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The Erin Strayer Show

The Erin Strayer Show

By Erin Strayer

* The Erin Strayer Show -Promoting, Cultivating and Expanding AMAZING female entrepreneurs, covering hot topics and pain points and providing the work-arounds to the daily challenges we face as high achieving, driven, thought leaders and influencers.
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There's another Way to Overcome Chronic Pain with Jenny Harkleroad

The Erin Strayer ShowJan 17, 2019

Identity Alignment - Why A Branding Wardrobe is Important!
Feb 24, 202137:00
Discover Your Innate Body Wisdom with Ilene Leshinsky

Discover Your Innate Body Wisdom with Ilene Leshinsky

Feb 11, 202131:51
Three Secrets to having more energy and success in life!! YES PLEASE!!

Three Secrets to having more energy and success in life!! YES PLEASE!!

Three Secrets to having more energy and success in life!!   YES PLEASE!!  
“If you want to save money you have to change your culture” - Dr Lisa  

Where does your creative energy really come from?  Your ability to collaborate; to process and to take a global view; to be reflective and nurturing?  Where does that really come from?  Former Chemical and Gas phD, Dr Lisa Liszcz is a master in behavioral and educational psychology and has coached over 1000 professionals and consulted with numerous  Global  Fortune 500 companies. Lisa works with mid-career professional women who feel their careers or personal lives have stagnated or who've lost purpose and direction.  Lisa helps her clients discover and use their innate talents so that they gain more energy and clarity in their lives.   

Take A Listen:
:11     Hierarchy and Competitive environments
:14     17% Mid Level female workers have VOLUNTARILY left jobs …  find out why
:15     What is Feminine Energy - who has it and how to get it
:18     Learn to Listen WITHOUT judgement
:21     3 Secrets to Gaining More Energy and more Success  

Find Dr. Lisa:
Take Dr. Lisa’s Quiz:

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Jan 14, 202131:53
Game Changer with Sheryl Mays
Aug 26, 202033:52
How to stand out from the crowd with Mel Colling

How to stand out from the crowd with Mel Colling

In a sea of noise and chatter, the online space especially now, is very overwhelming.  Many of us feel we lose our connection to our people…  our tribes and therefore we feel that our message and stories lose traction and power.  Most of us live in one zone and often don’t realize we are missing out on opportunities simply because we don’t know they exist or don’t know how to tap into the right resource.  A lot of us don’t know how to position ourselves as the expert in our lanes and why that is so important especially NOW!  
Take a Listen:
8:00    Which goal is your end goal
10:05  Step into your space - you are the expert
           The best kept secret!
11:31  Confidence is your traction
14:30  Personality:  Let it come out
15:48  Statistics
17:50  Choices plus content - layering points of connection
18:31  Persistent & Consistent
21:11   Tap into your audience as a trusted source
23:06  Podcast content is out “there” forever
26:00  ROI with podcasting
28:00  Monetizing, connection, collaboration, next steps
31:00  Raise the connection for synergy and opportunity
31:57  Triple Win

Find Mel:

As the Founder of Purpose Driven Projects, co-founder of Experts On Air - Podcast Booking Agency, host of the Business Connections Podcast and Amazon International best-selling co-author of ‘You Are A Genius’.

Melanie Colling is a successful entrepreneur, mum of 1, avid podcast listener, voracious business book reader, loves meeting new people and learning about what they do and why they do it and just can't help connecting people and having fun!

She is passionate about helping business leaders and experts succeed and accelerate their businesses by developing connection strategies to become leaders in their field, industry and/or niche.

Jul 06, 202034:30
Focus IN Your Business & Maintain Vital Connections with Priscilla Green
Jun 25, 202032:52
Accessing Internal Peace for lasting fulfillment with Regena Ozeryansky
Jun 05, 202030:09
Are you Out-Sourcing Self Worth with Kamini Wood
Jun 02, 202033:36
How to be The BEST Manager_Leader with Dr. Jennifer Wisdom
May 04, 202034:10
Top 3 Secrets to Loose Weight for Good with Candy Wright
Apr 15, 202034:25
Growth in a Shifting Market with Michelle Kovach
Apr 09, 202031:44
Steps to Land Your Dream Job with Vennessa McConkey
Mar 26, 202036:18
Killer Client Results with Cassie Righter
Feb 27, 202037:39
Building a Connected Brand with Elizabeth Pampalone
Feb 20, 202030:47


SHOW NOTES and Giveaways:

3 Strategies to Build the Bridge Between Parents and Teens

When was the last time you saw your teen smile…really smile? Does he or she engage in life?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2017 youth survey results: 32% of high school students experienced ongoing feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

Michelle is a Teen Confidence Coach with a huge passion for strengthening the bond between parents and their teenage son or daughter. She gives unique strategies that can help your child rediscover what brings joy back to their life and a smile to their face.


