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The Eric Chow Empowers Podcast

The Eric Chow Empowers Podcast

By Eric Chow

Welcome to the show designed to empower you! Listen to interviews with people who have overcome difficult life challenges or the monologues with the host sharing insights and ideas based on his experience and the many dozens of stories he has heard and read. At The Eric Chow Empowers Podcast, we are dedicated to giving ourselves the power to become the person we envision ourselves to be, and the life we believe we can live. In every episode, we celebrate this process and the beautiful journey presented by life through conversational storytelling.

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67. The Role of Luck in Getting What You Want

The Eric Chow Empowers PodcastFeb 04, 2023

67. The Role of Luck in Getting What You Want

67. The Role of Luck in Getting What You Want

What is the role that luck plays in getting what we want, in succeeding in life in any aspect? What are some of the other factors that combine with luck in different situations to create success? What creates luck? In this episode, Eric Chow shares a few powerful lessons that will give you a greater appreciation for your life, get you thinking about the role of luck in your own life and what you did to earn it, and how we can actually create more luck this year. Listen to the episode to learn more and connect with Eric on all social media platforms @ericchowreal including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

Feb 04, 202322:42
66. How to Make Decisions (Return of the Podcast)

66. How to Make Decisions (Return of the Podcast)

The Eric Chow Empowers Podcast is back for 2023 after a nearly 8-month hiatus! In this episode, Eric Chow shares strategies to improve your intention and goal-setting this year and tips on making quality decisions in your life while using this podcast's history as the guiding example from its start in 2019 to the recent decision to bring the podcast back. Most of us are never taught how to make good decisions in our life, and yet we're expected to make them. Eric doesn't claim to be an expert on great decision-making but this podcast has always been a shining example. The formula? Knowledge + Input & Counsel + "Definiteness" makes for quality decisions. Listen to the episode to learn more. Connect with Eric on all platforms @ericchowreal including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

Jan 21, 202331:27
65. Stop Making This Mistake, It's Time To Step Up

65. Stop Making This Mistake, It's Time To Step Up

Over the past 2+ years, there have been countless struggles: figuring out why we are dissatisfied with our lives and what we should be doing instead, not being able to meet people and build meaningful relationships, being unable to find time for hobbies and interests and passions, and so much more. In this episode, Eric Chow talks about a mistake he noticed in the way we respond to these struggles and how we can respond appropriately. The answer is simple: Instead of stepping back from life, step in and experience all that life has to offer.

For more from Eric Chow, listen to more episodes of The Eric Chow Empowers Podcast or connect with Eric on social media everywhere @ericchowreal.

May 29, 202220:18
64. "The Front Row Mentality: Motivation, Inspiration, and Success" with Eric Chow
Feb 23, 202222:60
63. Passion, Progress, and Psychology with Zach Hose
Feb 04, 202201:15:41
62. Dreamers Create Their Own Reality with Océane Chamoret
Jan 26, 202201:11:50
61. Make 2022 Your Year with Eric Chow

61. Make 2022 Your Year with Eric Chow

This 20-minute monologue is my happy new year message to you: wishing you an amazing year ahead, and sharing some ideas that I believe will help you make 2022 your year. If you listen carefully, pausing to think about the ideas, potentially even listening to it multiple times and reflecting on it with a notebook afterwards, you will have prepared yourself with the mindset, determination, and focus you'll need to make this year incredible. 

I'll just say this: The comfort zone is characterized by doing the same things in the same ways with the same people at the same time and getting the same results. No wonder life doesn't get better. Those who don't grow are stuck because they are unwilling to leave what they've known and practiced to do something better. If you want to make changes this year, this episode will light a spark and give you guidelines on developing a game plan for an amazing year.

Jan 02, 202223:22
60. Active Addiction & Life Afterwards with Nicole Marso
Dec 26, 202101:02:05
59. Facing Your Inner Demons with Pranav Karakavalasa
Dec 19, 202101:30:11
58. "The New Year Starts Right Now" by Eric Chow

58. "The New Year Starts Right Now" by Eric Chow

Hey amazing winners! This episode is a 20-minute monologue to give you the right mindset going into December 2021, and the New Year 2022. If there is anything at all that you aren't satisfied with in your life, if you plan on making changes this coming new year, if you are serious about improving your life in any way, this is where you start.

