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By Escapist Corner

The Escapist Corner is a podcast where we talk about sports, health, nutrition and entrepreneurship. We talk to CrossFit athletes, sportsmen, Doctors and business owners.
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#058 Nutrition Talk - Our routines

Escapist CornerAug 11, 2022

#60 How to get through setbacks

#60 How to get through setbacks

We all deal with setbacks but the difference is how we handle them.

Listen to Rebecca and Wanda about how to get through them.

Oct 12, 202229:32
Should you listen to a Doctor that smokes?

Should you listen to a Doctor that smokes?

So often we get recommendations from doctors when it comes to our health and fitness. But how much experience do doctors have with training and nutritoin themselves? Well, let's say we have some experiences to share on this topic.

Sep 28, 202224:32
#058 Nutrition Talk - Our routines
Aug 11, 202235:09
#057 Being prepared

#057 Being prepared

Welcome to another episode where we are talking about being better prepared for holidays and otherwise the you go through rough periods.  

What should you eat? What should you drink? How to prepare?

Nov 25, 202132:41
#056 Does Body Dysmorphia effect us all?

#056 Does Body Dysmorphia effect us all?

Dear all,  today we go down the weeds of a bit of a sensitive topic but a topic that affects us all. We discuss our experiences but also some of the underlaying machines maybe causing body dysmorphia.  

Share your thoughts if you have any experience with this phenomenon?

Sep 23, 202101:30:32
#055 Changing the World with Eric Roza CEO CrossFit

#055 Changing the World with Eric Roza CEO CrossFit

Hi dear watchers and listeners!  We had the great honour to meet and talk to the CEO of CrossFit, Eric Roza. This episode we dive into the psychology of leadership, CrossFit and how we have changed and grown as a community.  

You also get to know what inspired Eric Roza to become a great musician and what he tends to listen to.

Sep 09, 202147:12
 #054 Finding the RIGHT WAY through fears?

#054 Finding the RIGHT WAY through fears?

How to approach fears, workouts and mindset

In todays episode we walk through some fears and phobias within fitness, crossfit movements and in general in life.

How do we approach fears and how to we make progress over time?

We also talk through coaching and ways to get others to understand their path.

Check out our playlist for more podcasts and talks.

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Aug 18, 202155:08
#053 Who is the right coach for you? [PODCAST]

#053 Who is the right coach for you? [PODCAST]

New episode out of the Escapist Corner!  In this episode we go through some exiting news for the box. Main topic of the conversation is however what type of coach your should have.  Most people need different coaches for different needs and a coach is the one who brings you to a desired result as possible.  Happy listening!  Episodes also available on Spotify and iTunes.

Jul 16, 202141:07
#052 Biceps boobs and bananas
Mar 31, 202155:17
#50 Showing up
Mar 25, 202101:01:05
#049 History of weightlifting
Mar 20, 202148:42
#048 Wie motiviert Kathrin Elias?
Mar 20, 202151:28
#046 Changing habits & Stop excuses

#046 Changing habits & Stop excuses

We got a viewer and listener request to talk about changing habits and how to create them.  

We go through some practical ways to change habits and especially the mindset around these habits. 

 Let us know what you struggle with?  

Happy listening! 

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Rebecca on instagram:  

Rickard on instagram:​  

Escapist corner on IG:​

Mar 03, 202146:16
#045 Alpha Ancestral Diet with Maria Kalikas

#045 Alpha Ancestral Diet with Maria Kalikas

Hey ho, 

today we talk to Maria Kalikas who shares her story and how her life got turned up side down as a teenager when she got diagnosed with diabetes.  After that nothing stayed normal anymore. 

The doctors told her she should take more medicines but she found a better way. 

That was through changing her diet and nutrition. 

We go through how she started with her new diet and lifestyle.   

Happy listening!  

Maria on instagram: 

Rickard on instagram: 

Escapist corner on IG:

Mar 03, 202156:27
#044 Box Owner Battle and Open Prep [Podcast]
Feb 15, 202138:38
#043 Dave Castro - The New CrossFit Open & Games 2021
Feb 11, 202135:09
#041 What to do about our insecurities
Jan 27, 202101:12:33
#040 Having limitations and starting training

#040 Having limitations and starting training

In todays episode we talk about limitation in your training and how to adapt training for everyone. It applies to people just starting with training but also to people who have been training for a long time and end up in a new situation due to injuries or similar.  

Have you been challenged with chronic pain or other limitations?  

More episodes:

Jan 20, 202152:40
#039 Dr Joel Kahn - Tips for better vegan diet

#039 Dr Joel Kahn - Tips for better vegan diet

Hey guys, 

 Here another great episode where we meet one of the veterans when it comes to the plant based community. Dr. Joel Kahn is an author of 6 books that specifically go through different aspects of the vegan lifestyle. He run the clinic Kahns Longevity Center in Detroit.  