Michelle Mehta is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Associate Certified Coach, and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

She helps her clients find their truest version of themselves by feeling empowered and letting go of their limiting beliefs around love, worthiness, and belonging. She is an International Teen Confidence Coach, Mentor, and Speaker working with parents and their teenagers all over the world including the US,Canada, Nigeria, and India.



Where Families Connect and Ripples Begin

Hi My name is Cheryl Bassitt, Founder of Unstoppable Connections, International Best-Seller and Creator of the Award-Winning Unstoppable Family Tool kit.  I am also your host for this show, Kitchen Table Conversations as part of The Edge Network.

Families tap into my 4 gifts and resources to create an unshakable, unbreakable connection built on trust.  You can discover more about the 4 Gifts and my work for connecting families by going to And, if you would like to be on the show or have an idea,you can go to

This show will feature the fun stuff and the tough stuff and everything in between. It’s designed to ignite a conversation, strengthen your family and create a positive ripple in the world. The show also harnesses the energy of my 4th Gift, The Gift of Love.  We unwrap the GIFT OF LOVE by choosing to celebrate ourselves and others.

It is with this intent, that we come to every show with an open heart and an open mind and a celebration of every guest who shares their expertise and passion.

Feb 20, 202030:48
 The New Way of Networking: Relationship Marketing 101 with Bethany George
Feb 11, 202032:22
How business owners prepare to sell with Jane Johnson
Feb 08, 202031:40
Iron Clad Trust with Fran Tone
Feb 01, 202041:19
Jan 29, 202038:26
Passive Income in 2020 with Nichole Clark
Jan 23, 202029:06
Jan 22, 202036:04
Say YES To YOU In 2020 with Jacquelyn Rodriguez
Jan 16, 202035:32
Women and Money - The Way we Think and Relate with Joyce Blue
Jan 15, 202032:13
Why Planning and Mindset go Hand in Hand with Danielle Ralston
Jan 07, 202032:13
The Art of Action - The Keys to optimize work-life balance with Fran Tone
Dec 30, 201938:16
Tips for Millennials to be Successful at Work with Jennifer Wisdom PhD
Dec 11, 201943:56
Own your future: Planning for 2020 with your personal scorecard with Marissa Taffer
Dec 10, 201938:20
Leading from the heart in business and in our lives with Gaia Ferreira
Dec 05, 201934:26
6 Months of Social Media in ONE Day with Elizabeth Pampalone

6 Months of Social Media in ONE Day with Elizabeth Pampalone

In the ever-growing sea of platforms and online businesses...  the question still exists - Why do I need social media ... Seems like a waste of time.  And then how do I keep up with it when it changes so fast and what do I write....  and the ever looming issue of time to be on SM.  How is it all balanced?

Join me as I talk with the ONLINE expert and grab her tips to efficiently run your business AND keep up with the ever-changing and demanding space of Social Media!

Take a listen!

6:55   Social Media is only PART of marketing not all of it!
9:30   Are you on ALL the SM platforms?
13:31 Use SM for what you are already doing!  Don’t stay in the box!
15:50 ½ life of FB posts is only 30 minutes…  now what?
17:17 What to Write; Batches and Sales Posts
20:19 Consistency is KEY!

Favorite Quote:  “Intentional, Consistency, Recycle”
Favorite SM Posting Platform and many other Tools:
Free Resources!!! BOX (Algorithm Proof Social Media Booklet)

Find Elizabeth Pampalone - The Absolute Marketer:
Grab her FREE Social Media Summit:

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Nov 27, 201933:45
10x Your Business - Heal Your Energy with Dr. Mary Nii Munteh
Nov 21, 201944:11
Clear Your Energy with Sally Reid
Oct 24, 201901:01:20
Is Your Relationship in a Pickle? with Eileen Head
Oct 22, 201935:04
Connection Currency - Are YOU using it? with Brady Patterson

Connection Currency - Are YOU using it? with Brady Patterson

When it comes to business we all want to grow!  We want to grow our bank accounts.  We want to grow our client base.  We want people to respect us and refer us.  We want other companies to collaborate with us.  The quickest and fastest way to grow your business is through the relationships and connections you make and there’s a lot of ways to do it and do it right.  Maintaining the currency that motivates you and your network is the key to successful growth and we have an expert in international networking and strategic partnerships with us today!

