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The Empowering Real Talk Podcast

The Empowering Real Talk Podcast

By Kisha

The Empowering Real Talk Podcast is cracking life's negativity codes through mindful conversations, motivational insight, and powerful tips from Coach Kay Wds and her guests, who share a passion of helping others enforce positive, purposeful journeys in life.

Kisha Woods is an Author, Transformational Mindset Coach for Women, Serial Entrepreneur, and more, with a purpose of helping amplify personal and entrepreneurial growth through coaching, mentoring, speaking, podcasting and community building.

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Learning How to Stop Being an All or Nothing Thinker

The Empowering Real Talk PodcastMay 25, 2023

Learning How to Stop Being an All or Nothing Thinker

Learning How to Stop Being an All or Nothing Thinker

We know that having negative thoughts can and will stop us from achieving goals in life. Accepting that you will make mistakes and mistakes are okay. Mistakes aren't the end of the world, and in fact, they can actually be a great opportunity to learn and grow. Kisha and Renea share their experiences, tips and tools to shake the "all or nothing mindset" to help you stop trying to be perfect all the time.

May 25, 202335:30
How Shaking Up Your Life Leads to Better Mental Health
May 23, 202328:14
The Difference between DEpressing and SUpressing...

The Difference between DEpressing and SUpressing...

Lost files....but its found and baby listen, its 🔥🔥

I am seeing a lot of TRENDING topics and words...but no action being applied from any of it.

This is one of those uncomfortable conversations.

Recorded Back in January 2023 but even more relevant today.

May 15, 202310:52
Break Society's Chains and Shift into Your Intentional Dream Life
May 11, 202334:42
Budgeting & Goal Setting Tips You Need To Know!
May 05, 202333:18
Are You Missing Out On Your Mind's True Priorities?
May 01, 202332:20
Unlock Incredible Changes By Letting Go of Your Mental Limits
Apr 20, 202335:32
Unlocking Healthy Abundance with The Power of Purposeful Words
Apr 13, 202334:42
Making Changes in Life Through the Adversity
Apr 05, 202340:06
Mindful Secrets of Stress and Worry Reduction
Mar 31, 202327:17
How to Channel Your Mind for Unreal Transformations
Mar 29, 202348:48
The A.R.T of Transformation
Mar 14, 202336:57
Opportunity Can Knock - Would You Answer?

Opportunity Can Knock - Would You Answer?

One thing about me is I want to expose folks to all kinds of possible growth opportunities, legally of course. 💯  

This episode Empowering Real Talk sits down with Gianna M. Rahmani, of Honeymoon Media.   

Gianna and I talk about living a life of freedom and some of the things that may be required for you to do the same. 

Tune in and check out this great episode and listen about the opportunity she may have for you!   

Gianna is a Wife, Boymom x2, Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Creator of Angel Employment.   

Catch her book here: Follow her on IG:

Mar 07, 202321:33
Freeing our Fear of Anxiety

Freeing our Fear of Anxiety

This NO NONSENSE episode is with Brian Sachetta.   

Brian wasted no time with speaking about his WHY.  We dug deeper into anxiety, trigger points and much more.  

Brian is a software developer by day, a coach, advocate for Mental Health, drawing parallels between computer systems and the human mind. His platform gives readers practical strategies for overcoming anxiety. We wasted no time diving into the realms of anxiety, trigger points and positive methods that can possibly help someone else strive to maintain.   

Brian Sachetta is an author, blogger, and software developer from Boston, Massachusetts. Much of Brian’s writing is focused on health, wellness, and personal development. 

He is passionate about using his skills to positively influence the lives of others.  Check Brian out at

Feb 28, 202330:27
Learning To Embrace our Grief

Learning To Embrace our Grief

A very heartfelt episode with Mentoring Expert Doug Lawrence!   

I admire his vulnerability in this episode as we discuss an array of things like his purposeful mentoring career, the ups and downs of our mental well being, and how he is continuing to live after the traumatic loss of his beloved wife.   

There's an abundance of emotion and value in this episode, you don't want to miss it.   

Doug Lawrence is the founder of TalentC® and is focused on all things mentoring as a solution provider. He has over 30 years of mentoring and leadership experience and is recognized as a thought leader in the mentoring space. Doug authored the book entitled, “The Gift of Mentoring”. Doug has worked with organizations to establish mentoring programs/mentoring cultures and provides one on one professional mentoring with people at all levels in an organization on an international basis.