This episode goes through many topics but here some main headlines:

  1. Dr. Joel Kahn background and story. How he got started and his experience of being vegan over 40 years. 

2. Common mistakes vegans do when it comes to their nutrition and their diet and some easy ways to mitigate those. 

3. We talk about the nutrition wars and the two camps between the vegans and the ancestral diet camp. We talk about how they started and what status they have today.  

There are a lot of referrals to studies and tests done in this episode that you can take a deeper look into if you are interested. Links to them will be updated in future weeks to come.  Please hit the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. We look forward bringing you more science to the show soon.  

More episodes on:

Jan 18, 202101:14:18
#038 CrossFit Reise durch Europa entdecken mit dem "Virtuellen Box Tour"

#038 CrossFit Reise durch Europa entdecken mit dem "Virtuellen Box Tour"

Willkommen alle zusammen!

Heute treffen wir die Köpfe hinter den virtuelle box tour.

Das ist Lisa aus CrossFit Liberty, Thorben aus CrossFit Altevo und Raul aus CrossFit Muc.

Seitdem letzen Lockdown bieten die zusammen mit fast 100 anderen CrossFit boxen virtuelle Kurse und Programme.

Die haben damit auch viele Seminare och Gäste gesammelt die nun von alle Mitgliedern gesehen werden können.

Unterstütze deine lokale Box!

Checke unsere andere Episode über:

Jan 14, 202153:21
#037 Following Individual Nutrition Plan & the Carnivore Diet

#037 Following Individual Nutrition Plan & the Carnivore Diet

Today we dig deep into the nutrition trenches as we talk about how it is to follow a rigid nutrition plan.

What does it take? And who should do it?

We also talk about the carnivore diet and common myths about the diet.

Have you done a diet or follow a nutrition plan? How did it go?

Please share you thoughts and what you think.

Check out homepage

Jan 13, 202152:02
#036 What is wrong with the fitness industry?

#036 What is wrong with the fitness industry?

Yay folks,

another great episode out here where we smash the fitness industry for example:

* Nutrition

* Fad movement

* Instagram influencers

* Equipment

and much more!

What comes to your mind?

Please leave a nice review, that would mean a lot to us.

Thank you!

Jan 06, 202157:20
#035 Goals for 2021, New Years Resolutions & The Open

#035 Goals for 2021, New Years Resolutions & The Open

Last days of the year are here and today we talk about goals and especially New Years resolutions and why they work for some and why they don't work for others.

We also go through some of the structure of the new Crossfit games open and how we will be working on that season.

At the end we cap up with out book tips for this year:

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

Easy Way books by Allen Carr

Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Motivational Interviewing  by Stephen Rollnick

Change Maker by John Berardi

More episodes on:

Dec 30, 202001:08:12
#034 Bulky women and misconceptions of CrossFit

#034 Bulky women and misconceptions of CrossFit

Hey today we had a great conversation about the common misconceptions of crossfit.

Do women get bulky?

Is crossfit causing injuries?

How does crossfit make you better outside the gym?

What about crossfit and other sports?

Do you have any questions to the podcast? Send them to

Dec 22, 202057:21
#033 What about Peloton?

#033 What about Peloton?

In todays episode we talk about the peloton and other fitness apps.

What is your opinion about these apps?

What have you tried?

Please share and rate our podcast!

More episodes on:

Dec 16, 202001:13:44
#032 LOCKDOWN 6 ways to see the benefits
Dec 10, 202058:44
#031 Cancel your subscription - what is your priority?

#031 Cancel your subscription - what is your priority?

In todays episode Rickard talks about priorities.

In the middle of second lockdown of the corona pandemic many of us have to check our expenses and priorities.

A common phenomenon is that people pause or cancel their memberships but still keep things like Netflix and amazon prime running.

Is it important to have Netflix?

Is it important to have amazon prime?

Is it important to you that there is a gym when things go back to normal?

Nov 27, 202010:31
#030 Finding Motivation with Jason Ackerman "Best Hour of their Day"
Nov 12, 202057:50
#029 Finding Purpose with Claire Wolfert
Nov 12, 202001:02:46
#028 Understanding Insulin & Ketones with Ben Bikman
Jul 14, 202001:36:28
#027 Debunking bad science with Frank Mitloehner

#027 Debunking bad science with Frank Mitloehner

Welcome to another fresh episode of the Escapist Podcast today with Professor Frank Mitloehner.  

Here about Frank: "I am a faculty member in the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis. We are specialized in measurements and mitigation of greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and particulate matter and the study of their effects on human- and animal health and welfare. In short, our lab investigates the nexus of agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability." 

 We go through many pieces in this podcast all from meat industry, the lobbyism around "fake meat" and agriculture at large. We discuss how Frank has reviewed flawed studies from FAO and got organisations like EAT lancet to retract some of their claims.   