Dec 03, 202122:46
57. A Life By Design with Eric Chow

57. A Life By Design with Eric Chow

For this week's episode, Eric Chow does a raw, transparent, unscripted monologue that will likely challenge you. Eric shares a powerful, practical strategy to help you empower yourself. If you've ever wondered why some people can be so positive, optimistic, ambitious, energetic, focused, determined, etc. they are likely applying the strategy Eric discusses in this episode. This is the strategy that makes becoming the person you want to be a natural byproduct. It's not just about thinking differently. It's about designing your life so you naturally begin to embody who you want to be.

Nov 10, 202124:28
56. How I Started Empowering with Eric Chow

56. How I Started Empowering with Eric Chow

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Eric Chow is going solo to share his martial arts journey from a few years ago. Eric's journey of personal development--all the books he's read, podcasts and talks he's listened to, and conversations he's had--the journey started with martial arts. Eric believes that he wouldn't be who he is today, doing what he's doing today, talking to the people he talks to today, if it weren't for his time training. In this episode, he talks about his years in martial arts and shares a few of the standout moments, lessons, and takeaways that continue to play a role in his life and shaped who he is today.

Oct 28, 202133:12
55. Let Life Be That Crazy Adventure with Theo & Taylor Baudry
Oct 20, 202101:12:15
54. "Empower" by Eric Chow

54. "Empower" by Eric Chow

Hey everybody! This episode features a short monologue about the one word that started the show: "Empowerment." After more than 2 years of doing this podcast, Eric Chow shares how he got started empowering himself and then into empowering others, in the hopes of giving you some ideas to help you empower yourself and those around you.

Oct 13, 202117:32
53. The Realities of a Sexual Assault Survivor with Anne Magbuo
Oct 06, 202101:04:16
52. The Importance of and Ideas Around Raising Self-Image with Eric Chow
Aug 11, 202134:47
51. Unglamored, A Novel on Mental Health in Entertainment by Jessie Cheng
Jul 12, 202148:52
50. Childhood & Travel Stories with Hailey Chow

50. Childhood & Travel Stories with Hailey Chow

This episode's conversation takes a different turn than the regular ones on this show in the sense that I'm not getting to know someone, I'm not interviewing them, and I'm not actively extracting meaningful, empowering messages or ideas. For Episode 50, I've brought on my sister. You'll hear about our relationship, fun childhood stories, some of our favorite travel experiences, and more. If you want to know more about us on a personal and casual level, this is the episode for you. You can find my sister on Instagram @hail_ysc.
Jul 02, 202101:13:16
Choosing Love Over Fear with Dora Bobanovic - Ep 49
May 11, 202101:15:17
A Marriage of Thrill and Fear with Kulsum - Ep 48
Mar 07, 202101:38:33
Be Your Superhero with Raymond Salgado - Ep 47
Feb 05, 202101:31:51
Finding the Fine Line in a Global Pandemic with Natalie - Ep 46

Finding the Fine Line in a Global Pandemic with Natalie - Ep 46

What's the secret to life? Well, this discussion suggests that the answer might just be Harry Styles. In this episode, Natalie and I discuss finding the silver lining, the Fine Line, during the pandemic. We talk about how "Seeking Discomfort," the motto of the Yes Theory community, isn't just about adventures, traveling, and talking to strangers - it's also about getting to know, understand, love, and accept oneself. We are not our feelings or our thoughts. Rather than take fear and anxiety for what it is, we can break it down, understand it, and recognize what it's really trying to tell us.
Links to Check Out:

Harry Styles - Zane Lowe 'Fine Line' Interview on YouTube.
Follow Natalie on TikTok @tobesonatalie for more on how Harry Styles is the Secret to Life.
Jan 13, 202101:19:09
"I was born into a religious cult" with Kassidy Yager - Ep 45

