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Encounters with Incomprehension

Encounters with Incomprehension

By Justice Alexander Hager

This podcast is part of a pavilion for the 2021-22 edition of The Wrong, a digital art biennale.
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Anxious to Make - Hypnosis for Artists

Encounters with IncomprehensionFeb 18, 2022

Anxious to Make - Hypnosis for Artists

Anxious to Make - Hypnosis for Artists

Anxious to Make is the collaborative practice of Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez, two commissioning bodies.

Our focus is on economic concepts, such as cryptocurrencies and the so-called “sharing economy”, and the accelerationist, neoliberal landscapes associated with them.

Our work examines how these economic concepts intersect with colonialism, technology, wealth culture, race, altruism, utopianism, and exploitation.

While Anxious to Make’s physical existence takes many shifting forms, it often manifests as series of video commissions, downloads, online generators, workshops, net art interventions, books, and sweepstakes.

Anxious to Make believes in absurdist extremes as way to examine contemporary realities.

Our work has appeared recently in Drugo More (Rijeka, Croatia), EMMEDIA (Calgary, CA), Transmediale (Berlin, DE), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), MoMA PS1 (New York), V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL), The Luminary (St. Louis), The Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam, NL), The Wrong Biennale, and Telematic (San Francisco).
Liat Berdugo is an artist, writer, and curator based in Oakland, CA. Her work strives to create an expanded, thoughtful consideration for digital culture. Berdugo has been exhibited in galleries and festivals internationally, and collaborates widely with individuals and archives. She is an Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture at the University of San Francisco. More at
Emily Martinez is an artist working with digital and networked media. Her recent practice and research interests examine the relationship between media, memory, and catastrophe; post-representational forms of subjectivity, emancipatory practices, and the digital archive. Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. More at
Feb 18, 202218:06
Ian Gibbins

Ian Gibbins

A sequence of audio works by Ian Gibbins:

story bridge (3:28) almost black (2:45) cataplexy (3:39) dirt track (4:38) eviscera (4:20)
Jan 09, 202218:50
Inland Empire by Michael Mersereau

Inland Empire by Michael Mersereau

uh uh hmm ughh mmm ugh mi mi um

Dec 27, 202100:59
anonymous waves - going nowhere
Dec 06, 202103:09
Kat Jarvinen - copper-for-your-dog-1
Oct 31, 202104:41
Tassia Mila, cântico do rio (singing of the river), 2015
Oct 27, 202101:42
Timo Kahlen - Stranger to the Ears

Timo Kahlen - Stranger to the Ears

Sound sculptor and media artist Timo Kahlen (* 1966)
has been creating subtle, intriguing, eye- and ear-catching,
temporary media sculptures and sound installations
for more than 30 years.

Presenting challenges to our imagination and perception,
Kahlen has chosen to work with new, often unusual,
transient and ‘immaterial‘ media: with wind and steam,
with light and shade, with pixels and dust, with sound,
vibration and noise.

"It‘s a paradox. In the dirty twittering,
gurgling, hissing, roaring, growling, whistling,
thundering, humming, droning, grinding,
snapping, rustling and crackling noises
we discover unexpected beauty...”

Oct 24, 202101:12


Encounters with Incomprehension is a pavilion in the 2021-22 edition of The Wrong, a digital art biennale. 

Oct 14, 202100:25