry friends.

Love Flip The Script? Follow us on FB or IG and connect with us! or

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Sep 06, 202135:44
Why Chronic Dieting Is Bad For Your Health with Dr. Steve Hoody

Why Chronic Dieting Is Bad For Your Health with Dr. Steve Hoody

On this episode, our special guest is Dr. Steve Hoody. He is a weight loss expert and believes that ditching diets is the key to long term success.

Women, Wellness, and weight

Well, first it's important for us to acknowledge that men and women are simply different biologically.  Men's bodies are constructed to burn fat differently, and to accomplish different tasks than women,  traditionally. A healthy and successful family or tribe meant that the males of the species were hunters,  went out into the wild and fought and came back with food. Meanwhile, in order to survive and thrive,  women were in charge of the family unit. That meant they had the babies, and they kept the family unit  intact, kept the community together, and together this system worked for hundreds of thousands of  years.

today, men and women have body types that are consistent with those same functions. That does not  mean every male has to be a hunter and that does not mean that every woman has to stay at home and  have kids with the family. It does mean, though, that our bodies are constructed differently for  traditionally different functions. That being said, a woman's body is constructed to hold more fat. In  general, according to WebMD, the average woman's body holds 11% more fat than the average male.  Now at first, you might think this is a bad deal. However, look at the facts:

1. much of that extra fat in a woman is the brown fat, which contains much more Omega threes,  which contributes to better brain function, which means more intelligence, and more longevity.  2. Furthermore, a woman with a higher brown fat content, will pass that higher IQ and more  longevity onto her children. In fact, males are often biologically attracted to more curves in a  female because traditionally that meant a better chance a better survival for their kids. It's just  biological.

3. So remember, as much as guys may not want to accept it, women are equipped to have higher  IQ's and to live longer. IQ tests may be skewed against women (I'm not certain) but longevity  tests are there for anyone to see. In most societies, women outlive men.

Chronic dieting is a serious problem

Chronic dieting is a serious problem, it is even purported to be one of the factors in causing  diabetes. Our bodies live with two seemingly competing, but very strong, forces. The first force is to  avoid starvation by storing fat. The second force is to have a trim, healthy body so that it functions  more efficiently. However, these are not necessarily competing. Yes, our bodies will naturally store  fat any chance they get if they sense that starvation is at hand. However, with an effective health  and weight loss program, incorporating both body, mind, and spirit, you can get your body to a  healthy level so that it works more efficiently, repairs better, has an effective immune system, which  can enhance reproduction and even create longevity. Once you reach that healthy metabolic level,  your body can turn off that switch to store fat in order to avoid starvation.

Chronic dieting constantly puts the body into starvation mode, only to result in storing more fat.  And then starving your body again, only cause more storage of fat. It is a vicious, unending cycle. No  wonder why many dieters gain the weight back…and then some.

Mindfulness is essential

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Sep 06, 202155:53
The Facts Behind Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude with Dr. Farhana, MD

The Facts Behind Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude with Dr. Farhana, MD

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

What is having an attitude of gratitude?

Gratitude is about feeling and expressing appreciation: for all we’ve received, all that we have (however little it may be), and for all that has not befallen us. It functions as an antidote for attachment to what we want but don’t have and aversion to what we have but don’t want. Gratitude is the opposite of being discontented.

Who are we kidding, let the expert explain!

Dr. Farhana is a medical doctor with over 10 years of clinical experience in helping all across society to improve their wellbeing.

She practices in inner city London, UK and is particularly passionate about serving diverse communities and tackling health inequality.

Seeing rising numbers of patients over the years who were suffering with mental health problems, Farhana founded her business in early 2020 with her cofounder Liam, also a medical doctor. The aim was to provide evidence-based wellbeing solutions which were accessible to all, and compatible with people's busy day to day lives.

During the pandemic, Farhana discovered the science behind gratitude practice and turned to this herself to help her deal with the extra stress Covid brought to the workplace.

