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EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤

EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤

By Valentina Leo

The Fascinating Wonderment of living in a body . Traditional Tantric Wisdom for modern Living and Loving . Uncensored, untamed and intimately raw ....with Mrslove 🖤
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#1. What is Erotic Wisdom !?!?

EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤Oct 02, 2019

#34 . RUMI in FARSI 🖤
Aug 12, 202327:52
#33. Spiritual Eroticism for Men.
Jun 28, 202301:28:12
#32. TANDAVA. A love affair with Existence

#32. TANDAVA. A love affair with Existence

This is the live recording of a Tandava Masterclass that I've presented at Retreat Yourself in 2022. I am sharing it here with you for your personal practice. May it inspire you and expand your living as it did to me. The Tandava exploded my heart into a never ending love affair with Existence✨
May 15, 202301:38:15
#31. Tantrik Sexuality

#31. Tantrik Sexuality

A live transmission from Retreat Yourself Festival 2022, about sex, love, freedom and the oracle that your life is .

Valentina's irreverent and humorous nature at its best in this live talk where she explain the essence of Tantrism and its relationship to sexuality, pornography, epigenetic, quantum physics, the nature of Desire, the wisdom of nature, the making of Love, the spiritual symbols of the Lingam (penis) and the Yoni( vulva), the divine attraction between man and woman , childhood , tantrik Jesus, feminine sexual power, and the knowledge that come from embodying your deepest erotic pleasure .♥︎

Mar 23, 202301:43:48
#30 .The Yoga Of Fascinating Wonderment

#30 .The Yoga Of Fascinating Wonderment

The essence of all tantrik teachings is to take you to a place of fascinating wonderment -as the asana for your life .

 The Yoga then becomes how you posture yourself in relation to Reality . To meet every moment in fascinating wonderment is the ultimate posture of the tantrik master. 


Jan 25, 202312:20
#29.EROTIC EXPANSION - (a MrsLove Holy Rant )
Sep 14, 202216:53
#28. Essence of Tantra for Men- archives of 2016
Aug 25, 202227:57
# 27. Baba Dez - LOVE WINS!
Apr 26, 202248:22
#26. The SEXAGON - a Relationship with 6

#26. The SEXAGON - a Relationship with 6

Here is a conversation that got me thinking for days...and still is. 19 yrs old Ruben, shares with me his relationship status with other 5...a "Polyamory Family" as they like to call themselves, or Sexagon for fun ;) Whaaaat? You don't have sex with each others? Aren't you victims of your hormones? In my 20' I was all sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. My sexuality was on fire. It was explosive and unstoppable. Wild, promiscuous and ..hem...experimental? To my surprise his answer is No. Not at all. Their sexuality if fluid and it's not overpowering. The focus of their relating is not on sex but on the willingness to evolve and grow. To help each other stand in the fire of the big, hard emotions and keep breathing. Wow! This is advanced! These young lovers are practicing presence, interconnectedness and interdependence .They are practicing accountability in their partaking of the Whole. They are helping each other in overcoming the emotional mountain of growing up. They are taking responsibility. Listening to Ruben sharing so honestly and deeply cracks my heart wide open. I feel inspired by this generational "upgrade". Suddenly I see the flowering and the purpose of my generational struggles. Even when It felt messy and we felt defeated...I see now that it was not for nothing. l look in this young man eyes and i see that the Golden Age is finally near. Oh so very near ! I am no longer worried about the future of the planet. I  willingly put it in their hands (and hearts) and i am ready to witness the Unimaginable ....Sexagon and beyond! The re-love-ution is definitely here . 

www.fascinating wonderment .com 

Jan 31, 202201:05:21
# 25. The Vajra Heart of Men, with SY TZU
Dec 05, 202101:26:48
#24. Seen/Unseen with Alejandra Cisneros

#24. Seen/Unseen with Alejandra Cisneros

This year i escaped the south african winter and travelled to tropical Bali for 4 months . there i lived in the most exciting home of my life ! A Joglo called Jazmin. This episode is a conversation with Alejandra Cisneros, one of the most extravagant and inspiring  human being i have ever met,  also the architect that envision this jewel of living. We recorded it while sitting in the majestic lounge of this house with no walls . Alejandra's homes are the most exquisite blend of poetry and functionality. This woman is deeply inspired by the poetry of life and the power of the unseen. She design houses where kisses can be exchanged, and the moon can be adore from the comfort of your toilet seat :) the colour of your bedding matches the colour of the rice field, and the kitchen will inspire conversation about the essence of life. The inside and outside merge. As they supposed to. These are abodes where the unseen is revealed through the experience of abitating them ...she designs them in total alignment with balinese spirituality that tell us that the most important things are from the unseen, and  can only be experienced -but never to be talked about.In the same way her homes are to be lived in to fully capture the poetry that makes them alive. With no walls, no doors and no security gate they teach you to let go of your secrets and your sense of separation and finally become and embodiment of your own freedom.


visit Alejandra's website for inspiration and some house porn -lol!