Grab these awesome tips to bring more strategic partnerships into the currency of your business!

Take a listen!

5:07   Positioning
6:30   Hustle - is it worth it?
9:45   Connection is Key!
11:50  What's needed to succeed
14:00  Promotional Partners - JV’s - Affiliates
16:30  Motivation is BS
20:00  Dunbar's Numbers
22:00  Relationships are the real-ness of life
25:00  JV Insider Circle
27:30  Traffic is a 2 way street

Favorite Quote: “Building a Network is Methodical, Consistent and Reliable”
Sign Up for JVIC FREE Webinar:
Want to be a Guest on The Erin Strayer Show?  Grab a mandatory pre-interview slot and see if it aligns with you!  This is a LIVE internet based TV interview with the podcast being a bonus!

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Oct 17, 201934:43
Putting JOY into Q4 with Joy Resor
Oct 15, 201934:17


Each of us has a mission and calling in life and for some of us it's imperative to follow that mission so that we can make THE difference in the world that is cellular for us!  Sometimes - ok many times - we are not sure how to effectively and efficiently make that happen.  Regardless of if you’ve started on your mission or are sitting wondering how to move forward, the I-Cubed formula is a sure-in way to take those big world changing ideas and turn them into triple wins for everyone... making your impact on the world with THE difference YOU are committed to making.
Take a listen:

5:25   Mission that Changed You
9:50   Give it all away…?
12:15 Breakthrough - what is it?
12:39  Steeple Chase
14:33  You are Uniquely Qualified
17:18  Speak to make a difference
17:32  Speaker results are determined by your speaker training
21:30  I-Cubed
          Impact x Influence x Income = opportunities
28:00  Formula:  Script x Delivery x You = ICubed
31:33  Laugh x Tears = Delivery - you have to feel

Find Jase & ICubed Formula:
Want to be a Guest on The Erin Strayer Show?  Grab a mandatory pre-interview slot and see if it aligns with you!  This is a LIVE internet based TV interview with the podcast being a bonus!

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Oct 08, 201943:13
The Healing Power of Forgiveness with SueZann Bosler
Oct 03, 201932:42
Creating your Stage Authority with Dr. Cynthia Boccara
Sep 19, 201932:37
Speak your mind to GROW your business with Kricket Harrison
Sep 18, 201940:52
One + One MANY (every time!) with the Leadership Team of VIP24

One + One MANY (every time!) with the Leadership Team of VIP24

The Need is HUGE and YOU get to be a Hero!

Please donate:  My Husband - Jim Strayer is part of this leadership team - this is his page:

In The Trenches Continues as the Leadership Team from Columbus, OH bring their passion about their service project and why they've chosen to go "all in" to support a charity that makes a HUGE difference in the lives of so many.

Human Trafficking takes over 600,000 women and children every year.  That's 60 every 30 minutes.  

1DivineLine2Health based out of Columbus, OH, ranked the #4 in the country for human trafficking, serves to rehab the victims providing them with basic medical care, food, clothing and skills to put them back into society.   it's founder Esther Flores and her team "the army of love" take the love bug and hit the streets  nightly spreading love and hope.  We can all make a difference ONE AT A TIME!

Sep 13, 201938:31
In The Trenches ... Set Me Free with Esther Flores
Sep 10, 201927:58
Change your Mindset- Change your Life with Becky Scheilga
Sep 06, 201931:16
Self Talk or Self Sabotage with Gail Dixon
Sep 03, 201908:19
** DATING after 40** Set your GPS to have Successful 1st’s ALL the time with Christine Baumgartner
Aug 29, 201935:00
Scale Quickly by building simple! with Joy Bufalini
Aug 29, 201931:38
How to choose the life your living & Live a Royal Life with Patti Phillips
Aug 20, 201935:08
Fearless Video - Brand Your Brilliance with Eve Voyevoda
Aug 16, 201934:55
It’s Your Time - Step Into the Spotlight with Andrea Adams-Miller
Aug 13, 201938:31
Create Your Work and Your Life ON YOUR TERMS with Karen Luniw
Aug 08, 201934:11
Business with a Holistic Approach with Jessica Dugas
Aug 01, 201935:51
YOU are the Problem AND... the Solution! with Tracy Litt
Jul 30, 201937:30