Doug Lawrence is an International Certified Mentor and holds two Mentor Certifications; Certificate of Competence – Mentor and the Certificate of Competence – Journey Mentor from the International Mentoring Community. Doug is the only one to hold the Certificate of Competence – Journey Mentor in the world today.

Learn more about what Doug offers for you or your organization at:

Feb 21, 202328:49
You Really Aren't Ready for What you Keep Asking For...
Feb 19, 202317:29
Initiating your MIND POWER Breakthrough - with Brent Webb

Initiating your MIND POWER Breakthrough - with Brent Webb

I had so much fun chopping it up with " The Master Mind, Mind Power Expert Brent Webb!  

Brent wastes no time telling us his back story, how ONE BOOK changed his entire perception at a very young age.   

We talk about fear of change, energy vampires, how we repel our bad experiences and why its super important to shift the negative willpower into empowering MIND POWER!   

This episode put me in a ZONE baby, tune in and find out why!  

Brent Webb teaches people how to understand the hidden abilities they posses to do more, be more, and have more in every area of their life. For more than two decades, Webb has focused his entire agenda around helping people create lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships, and spiritual awareness, and is internationally known for his inspirational and motivational style.  

For More on Brent:  Inspiration:  


Mind Power Training:  

Free Book:

Feb 17, 202335:59
Being Mindful of Our Nervous System

Being Mindful of Our Nervous System

This super informative episode is with licensed physical therapist, Dr. Kelly Kessler!   

Tune in as she  tells her brave story about overcoming her eating disorder, and putting herself in position to help others!   

We talk in detail about mindful requirements and recommendations for building and growing on a physical as well as a mental level.    

Dr Kelly Kessler is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She has a passion for incorporating holistic approaches to her treatment programs, focusing on the connection between the mind, body and spirit. 

 Shop the online store at:

Feb 13, 202329:58
Breaking away from Limiting Energy
Feb 08, 202333:32
Sur THRIVING Through Our Trauma
Feb 05, 202329:34
Overcoming Our Fear of Entrepreneurship
Feb 02, 202332:18
Broken Trust and Betrayal - with Mr. Jay
Dec 30, 202232:24
Clarity in 2023: What's Required to Attain It
Dec 26, 202216:02
Aligning and Positioning Into your Higher Self

Aligning and Positioning Into your Higher Self

This episode has so much energy, and I am here for it!   

Tune in as I chop it up with Business Alignment Coach and Intuitive Healer, Emily Aarons.

Emily shares her story, how she started her first business at age 22, and how she struggled in her purpose before motherhood.   

We get into how there's a need to BREAK UP WITH YOURSELF, the lack of transparency within the coaching and healing industries,  and find out what I said that give Emily the chills immediately!   

You definitely gotta check this one out. 

Emily Aarons is a highly sought after intuitive healer for female empire builders. 

She has been practicing healing work directly with powerful visionaries and teaching them how to tap into their intuition to activate growth in their business. Her success includes how she brought her healing business online and has 10x'd her revenue to build a million dollar personal brand.  

Check out Emily's Website, Podcast and more:

Dec 21, 202237:04
Shifting Away from Our Stigmas

Shifting Away from Our Stigmas

In this episode, I chat it up with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julie Hall.   

Julie tells us about her own personal experiences with fertility, her past negative stigma of therapy, and how she shifted her restricted thoughts into her purpose of walking alongside women and couples who are experiencing fertility challenges,  having a heart for providing outreach to those in any stage of trauma recovery and life transition.  

On top of being a LMFT, Julie is also trained in the practice of mindfulness, as well as Restoration Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, all of which are tools she uses in her work with families, couples and individuals to support them in their journey toward healing and wholeness.  

Catch this powerful episode as we drop some fire gems on self compassion, why we should shift away from using our "inner critic" to elevate ourselves, and MUCH MORE.   


*Support the Empowering Real Talk Podcast:   

$UPgradedMindsetZ - CashAPP 


****PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW**** We appreciate your feedback! 

Dec 18, 202234:52
Love and Trauma: Working to Heal and Recondition

Love and Trauma: Working to Heal and Recondition

Did you know that 100% of us have experienced childhood trauma and that it has been proven to go through a minimum of 3 generations?   

If you didn't know that, then you definitely want to listen to this very empowering episode with Riana Milne!   

Riana tells her own story the traumas of her own journey with love and relationships, a defining breakdown of 10 traumas (there are more)that we experience, and an explanation of  "Relationship Repetition Syndrome.   

I most definitely recommend tuning in with pen and paper.   

