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Equity Matters

Equity Matters

By Program on Educational Equity & Policy | Syracuse University

Equity Matters explores the causes and consequences of educational inequality and policies to address it. The vast majority of Americans believe that students deserve equal access to a quality education. However, our public schools exhibit socioeconomic, racial, and geographic inequality which leaves many students behind. Please join us for quarterly conversations about inequality in our public schools and how we can make our education system work for every student.
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Ep. 4: Affirmative Action is a Successful Policy

Equity MattersJun 07, 2023

Ep. 4: Affirmative Action is a Successful Policy

Ep. 4: Affirmative Action is a Successful Policy

The Supreme Court has upheld the use of affirmative action in college admissions numerous times, but the Court may end the practice this summer when it renders its decisions in challenges to the use of affirmative action by Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. A question frequently raised about affirmative action is whether racial and ethnic minority students who benefit from affirmative action are successful in the academically demanding context of selective colleges. Amy Lutz, a sociologist at Syracuse University's Maxwell School, discusses resent research she and her colleagues have published addressing this question. Dr. Lutz also discusses other issues related to affirmative action and makes an appeal to the Supreme Court justices to affirm the legitimacy of race conscious admission policies.

Read the Policy Brief: Affirmative Action is a Successful Policy for Diversity in College Graduation

Music: "Bluenotation" by Ezra Skull, used under license from ccMixter

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