"I was born into a religious cult" with Kassidy Yager - Ep 45

Kassidy Yager was born into a religious cult, the Jehovah's Witness Christian denomination. In this episode, she shares her story of being raised in a closed environment where she was taught beliefs like "we would die if we hung out with people from school." Kassidy's mother later left the religion that she was also born into, later followed by Kassidy herself, who left at the age of 15. Kassidy, who thinks her life started at the age of 15, shares how the religion limited her as she grew up, and moving forward, what she's had to learn and overcome in the years since. Kassidy's story is one of unlearning-and-relearning what life is all about.
If you loved her story, go follow Kassidy on Instagram @kassidy.majenta and if you want to learn more about the Jehovah's Witnesses, check out the Netflix show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" Season 3 Episode 12.
Jan 04, 202101:48:01
A Life without Sight with Johnny Munoz & Brittany Embry - Ep 44
Oct 12, 202001:26:19
The Magic of Human Connection with Michael Johnson (aka Tea with Mike) - Ep 43
Sep 20, 202001:28:32
"I Didn't See Myself As Beautiful" with Mikayla Seijo - Ep 42

"I Didn't See Myself As Beautiful" with Mikayla Seijo - Ep 42

For an episode quite a while in the making, the guest for this one is my friend Mikayla Seijo. In this episode we are diving deep into self-image and self-love. Some of the questions we're sharing our thoughts on include: Why is it sometimes so difficult to have a great self image and accept ourselves? How does our self image influence the way we see and treat our relationships with others? Is the idea that "you can't love others if you can't love yourself" true? How can we raise our self image?

In part 2 of the episode, we're hearing about Mikayla's relationship with her boyfriend of several years before diving into her perspective on romantic relationships. That includes loving someone but not being reciprocated and getting rejected, being in a broken relationship, seeing someone else in a broken relationship, and more. Arguably most important, we share our thoughts on feeling unlovable, feeling incapable of being loved or loving.

If you enjoy this episode, I'd appreciate if you could subscribe to the show, like the episode, and rate my podcast on whatever platform you're listening on. Also tweet me or tag me in an Instagram story of you listening to the show, and your thoughts on the episode! You can also follow Mikayla on Instagram @_meeekss_ or on her IG Food Blog @meeklymunchies and find her on Twitter @meeekss1

Also, one more thing. There's another 45-minutes or so of conversation that I haven't released in this episode between Mikayla and I all about living life to the fullest, making the most of our time here on Earth, traveling, and we share some fun stories and experiences. I'm thinking to release that as a bonus episode at some point, so if you want to hear that, let me know!
Aug 28, 202001:15:32
Healing A Victim of Life with Symphony Esqueda - Ep 41

Healing A Victim of Life with Symphony Esqueda - Ep 41

This episode features my 6th guest from the Yes Fam community based around the amazing YouTube channel, Yes Theory. My guest in this episode also happens to be someone recently featured in one of Yes Theory's most recent videos. We begin with Symphony sharing the story of getting to meet Yes Theory and the experience of hanging out with them, and later on her passion for art, but the real reason I invited her on the show is because of her story.

Symphony shares that for a while that she, along with her sisters and mother, would have to sleep in a car, or on people's floors and couches, and how she would consistently have to brush her teeth and get ready in a school bathroom because of a broken relationship between her mother and her mother's ex-boyfriend. In a situation like that it's natural to feel like a victim of life, to question "why is this happening to me?" and Symphony definitely felt that. But what amazes me about Symphony is how she started to face it, how she radiates so much hope, love and joy, and I can't wait for you to see that for yourself as you listen to her. Her strength is an inspiration.

Follow Symphony on Instagram @symphonyviolet and
Watch the Yes Theory video with Symphony.
Aug 10, 202001:23:31
Perspective of the People & Facing Doubts with Sam Gabriel-Deveau - Ep 40

Perspective of the People & Facing Doubts with Sam Gabriel-Deveau - Ep 40

For this episode, I bring in my 5th guest from the Yes Fam community based around the YouTube channel Yes Theory. Sam shares his journey of going from not knowing what to do in life to becoming who he is today which, among other things, includes being an aspiring filmmaker. Sam also shares how he overcomes doubts and fears in life, and his process for learning new things and creating. Sam and I also discuss the magic of creating friendships with people, and his new podcast (first episode coming soon), Perspective of the People which I will be an early guest on.