Connect with Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment:

Dec 05, 202152:46
#23. What is Kama Yoga ?

#23. What is Kama Yoga ?

An intimate conversation with a student of my school ,Leoni Van de Water , about Traditional Tantra and the practice of Kama Yoga 🖤

Leoni is the founder teacher of the Sensual Wisdom School in Amsterdam .

Aug 30, 202134:49
#22 - Ma Ananda Sarita -The Love Experiment
Jul 19, 202101:04:06
#21 - The Wise Cycle of Woman - Keriesa Botha
Jul 05, 202156:22
#20. SEMEN RETENTION, a woman's perspective

#20. SEMEN RETENTION, a woman's perspective

This interview was originally recorded as a bonus call for Lenerd's students, on his upcoming online course : 21 DAYS ORGASMIC MASTERY that starts on 15 June. But the conversation is so inspiring that had to be absolutely included in this Podcast series ...definitely much Erotic Wisdom is to be found here ! Lenerd Louw interviews Mrslove on the subject of Semen Retention for men. Injaculation - as she likes to call it - is a fundamental practice for any tantrik male seekers, because it brings back sexual attention towards the subject instead of being exclusively focused onto the object. This is particularly important for men that tend to be stimulated visually by what is in front of them, and are not so well versed about their inner realms while maintaining heightened states of arousal . Of course this is another tantrik practice that uses sexual engagement to then expand into all aspects of your life. Just think about it ....if you don't ejaculate, your sexual encounter with your lover will not have an explicit end ...therefore your love making will become ENDLESS.  And when you stop chasing, you might just join into the Cosmic Endless Orgasm that is already happening . And - if you are lucky , find yourself. 


more about Lenerd here :

Follow the Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB 

21 days Oragsmic Mastery Course for men  START 15 JUNE - 


Apr 28, 202152:40
#19 .Wild Wisdom of the tantrik Dakinis.
Dec 10, 202001:11:49
#16. Feral Wisdom of Maya Luna.

#16. Feral Wisdom of Maya Luna.

Maya Luna . This is a very spontaneous and laid back conversation with Tantric Poet , Teacher & Feminine Mystic, Maya Luna - founder of the Deep Feminine Mystery School . Maya Luna share timeless wisdom , playful intuition and Erotic Devotion with us .   In this episode she speaks of the Tantric current in the time of Corona : this intimidating  opportunity for being ground-less , time-less and truly loving the Unknown. She shares about her (very clever )understanding of toxic masculinity AND femininity with great clarity and devotion . To listen to her is like taking a deep breath of fresh air, and finally drink the mind ! Her calm voice and poised presence are indeed holy portals to  Tantric wordless realisations . I felt humbled , fascinated and inspired  by just being with her. (perhaps you can detect my overexcitement in our conversation! lol!) I am totally seduced by her teachings,  and the transformative poetry that  she is birthing  into our world . Her album "Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus" is a profound love letter to the Deep Feminine . A passionate lovemaking of traditional tantric teachings and this moment in time, with You as a protagonist .  Her new poetry book  " OMEGA : Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine " transmission is about to be released keep your eyes out for it , it will transform your understanding of Embodied Erotic Spirituality.  It's a promise ! (ps: forgive the sound glitches ...i am still learning !)

Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus :

Maya's website :

Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB ;

Nov 28, 202001:15:29
#18.BONUS.(A HOLY RANT)Fucking with the Devil.
Sep 18, 202044:42


Rhianne van der Linde is not only the co-director of the online learning portal Shakti Shiva Academy, but is also a dear beloved friend, fellow traveller and organiser of all my retreats in South Africa. She has been an essential catalyser in my journey towards my very own  Erotic Wisdom. And still is! In this episode we gently unpack the mystery and the power of Sexual Shadow Work. What is it, how it manifests in our eroticism, our sexual fantasies and the way we respond to life itself. We also looked at the tremendous freedom that comes when we finally embrace it fully and invite it into our hearts . It turns out that child-like curiosity, shameless authenticity (and a great sense of humour !) are essential components to grow up into fully response-able and fulfilled human beings. Unpacking our secret sexual fantasies could be the most fascinating experience of this life. And the gift ? Finally falling deeply in love with our-self ! It works, I promise you…I’ve been there!


FB - 


 Huge GRATITUDE to Sarah Lee Beckett (The Naked Songstress) for her enchanting musical tunes !   

