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Empowered Empaths

Empowered Empaths

By Ashley Jones

Empowered Empaths Podcast is here to aid you in your own discovery of finding the tools you need to pass down a prodigy, provide you with the prep work to shatter old belief systems and teach you to establish new foundations to lead yourself and the collective into a new level of consciousness where we can rewild and redefine the definition of what it is to be an Empath.
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Protecting Yourself As An Empath

Empowered EmpathsMay 17, 2021

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing

Trigger Warning:

Mention of Suicide 

What it is + sharing my story of it. Extremely vulnerable.

Try to keep the episode as light as I can. Feel like with childhood trauma and inner child healing, both go hand in hand. Feel like there’s a lot of boxing in of what childhood trauma is; not allowed to use certain words; want to fully disclose that I’m no means a psychologist or therapist on any level. This is my own experience, own personal research, books I’ve studied and read. Enlightenment I want to share with you on my situation. Listen in today's episode where we break down what childhood trauma and shock is, how it can lead to long term consequences and how to begin your healing.  

What is it? It’s a situation, person or event that took place during your childhood that negatively affected you emotionally or psychologically. Shook you to the core, stuck with you for life. Embedded into your subconscious.

Subconscious level of the brain deals with information; takes on your worth and value. Lets you understand who you are; those beliefs don’t necessarily come from yourself. Thankfully the subconscious mind can be rewired. You can question the old paradigms, remove them, and replace them with new beliefs.

May 09, 202229:19
Ways to Increase Your Frequency

Ways to Increase Your Frequency

Overview//Main Points:

This is Year I told myself, I would feel good. If it didn’t align - it didn’t belong. Won’t take anything less than what I deserve. This is the year, I’m going to take action and follow what I believe. Ways to raise your frequency - not giving anymore fucks. Join me on this episode as we go through ways that will not only raise our vibrational frequency immediately, but also aid in our daily alignment. In doing this we send signals to the universe and the universe responds by matching our output of frequency allowing us to manifest our goals.

  • First way - binaural beats

Music that carry 2 dif frequencies. Line up into one. Target 2 dif brainwaves; able to focus better, more meditative state. Use it in 1:1 mentoring. So beneficial. Works with you on a subconscious level of your brain. Able to relax more. Keeps you in the present moment.

  • Second - high vibrational foods.

Underestimated. Have struggled with ED since I can remember. Remember going to restaurant at 4 years old; eat 6-7x a day; grandparents anniversary, remember eating on an adult plate and remember the waitress wanting to charge me for an adult because I ate too much. Works on a subconscious level. The subconscious is most impacted from the age of newborn to 6 years old. Most of my life I’ve been overweight, curvaceous, go hiking, active - like most people I enjoy sugary and salty foods. Have gotten better over the years. Food does impact you on a vibrational level. Not just about the nutrition, it does match and bring up your frequency if you allow it to. Just remember from such a young age, people have always been critiquing what and how I eat. If you allow it into your subconscious mind, it will continue. Thankfully you can work with your subconscious mind, you can challenge those beliefs and you can rewire the hardwiring of the brain.

  • Third- prone to junk and carbs

We’re prone to wanting to eat more sugar and carbs but we experience crashes. It’s fake. These foods affect your chakras. If you’re eating it, your chakras are like “what the fuck is this?” A lot of the times we look at the nutritional side of things instead of how food makes us feel. Even if it’s considered a junk food, it can still raise your vibration. For me, my favorite food is sushi - because it takes me there. It makes me feel good and releases happy, healthy hormones.

  • Fourth be intentional with what you consume

Not just consuming food - tv, books, who you surround yourself with.I watch a lot of documentaries, feel good movies, happy, funny.Horror movies can be depressive. Growing up, I thought showing all those emotions made me too vulnerable.Books, music - all true crime books? Growing up, would be all of that - nothing that raised my level, taught me to self-reflect, etc. The music I listened to in HS was angry, abusive, etc. didn’t listen to anything about feeling good. Couldn’t figure out why I was depressed. They didn’t help raise my frequency in any way; if anything they lowered it.