She noticed an impactful improvement in her wellbeing within a couple of weeks and then started to recommend gratitude practice to family, friends and patients. The feedback was so positive that she felt compelled to bring gratitude practice to the masses.

With that in mind Farhana has started to give talks on gratitude practice to entrepreneurial and corporate organisations and created Gratitube, the world's first video gratitude journal app (sign up at, in order to ensure that as many people around the world can reap the benefits of gratitude practice in order to improve their wellbeing. She very much believes that gratitude is the best medicine.

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Sep 02, 202146:15
Sexual Trauma and Your Relationship With Food Special Guest: Ayesha Hussain - Sexologist & Coach

Sexual Trauma and Your Relationship With Food Special Guest: Ayesha Hussain - Sexologist & Coach

Sexual Trauma and Your Relationship With Food

In our practice, we work with many women who have had the unfortunate life path that has included sexual trauma. What we have found is that 1 in 3 women we work with through The KEMMA Method, has been sexually abused or assaulted in some way. The results are that way too often, the residual effects of that trauma has led these women to form limiting beliefs around themselves, their bodies and their physical appearance.

In most cases women who struggle with chronic weight issues who have been victims of sexual trauma, have subconsciously made the decision to “protect themselves” from such trauma by literally creating a shield around themselves. A shield or armour of fat. Many instances, this is also related to the desire to want to be invisible and not to draw attention to themselves or their bodies. The number of Eating Disorders related to sexual trauma are staggering. We must address this.

As we walk through the healing journey with our clients, it’s vital for us & them to understand where the trauma came from, how the limiting belief was created and what they can choose to do with that knowledge now. But - diving a little deeper, means asking yourself questions about you, your sexuality, your body and allowing yourself to shed the shame, trauma, pain and re-explore the world of infinite beauty, pleasure and creativity that is our Sexual Nature.

What is Sexuality?

Here’s what we’re taught about sexuality and its role in our existence.


Your sexuality, or sexual orientation, is basically a way to describe the feelings you have for someone you fancy or are attracted to. The most common definitions are as follows:

Heterosexual/Straight: a person physically and emotionally attracted to someone of the opposite sex, so a male attracted to a female and a female attracted to a male.


Gay: a male physically and emotionally attracted to another male or a female physically and emotionally attracted to another female (more commonly used in males).


Lesbian: a female physically and emotionally attracted to another female.


Homosexual (gay/lesbian): People who are homosexual are attracted to the same sex. Homosexual men are often called gay and homosexual women are often called lesbians but can also be called gay.


Bisexual/Bi: People who are bisexual are attracted to both males and females.


Pansexual: People who are attracted to other people regardless of their sex or gender identity.


Asexual/Ace: People who are asexual or ace don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone and feel no desire to have sex.

But is that all really?

Here is what Amy Jo Goddard has to say about sexuality:

“Sexuality is our relationship to our body, to pleasure, to our sensuality and to sex—all manifestations of living in a physical human body and experiencing our humanness to the greatest extent and the most intimate core. Sexuality is our relationship to our body, to pleasure, to our sensuality and to sex—all manifestations of living in a physical human body and experiencing our humanness to the greatest extent and the most intimate core.” She goes on to say that “You were born from the most intense creative combustion imaginable: two small cells colliding and blending to make an entire new human being. Magical to say the least. Yet we take it for granted that we came from a creative force that powerful, that committed to new life, and we stop seeing it.”

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Intuitive Eating What Does It Really Mean? Special Guest Katelyn Parsons

Intuitive Eating What Does It Really Mean? Special Guest Katelyn Parsons

In our quest for living a “healthy” life, we often look outside ourselves for the answers we are looking for. We want a quick fix - a magic bullet! Someone to tell us when, why and how we should eat. Smart, this way we are not accountable for the results. Not smart if you expect long term success and optimal health.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent, we possess everything we need to live a happy, healthy life. The problem is, we don’t trust ourselves anymore. On tonight's episode, we will discuss the “why” behind the lack of trust, and what we can do to reclaim our power!

