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EQ READY hosted by Mark Tovar, Executive Coach

EQ READY hosted by Mark Tovar, Executive Coach

By Mark Tovar

Build Emotional Intelligence focused on; Positive leadership, relationships, cohesion, and trust.

Mark works daily with Employees, Executives, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. He discusses topics of Emotional Intelligence to better both employees' and executives' leadership potential to make sure you are EQ READY!

Communication, Mindset, Conflict, Mental Health, Work Culture, Workplace Stress, Feedback, ROI,
Crisis Management, Burnout, Empowerment, Transitions, Inclusion. Retention.

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Do you ever have a moment where you just freak out? You need Emotionally Intelligent friends

EQ READY hosted by Mark Tovar, Executive Coach May 12, 2023

Do you ever have a moment where you just freak out? You need Emotionally Intelligent friends
May 12, 202307:43
I forgot about how great it is to talk to other business owners (outside of work)
Apr 06, 202305:04
Worth vs Value

Worth vs Value

Do you know the difference?
How does this look in personal or professional space?
Are we over using these terms?
How do we position ourselves to advance?
Mar 16, 202311:22
We Never Seen to Have Enough Time
Mar 08, 202305:45
 What was I doing at a retreat for entrepreneurs? + Positive Affirmations

What was I doing at a retreat for entrepreneurs? + Positive Affirmations

In February, I attended an entrepreneurial retreat focused on the mindset and implementation of significant changes to their ways of doing business. Some of us even changed professional directions to accomplish to gain personal fulfillment.

This group of hand-selected, highly motivated humans shared  what brought them to this point in their businesses and their lives  Here are some  distinctions that I think are valuable.  All participants: 

- Have high emotional Intelligence   

-Are experts in the field of the human psychology  and have spent two decades treating individuals.

- Had a recent misfortune in their life that caused them to reevaluate their life and work 

-. Are moving into the business or entrepreneurial space  

- Viewed as suspect from others in their profession for trying to incorporate business and entrepreneurial skills into the helping profession.

- Expressed gratefulness for being with a group of like-minded individuals at this retreat. 

- Voiced great importance on being able to visualize, manifest and remain optimistic of results 

-Embraced an abundance (Not scarcity) mindset and believed in sharing openly all they know

Books suggested That are crucial to unblocking old negative programming of the mind

-The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

- The Last Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need To Read: The Missing Key To Finally Tapping Into The Universe And Manifesting Your Desires by Andrew Kap

What followed all this learning, you ask? 

 a 30-day challenge to improve my thoughts and perceptions. 

I recorded personal affirmations (Small sample)  dealing with areas we all struggle with. I Included  at the end of the podcast) 

 I would encourage you to build your own affirmations to fit your unique wants and challenges personally 

Join me and lets elevate our minds together

IF there are any mental health professionals who might be interested in attending this retreat as I did. Reach out so I can get you the information. 


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Gratitude to Kim Olver   for the podcast voice-over

Feb 28, 202314:29
Do you want to know how to establish relationships quickly?
Feb 20, 202310:15
In the midst of tragedy, there can still be Emotional Intelligence
Dec 23, 202210:43
Inclusivity and Diversity is Everything in Emotional Intelligence
Dec 08, 202208:33
Empathy is harder than you think. But there is a secret.
Dec 01, 202205:48
What is your Leadership Style? Hobbs vs Locke

What is your Leadership Style? Hobbs vs Locke

It is easy to get lost in concepts and believe that we are mastering a high level of leadership without going far into our emotional motivations and worldview. I propose every leader is on a spectrum of  Philosophy and Psychology within leadership. I ask every leader to take inventory of how one's philosophy affects the way we lead. 

Nov 27, 202214:57
Are you leading millennials?
Nov 24, 202209:04
Do you have psychological safety in your organization?
Nov 17, 202206:55
What to tell leaders who say "I don't think I need to invest in EQ"
Nov 10, 202203:19
What is emotional Intelligence and why its important to me!
Nov 03, 202203:22
Emotional Intelligence means -DON'T quiet quit

Emotional Intelligence means -DON'T quiet quit

Reach out with questions to mark's Linkedin account  

EQ or EI = Emotional Intelligence

Quiet quitting- That passive resentful feeling you get when you think, "I am gonna show them what they are taking for granted." This then turns into disengagement, burnout, and lack of productivity; its collateral damage.

Let's be clear- if you need to refocus or put some priorities to save yourself, that is ok; that is taking intentional action.

EQ theory teaches assertive communication and transparency components that lead to workers and executives who are most productive and feel the best.  Some items within the Emotional Intelligence framework (Bar-on 1997) could be coached to work with this issue.

Self -actualization  We continue to want to progress to reach our potential Assertiveness         Expresses feelings and thoughts with a direct and clear request. Problem-solving    Ability to find solutions when things are emotionally elevated or involved Reality testing        The ability to see your circumstance as it is rather than how you hope

I  KNOW you say, "I wish my employer were into EQ, but they are not, so I must operate in survival mode" I have coached many burned-out professionals who have had to switch professions or make major changes, and I hear you!

Good news! There are so many new organizations embracing Emotionally Intelligent things in the workplace. They understand the value. I will discuss some of them in upcoming podcasts. Alright, I'll give you a little nugget of inspiration. One of the websites you can follow is one that I love because they measure great places to work. I don't work for them or receive anything from them; I am just a big fan of what they do.

Be EQ Ready 

Interested in coaching individually or having your team trained?

Oct 30, 202204:33
Don't burn out

Don't burn out

If you are in any business that deals with people such as:


Mental Health Professionals




 Be sure you are taking care of yourself . 

Nov 18, 201909:31