Finally, Sam flips the script on me and picks my brain around workflow, setting deadlines, working on passion projects, and basically, getting things done. Especially in the context of passion projects or creative projects, where there are no set deadlines handed down by someone else, or perhaps a larger task with a deadline far away, figuring out your own workflow can be a challenge. Our discussion also includes finding the fine line between not trying hard enough and actually trying too hard on tasks.

Sam ends this episode by sharing a few powerful lessons, which I'll save for him to share.

You can find Sam on Instagram @sam_v_gd and on Twitter @SamGabrielDeve1.

Also, this is the YouTube video Sam made about how we met.

Join the Yes Fam Groups on Facebook!

Jul 04, 202002:02:40
"You Matter" A Testament by Kyle Deaver - Ep 39

"You Matter" A Testament by Kyle Deaver - Ep 39

The 4th episode in my series of guests from the Yes Fam community, features Kyle Deaver, a US Army Combat Veteran dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kyle is a walking testament to my belief that "vulnerability is strength" because he is one of the strongest people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. As you listen to Kyle's story - from a difficult childhood, to the horrors of war, to losing friends on the battlefield and to suicide, to terrible relationships, and the everyday challenge of PTSD - I'm sure you'll see that strength. Despite everything Kyle has been through, after sharing his story, you'll hear Kyle talk about what keeps him going, and his reasons for continuing to wake up in the morning.

Kyle believes that everybody matters. Kyle says that there are billions of stars in the universe, but it is the Sun that we need to light up the Earth. There may be 7 billion people in the world, but it is you, reading and listening to this, that is bringing light to someone's life. In the words of Chester Bennington, "Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do."

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States: 1-800-273-8255. Please call it if you ever need it.

You can find Kyle on Instagram @wondernut666.

Join the Yes Fam Groups on Facebook!

Jun 24, 202001:28:12
"I'm Sorry Mom" Seek Discomfort Travel Stories with Caitlin Durnbaugh - Ep 38

"I'm Sorry Mom" Seek Discomfort Travel Stories with Caitlin Durnbaugh - Ep 38

Jun 18, 202001:39:30
Love Loudly & Be You with Raiha Zainab - Ep 37
Jun 12, 202001:12:06
Seeking Spontaneous Discomfort & Meeting Strangers with Lemai Vo - Ep 36

Seeking Spontaneous Discomfort & Meeting Strangers with Lemai Vo - Ep 36

In this episode, my guest Lemai shares how she overcomes the challenges of majoring in Chemistry, and her hobbies of knitting & crocheting. Lemai and I also talk about my personal favorite YouTube channel, Yes Theory, that Lemai also loves. We talk about the message of the channel to "Seek Discomfort" and that "Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." That leads us into a conversation about engaging with the Yes Fam community, and later, the story of how Lemai created and organized a "Speed Friends" event on Zoom for the Yes Fam, which is actually how she and I met.

Lemai's experiences show that while planning things out can be great for certain situations, sometimes, the best experiences are the ones that come across spontaneously, the ones that push you out of your comfort zone, and involve a little bit of risk. Figure out for yourself the balance of planning and spontaneity that works for you. Lemai's experiences also show us the value of engaging with people, even strangers, in pursuit of meaningful connections from around the world. Thanks for coming on the show Lemai!

Announcement: The 3rd Speed Friends Event is happening Saturday, May 30th from 10 am - 1 pm, and 5-8 pm PST. If you'd like to join, DM me or join the Zoom Time or Official Yes Fam Facebook Groups to see the event.

Follow Lemai on Social Media!

Join the Yes Fam Groups on Facebook!

