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JOYrney To Purpose™

JOYrney To Purpose™

By Erica Lasan

The JOYrney To Purpose podcast (with Erica Lasan) is a new podcast created to help women and entrepreneurs in transitional phases of life find JOY, purpose, and healing in what's next. The mission is simple, transform the world through RADICAL JOY!

JOYrney with us each week as JOY Strategist Erica Lasan, shares stories, conversations with industry experts, and other inspirational #JOYGems to help you rediscover, reconnect, and recommit to your purpose and identity in JOY!
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Faith It, ‘Til You Make It

JOYrney To Purpose™Nov 28, 2023

Faith It, ‘Til You Make It
Nov 28, 202301:07:57
New Year, New Wine.
Jan 08, 202336:50
Tribe Vibes: Embracing Community w/ JOY!
Nov 21, 202131:58
Relax. Reset. Restore.
Nov 14, 202131:19
Just Float.
Oct 31, 202129:20
Big BOM Energy
Oct 24, 202137:13
Workin' 9 to 5
Oct 17, 202101:06:47
It Was All A D.R.E.A.M.
Oct 10, 202134:45
For Purpose, Or Praise?
Oct 03, 202145:49
Mirror, Mirror
Sep 26, 202141:22
Sticks & Stones
Sep 12, 202144:59
Invest Your Talents
Sep 05, 202135:17
Skool Daze
Aug 29, 202132:15
Liquid Gold & Triple Bs
Aug 22, 202127:48
C'mon Baby, Light My Fire
Aug 15, 202133:19
Life & Lemonade
Aug 08, 202134:13
The Juggle Is Real

The Juggle Is Real

Today’s chat comes on the coat-tails of last week’s conversation.  Many people don’t know what goes into the 24/7, 365 JOB of being a full-time Stay-at-home mom.  Well, today I’m here to welcome you into our world...  Because the Juggle is real!

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Aug 01, 202133:16
Into the Thick Of It
Jul 25, 202135:03
Protect The Asset (Take Care)
Jul 21, 202123:57
33 | JOYrney To Purpose

33 | JOYrney To Purpose

Another turn around the sun, another year of growth, change, and cranking my way through building a business.   Today I’ll be sharing a bit of my entrepreneurial JOYrney leading up to this point and what the year 33 taught me in life and business!  What have been the ups, downs, lessons learned, and business milestones.  Take a listen and a watch for some tips and things to keep in mind for your own JOYrney to Purpose!   

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Jul 11, 202127:36
Restoration Is Yours!

Restoration Is Yours!

If you're finding yourself in a rough patch or a hard transitional time, know that RESTORATION is yours! Be present, be willing to obey, and be ready to share your story!  Get ready to JOYrney to purpose, ONE feel-good things at a time!

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Jun 27, 202139:03
Freedom At It's Finest

Freedom At It's Finest

Happy Juneteeth!!!! How are you enjoying your freedom!
Jun 20, 202119:46
Live Out Your Mission
Jun 13, 202132:52
Process Before Progress

Process Before Progress

In this week's episode, Erica shares a process on how to process your plans, so you don’t keep your purpose on pause! This process is one that will help you evaluate where you are in your life, while helping you transform your current life’s state in JOY!   By putting it into action you’ll gain clarity, tangible progress, and tons of smiles along the way!

In addition to this you'll also be getting the low down on what’s happening with the podcast in the coming months!

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Jun 06, 202123:17
Mom(ME) Lessons
May 30, 202101:32:13
The Skruggle Of Obedience.
May 23, 202130:43
Unleash The Treasures Hidden Within

Unleash The Treasures Hidden Within

This week’s episode is all about vision: vision casting, manifesting, and bringing your family/friends/framily into the mix.  Today’s guest is Michelle McKinney (@Michelle.McKinney), Women’s empowerment leader, business coach, Dream architect, Founder of Dreams Unleashed, and creator of the vision playbook!

This episode is for all of those who feel they can’t live out their dreams and in their purpose because of family.  This is for all of those looking to find new ways to “Faith It, ‘Til they make it, and do so as a family unit.”

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Vision Casting Workshop:


Apr 11, 202102:09:15
Validation Nation: Addicted To Social Media
Mar 28, 202151:51
Know Thyself
Mar 09, 202101:01:20
Finding JOY in Pleasure

Finding JOY in Pleasure

For many women there is a shame that comes with embracing their sexuality, exhibiting their sensuality, and taking ownership of their desires when it comes to personal pleasure.  So to close out February’s theme of love, today we’re talking about the JOY in finding Pleasure!

Our guest today’s is Sex & Intimacy Coach (and co-host of the Host of the Sex In Color Podcast) Bridget Bray!  Keep your ears peeled and get your notepads ready as we dive into a conversation in healing and joy around faith, spirituality, womanhood and finding pleasure in JOY!  Trust me, you want to listen through to this complete episode, for a finish that’s sure so make you (and hopefully your partner!) scream for JOY!