  • Fifth- Who are your people

We are here to talk about who you hang out with as well; this is the year that I really fucking chose not to accept anything in my 6-feet space without it aligning properly with me. Cannot stress this enough for you. In the last 2 years, we’ve been in a global pandemic. It makes you question what your top priorities are in life and how much you are valued as an individual. I wouldn’t stand for less. Don’t let anyone or anything influence you on how you view yourself. This is the generation, the awakening of conscious people on a collective level. We’re not lazy, we just don’t want to put up with your shit anymore. Walked out of my job due to sexual harassment, and discrimination. Who is in your six-foot perimeter?

Apr 25, 202226:14
Empaths and Sleep

Empaths and Sleep

Overview//Main Points:

This episode is all about tips and advice on how you can make your sleep work for you instead of against you as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person, join me as we dive deep into understanding why sleep is the way it is for us and how we can make it work in our favor. 

Recently moved into girlfriend with my son Leviathan and her mom. Enjoying ourselves, relationship has been taking off and going great. Everything outside of relationship has been horrible.

This year has taught me to continue to step into my power, be fully authentic and express myself while taking other people’s opinions and trying not to tell them to shove it up their ass, and take it with a grain of salt.

Important for those of us who are on the more sensitive side of things; not everyone understands how to work with our sleep and how to help us get to sleep.

Apr 19, 202221:23
Episode 16 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Entrepreneurship with Alicia Brunton

Episode 16 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Entrepreneurship with Alicia Brunton

Overview/ Main Points:

Ashley Jones Energy Mentor and Plant Medicine Practitioner and Alicia Brunton- founder and creator of Delia Organics dive deep into the mental health, the grind and Empath side of Enterpreneurship. We talk about what it takes to own your business as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person and that not everything about your business is going to be full of light. Ashley and Alicia are here to expose it to people. We want people to see behind the business and we want to show you who we are beneath it all. This episode can teach you how to run as an empath or HSP in a world that’s fast-paced and not sensitive to our sensitivity. Ashley and Alicia went to college together to study Esthetics and Spa Management. This episode is here to give you permission to slow down, align and redefine how you tap into the entreprenueral world of how Empaths and Highly Sensitive People run their businesses. 

If I was to sit here and say to you, “Oh my gosh, it was the most amazing 6 years of my life!” I’d be lying through my teeth. - Alicia

We’re not meant to just grind all the time. It’s different doing the grind for what we love vs. the grind for someone who’s calling the shots for us. - Ashley

Nov 22, 202101:17:36
Empaths in the Workplace

Empaths in the Workplace

Overview//Main Points:


Background for me with working - have been all over the place, working most of my life in retail or customer service. First started off working with special needs and as a babysitter, these people tended to be HSP.

Then worked a lot with the public.

Maple Syrup Conservation areas - loved it. If could have made it into a FT position, would have stayed here. Expressed creativity and out in nature.

As I got older, worked in clothing retail - liked it. Fun.

Went to school for esthetics and funeral services. - talk about narcissism at its finest. Toxic work environment.

Not sure how much detail I’ll go through; tough topic to talk through. Worked up north in a small funeral home; a lot of legislative and rule breaking. Toxic work environment. A lot of theft going on. Wrongdoing on the behalf of the deceased. Hard to be in this environment. Had to walk away because how do you stay in a work environment when you’re literally there to make sure this person is being honored and things are being done that’s harmful. What I was being taught in an internship.

I used to go into the workplace and didn’t really know that I was an empath and HSP. used to be called fat and stupid all the time. Just really bad. Verbally abused. Went to the funeral service board and nothing was done - no investigation, nothing. Got so much worse - beyond the stealing and name calling. Got physically worse. Ended up having to walk away.

Nov 01, 202132:10
Plant Medicine For Empaths

Plant Medicine For Empaths

Disclaimer: *This episode is not meant for medical advice or to take the place of a medical professional*

Overview//Main Points:

Plants are absolutely amazing. Nature just wows me everyday. Looking up at the stars in the sky and admiring them. Different shapes, lit on fire, sparking up in the sky.

Brought back to reality, reminding myself life isn’t as bad as it seems when I’m out in nature.

Gifted in this world with plant medicine. Written documents have been around for at least 5000 years. We are gifted these plants everywhere we go in life - cooking in kitchen, in the garden, healing something.

The one thing you have to understand is they're an extension of us. It’s something fierce.

It nourishes our body - physical, mental, emotional.

Taps into our core energy system.

It’s a forever cycle.