May 28, 202001:04:09
Rising Above the Past with Julissa Gonzalez - Ep 35
May 12, 202001:13:49
How To Spend Your Quarantine with Roxanne Ramos - Ep 34
May 08, 202001:10:33
Dance as an Expression & A Guide to Personal Freedom with Danielle Galvez - Ep 33
May 01, 202001:12:36
Be Around the Right People with Alexa Sass - Ep 32
Apr 28, 202001:04:04
World Domination and Being Grandiose with Jiayao Xu - Ep 31
Apr 23, 202001:21:13
The Arts, Quarantine, and Self-Esteem with Johan Casal - Ep 30

The Arts, Quarantine, and Self-Esteem with Johan Casal - Ep 30

We're back with your regular podcast episodes after a month-long hiatus with an amazing guest, Johan Casal. In this episode we're talking about... The Arts - Johan has experience dancing, singing, choreographing, writing, and directing! Being Under Quarantine, How It's Impacted Us, and How We're Staying Sane Curiosity & Exploring New Things Communication & Difficult Conversations Self-Esteem in the context of Love & Relationships, And Always Being a Work in Progress Striving to Be Better I'm excited to be recording podcast episodes again, and I think this one is a great first episode back. Shout-out to Johan for coming on the podcast. You can find him on Instagram ( and on Twitter ( Go give him a follow and let us (@_choweric) know what you think of the episode!
Apr 15, 202054:56
The Value of Active Peer Learning with Susan HayesCulleton - Ep 29

The Value of Active Peer Learning with Susan HayesCulleton - Ep 29

In this episode I am joined by Founder and CEO of Active Peers at BECKSearch, author, and speaker, Susan HayesCulleton. From my angle as a student, to her perspective as a business professional, we tackle the concepts of Active Learning & Peer Learning. Starting with why the both of us are interested in those topics and our experiences with them, we delve into the different strategies, issues, and environments that are involved with them. This conversation functioned as a two-way interview, with both of us asking each other questions and bouncing off of each other.  This is a very different topic than what I have previously discussed on the podcast, but it is no less empowering. I believe that Active & Peer learning have fundamentally and significantly been beneficial for me and for everyone else, whether you know it or not. In fact, without some of the active peer learning strategies I have implemented, I believe that not only would I have performed significantly worse in high school, I also would have been absolutely miserable. Fortunately, that wasn't the case - and this episode will hopefully help you be more conscious about using this. Linked below are two blog posts I wrote for BECKSearch about these topics. The following is a video Susan made about what BECKSearch does. You can find Susan on the BECKSearch blog and YouTube channel that are already linked, or on Twitter @susanhayes_
Mar 25, 202001:02:03
A Talk on Reframing Time, And Answering People's Greatest Weakness - Ep 28

A Talk on Reframing Time, And Answering People's Greatest Weakness - Ep 28

This episode is a little different than usual because it wasn't originally done for the podcast, it was a talk that I was giving for two classes of high school Juniors & Seniors. In the talk, I share a personal story and a solution to many of the issues I believe young people struggle with often. We all get anxious and afraid of something, or we get upset and disappointed at how something went. We suffer from anxiety and depression at alarmingly high rates. While much of this is beyond our control, I do believe that we either sometimes cause anxiety and depression in ourselves, or enhance it with the way we frame our lives. If someone spills a cup of coffee, what will come out? Similarly, if someone causes the cup of your mind to overfill, what kinds of thoughts come spewing out? This talk is about how we can begin to stop this destructive and painful process by beginning with a simple, yet vital concept: recognizing that we cause suffering in ourselves. From there, the question becomes why we do that, and how we can stop it. 

In the second clip I also talk about college acceptances, rejections, and picking where to go - which I feel can easily be applied to being accepted or rejected for jobs, business ventures, internships, going out on a date, or other opportunities. I add an insight from a book I'm reading which is relevant to the talk I gave - the biggest weakness for a lot of people and how to overcome it. Enjoy.

