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Escape Hamilton

Escape Hamilton

By Escape Hamilton

Kirsty and Jim are on a mission: to do every escape room in the world, and then talk about them. What could go wrong?

New episodes every other Tuesday (ish), until all the escape rooms in the world are done.
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Caretaker (Xcape)

Escape HamiltonSep 13, 2022

Caretaker (Xcape)
Sep 13, 202236:21
Kingdom Besieged (Expedition) (feat. Maddie Parker)
Aug 30, 202250:35
Espionage (Cipher Room)
Aug 16, 202237:39
Machinarium (Escape Hunt Melbourne)
Aug 02, 202230:36
Assassin In The Pub (Escape Hunt Sydney)
Jul 19, 202225:10
MInisode: Catch Me If You Can (Rotofobia) (Feat. Special Announcement!)
Jul 05, 202219:52
The Isklander Trilogy (Swamp Motel) (feat. Matt Powell, Jennifer O'Sullivan, Emma Brittenden)
Jan 12, 202247:07
Secret of the Scientist (Escape Room: The Game)
Nov 09, 202134:30
One Hell of a Kitchen (Rotofobia)
Oct 26, 202146:43
Cryptic Quiz Night (Confinement)
Oct 19, 202127:20
Tabby Lane (Escapist)
Oct 12, 202135:57
Agent A (Yak & Co)
Sep 27, 202132:19
Murder Royale (Puzzleverse) Feat. Sam Wade and Irene Nicola

Murder Royale (Puzzleverse) Feat. Sam Wade and Irene Nicola

There's been a MURDER! Was it Royal? No! It was Royale!

Sam Wade and Irene Nicola join us to untangle a crime most foul, sorting through forensic evidence, kicking down doors, visiting Upper Babcock, and inventing a really rather unpleasant executive desk toy.

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Murder Royale on Puzzleverse's website

Sep 06, 202141:34
The Bank of Australia Heist (Escape Hunt Sydney) Feat. Sophia Halpin and Ellie Featherston

The Bank of Australia Heist (Escape Hunt Sydney) Feat. Sophia Halpin and Ellie Featherston

After a brief hiatus, we reconvene with two friends, Ellie Featherston (of Out Of Our Vulcan Minds) and previous guest Sophia Halpin, to discuss Escape Hamilton's first international room, involving a heist at the Bank of Australia in Sydney. In 1920! And a failure to identify where keys go. In 2021! Plus: which way is the one way in a one-way mirror?

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Bank of Australia Heist on Escape Hunt's website

Aug 24, 202138:30
Catching Up (Xcape & Hinterland)
Jun 29, 202137:37
Trailer: I Get That A Lot

Trailer: I Get That A Lot

More Escape Hamilton coming soon! But in the meantime, check out Jim's new podcast project I Get That A Lot!

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Music by Louie Zong ('A Radish Beat' from Vegetable Soul)

Podcast art by Sam Wade

Production support by Martin Gallagher of Echidna Audio

Jun 13, 202101:46
Airforced (Trapd)
Apr 21, 202132:46
Murdoch Manor Revisited (Confinement)
Apr 14, 202143:11
Toy Store (Escape Masters)
Mar 29, 202128:57
Secret Saloon (Trapd)
Mar 22, 202127:28
Stripclub Escape (Rotofobia)
Mar 17, 202138:04
Ancient Temple (Escape Mate) Feat. Matt Powell
Mar 09, 202147:11
Nana Jan's Kiwi Bach (Trapd)
Mar 02, 202131:20
Expedition of the Lost Tomb (Escapist) Feat. Sophia Halpin
Feb 17, 202137:16
Scavenger Hunt (Confinement)
Feb 02, 202132:35
Woodlands Estate (Confinement)
Dec 21, 202026:26
Awards Season
Dec 07, 202033:15
Red Hill Asylum (Escapist) Feat. Bill And Dani from Escape This Podcast
Nov 24, 202048:58
FEED DROP: Escape This Podcast
Nov 17, 202001:16:25
Into The Dark (CodeBreakers)
Nov 12, 202031:06
Hei$t 2.0 (Escapist)
Nov 03, 202038:09
Over-Throne (Lilliputt Fun Zone)
Oct 27, 202038:03
Bewitched (Escapist)
Oct 19, 202032:30
The Lost Villa (Confinement)
Oct 13, 202029:56
The Chamber of Magic (Lilliputt Fun Zone)
Oct 05, 202030:27
Forsaken Farmhouse (Escapist)
Sep 28, 202027:24
Quake Escape (Escape HQ)
Sep 22, 202022:41
Tauranga Getaway Double Feature!
Sep 15, 202001:03:06
Murdoch Manor (Confinement Escape Rooms)
Sep 08, 202032:01
Jungle Story (Lilliput Fun Zone)
Sep 01, 202027:57
Hei$t (Escapist)
Aug 25, 202034:20
Udder Graziness (Escape HQ)
Aug 18, 202025:24
Camp Amity (Confinement Escape Rooms)
Aug 11, 202021:34
Steampunk Submarine (Lilliputt Fun Zone)
Aug 04, 202028:20
Tzolk'in (Escapist)
Jul 28, 202021:34
The Cigar Lounge (Confinement Escape Rooms)
Jul 21, 202031:15
Atlantis (Escape Mate)
Jul 14, 202019:31
Dark Side of the Room (Escape HQ)
Jul 07, 202020:31
Trailer: Escape Hamilton
Jun 30, 202001:02