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Rowdy Opinionated Ginger - The Podcast

Rowdy Opinionated Ginger - The Podcast

By Ems Rae Searle

Hey, I'm Ems and I'm an Ethical Marketing Strategist! As you can likely tell - I get a little rowdy, a lot opinionated, and am in fact a proud (no, it isn't natural) ginger.
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Hustle. What’s all the fuss(tle) about?

Rowdy Opinionated Ginger - The PodcastAug 06, 2021

Hustle. What’s all the fuss(tle) about?
Aug 06, 202121:42
Girls (and the rest) just wanna have fu-un!
Jul 30, 202115:58
Momentum, momentum, momentum?
Jul 16, 202113:34
Superstar prices, mediocre results?
Jul 09, 202113:31
Selling, without the sleaze.
Jul 02, 202113:13
Generic copy belongs in the bin, not your business.
Jun 25, 202116:59
Niche down, blow up?
Jun 18, 202115:20
Spam is vile (and I'm not talking tinned)
Jun 11, 202114:04
Assistance? Please!
Jun 04, 202116:36
Let's get down to business, to defeat the "Huns"!
May 28, 202115:42
Rowdy Opinionated Ginger - The Trailer
May 21, 202100:60