Oct 13, 202143:23
 Surrender and Energy Expansion with Emily

Surrender and Energy Expansion with Emily

Overview//Main Points:

Join Emily and Ashley while we discuss the importance of Surrendering and Energy Expansion

Emily - author, speaker, spiritual alignment coach; a teacher of advanced manifestation; teach on the harder/trickier parts - embodiment and surrender. Help clients to do their soul’s work.

A - talking about surrendering and energy expansion & how it works with HSP and empaths. What is surrendering? What does it mean? Who is it for? How can we get there

E- why surrender is important. Why it’s so hard + for empath’s even more. It’s an essential part of the manifestation process, life, everything. Take action steps, use intuition, inspired action, but also the need for letting go and letting “God” (universe, source) There’s a higher power that we need to trust, even if it’s just the force of life. That life always knows better than us, and the highest good is always, always, always working, even when it doesn’t look like it’s working. So if you don’t surrender and trust that life knows better than you, you’re going to burn out trying to do it all alone; also you can get in the way of the highest good and what’s meant to be bc you let your fear and ego lead you, instead of trusting and letting things unfold even greater than you could have imagined them. See that with clients and manifestation, not making any space for things even better to come in when you let go.

A - so true, read a quote the other day “Why are you rushing in doing the things that you love?” say “I have to…” very future-forward, read all the books on living in the now, but sometimes I get in my head. What’s the rush in loving what you do? So true. There’s nothing wrong with planning, but be open to what can happen. Don’t box yourself in. we need to be open to how things are going to show up. We don’t always know how, but when we let go, things show up more beautifully than we could even imagine. A lot comes with that.

Sep 20, 202141:20
Chakras and Energy Protectors of the World

Chakras and Energy Protectors of the World

Overview//Main Points:

Saturn Retrograde -- Transforming + leveling up at a rapid speed

Broke up with ex-girlfriend; showing a lot of control issues

Zero toleration for any kind of bullshit

One red flag is okay. Multiple red flags is a no go.

Saturn retrograde, here to teach you about what’s no longer serving you; perfect timing.

Hard time in August mental-health wise; ptsd, depression, anxiety. Most of the time have it under control with inner work; dif things happen for dif people. Not one-size fits all for everyone.

A lot of judgment and issues with people.

Ex-husband upset.

Narcissistic father; trying to set boundaries with him. Thankful knowing how he is and how he operates. Can’t just not associate with him at this point. Set boundaries and cut ties where you can.

Saturn Retrograde is here to deliver rapid change; has been happening since may, going into October. Leveling-up doesn’t come without testing you. Leaving jobs, careers, etc. In the end it’s not easy or comfortable.

Current girlfriend - Victoria; gem who lights her soul on fire. Like a teenager falling in love. She gives me everything and is incredible. A pure soul. Wholesome, loves wholeheartedly, trusts, courageous, has strength in all she does. Completely different. “Come as you are, whatever you have to offer.” needed this girl in my life; creeped her on social media on 2 months & she creeped on me too. Loved each other within 6 days; going to marry her.

This girl made me feel validated. She made me feel seen. I felt seen and heard on a soul level.

Exchange little love notes everyday. She pays close attention too; made us a halloween tree. Hasn’t been long, but I feel like she’s my match. She’s my person. I’ve only been in love once or twice in my life. She lights me up and I’m going to marry her. I just know. So wholeheartedly thankful for her.

Chakras are this beautiful energetic field within our body. 7 wheels. Auras your own personal energy being showcased to the world. What others can feel; let other people’s energy know how you’re doing. Chakras are the anchor. They are a beautiful system. It’s ever so important that we work with them each day and honor our system because everything is an energetic exchange.

Chakras are super important. They let us know if we’re blocked, under/over reactive; they can mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically drain us.

Sep 08, 202142:05
For Parents of Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

For Parents of Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Overview//Main Points:

Pass this onto your parents no matter your age.

Parents you are so important to those who are empaths + HSP

You play a significant role, esp if you’re close to your children.

Things that can help you help them + help yourself:

1.if you don’t understand your child/hsp, do your research -- we’re wired differently; it will take you a few mins of your time, or you can listen to some of my older episodes; we do suffer from overstimulation, addictions more often, intense feelings. Sometimes we’re observing others’ emotions so it can seem like we’re being moody, but it can be coming from others.