Riana Milne, MA is a Global Cert. Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, CCTP, LMHC, LCADC, CAP, SAC, Certified Mindfulness Coach, Educational Speaker, and #1 Bestselling Author. Her mission is to help women, men and couples of all ages overcome and heal from past childhood, dating, and relationship trauma to move on to create a life and relationship they are passionate about.  


Are you thoroughly dissatisfied with your love life and ready to make a change? 

Look no further. The Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles is coming soon.  

Starting March 20, 2023, renowned Relationship and Life, Riana Milne will be taking a select group of individuals on a 6-month program that is guaranteed to change the results they get from love and life.   

You could be among these individuals. 

All you have to do is sign up here.  Here’s how this course can transform your life:  - 

Heal Past Unconscious Childhood Trauma & Emotional Triggers 

 Learn The Mindset for Success System in Life, Love & Business 

 Understand the Art & Psychology of Successful Dating -

Increase Confidence, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Trust & Empowerment 

Decrease Fear-based Negative Thinking, Anxiety, Depression  

Not to mention, a network of a support group that understands and shares in your struggles.  If there’s one thing Riana has mastered, it is how to help people solve their relationship and life problems with practical solutions.   If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked so far in helping you find love and happiness, then you’re exactly who this program is for. Don’t wait to start living.  

*Please keep in mind that we may receive a commission when you click on this link and make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our reviews and comparisons.

Dec 13, 202236:59
Stepping out on Empowering Faith

Stepping out on Empowering Faith

In this episode, we vibe out with Founder of BlaqueRose Coaching.    She is a Coach, Market Research Consultant and Podcast host dedicated to helping professional women over 35 find the clarity and confidence needed to finally build their dream business and leave their soul sucking career behind.    Tune in as she opens up about her own story, trials, struggles, and domestic abuse as young as 14 and what it took for her to put herself in the position she is in today!  Leticia Francis started her business in the midst of a season of personal growth, in pursuit of my purpose.  Don't miss the knowledgeable tips and resources we share to!    __________________________________________________   *Are you thoroughly dissatisfied with your love life and ready to make a change?    Look no further.  The Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles is coming soon.     Starting March 20, 2023, renowned Relationship and Life, Riana Milne will be taking a select group of individuals on a 6-month program that is guaranteed to change the results they get from love and life.   Get more details and sign up by clicking here!  *Please keep in mind that we may receive a commission when you click on this link and make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our reviews and comparisons.
Dec 11, 202235:14
Vulnerability and Accountability
Dec 09, 202231:43
Activating our TRUE POWER as Women - With Lesley Michaels
Dec 07, 202232:41
Preservation & Protection of our Mental Well Being
Dec 03, 202241:31
Integrating the Body, Mind and Soul with Dr. Lynn
Dec 01, 202238:38
How you keep allowing the word "BUT" to stop you...
Nov 28, 202213:04
Mindful Eating and Removing the "Dieting Mindset" for good!
Nov 20, 202231:37
A Blueprint For Determining your Destiny
Nov 18, 202235:31
Discovering The Empowering Side of Life
Nov 14, 202229:19
Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Another DOPE episode. 

In continuing in my journey of bringing empowering resource and solution to the podcast, comes speaking on trauma, hurt and many more emotions that we try and brush under the rug. 

Not here. 

Listen to this episode with Award winning author, speaker and educator, Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro. 

We tap into her story of past trauma induced "STE's", transformational insight and how she is is handling life's challenges with love and compassion. This is a truly inspirational story. 

Tune in and learn more about Spiritually Transformative Encounters with Dr. Marni and myself.  

Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro earned her doctorate in education from Northern Illinois University and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard during a very successful and rewarding 35-year career as a high school special education teacher, with 12 years as a university adjunct graduate school professor. 

Marni’s latest prominently endorsed 5-book series is entitled: “True Deceit False Love” addresses Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse, Parental Alienation and Intergenerational Family Trauma

Nov 10, 202247:08
The Reality Check some of yall need....
Nov 07, 202211:56
Can you still be happy in Corporate America?
Nov 05, 202233:60
Empowering Energy to Elevate your Complete Power - with Victoria M Gallagher
Oct 30, 202230:05
Why I'm standing on WHAT I SAID.

Why I'm standing on WHAT I SAID.

I said what I said! 

Following up from a previous episode, I AM NOT HUMBLE. 

It's clear that some folks just don't want to listen, but just want to disagree. 

You don't agree, that's have a choice to continue living with a restricted state of mind, or you have a choice to do your own research and elevate your MIND. 