What the heck is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is an approach that was created by two registered dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, in 1995.  They have written  so many books and taken part in many  scientific trials studying and developing  their method: Intuitive Eating Approach.

Yes - we say this all the time, it’s not NEW!

As babies, we’re all born intuitive eaters. Babies cry, eat, and then stop eating until they’re hungry again, they know when they are hungry AND when they are FULL. Toddlers - same,  have an innate sense of balancing their food intake from day-to-day, eating when they’re hungry and stopping when they’re full. As we age, rules and restrictions placed around food start to blur our choices. We are often told when we are young, that we have to finish everything on our plate and that dessert is a reward for finishing our dinner. Right?

Does any of this sound familiar so far? We are told that certain foods are good for us and others are bad. In short, we lose our own ability to make decisions based on our own feelings and lose our  inner “intuitive eater”.

How can you reclaim your power and inner intuitive eater?

Our special guest is Katelyn Parsons. She will share her personal story and what ultimately led her on the path she is on today. Helping women regain their ability to trust themselves and uncover the inner intuitive eating goddess!


Katelyn Parsons is a Certified Intuitive Eating + Body Image Coach, Speaker, and host of The Modern Girl Podcast.

After years of struggling with bulimia and disordered eating, she not only found recovery but recognized a crucial missing link in the wellness industry- empowerment + individual sustainability around health. This inspired her entrepreneurial journey and life mission to shift the conversation toward healing our relationship with food and body.

For the past 4 years, Katelyn has helped countless creative leaders transform their relationship with food and body image through an integrative, evidence-based process so that they can move through each day feeling more present, empowered, and comfortable in their skin, without worrying about what to eat.

You’ll also find Katelyn snuggled up with her cat or strolling the beach in sunny San Diego with her husband and their pup Winnie.


The Modern Girl Podcast:




The KEMMA Method is designed to help you identify the root cause of your limiting beliefs and help you become more mindful and aware of how you show up in the world. Rebuild trust and essentially lose weight from the inside out. Health and wellness is your birthright! and on Facebook

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Can you challenge yourself, or are you scared to let yourself down?

Can you challenge yourself, or are you scared to let yourself down?

As a woman who has struggled with chronic weight issues her entire life, I definitely know what it feels like to be "trapped" inside a body that doesn't feel like home. I discuss my struggles openly and find comfort in knowing that my vulnerability & courage has the potential to inspire, even if it's just 1 person. Losing weight, weight loss, self love, joy is really all about finding balance. Gaining clarity on what matters most to you, and getting curious about how you can course correct and regain control.

I had never in my life, yet met a woman who had lost more than 150 pounds, naturally. No diets and no surgey. Real, sustainable weight loss on her own. That's exactly what our guest tonight Jen Oppeinheim did. Her journey began at the age of 45, weighing more than 350 lbs. Childhood trauma, PTSD and many other challenges had kept her trapped in a body she wasn't grateful for, for years. Tune in to this very inspiration episode, and hear how one simple decision led Jen on a path she never dreamed was possible!

Meet Jen Oppenheim:

Jen is a Transformational Food, Eating and Body Image Coach with multiple certifications. A survivor of extreme childhood abuse, PTSD  and ALL the eating disorders, she used her own mess to create her message, passion and purpose. After a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual healing, she lost almost 200 pounds BECAUSE she gave up dieting and defining her worth by her body in 2013. She has been  guiding other women to forge their own paths to food freedom and body neutrality in group and 1:1 coaching since 2017, so they too can escape the shame spiral of emotional eating and achieve stable, healthy weight without restrictive dieting.

What small change can you make today, that will change the course of your life?

The KEMMA Method's Wellness programs are designed to help you gain clarity on what it is you truly want out of this life, and realize what it is that you no longer want. The key to lasting success in every aspect of your life is learning above all else, that you are worth it!

If you want to learn more, reach out to us!

