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Enviro Annotations

Enviro Annotations

By Sanjaya K Mishra

The podcast is on environment, sustainable development and allied topics.
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Gas flaring Reduction First time since 2010

Enviro AnnotationsApr 08, 2023

Environmental and Climate News 5th April 2023

Environmental and Climate News 5th April 2023

How many vacant posts in SPCBs/PCCs? Vacancy in MPPCB. Noteworthy that the National Green Tribunal, on 28th August 2019, issued directions in the matter of OA No. 95/2018, instructing all Chief Secretaries of States/UTs to fill up the vacant positions in SPCBs/UTPCCs within a period of 4 months. NGT Finds #chhattisgarh Failing to Process 1115 TPD Solid Waste and 421.4 MLD Sewage NGT on Original Application No. 627/2022 filed by Prakash Yadav against the State of Haryana Directs Personal Appearance of Principal Secretaries of Haryana Irrigation and Public Health Departments on the next hearing date, scheduled for April 24, 2023. Licence under Food Safety Regulations Must for Well Owners, Water Sellers, as per #kerala High Court #judgment MoEF&CC Scraps the Single Member NGT Bench Proviso in a Rule Change. However, on 31st January 2018, the Supreme Court directed that no single Judge bench be constituted to hear and decide matters in the NGT. #editorial “Global Reduction in Gas Flaring” What is gas flaring? How much gas flare contributes to carbon emission? Hazardous Wastes Conundrum in India Q&A with Sandeep Chachra, Executive Director, Action Aid Association Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Study claims landslide not linked to hydro power project activities How much nuclear energy is produced in India? Govt Reports 3.15 % Electricity generation from Nuclear in FY2021-22. Indian Nuclear Power Reactors produced 47,112 Million Units of Electricity during 2021-22. Jal Jeevan Mission achieves 60 % Coverage, Must Focus Wastage. International Finance Corporation (IFC) to halt clients #funding new #coal #projects Campaigners welcome. Delhi Chief Minister deliberates on options to Diffuse Water #crisis Delhi gearing up to further slash Summer Air Pollution Levels Despite Last 3 Fiscal Growth Trend, CAMPA Funds Remain Unspent. Total Utilisation of CAMPA funds during 2021-22 was reported to be Rs. 5776.44 Crore in 33 States. #campa Symphony Environmental India offers revolutionary solution to make plastics biodegradable, Product meets OECD eco-toxicity requirements What is ELV? What is benefit of #ELV scraping? CPCB Revises Guidelines for Handling and Scrapping of End-of-Life Vehicles. As per the document, it has been estimated that passenger cars contain about 70% #steel and 7-8% aluminium. The rest 20-25% is plastic, rubber, glass etc., which are also recyclable. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 1,134 kg of iron ore, 635 kg of coal and 54.4 kg of #limestone. MoEF&CC Expert Committee for Industry 1 Decides on Projects with Glaring Confusions, Past Litigations, and Groundwater Overreliance. There is a separate video on this. A Link is shared in the description. #industry 2 #committee Calls for NABET Assessment of Hubert Enviro Care Systems' Environmental Monitoring and Modeling Training Needs. Why US killing bison in Yellowstone National Park? New York Times reports, more than 1,500 bison in Yellowstone National Park were killed to prevent the spread of disease to livestock. What is the disease bison herds in Yellowstone National Park? Some 60 percent of the bison herd carries a disease, brucellosis, that could infect cattle and cause cows to abort their calves.

Apr 08, 202310:19
Gas flaring Reduction First time since 2010

Gas flaring Reduction First time since 2010

WB reports Gas flaring Reduction First time since 2010

Apr 08, 202306:17
Environmental News Headlines 29th June 2022

Environmental News Headlines 29th June 2022

News Headlines 29th June 2022. This is hebdomadal from every Thursday to Wednesday.

Jul 02, 202209:29
Environmental News Headlines 22nd June 2022

Environmental News Headlines 22nd June 2022

Enviro Annotations 176th issue headlines 

Jun 26, 202208:07
SUP Elimination Approach needs more dynamism

SUP Elimination Approach needs more dynamism

Not the least, people who are promoting use of upcycled cloth bags, should also create a day – Upcycled Cloth Bag day.

Visit us at

Jul 15, 202106:34
World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day 2021

Reimagine, Recreate WED with Real Heroes
Jun 05, 202106:60
SEBI's proposed business responsibility and sustainability reporting
Jan 26, 202107:10
Solar Power, New King by 2030
Jan 14, 202107:38
Ozone Today, Oxygen Tomorrow
Jan 05, 202107:18
Ensure Quality of Compost from Garbage
Jan 03, 202106:13
Flashback 2020
Dec 31, 202007:22
Soil pollution needs attention
Dec 29, 202006:38
Leopards population in India
Dec 27, 202004:07
13 Indian Wetlands listed as Ramsar Sites in 2020
Dec 27, 202006:19
Zero Emission: Cut the Clutters

Zero Emission: Cut the Clutters

This is my first ever podcast. The topic was published in my weekly newspaper Enviro Annotations of 16th December 2020 issue.

Dec 25, 202006:40