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The Compendium

The Compendium

By Emma Alvarez Gibson

Conversations about being human, with people from all walks of life.
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Gen Xers of a Certain Age with Deanna Raybourn

The CompendiumDec 05, 2022

Gen Xers of a Certain Age with Deanna Raybourn

Gen Xers of a Certain Age with Deanna Raybourn

I met the author Deanna Raybourn years ago via Twitter, and have been a fan ever since. Her books are deliciously clever, exciting, and feminist treats. (I once described them to a friend as "like candy for brainy girls.") Her latest, Killers of a Certain Age, is all of those things plus a knowing wink to those of us who find ourselves members of the Certain Age Club. In this episode, we discuss the implications of said membership, examining the ways in which Gen X women have taken on the task of making perimenopause and menopause acceptable topics of discussion. Join us for a fascinating discussion!

Dec 05, 202238:36
DIY With Mason Mixx
Oct 27, 202216:08
Coming Soon: DIY With Mason Mixx

Coming Soon: DIY With Mason Mixx

The veteran musician, singer, and songwriter who writes and records under the name Mason Mixx is an old friend of mine. We met in LA in the early aughts, at the scrappy media company where we worked. He was assigned to me as a sales mentor, but then we started talking music, and we kind of never stopped. His staunch DIY ethic has been and continues to be hugely inspirational to me. Join us on The Compendium, as we talk about that DIY life.

Oct 25, 202200:54
The Supernatural with Jo Anna Dane
Oct 18, 202249:57
The Trailer

The Trailer

The Compendium is coming! Join us on October 27 as we get things started, spooky style.
Oct 12, 202200:34