Listen to THIS episode and keep the feedback coming! 

Oct 24, 202213:17
Boss'n Up Our Authenticity

Boss'n Up Our Authenticity

Its time to BOSS UP! 

Coach Kay Wds talks bossing up in our authenticity and bringing out our greatest selves with author, coach and fellow podcaster, Sheena Yap Chan. 

We talk about the why of bossing up our personal confidence, how important it is to have a tribe to provide empowering support, and leave the cattiness and negative competition out of the equation! 

Sheena Yap Chan is the creator and host of the podcast called “The Tao of Self Confidence” where she interviews Asian women through their inner journey to self confidence.  Her purpose of the podcast is to help Asian women build up their self confidence and create a stronger representation of Asian women.

Learn more about Sheena at:

Shop Positive with Upgraded MindsetZ:

Oct 20, 202230:25
Empowering From the Genetic Side of things - with Stephanie Serone
Oct 11, 202244:18
It's the Fake Entitlement for Me...
Oct 08, 202211:21
How we're breaking the Cycle of Limitations - with Special Guest Lisa Haisha
Sep 18, 202223:31
Why I am NOT Humble.....and stop telling people to be!
Sep 15, 202212:36
A Powerful Testimony of Elevating "Difernt"
Sep 03, 202246:32
The latest trend: Fake and Phony behavior

The latest trend: Fake and Phony behavior

This had to be said. The way a lot of yall moving just ain't sitting right with ME. You definitely want to listen to this one..
Aug 30, 202212:31
How to find our Happiness....with the Global Happiness Expert
Aug 13, 202240:59
The 5 Levels of SELF
Aug 06, 202214:48
How to unlock Restrictions in our Mind

How to unlock Restrictions in our Mind

I had to get this off my chest....we do this every single day....and it's got to change.
Aug 01, 202213:00
Bringing Toxic into New Territory...

Bringing Toxic into New Territory...

Another Deep conversation With Guest host Mr. Norm the Great1!
When is it cool to bring your toxic habits into a new relationship, friendship?
Yet some people feel that others are supposed to automatically be accepting....
Listen as we break that down.
Follow Mr. Norm the Great1 Podcast - Straight Talk and Great Music

Click here if you are interested in becoming a guest on the show!
Jul 19, 202238:13
Constructive Criticism is NOT hating...
Jul 17, 202211:24
Support our Men too....With Save Our Sisters Unplugged

Support our Men too....With Save Our Sisters Unplugged

When it comes to baby mama drama, This episode is a MUST LISTEN.  

Yall know I'm all about us ladies! 

That doesn't mean I don't support MEN as well, especially when they are being wronged. 

We had some deep conversation, about the current state of mom, dad and what and WHO is hurting the CHILD. 

I had the pleasure of chatting it up about this intense subject with my Sister in Empowerment and fellow Gemini, Norine! 

Norine Fahie is the creator of the Save Our Sisters Group and the Save Our Sisters Unplugged


Born on the beautiful island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Norine is a

Christian woman with a passion for helping other women. She created these platforms to

empower women of all ages to free themselves by using their voices to share their survival

stories, which will inspire and support women.



Jul 14, 202201:08:44
How to Take on Self Sabotage - with Guest Coach Shakiyah
Jul 05, 202235:26
What about ME?
Jul 01, 202214:51
Why everyone cant run a business...
Jun 29, 202215:18
Why it's time to GROW Up....
Jun 24, 202212:52
Why Dysfunction is Damaging YOU.
Jun 14, 202213:17
An EMOTIONAL Pre Episode
May 29, 202210:29
Your departure is too LOUD!
Apr 20, 202213:51
Justifying your Deflecting Ways
Apr 17, 202212:29
Empowering Real Growth with Dr. Yudi!

Empowering Real Growth with Dr. Yudi!

Another dope episode! 

I had the honor of having Dr Yudi Ross, founder of Creating a Seat here on the podcast! She definitely brought some Empowering Real Talk about herself and her purpose moving forward! 

SHOP ONLINE for Empowering Real Quotes


Apr 06, 202231:18
The Alignment is Fake, Boo...
Mar 27, 202210:31
Are you still "Talking"?
Mar 23, 202208:59
Dim your Shine for what!
Mar 14, 202211:45
Elevating Your Wellness

Elevating Your Wellness

Wellness comes in all ways. 

This episode here schooled the hell out of me yall! 