Mar 18, 202055:38
"How Do I Bring Value to Others?" A Reflection with Eric Chow - Ep 27

"How Do I Bring Value to Others?" A Reflection with Eric Chow - Ep 27

This solo episode is the result of when I was reflecting on the year of 2019. In particular, it looks at the evolution of my social media & my content on it. As I was reflecting on that journey, I realized that it featured a powerful 3-step process that helped guide me to some of the things I do today. If you ever wondered how I got into podcasting, writing articles, thoughtful Instagram captions, my Friendship Appreciation posts - this is the episode for you. If you ever wondered how I came up with the ideas for content, how I made decisions when it came to content (and life) - this is the episode for you. Most of all, if you are wondering what your unique gift to the world is and how you can find out - this is the episode for you.

Friends, 2019 was full of lessons and growth for me, and this episode is a glimpse into that. It speaks to the power of experimentation, listening, open-mindedness, positivity, gratitude, creativity, thoughtfulness, and more. It shares the simple 3-step process that was behind every step of my content-creating journey, from how I knew what to post on Instagram, to how I started my Friendship Appreciation Post series, to how I built the podcast, my articles, and my IGTV videos. I hope that sharing this reflection brings value, ironically, by helping you figure out how you can bring value. 

This episode is based on an article I first published on LinkedIn on December 24th, 2019 that is linked here:

Feb 26, 202001:10:59
The Nature of Impermanence On Technology, Relationships, History, and Daily Life with Sam Lin - Ep 26

The Nature of Impermanence On Technology, Relationships, History, and Daily Life with Sam Lin - Ep 26

The first repeated guest on the podcast, Sam Lin from Episode 15, joins me again on this episode to talk about Change & Impermanence. Under that broad umbrella, we discuss the impact of smartphones, the internet, and technology on human psychology. For example, how we miss things going on the real world because we become so enamored with what's on our screens, losing touch with the people around us physically, and even developing social anxiety. 

We talk about dealing with people changing, and as a result, changes in relationships & friendships that we have. Sam points out that we often mess things up by being in denial, or pushing some "should" onto the person, holding onto the past & how it "used to be" - when that is no longer the case, what is the alternative? How can we move forward in a productive manner?

Sam & I expand further into the nature of change & progress in the grand scheme of the world and its broader history, before taking that and applying it back into the lives of the individual. (Just me, or did that sound really smart?) We discuss the mistakes people make when it comes to dealing with any kind of change in their lives - from why the phrase "good is always around the corner" is misleading, to the importance of coming to terms with the past, present, and future.

We end this nearly one-hour long conversation with the topic of dealing with hardship and emotions from the perspective of our previous topics of change, acceptance, relationships, and more. That includes ideas like the difference between fixing someone's problems and being there for them, or the difference between controlling and helping someone.

You can find Sam on Instagram here:

Feb 19, 202001:03:10
Self-Care in College, Negative Self-Talk, and College Relationships with Daniella Evangelista - Ep 25

Self-Care in College, Negative Self-Talk, and College Relationships with Daniella Evangelista - Ep 25

Daniella's first quarter at UC Davis was "one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging" times in her life. She struggled with a lot. Homesickness, serious test anxiety, being able to balance and prioritize her mental health with her collegiate studies, to name a few. Negative self-talk that told her "I don't deserve to be here. I'm not smart enough. I'm not good enough. All these people are better than me" were at the forefront of her mind. She felt that she was the only person struggling, the only person who didn't understand, for example, what was going on in a lecture. She had to deal with her high expectations of herself being disappointed.

But as Daniella started to shift her attitude and mindset towards college, started to talk to the people around her, started to prioritize self-care, started to be kind to herself - she became equipped with tools that are helping her move forward. In this episode, she shares her journey with us, as well as the lessons she's learned along the way.

