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Stories of Data - Open.Science.Talk

Stories of Data - Open.Science.Talk

By EOSC-Pillar

EOSC - What is it and does it pay off? In this new podcast series, we are discovering the world of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Our mixed team with representatives from the Horizon 2020 projects EOSC-Pillar and SSHOC projects will talk about the present and future of EOSC. From the vision - to the mission - to the reality - with a focus on the latter.

The aim of “Stories of Data” is to make EOSC more tangible and to support researchers in the implementation of Open Science and FAIR Data. We present practical examples and introduce some of the EOSC Community’s tools and services.
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EOSC - Let's get practical! Vol. 1

Stories of Data - Open.Science.TalkMay 03, 2022

Ambassadors for Open Science
Dec 20, 202224:17
Business Models for Open Science IT Services
Dec 13, 202209:42
Data Reuse Behavior - Researchers Study
Dec 06, 202213:40
FAIR Data for Earth Sciences
Sep 13, 202214:17
EOSC - Connecting research services
Sep 06, 202214:27
EOSC - An Open Future
Jun 14, 202213:31
SSHOCing Tools for the Job
Jun 07, 202214:29
SSHOC - United in Diversity

SSHOC - United in Diversity

Let's learn more about the Horizon 2020 project SSHOC (Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud) in this exciting episode.

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"Stories of Data: The Open Science Talk” is a collaboration between the two projects SSHOC and EOSC-Pillar, which are both funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

May 31, 202211:09
EOSC - Who needs to do what?
May 10, 202216:20
EOSC - Let's get practical! Vol. 1
May 03, 202218:10
EOSC - How to use it?
Apr 26, 202211:55
EOSC - Why and How?
Apr 19, 202212:43
Pilot: Welcome to the show!
Apr 12, 202209:41