2.allow them time to meditate -- need to recharge energy more often; min 1x per day. Best part is you can meditate with them; it doesn't have to be anything spectacular; just support their habit of meditating. Clear your mind + steadying your breathing, get out of your head - doesn’t have to be perfect.

3.importance of music -- not encouraging a lot of “negative” music (we feel their heartbreak/emotions on a deeper level), create a balance for them; allow your empath/hsp to listen to binaural beats, works with both conscious + subconscious mind.

4.boundaries -- so important on so many different levels; try to make it easier on them, it’s nothing towards you; don’t take it personally; I respect those who have the courage to say “no” because that is not easy; they need personal time too, we’re affect so differently from others.

5.balance/aligned room -- try to have all the elements represented in their room/personal space

6.go for lots of walks + get them out in nature -- not take things personally -- know it’s hard bc we constantly worry about our kids.

Allow your children if they’re at an appropriate age to make their own decisions; if they’re at a younger age, give them a few options but let them do their own thing. If you think it’s wrong, give them the options/consequences.

Do not over-provide your child with expectations.

Going to school is not the only option.

We’re a lot slower than other people; we like to do less and just go with the flow of things.

Allow them to figure things out on their own.

The more you tell me what to do with my life, the harder I rebel; your child may be the same.

Empath children usually have sensory disorders; a lot of the time we get misdiagnosed.

Raising an empath is so important; we are literally 20% out of the world population. We have the ability to understand our children a little bit better when we understand that they’re an empath or HSP, and providing them with a safe space to grow and flourish the way they need to is so important.

When I first became an empath, like many others I strongly believed this meant that I had to save the world, that my duties as a empath wasn’t done until I rescued everyone I was in a romantic relationship with or the friends I made I had to impact them heavily and the job wasn’t done. I always constantly forgave people; I was a pushover.

But the reality of it is that healing yourself first as an empath - making sure your children can do the inner work

Aug 25, 202120:01
Influencers and Their Role

Influencers and Their Role

Overview//Main Points:

Influencers - term I came up with; someone who impacts our life greatly, or someone in our lives a bit more than parents - coaches, teachers, friend, relationship (romantic or not); people close to us. Great influence or impact on us.

What they can do for us - understand us on a whole different level.

Understand that empaths are wired differently and HSP are more sensitive.

Share this episode with someone you think plays a greater impact in your life so they understand how to work with you.

Understanding the empath - wired differently; able to show/mirror someone’s physical and emotional symptoms.

As an influencer, what you can do for the empaths/HSP in your life:

• Do the research - understanding an empath brain (Episode 2), tips for supporting empaths, etc. Struggles of an empath (Episode 3)

• Give them what they need - providing quiet time + time to recharge

• Understand their boundaries - not doing it to personally harm you or get you in an emotional state. This is for THEIR benefit. -- needing to sleep alone, a bit extra space, driving separately, etc.

• Don’t take things personally - if they’re asking for something, they’re doing it for the goodness of both of you

• Accept their sensitivities - respect and honor them as best you can

• Be cautious of your music/movies - sometimes empaths or hsp get really affected by music and it can be a lot on us.

Need to protect ourselves -- I follow the seasons of my body. Makes me understand myself a little bit more.

Meditating is so important. Find a quiet area with your empath or HSP. So nice to be able to provide them with that support. Speaks to them on a different level.

Aug 09, 202115:58
Narcissists & Empaths Part 2

Narcissists & Empaths Part 2

Overview//Main Points:

*Warning mention of physical violence, assult weapons, manipulation and emotional abuse*

Powerful + informative last episode of Narcissists and Empaths

More personal - touching base on events of the last few years of my life.

In this relationship for 5 years.

More personal, rather than tips + value; want to know more about me + my awakening, listen in.

One of the first events - when I moved to Oregon/out west.

Had Leviathan.Ex knew I was leaving him + taking our son.

In his apartment - no couches or beds. Everything I moved to Canada with fit in the back of the SUV. Left everything else behind.

Things going sketchy  - times when he tried to bring homeless people into the apt; times he’d go out drinking for hours; lied about working & did other things instead.

I don’t know how I made it home safe.

When I got home safe, received a call from the hospital - Dec 17th - that ex husband had been stabbed.

Many different versions of the story.