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“What are you smoking”? Or “You must be losing it” LIVE Tonight Brandon Handley of Spiritual Dope

“What are you smoking”? Or “You must be losing it” LIVE Tonight Brandon Handley of Spiritual Dope

“What are you smoking”? Or “You must be losing it”! Are very common statements you hear when you are in the process of “awakening” or “becoming more conscious”! Join us for a very special broadcast on Flip The Script - With Kelly & Emma, LIVE on Facebook  as we debunk the “awakening” process and have real conversation about what it means to be more aware, awake & conscious… Like do you have to move to India and shut the “real world out”? Let’s hear what Brandon has to say on this subject!

Meet Brandon Hanley!

Transformational Coach Brandon Handley initially developed his coaching career by pursuing three life coaching certifications along with certifications  in Appreciative Inquiry and in depth studies of Motivational Inquiry as well many other certifications in NLP & Cognitive Behavior Therapy all in order to deliver his client’s powerful transformational coaching experiences. Along the way, he had an awakening experience, which drastically shifted his focus from being a life coach to becoming a Transformational Coach. He now helps guide people to both prepare for their own awakening experience and convert their experience into powerful purpose, meaning and ultimately vision.

On tonight’s very special episode of Flip The Script, with Kelly & Emma -we speak to Transformation Coach Brandon Handley!

Kelly & I always love to research new ways of creating a more conscious lifestyle. Awareness, mindfulness is all part of a more meaningful and joyful life. So many of us spend way too much time questioning ourselves, our purpose and our worth.

So, here it isMeet Brandon Handley!






Spiritual Dope exists to get you right with your neglected spiritual self and act as a force multiplier on your decision to accept your spiritual self…

and add that fucker to every dimension of your life.

Without the stupid sandals…

How can you bridge the gap between where you are now

and where you want to be?

That’s the question people have been asking for centuries.

You’re busy, though. Life is hectic.

You can feel disconnected from the most powerful parts of yourself—the real you.

It’s a shame, and most people aren’t willing to access their full potential.

This can look like a lack of motivation, a feeling of numbness, a lack of pep in the step.

How can you get in touch with the real you?

Are you willing to make this change?

if you are you can hit Brandon up at and on IG @Spiritual_Dope

You can always send us an email or reach out to us at or

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Jaime McFaden - Self-Care is NOT SELFISH!

Jaime McFaden - Self-Care is NOT SELFISH!

Meet Jaime McFaden

Self-Care Specialist and Mama-bear

On this very special episode of Flip The Script With Kelly & Emma, we are joined by the one and only Jaime McFaden! Jaime is a Self Care Guru and Fitness & Wellness Expert. She is poised, kind and knowledgeable. Join us as we chat candidly with Jaime about her struggles with food addictions, anxiety and the path that led her to stepping into her truth.

Hi, I’m Jaime!

I personally realized a major NEED for self care which is why I developed multiple self care programs. I knew something had to change. Instead of feeling the need for a vacation from life, I want to support you designing a life you don’t need a vacation from. Sometimes making time for yourSELF can feel selfish. Sometimes the dreaded “mom guilt” can even creep in. But with the programs I have created, we will focus on SELF LOVE so you can LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

Self care is essential for our well being and I hope you will enjoy my baby step approach for BIG results. My method is formed by breaking down the pillars of self care into six categories: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and social. I will educate and support you on your journey within each pillar.

Over the past few years I have worked alongside TOP doctors, therapists, brain scientists, financial advisors, trainers, coaches and have learned how important it is to have a TEAM. The support is VITAL to not only reach our goals, but to live life by design.

When I am not working, I take playtime very seriously 🙂 Being a mom is my favorite part of life. We enjoy our free time going on adventures to the beach, hiking, cooking and spending time with people we love. Our dog Meli is also part of the adventures, even when we go stand up paddling.

My values are: HEALTH, family and adventure. If each day I live true to these three core values, I feel fulfilled. My mission is to embrace each moment of life. I am inspired by the WAVES of life and look forward to being on this journey together!

Listen to Jaime speak on such an important topic and one that we have the power to speak about more openly and courageously! When it comes to permanent weight loss, the truth is that Self Care is at the very forefront of permanent, sustainable weight loss. The funny thing is, we imagine self- care to be this really selfish and complex thing. In reality self care can be as easy as drinking an extra glass of water a day!

