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Endless Anakin

Endless Anakin

By Manic Pixie Dust

I use popular music as a frame to babble about anything and everything Star Wars and Star Wars adjacent. Please visit for additional notes or to get involved.
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Episode 11: Californication

Endless AnakinNov 26, 2022

Episode 11: Californication
Nov 26, 202218:31
Episode 10: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Sep 27, 202207:52
Episode 9: Across the Stars
Jul 22, 202206:56
Episode 8: Unforgivable Sinner
Nov 23, 202122:12
Episode 7: Better
May 18, 202119:13
Episode 6: City
Apr 22, 202116:18
Episode 5: Help I'm Alive
Apr 08, 202119:50
Episode 4: Lux Aeterna
Mar 24, 202115:33
Episode 3: Shake It Out

Episode 3: Shake It Out

In this episode of Endless Anakin, I chat about Wanda Maximoff AKA the Scarlet Witch with my first ever guest, Heather AKA @Nerdygal33. There are spoilers through the first season of WandaVision, including post-credits scenes, as well as Avengers: Endgame and speculation of the Doctor Strange sequel currently filming.

Inspired by the song "Shake It Out" by Florence + The Machine, Wanda's (mis)treatment in the comics and the pre-series MCU, and the age old relationship between power and responsibility. Transcript and credits can be found at

Mar 11, 202128:22
Episode 2: The Weight of Us
Mar 02, 202113:34
Episode 1: Paralyzed
Feb 23, 202114:37
Episode 0: An Introduction

Episode 0: An Introduction

I've been building my Anakin Skywalker playlist since 2005. Now I'm using it to talk about Star Wars.

Jan 30, 202103:47