He pulled a handgun out on these men who were living at his apt when he asked them to leave; then they stabbed him. (his version)

** Please share this episode with someone else - someone needs to hear this message. It’s full of real, raw energy, and is for someone out there.**

Jul 26, 202141:03
Narcissists and The Empath

Narcissists and The Empath

Episode 8 - Narcissists

***Trigger Warning: Details of abuse***

Sharing more of my personal side of my life.

Fill you in on how you can gain valid information and don’t make the same mistake; learn from my experiences and apply it to your own life

Emotional abuse

Drug abuse

Alcohol abuse

::details about physical abuse::

In this episode we talk about my personal experience in a relationship that lead me into a marriage with a full blown narcissists that involved alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic abuse.  We will talk about the warning signs, why Empaths and Highly Sensitive people are attracted to them and why we should avoid them. You will also learn the scientific function of the Narcissist Brain and how it is developed differently. 

***This episode will include a self study program giveaway!***

Enter my giveaway! Would love to see people participating, this is a strong message I want to get out to others. 

Share this episode, tag a friend, share what you’re relating to, tag me on your social media platforms or tell me on mine! 

July 31st @ 11:59pm EST the giveaway will be closed for entries. 

Jul 12, 202146:60
Inside Empath Relationships

Inside Empath Relationships

Overview//Main Points:

Episodes change how you view things, protect your energy, and allow yourself to help others shift too.

Empaths in Relationships:

Want to explain why empaths are attracted to emotionally unavailable people.

We like to save people. If people aren’t getting enough attention in their own relationship or too busy with other things; a lot of times we think we can save others or take on that “hero” role.

We are more caring and are wired differently. Being that supportive role can break us down over the long.

We don't want to feel lost in who they are. If they’re busy or with another relationship and can’t emotionally connect to us, that’s what we want because we're not going to be emotionally dependent on them.

EMPATH MATCHES - BEST MATCHES FOR EMPATHS: What to look for, what you can do in a relationship to keep it strong, powerful and healthy.

Jun 28, 202138:36
What Type Of Empath Are You?

What Type Of Empath Are You?

Episode 6 - What Type of Empath Are You?

*Content Warning: Mention of Murder*

Overview//Main Points:

Going to break down further what type of empath or HSP you are.

Dif definitions of empaths, going to break them down for you to have a better understanding

Some examples are: 


Comes naturally to you to be able to work with plants more, not just a green thumb; you know if your plants are happy or sad; you already know about it being thirsty before it shows any physical symptoms.

Working with plant medicine. May feel called to work with certain plants intuitively.

Go into a forest and feel grounded more easily; super intense connection that’s beautiful.


Slightly different from plant empath; many get it when thunderstorms happen; bones/joints ache; pick up on the shift in weather; empathetic towards Mama Earth, sadness for her; tied in with planetary system as well. Retrogrades felt more intensely, full/new moon felt more intensely


Animals flock to you for no reason; fearful animals will be drawn to you; understand their energetics; able to hone in and perfect it.


Experiences acute physical, mental, emotional response to stimuli more easily. More sensitive to things; deeper connection, increased sensitivity to the nervous system. Feel more deeply, more emotionally reactive towards people and things.

Take a lot longer to make decisions; detail oriented; work well in a team environment; senses are strong too.

INFLUENCER (not an empath or hsp)

Came up with the name/made it up

Not necessarily empaths or HSP, but the people who are closest to them; parent/guardian, coach, mentor. These are “neutral zone” people; help empaths and HSPs ground down and also understand them on a different level; work off of each other.

Maybe you fall under one or under all of them or just a few, look forward to hearing back from you about them. To strengthen your Empath skill sets, understand yourself more book 1:1 mentoring with me at

Hope this helps you!

Co-Existing blog post + assessment will be released the following Monday!

Jun 14, 202120:50
Empath illness and effects with medicine

Empath illness and effects with medicine

**NOTE - Ashley is not a medical professional. The information shared in this episode is based on personal experiences and should not take the place of a licensed medical professional.Overview//Main Points:

  • Will be going over: adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disease, phobias, chronic depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia pain, and panic attacks. Giving solutions for what you can do for them.
  • How medicine affects empaths and HSP.
  • Have been doing lots of foraging and experiencing the lifestyle.
  • For me there’s nothing greater than being gifted these beautiful gifts from mama earth and giving back.

