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The Nudge

The Nudge

By Eric Jon Westerlind

Writing and editing when it's not your day job.
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Music & Form, ft. Ethan Koss-Smith

The NudgeMar 14, 2023

Music & Form, ft. Ethan Koss-Smith
Mar 14, 202301:33:03
Feb 27, 202328:42
Hope & Screenwriting, ft. Jamie Grefe
Feb 20, 202301:15:50
A Good Listener Of Media, ft. Jason Cashing
Feb 06, 202301:36:36
Art vs. Process in Tim's Vermeer (ft. Evan Dobson)
Jan 23, 202301:29:02
The Sundry Basket—Surprise, Vulnerability, Risk, Tokenism, Rejection
Jan 17, 202301:46:36
A Nanowrimo Postmortem; plus Chekhov's "The Lady With The Dog"
Jan 09, 202301:15:53
The Gold-Boned Monk
Jan 03, 202344:22
Leadership (ft. Collin Scanley)
Dec 19, 202201:42:58
A Seed of Good Remains
Dec 07, 202201:51:52
1,600 Words Per Day
Nov 28, 202201:17:35
Screenplay Project: The 3-Pagers
Nov 21, 202201:02:40
Tim's Two Step
Nov 14, 202201:08:32
Can We Talk About Writing?
Nov 13, 202232:32
Resolution, Grace
Nov 03, 202246:06
Little Moments Of Delight; or The Importance Of 'Place' In Fiction
Oct 24, 202221:22
Excising The Need To Be Right
Oct 17, 202201:14:45
Going To Left Field
Oct 02, 202231:58
Welcome to the Triverse (feat. Simon K. Jones)

Welcome to the Triverse (feat. Simon K. Jones)

We interview Simon K. Jones, serial fiction writer, just back from Malta.

Jul 04, 202201:52:13
GEM: Setting the Table (feat. Chris Di Pietro)

GEM: Setting the Table (feat. Chris Di Pietro)

Eric, Matt, and Kyle spend time with Chris, our producer and a fictional encyclopedist, chatting setting both scene and expectation.

Jun 22, 202228:20
The Frog and the Waterbug (feat. Jess Saba)

The Frog and the Waterbug (feat. Jess Saba)

We talk promotion, pandemia, and compost with Jess Saba, a PR consultant who self-defines as a 'lurker around writers'.

Jun 11, 202202:20:41
The Hazy Intersection of Subject & Object

The Hazy Intersection of Subject & Object

Kyle, Matt, and Eric talk hive-minds, permeable selves, and habits as always. 


Movies: Evil Dead, Lost in Translation, Magnolia

Books: Pachinko, Orlando, VALIS, The Face of Battle

Shows: Station 11, Atlanta, YouTuber Noel Miller

Authors: Kurt Vonnegut

May 28, 202201:07:24
GEM - On Density

GEM - On Density

Eric, Matt and Tim interview Michael Estes about his poetry, and poetry at large. 

May 22, 202226:16
Retreat, Engage.

Retreat, Engage.

Kyle, Matt, & Eric discuss the relative difficulties of being alone, how it relates to writing, and then open up the final prompts from the film pitch exercise in order to move to the next phase of the project.

Reference Material
Books: Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Nietzsche, The Control of Nature - Mcphee
Movies: Amelie, Burn After Reading, A Fish Called Wanda, The Trip
Shows: Patriot

May 10, 202202:11:31
The Pitch

The Pitch

What happens when you take a kernel and try to make it sprout a few paragraphs?

Apr 27, 202201:30:41
GEM: Dan Brooklyn Boils Things Down

GEM: Dan Brooklyn Boils Things Down

Tim, Matt, and Eric chat with Dan Brooklyn about his remarkable travels and the stories that came from them.

Apr 19, 202234:51
Film and Form

Film and Form

Matt, Eric, and Kyle talk about screenwriting and start a new, small, fun project.

Apr 12, 202201:32:43
GEM: Aspects of Horror

GEM: Aspects of Horror

Eric, Matt, and Tim chat about writing to music, and then dig into suspense and fear. Eric and Matt both share scary stories from back when, and do a little campfire story-round.

Apr 06, 202227:54
The Shit

The Shit

Eric, Kyle, n' Matt discuss English profanities, the weather, bugs and composting, the stakes of composting, the stakes of composting humans, how stakes impact writing. They talk about sea glass—when it's not good and when it is good—and the general problem of what to do with stuff when we're done with it, leading to questions of the role of the writer in asking questions, questions in favor of reckless honesty, vulnerability, and more. 

They also read Kyle's story Midwest Pizza, which he is currently shopping for publication.

Mar 28, 202201:54:05
GEM: Some of the Small Things

GEM: Some of the Small Things

Tim, Eric, and Matt talk with Dan Lombardy about his and their approach—why writing? How does the sport affect the person who does it? What issues arise in the act? They read a trimming of a larger work of his and discuss how it affects them, and more.

Mar 21, 202229:30
Pizza and War

Pizza and War

Kyle and Eric talk the origins and growth of a novel, theme saturation, the playgrounds we build our stories on top of, and how the connection of disparate elements makes new writing and new growth as a writer. We take another tour through our barn pieces, and end with some movie recommendations and talk of Strega Nona.

Mar 14, 202202:03:12
Vic(tori)a Hood

Vic(tori)a Hood

Eric and Kyle sat down with Tori to talk about her writing and writing life. Topics range from marriage to eating disorders to womanhood to the loss of Tori's mother, the truths of which suffuse her work.

Feb 28, 202201:10:01
The Individual's Origin

The Individual's Origin

Eric, Matt, and Kyle talk personal repression, being an American writer, how it all started, and then share their first workshop about barns.

Feb 21, 202202:13:37
Tracks in One Direction

Tracks in One Direction

Eric, Matt and Kyle discuss writing exercises, plotting as a principle, how turning to Substack has changed their writing, and then read a chapter of Eric's book UGO.

Feb 16, 202201:54:38
GEM: Three Points to Consider

GEM: Three Points to Consider

Matt, Tim, and Eric talk one effort at werewolves, Matt's collection about grief, and how audience, idea, or approach can all set good borders to work within when setting out to write something.

Feb 15, 202220:01