We are also joined partway through the episode by her boyfriend of 2.5 years, Alan Duong, to talk about the long-distance relationships, although their experience and advice are solid for any relationship in general. If you're in college or going to be, Daniella gives practical and real advice to the lifestyle and mindset that will help you succeed, but even beyond that, you will find that many of the struggles Daniella went through and the tips she suggests apply in all stages and ages of our lives. I hope you enjoy the episode! ~

- Guests on Social Media -

Feb 12, 202001:43:06
Making Music, An Artist's Message, and the "Dark Times" EP with Diggy Derk - Ep 24
Feb 05, 202001:03:55
How Life is a Journey of Constant Challenge & Growth with Kailani Ponti - Ep 23

How Life is a Journey of Constant Challenge & Growth with Kailani Ponti - Ep 23

In this episode, Kailani (or "Kai") shares her story of going through depression & burnout, and how finding a community around a passion for breakdancing was an instrumental part in her decision that she wanted to get better. Kai and I hardly knew each other before recording this episode, in fact, we had only briefly met once before for about 7 seconds. As I listened to her journey post-depression-diagnosis, I see that it has been a difficult one, but I have come to deeply admire and respect the attitude, perspective, and thoughtfulness that Kai brings to life that, I believe, anyone of any age can learn from. This was also the first time I felt like I didn't have to say anything about it, perhaps because, in some ways, her story and views very much reflect mine.  Kai and I also talk through her journey of developing the self-confidence to put herself out there, as she has been afraid and shy when it comes to sharing videos of her dancing on Instagram, her thoughts on issues going on, and talking to people she doesn't know. We also talk about balancing the different parts of our lives (e.g. mental health, social life, hobbies, school, family, etc.) and so much more. Absolutely thrilled with this episode, and I know you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. You can find Kai on Instagram and on Twitter You can also follow Hip Hop Elements on Instagram at
Jan 29, 202001:16:38
Turning Pain into Purpose & The Problem with Qualifications with Sunshine Joyce Batasin - Ep 22

Turning Pain into Purpose & The Problem with Qualifications with Sunshine Joyce Batasin - Ep 22

In part 1 of this episode, Sunshine shares a personal story of turning pain & hardship into purpose & meaning - where a close family member suffered from a stroke and breast cancer when she was 14 years old, and how that experience has impacted Sunshine and led her to pursue a career in nursing. We discuss stereotypes, as she is becoming a Filipino nurse, and how by deriving real meaning from her life she takes control of that narrative. We talk about the importance of self-awareness, honesty, and vulnerability with oneself to, as Sunshine says, "refrain from distancing ourselves from past experiences and use it to empower us towards meaningful decision making."  In part 2 of the episode, Sunshine asks me about what makes me qualified to speak on some of the things I speak about, and why people should trust my opinions. That sparks off into a discussion of qualifications and how the lack of having them sometimes scares us away from pursuing something we want to do.  You can find Sunshine on Instagram @ or you can contact her via email:
Jan 22, 202001:23:48
Normalization of Issues, Nature of Arguments, and Auditing Attention with Mhylia Castro - Ep 21
Jan 16, 202001:49:09
Parent-Child Relationships, The Ideal Career, and Living A Life For You with Kimberly Giangtran - Ep 20
Jan 08, 202001:46:24
The Kaizen Philosophy, Optimism, and A Meaningful Life with Allen Santamaria - Ep 19

The Kaizen Philosophy, Optimism, and A Meaningful Life with Allen Santamaria - Ep 19

In this episode, I'm sitting down with my childhood friend Allen Santamaria. We talk about the process of comforting others and how we sometimes feel we aren't doing enough. We talk about the different passions we've had in our lives, and the importance and power of finding communities around one's interests & passions. We discuss the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, some lessons from a book I was reading at the time, and a few general principles for how to best spend one's time, and more. I hope you guys enjoy and get value from this episode. Allen's Instagram: Allen's Photography Instagram: The band Allen plays in on Instagram: Allen on Twitter:
Dec 26, 201901:20:23
Act of Giving, Time is Money, Making Mistakes, and Listing Values - Ep 17

Act of Giving, Time is Money, Making Mistakes, and Listing Values - Ep 17

In Episode 17, I'm sharing some thoughts from the past week in two clips. First, on how our search for purpose, giving with expectations, and how special (and not special) we all are. In the second clip, I'm talking about how time is the currency of life, about making mistakes and how to respond to our mistakes, and about how powerful it is to list out your values. Enjoy!
Dec 13, 201954:39