Mrslove's Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB

Jul 30, 202053:17
#17.BONUS. Our Holy Erotic Fluids .
Jul 29, 202019:36
#17 .Egyptian Mysteries &The Tantric Lion

#17 .Egyptian Mysteries &The Tantric Lion

JASMEEN HANA . I am totally in LOVE with this woman ! Passionate , enchanting ,endeavouring,  hypnotic Priestess of the Blue Lotus . Talking to her is like an initiation in itself , i hope that listening to her will penetrate you as deep as she got into me. I am ready for marriage , lol! Born and raised in Egypt she is an initiate into the Egyptian Mysteries. In her recent visit to South Africa (where we met )she also received a spontaneous initiation from eye-gazing an African lion that instigated a radical passion for Feminine Leadership & Sovereignty.  We spoke about her lifelong love affair with the intoxicating medicine of the Blue Lotus and the prophecy that it carries. She shared mythological stories about the Egyptian Gods as Forces of Nature intrinsically connected with animal wisdom, representing the holy  marriage of Spirit and Animal that WE ALL ought to celebrate within the intensity of the human experience . In these troubled time of Corona pandemic,  she recognise a profound  invitation for deep collective Grieving & Holy Rage that- when grounded in Integrity, will bring forth the True Erection of  humanity .  A RESUR-ERECTION !  Huge GRATITUDE to Sarah Lee Beckett (The Naked Songstress) for her enchanting musical tunes !   Mrslove's Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB
Jun 12, 202055:45
#15 BONUS . Q&A Session ( Questioning the Answers)

#15 BONUS . Q&A Session ( Questioning the Answers)

Bonus to Embracing Existance-a live teaching transmission .
Mar 11, 202033:31
#15 PLUS . Tandava Practice .

#15 PLUS . Tandava Practice .

A live session -following Episode#15 - quick drop-into the Tandava Space. Embracing Self and Existance. A good meditation for every Holy Day . To culture your own Erotic Wisdom ❤️
Mar 11, 202010:48
#15. Embracing Existance ( Live Teaching Transmission)

#15. Embracing Existance ( Live Teaching Transmission)

This is a spontaneous recording of a wisdom transmissions, on a sunny afternoon, in my garden. I have split the Tandava session into #15 PLUS EPISODE. And added the Q&A Session as the BONUS. I hope you'll InJoy the spontaneity 🙃.
Mar 11, 202038:18
#14.BONUS -Enlightening Throat Orgasm .

#14.BONUS -Enlightening Throat Orgasm .

Don't miss Priestess Sharon intimately sharing her Mastery in attaining Deep Throat Orgasms ...and even more : orgasms of the Diaphram !?! First time I ever heard that ...but not surprisingly when you acknowledge that we are living in ecstatic bodies of bliss . Once you know this, orgasm is found everywhere . A a Blow-job turns out to be God-Job ! I hope this piece of divine teaching will penetrate your deeply ( as it has me !) With the reminder of the infinite erotic potentials we hold in our body. Divine Bodies ! I take directions from these places of ultimate pleasure .The ones that blow your head off , literally. And then it's only Heart. It's from here that Erotic Wisdom is born. ❤️

Feb 19, 202014:09
#14. The Power & Excstasy of Integrated Sexuality.
Feb 19, 202050:40
#13. Sexual Histeria & Moral Panic .

#13. Sexual Histeria & Moral Panic .

Shane Petzer- Listening Shane to talk, it's like looking at Magpie Collective art piece ....the more you look into it the more you see...same with Shane : the more you listen the more you hear. I heard deep kindness exuding from this fascinating human, and wanted this conversation to never end! I was entranced by him and all that was spoken . From the early days of Magpie Collective birthing itself in Bohemia Observatory- (20 odd years ago!), to a galley space in the Karoo desert and the Xmas tree installation they have been orchestrating for over 10 years ! Shane shares from his deep intimacy about his HIV positive experience , his long term relationship with his beloved (although he doesn't believe in monogamy!) he recall his time as a sexual worker and founding member of S.W.E.A.T. (Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce). Together we declare Sex Work as pure ART ! 🏴‍☠️😜 In his late teens Shane went to a seminary to study for the ministry. He came out ( of the closet and the ministry !)and some 30 years ago became associated with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). He recently wrote a Masters thesis on Quakers and Sex Work. His activism work continues at varied levels around activism around sex worker rights, art activism, human rights and spirituality. At present he is occupied with being part of the organising committee of the Global Gathering of Radical and Queer Faeries due to be held at Warmwaterbergspa in mid February. (...Don't ask - listen !)Shane continues his global activisit work online and locally through active participation in a variety of community organisations, projects and endeavours. What might be of interest to listeners, is that MagpieArtCollective chandeliers were bought by Michelle Obama... they hung at the White House for 8 years while the Obamas were in office. They were bought at an Exhibition of Southern African artwork at the Rockefeller Centre in New York in 2008. Magpie continues to produce decorative handcrafted homefineware (chandeliers and lighting installations being amongst the body of work produced) As we were chatting , a client walked into the gallery... Shane never returned to the table , and the conversation ended . Just like that - In perfect time . If you don't know about the art of Magpie Collective , please do yourself a favour and check them out . Maybe even take a ride to Barrydale and see for yourself : its True Fascinating Wonderment !🖤 FYI- Shane clerks a Quaker Gathering that meets on the first Sunday of each month at his home in Barrydale at 4pm in the afternoons. An embracing and inclusive community that welcomes all to an hour of silent, waiting, quiet, contemplative and meditative worship. AMEN🖤 www.
more about Shane here :
Jan 31, 202001:40:53
#12. Making love with God .
Jan 23, 202001:04:17
#11. Vegan Eroticism.
Jan 17, 202001:17:26
#10. The Mahamudra of Dakini Shima.
Jan 11, 202047:04
#9. Delete Xmass !
Dec 24, 201901:03:27
#8Plus. The Art of Pick Up