Integrative Health Practitioner Melissa Deally, of Your Guided Health Journey, blessed us with some AMAZING information when it comes to our BODY! 

I definitely look at things differently after recording this episode when it comes to our health and wellness.

Contact Melissa Here:

Click this link and Discover your TOXIC LOAD with her FREE QUIZ!

Shop the Upgraded MindsetZ Collection for Women's History Month at: 

Mar 04, 202235:20
Your Emotions gotta GO....
Feb 16, 202214:15
Why you have to stop downplaying your Well Being
Feb 11, 202210:29
Accountability equals WINNING
Feb 04, 202212:02
No Compromise, No Partnership
Feb 01, 202229:31
Overriding those Setbacks
Jan 31, 202212:22
Are you Justifying Negativity in your Life?
Jan 18, 202212:48
Structure is Necessary for Growth
Jan 11, 202213:03
3 things to REPLACE for 2022...
Jan 02, 202233:30
3 Words to leave in 2021!
Dec 31, 202111:04
Expecting what you DONT do for others.
Dec 29, 202110:35
Scared of your own growth!
Dec 28, 202108:10
Here's why it's time for you to elevate your Circle

Here's why it's time for you to elevate your Circle

You know I'm keeping it 💯. Let me break it down for you. Take notes.
Dec 07, 202114:45
Becoming - with Life Coach Shereka

Becoming - with Life Coach Shereka

Super excited about this episode! 

Join myself and a very special guest, Life Coach Shereka as we talk about becoming and living in our purpose. 

You do not want to miss this one! 

Check out for more information on services provided for Life Coaches!

Nov 29, 202132:26
Elevation ACTIVATED!

Elevation ACTIVATED!

What's been up with me? Find out the good, bad and more details on this FIRST ever Video Podcast on The Spotify platform! 

Be sure you listen to the end as you don't want to miss this...

The Power of M.E. 

Nov 26, 202109:11
Deflecting from Accountability
Nov 19, 202113:44
That Fake Love tho.....

That Fake Love tho.....

The title says it all. Listen and out how you know when somebody showing fake love to you.
Nov 10, 202111:15
5 Ways to initate your GROWTH
Oct 29, 202113:39
5 Things YOU control...
Oct 16, 202110:01
Turning Fear into Elevating
Oct 11, 202115:07
5 Mandatory Tips of Growth

5 Mandatory Tips of Growth

Mindset Matters. Here are 5 tips to help initiate your growth journey.  Full Blog:    SHOP:

Oct 06, 202113:18
I'm not obligated to your Responsibility.
Oct 03, 202114:50
Are you Qualified for what you are asking for?
Oct 01, 202145:25
You like TOXIC?
Aug 13, 202119:34
Real Convo with Mr. NormTheGreat1
Aug 11, 202130:34
Your Lack of Accountability....
Aug 01, 202113:36
4 Things Draining your LIFE!
Jul 28, 202114:17
Its Levels to "Support"

Its Levels to "Support"

You are holding yourself back. Let me tell you why...
Jul 21, 202116:54
YOU are your Prize.
Jul 09, 202110:54
Taking Social Influence Too Far..
Jun 23, 202114:04
Celebrate your damn self!
Jun 16, 202110:20
The "Uncomfortable"
Jun 16, 202101:06
How you Hype your Damn Self!

How you Hype your Damn Self!

June is my BIRTHDAY month. LET'S GOOO....Check out this episode; get hype with me!
Jun 01, 202109:06
Stop running from Accountability Ladies

Stop running from Accountability Ladies

I know I know!  

This episode had to happen. We owe this to ourselves right! DAMN RIGHT. Remember we getting UNCOMFORTABLE.  Take a listen and let me know what you think -

May 26, 202115:01
Be an Open Book.

Be an Open Book.

Today was a day of deep reflection....😘😘
May 24, 202105:14
How to Appreciate yourself!
May 19, 202111:00
We struggling ladies...Here's why💯
May 16, 202118:15
Pray about it, but then what? 😉
Apr 15, 202106:42
How to handle Stress.
Apr 14, 202115:22
Toxic Positivity
Mar 18, 202111:18 Real babyyy! 😎
Feb 27, 202109:31
What are you focused on?
Feb 17, 202106:16
New Support, who dis?

New Support, who dis?

Who supporting who?
Let me tell you why it's holding you back.
Take a Listen...

Feb 14, 202111:59
My Truth
Feb 04, 202117:44
Values...Follow your Own.
Jan 28, 202116:08
Praise the Effort too...
Jan 17, 202108:30