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For more info:

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And we are off, 3 Ladies, 150 lbs and 16 weeks to go!

And we are off, 3 Ladies, 150 lbs and 16 weeks to go!

If you’ve ever thought your situation was hopeless, we promise you it’s not! Before considering risky weight loss surgery or anything drastic, please read on, just a few minutes.

Stop beating yourself up for your past failed diets, you did not fail at following the diet, the diets themselves are set up for you to fail. Dieting alone causes you to  focus on the wrong thing. Anyone can lose weight temporarily by cutting out certain foods or reducing their calorie intake by 50%, but if you don’t deal with WHY you don’t have a healthy relationship with food, you will most likely struggle way more than by addressing the real issue.

Once you understand why you have this push & pull relationship with food, why your cravings rule you, why you keep letting yourself down, you will never look at food the same way again. This isn’t your fault. But we can’t keep putting a bandaid on an old wound that has never healed, it will keep reopening.

Our Total Transformation Program Teaches You How to lose weight from the inside out starting with the “how, where, when and why”!

As you’ve heard us say over and over in our awesome workshops, we’re all born with a normal relationship and perfect attitude towards food and eating.

Knowing & understanding this principle  means that somewhere along the journey of life we have developed an abnormal relationship or attitude towards food and eating. Why else would there be millions and millions of people who are chronically and dangerously overweight, all over the world?

We want to help you identify just how, where and why your perfect attitude towards food and eating was turned into a fear based limiting belief that is no longer serving you, and is just weighing you down and holding you. How can we help you find out how and why your beliefs were created, through Hypnosis! You can’t change what you don’t understand, once you understand why that belief was created, the role it played at that point in time, you’re much better equipped to understand why it’s no longer serving you and how to let it go!

That’s not all, once we help you unveil the reason why you’ve been fighting a losing battle against your own brilliant mind, we help you transform your mindset, upgrade your beliefs by replacing them with your desired outcomes, goals and desires!

  • What if leaning into a healthy lifestyle that was enjoyable, and effortless was available to you?

If any of this resonates with you,  Our Signature 12 week Total Transformation Program is your solution.  Kelly & I have been working for months on creating the last “weight related” program you will ever need.

Imagine not having to think about your diet, because automatically you just eat the right things. Imagine cravings becoming a thing of the past. No more stressful diets or constant worrying about your meals?

In this Episode, meet the three ladies, Erica, Tina & Rachel as they embark on their 16 week total transformation challenge live!

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Set the scene for Transformation Special Guest Dr. Joshua Estrin, author of Shut Up And Listen To Yourself 2.0!

Set the scene for Transformation Special Guest Dr. Joshua Estrin, author of Shut Up And Listen To Yourself 2.0!

On today's episode of Flip The Script with Kelly & Emma, we reveal the identities of the tree inspiration women who have courageously embarked on this 16 week journey of total transformation LIVE with us! All three women are ready, now more than ever to let go of the weight and heal themselves from the inside out!

Our very special guest, is none other than Joshua Estrin. Author, Doctor, Husband, Father, Grandfather and so much more! Joshua speaks with us candidly about the struggles of overcoming food addictions and trying to "fit in". Joshua Estrin began his career on Broadway, struggling between the two schools of thought "my body is my business" and "my body is not my business"! Listen up as he shares his journey candidly!

For more info on his latest book:

Stay tuned as we chat with our Total Transformation Tribe and share the importance of goal setting and asking questions - in week one of TTL!

We all have different motivations for wanting to lose weight, get healthy and take back control of our lives. For many of us , it’s wanting to look better for an upcoming event like an anniversary, wedding, reunion, or vacation. And foror other's, it’s wanting to improve their overall physical and mental health, quality of life and add years to their life.

Whatever your reason, it’s important that you have one. It’s the fuel in your tank that will keep you moving forward. So many science based facts show that when a person's  goals come from deep within, their motivation, determination and success is greater than if someone tells them what to do.