#8Plus. The Art of Pick Up

18 years old Zander keep sharing - while eating chocolate -from Mrslove's laboratory of love , on his personal experience of being a sexually active young man and his commitment to transform the mere fulfilment of sexual needs into the Art- and nonetheless a Tantric practice - of finding, embracing and growing himself. A truly inspiring young heart !
Dec 17, 201930:36
#8. The Eros of Being Young.

#8. The Eros of Being Young.

A laid-back informal chat with Mrslove's youngest student of Tantrism. Zander is almost 18 and has a truly engaging presence. To talk to him is to evoke hope and excitement for the present & future. This conversation follows his own thread and touches on some of the essential teachings of Tantrism such as the Cosmic Body , the Holy Darkness, Dancing our Divine Humanity and growing up harvesting our Innate Freedom to be naked and to touch each other as a practice of Self Recognition. Don't miss out on the bonus track where Zander share from his personal experience of being a sexually active young men in the 21st century !
Dec 17, 201959:05
#7. (MRSLOVE'S HOLY RANT) Loving your Arse(W)Hole -
Dec 03, 201919:03
#6. (MRSLOVE'S HOLY RANT) Magnificent Maleficent

#6. (MRSLOVE'S HOLY RANT) Magnificent Maleficent

Another SOLOcast where Mrslove uses the analogy of the movie Maleficent to unveil the Tantric Wisdom that God is to be found in the Darkness of your own being . She also speak about the polarity of patriarchy , conquering Vs surrendering , the dark wisdom of feminine sexuality and the power that comes from embodying your True Form . Amen 🖤

Nov 27, 201938:01
#5. (MRSLOVE'S HOLY RANT)UnF@*k the World, ravish her instead!

#5. (MRSLOVE'S HOLY RANT)UnF@*k the World, ravish her instead!

A solo cast , or Holy Rant! Stop changing/ saving the world ! She is doing just fine ...but what about you ? Do u want to change things because they make you feel too much ...? This Solocast is a contemplation on being ravished by Reality, loving more, relentlessly and fearlessly ...especially when it hurts.

Nov 07, 201926:54
#4 PLUS . The purpose of Sex & Violence
Oct 31, 201912:21
#4. Tantrik Apologia by Swami R.
Oct 31, 201955:27
#3. The Eros of Fasting

#3. The Eros of Fasting

A revealing conversation with Alex Cousins on the Dis-ease on not living your dreams, Joyful Thriving and your Electric Body as a conduit of the Divine . Alex it's a Detox Specialist, Evolutionary Nutritionist, and a truly inspiring Human Being . She is the creator of LivingmucusFREE Movement : a global current that teaches how to purify at a cellular level so we may be conductors of higher frequencies. There is nothing conventional about her work and her outlook on life will make you re-think Everything you though you knew ! Her Clarity has the power to unmask all the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves and ruthlessly reveal our hiding places...(sigh !) Yet her compassionate heart always acknowledge the immaculate perfection of all our imperfections and makes us feel we can never get it wrong.

Oct 22, 201901:11:42
#2. SEX & The Dolphins

#2. SEX & The Dolphins

A very intimately hot & untamed conversation with Courtney Ward from Halo Gaia Adventures. Operating in Mozambique for 20 years, she has been swimming with wild dolphins daily whitnessing displays of Pure Erotic Freedom . Here Courtney and Mrslove educate each other on dolphin's enlightened sex , and rest humbled by these master teachings on Embodied Erotic Wisdom.
Oct 09, 201901:15:27
#1. What is Erotic Wisdom !?!?

#1. What is Erotic Wisdom !?!?

This is a pilot episode of this Podcast Series, briefly introducing myself and explaining the meaning of Erotic Wisdom according to the tantric tradition of Kashmir Shivaism. Please forgive the sound imperfections it will get better as we move along , I promise !
Oct 02, 201932:09