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Create Your 2021 Vision Board

Feb 28, 202101:47:41
Manifesting: Abundance in JOY
Feb 14, 202101:06:48
The he(ART) of Letting Go
Feb 01, 202138:37
Less Talk, More Action
Jan 17, 202135:52
Decluttering: Mind, Body, & Home
Jan 09, 202101:08:18
2021 - Be Strong & Courageous!
Jan 03, 202147:46
F.A.I.L - Perspective Is Everything.

F.A.I.L - Perspective Is Everything.

How to gain a positive perspective in moments of failure, challenges, and struggles.
Oct 18, 202020:49
Wellness Beyond the 'Gram

Wellness Beyond the 'Gram

The world is a messy and anxiety inducing place. How can you begin to practice wellness as a whole?  Where does it start?  How can you take the “work” out off it, and if you’re looking to break away from a “processed lifestyle” (in every sense of the word), how can you become more healthy and whole in a beautiful and organic way?

Today’s guest is Autumn Colon of L. Autumn Co.  As a “wellprenuer and student of holistic health and nutrition from New York City," Autumn is a wellness advocate, food, feelings & movement enthusiast.  Her work  centers around making holistic wellness & nutrition relatable.  Tune in today for tips, tricks, and tangible points to transition into your nutrition and wellness goals! 

Sep 26, 202049:37
Coming To America

Coming To America

 This episode is for those who've ever left their home country to pursue a better life for themselves, it's for the children who are growing up with rich (foreign heritages) and merged identities outside of the land of their ancestors; as well as for those who still aspire to migrate to America for themselves.  

Today’s guest is one of my favorite people – who I also have the favor of calling family – Dr. Remi Duyile, mother, mentor, wife, friend, and conqueror of the “American Dream.”  As a former VP of one of the Nation’s biggest banks (Bank Of America), Dr. Duyile is the epitome of The American Dream.  Stay tuned as we chat with her about what it takes to achieve success in America against all odds. 

PS: If you love the conversation in this episode and you're inspired to join a tribe of women stepping into JOY, accountability, and Purpose, then you're going to LOVE our next LRM Challenge!   JOIN US for October's Challenge: Q4 R3set, R3new, R3vive! A 21-day challenge aimed to activate wellness in every area of your life.  Click HERE to learn more!

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Sep 12, 202001:35:52
Friends Of Influence

Friends Of Influence

This week’s podcast episode chats about friendship in the digital age: creating connections and friendships online, maintaining relationships offline, and navigating the loss of friendships.  Today’s guest is digital influencer, creative media director, wife, and bawse-mom (of two!) Dayna Bolden!

PS: If you love the conversation in this episode and you're inspired to join a tribe of women stepping into JOY, accountability, and Purpose, then you're going to LOVE our next LRM Challenge!   JOIN US for October's Challenge: Q4 R3set, R3new, R3vive! A 21-day challenge aimed to activate wellness in every area of your life.  Click HERE to learn more!

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Sep 05, 202001:00:58
Happy Healthy: Body Goals
Aug 29, 202001:03:07
Clarity In A Time of COVID: A JOYrney To Purpose
Aug 23, 202043:38
Purposed, Passionate, Popular, and PAID

Purposed, Passionate, Popular, and PAID

In today’s episode we’re talking about how to discover, focus, and tap into your purpose and how it potentially leads you to gaining popularity as a woman, and eventually getting you paid (hey there entrepreneur!)-- ultimately helping you land your best mom life. Our guest du jour is Christine Michel Carter-- speaker, consultant (for millennial black motherhood), author of the book, “Can Mommy Go to Work?” and founder of the nationally touring, “Mompreneur and Me” event series!
Sep 15, 201901:00:17
SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES - Balancing Business & Babies

SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES - Balancing Business & Babies

This week we’re talking about balancing babies and business: How to live in your purpose and leveraging your passion/interests to raise BAWSE babies… early. Today’s guest is mompreneur and momager extraordinaire Andresha De Bourg (@MommyInspires). Buckle up! This is going to be a long one chalked-full of gems!
Sep 01, 201901:22:57
Fear Is Just A Distraction

Fear Is Just A Distraction

Coming off of a dream-catching weekend in Baltimore, this week we discuss: AFRAM, the purpose of the LRM podcast (and who it's intended for), why we shouldn't give into the concept of fear in trying to achieve greatness, and the importance of FAILING often.
Aug 16, 201919:26


PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION‐- an introduction to the Live Rich Movement (#LRM) podcast with Erica Lasan. A new podcast grounded in encouraging us to live creatively fulfilled lives-- rich in purpose, faith, and passion!
Jul 31, 201914:18