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes being told what to do. When are seemingly helpful spouse, parent or sibling decides to “intervene” and tell us we need to lose weight because “they” love us… That’s not likely to go over really well in our hearts and subconscious minds. The desire to lose weight and keep it off has to come from within you. Figure out why you’re embarking on this permanent weight loss transformation journey,  write it down, and constantly remind yourself over the coming weeks why you want to lose weight.

Are you ready to let go of what is weighing you down? The KEMMA Method is a program designed to help you lose weight permanently, from the inside out. Through hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness and Mindset Coaching, we are able to help you identify the root of your limiting belief and upgrade your life!

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The Science Behind Mindfulness With April Davila & Bracha Goetz

The Science Behind Mindfulness With April Davila & Bracha Goetz

On today's episode we uncover the scientific research behind Mindfulness & Meditation. How can Mindfulness actually help you lose weight, or even help you overcome food addictions? Our special guest April Davila, author and creative entrepreneur will discuss how she became more mindful in her own life and how that created space for her to follow her dream of becoming a full time writer. April Davila is the author of 142 ostriches and the co founder of A Very Important Meeting!

You will then meet Bracha Goetz, Harvard educated and author of 39 children's books and a candid memoir on how she overcame food addictions with joy through Mindfulness.

As you’ve heard us say over and over in our awesome workshops, we’re all born with a normal relationship and perfect attitude towards food and eating. Knowing & understanding this principle  means that somewhere along the journey of life we have developed an abnormal relationship or attitude towards food and eating. Why else would there be millions and millions of people who are chronically and dangerously overweight, all over the world?

We want to help you identify just how, where and why your perfect attitude towards food and eating was turned into a fear based limiting belief that is no longer serving you, and is just weighing you down and holding you. How can we help you find out how and why your beliefs were created, through Hypnosis! You can’t change what you don’t understand, once you understand why that belief was created, the role it played at that point in time, you’re much better equipped to understand why it’s no longer serving you and how to let it go!

That’s not all, once we help you unveil the reason why you’ve been fighting a losing battle against your own brilliant mind, we help you transform your mindset, upgrade your beliefs by replacing them with your desired outcomes, goals and desires! From mindfulness to meditation, goal setting and boundary creation, the law of attraction to creating a vision board, we cover it all on your permanent weight loss journey!

For more information please visit: or join our facebook group


Aug 13, 202154:37
Just Breathe! Yoga at Any Size - With Special Guest Page Park, Founder of Tulsi Rose Yoga

Just Breathe! Yoga at Any Size - With Special Guest Page Park, Founder of Tulsi Rose Yoga

What is Yoga, am I too overweight to try it? What will people think if I walk into a Yoga Studio? What is "Mindfulness"? Ca meditation really help me realign myself with my inner self? How does all of this contribute to weight loss? What if I can't turn off my mind to meditate? How long does all of this take?

We all want to know what the secret is to fast weight loss, right? What is the "magic pill" or "potion" that will permit us to lose weight fast and permanently. When we coach our clients, we focus on sustainable weight loss with an emphasis on getting healthy and creating space for a a lifestyle that is conducive to not only "getting Healthy" but maintaining a realistic approach to a long term lifestyle.  In our research, we've found that when struggling with chronic weight issues, using mindfulness as a way to create a detached perspective from your inner thoughts and judgements, really facilitates the transition from feeling stuck, to creating permanent freedom.  

On this episode of Flip The Script With Kelly & Emma, we have a very special guest, Page Park of Tulsi Rose Yoga, she is a certified Yoga teacher and special needs education teacher. Her approach is unique and personalized.

Page shares how easy it can be to create a mindfulness, meditation or yoga practice in your life at any time. Yoga at any size and she shares the incredible benefit of Yoga on your physical and mental health!  Page Park Tulsi Rose Yoga  Learn more about The KEMMA Method

Page offers individualized plans and practice segments tailored to your needs. Regardless of whjere you are right now, Page's gentle approach will certainly make you feel safe, heard and understood.