The best thing you can do is look for a naturopath dr.

Follow Dr. Crystal. on Instagram @dr_crystal_nd 

She truly works with different types of plant medicine and acupuncture to get you the best results possible.

May 31, 202133:18
Protecting Yourself As An Empath

Protecting Yourself As An Empath

Overview//Main Points:

Learn in today's episode how to protect yourself as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person when facing the common struggles we experience.

Couple different options so you can get a better understanding and fill your toolbelt.

Shielding, Water, Nature, Food, and more.

All of these tools are what works for me or for other people. Something’s that are underestimated + underrated.

  • SHIELDING with energy bubble
  • WATER as a cleanser
  • Carrying around crystals
  • Getting out into NATURE
  • Eating The Right Foods
  • SEPARATE yourself from the situation
May 17, 202125:03
Empath Struggles

Empath Struggles

In episode 3 we talk about the most common struggles that Empaths tend to face on a regular basis, whether it be overstimulation, social hangovers or how we show up in our most intimate relationships. Learn how to work with these struggles with simple techniques that can easily fit into your day-to-day life. Allow yourself to fill your own toolbox, so that you can feel empowered, while simultaneously helping support the collective. 

Overview//Main Points:

Content Warning: Addiction; Mention of Self Harm, Suicide, and Disordered Eating.


something that has been in my family as long as I could remember; grandfather with alcoholic tendencies; father now sober.


Taking on other people's energy; watching the news; etc.

Absorbing Others Energy

You don’t have to be in physical contact, they just have to be in your energy field.

Trouble Sleeping/Winding Down at End of the Day

We do take longer to fall asleep + having trouble sleeping with partners.

Intense Feelings

The intense emotions aren’t always yours, but we can control them.

Emotional/Social Hangovers

Going to a big party or event or even the grocery’s a whole lot for us to interact with.

Feelings of Loneliness and Isolation

No matter who comes and goes, I’m not alone.

Increased Senses

Overstimulated senses - easily done. How we’re wired.

Struggle with Relationships

Attract people with negative outlooks, takers, we don’t know how to help them if we’re not knowledgeable about it.

Connect with me if you can relate.

These are common struggles. You aren’t alone.

I’m here for you if you need to be heard; I see you.

-To find support for yourself and other like minded people join Conscious Collective Facebook group Conscious Collective is a space for Empaths and highly sensitive people facilitated by Ashley Jones. The Conscious Collective space provides a community that can transition and rise together through collaborations, empowering each other and sharing their medicine.

For 1:1 mentoring, plant medicine products and services with Ashley Jones please visit 

May 03, 202133:19
The Empath Brain

The Empath Brain

Overview//Main Points:

The differences in Empaths - how the Empath brain is different from others. 

Figure out how we’re different backing it up with the Science behind it.

Definitions and examples of how we’re different.

Starting business, I didn't understand my niche.

Just knew the type of people who were my people.

About 2 months ago, I knew it was EMPATHS. These are the people I want to work with and want to help elevate!

Knew growing up all these things were happening to me, the physical aspects of them, but didn’t know the chemical aspects or brain development.

Now I know what it is, I want it to make sense for you.

If I’m going to learn something, I want to share it with you too.

Short episode to give examples of why we are different from other people.

Apr 19, 202116:30
Coming Home

Coming Home

***CONTENT WARNING: abusive relationship, mention of self-harm

Overview//Main Points:

Podcast has been a dream of mine for a better part of a year.

Tool to fill toolbox to grow together and transmute into a new awakening of conscious souls and empaths so we can cause a ripple effect in our future and now.

Being a witness to our journey’s as you tune in. We made it. We’re here.

Energy Mentor - work with all different types of energy; cosmic, your energy, my own energy.

Plant medicine practitioner - take our oldest lessons from Mama Earth & take what she provides us with, strip it down, create it into a medicine; not an alternative, it’s what we’ve known all along. Don’t just use it as a preventative, use it to create a connection with it to Mama Earth.

Small Business Owner - Leviathan’s Cove.

Not into perfectionism; the real deal. Here to deliver whatever it is that comes to mind.

2 year old son.

Being the better version of yourself isn’t easy.

You’re constantly battling your ego, but we’re here and showing up.

Be real, honest and loyal to who you are.

Apr 05, 202149:45