If you are tired of dieting, self-sabotage, feeling unhealthy and like your always starting over when it comes to weight loss, The KEMMA Method's approach to permanent weight loss includes Mindfulness & Mindset Coaching, as well as Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnosis for weight loss and so much more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for daily tips, and a bunch of support, wherever you are on your road to permanent health and well being!

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Road Trip To Slim Town!
Jul 28, 202155:41
Let's Role Play!

Let's Role Play!

In a world filled with high demands, expectations, must haves, must see and must do, a world in which from the moment we are born we are told what is right & wrong, what we should like & dislike , what is “acceptable” and “unacceptable”. In a world that we are told what respect is and isn’t,  in a world of constant noise and expectations, how do we create a gateway to our inner selves so we can reconnect with the part of us that is just us? The part of us that is unique, creative and unsolicited by the opinions and judgements of others?

Here’s my challenge for you this week, let me know how it goes!

What if just for today;

You didn’t criticize yourself?

You didn’t anticipate any negative outcomes?

You didn’t worry whether you said or did the right thing?

You didn’t try to squeeze yourself into the mold you think everyone wants you in?

You didn’t look at yourself with disappointment?

You didn’t regret your past mistakes?

You didn’t try to change anyone else?

You didn’t disrespect your body?

You didn’t try to meet everyone's expectations at your own expense?

What if, just for today you instead;

Appreciated the simple fact that you are alive!

Appreciate the air you breathe!

Appreciate your body and the miracle that it is!

Appreciate the people around you who love you!

Appreciated that a force greater than all of us, wanted YOU here!

Appreciated the fact that every morning you CAN flip the script and start over?

Appreciated the scars from your past and saw them as beauty marks?

Appreciated the fact that you hold the power to be and do anything you want?

Appreciated the fact that you are an inspiration to someone else?

What if just for today…

You allow yourself to believe that being you is a gift to the world?

You allow yourself to dream dreams you once thought were impossible?

You allow yourself to see yourself through the eyes of source as the perfect being you are?

You allow yourself to believe that you are here for a reason?

You allow yourself to believe in yourself without expectations, just knowing you can?

You allow yourself to move past the resistance and step into your own light?

What if for today you be the funny, silly, happy, sexy, awesome you that you know you truly are? What if for today you put on some music that fills your soul with joy and for just five minutes you basque in the glory that is your life and you dance to the rhythm of your own awesomeness?

What if?

In this episode, we dive into how the influences of everything and everyone you have ever encountered has created the imprints on your subconscious that show up in your life now as the role you play!

Jul 19, 202155:44
Stop Making Excuses, Start Asking Questions!

Stop Making Excuses, Start Asking Questions!

Permanent Weight Loss is very much a Mental Game. Conquering your limiting beliefs is step 1, but learning the art of mindfulness is a crucial aspect of weight loss and management!

In this episode Kelly & Emma dive right into what mindfulness means, and how to create an alignment with your mind and body in order to lose weight fast and permanently. What is intuitive eating? What is Mindful Eating? Can any of this really help you lose weight, long term? 

you can always reach Kelly & Emma by heading over to

Jul 14, 202156:38
The Power of Why in Permanent Weight Loss!

The Power of Why in Permanent Weight Loss!

What is your "why"? Why is having a "why" so important when it comes to long term, permanent weight loss? Find out the importance of knowing and defining your why!

Jul 11, 202156:04
What is Hypnosis, really?

What is Hypnosis, really?

In our first episode, we dive right in to who we are, what we are so passionate about (helping women lose weight from the inside out), and the incredible power of your subconscious mind. Permanent weight loss is a tricky thing to achieve, especially if you have spent your entire life struggling with chronic weight issues. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindset and Mindfulness are a few of the tools that kemma method uses to help you achieve, fast and permanent weight loss!

Join Kelly and I, LIVE every Tuesday & Friday @ 7pm EST on E360TV as we dig deep into the beautiful subconscious mind and how you can totally transform your life from the inside out!

Jul 07, 202155:40
July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021

Jul 06, 202100:53