Even though this podcast was about over an hour we did not get deep into all topics and will see if we can have a revisit at some time from Frank.  Go an follow Franks work at:  

Also follow him on twitter for great source of knowledge:  

More episodes on:

Jul 09, 202001:09:49
#026 "They've made my business illegal" with Daniel Chaffey
May 24, 202001:42:41
#025 Zustand der Fitness und Gastroindustrie mit Alexander Stock
May 19, 202001:02:04
#024 Carnivore for Optimal Health Dr. Shawn Baker

#024 Carnivore for Optimal Health Dr. Shawn Baker

In todays episode we meet Dr. Shawn Baker who has a very exiting and versatile background.  After practicing medicine for over 27 years he quit working at the hospital and started helping people with their lifestyle.  

He has written a book called the Carnivore Diet and is the founder of  Listen to this podcast and you will learn a lot!  

Cheers Team 


May 14, 202057:53
#023 Re-inventing real estate...again with Yoni Karako Co-Founder Vonder

#023 Re-inventing real estate...again with Yoni Karako Co-Founder Vonder

Welcome to todays episode and thanks for taking time to listen to this channel.

In this episode I meet Yoni Karako who is one of the founders of the Berlin based company called Vonder.

Vonder is a new type of way to meet the needs of millennials in the housing market and before the corona crisis happened they were on the right path. Now with the crisis in its deepest phase Vonder needed to re-think and adapt to the new future to come.

go in and follow them on instagram at @vondereurope 

And it would mean the world to us if you give us a 5 star rating and share this with a friend.


May 10, 202001:09:17
#022 Rob Hamblen - One of the worlds best Product Designers

#022 Rob Hamblen - One of the worlds best Product Designers

In this episode we meet Rob Hamblen who is one of the worlds best product designers.

He has been coaching and working with all the top-tier companies in Silicon Valley and has now started his new Venture LEAP.

Rob shares his experience of how to start his company, about his first clients and how design springs and product design really work.

Rob is a happy and funny guy and you will enjoy this conversation.

check out LEAPs homepage at:

Happy listening!

Apr 28, 202050:24
#021 Rette die Bürger durch CrossFit - mit Nadine Krajewski [DEUTSCH]
Apr 20, 202045:24
#020 Best Tips for Hiring and getting a job with Doug Webb

#020 Best Tips for Hiring and getting a job with Doug Webb

Welcome to Escapist Corner!

We want to share ideas that make you grow as a human being.

Today we meet Doug Webb who is a HR expert and has tons of experience in hiring and recruiting.

We share many useful tips for how to find a job, and also how to find employees!

Thanks for listening and please give us feedback on what you think.

More episodes are found on:

Feb 03, 202001:13:40


Hey all!

In this episode we meet the CEO of OPEX Jim Crowell.

He has a background as a finance broker of hedge funds, has started two gyms and then sold them, completed in the Crossfit Games 2015 and...the list goes on.

Jim has gone though the most and gives us great lessons and tips when it comes to business, life and training.

We hope you like this episode and make sure to subscribe to our channel.


Escapist Corner


Jan 26, 202001:08:24


This episode is for those who are interested in knowing more about why crossfit workouts are build as they are.

It also goes through and explains what intensity is and which will benefit anyone who is training or coaching crossfit.

Please let us know what you think about this episode!

More episodes on our homepage:

Dec 30, 201936:02
Dec 07, 201856:09


In this first episode of the Team Escapist Radio we talk about nutrition and how important it is for maximising your health and also your results as an athlete.

We talk about the key points of reducing inflammation in your gut and how you can achieve that.

We hope you enjoy this episode and remember to subscribe.
Nov 29, 201815:36


Jonathan is the CEO of Aj&Smart. He goes through how he transform his small agency to one of the most requested design and product agencies in the world and how he went from not earning money to making millions of euros. Follow this crazy man on the net here:
Oct 28, 201828:45
#016 Chris Cooper - Turning bankruptcy business into wealth machines

#016 Chris Cooper - Turning bankruptcy business into wealth machines

In todays episode we were happy to host the author, mentor & entrepreneur Chris Cooper. Topics of the podcast were: How Chris started his business and where he is right now Setting up a business for success Silent knowledge and how to teach people How to source and find personnel How to manage with time Chris Coopers new book “Founder, Farmer, Tinker & Thief” Coopers favourite books He is well known within the CrossFit world but his practices are and should be used by other industries as well and for us it was inspiring to talk to a person that has helped so many to turn around their business and make their dream come true. He keeps on mentoring after already mentoring over 2000 businesses and turning many of them from bankruptcy into wealth machines. The motivation and the drive comes from his urge keeping people from doing the same mistakes as he has been doing. Episode homepage: Check out his homepage: Download and buy his book: Favorite quote: “Advice is a lot like medicine. The wrong dosage at the wrong time, can actually poison you” Short bio about Chris: Author books: Twobrain business Help first Twobrain Business 2.0
Oct 15, 201857:05
#015 Adrian "Boz" Bozman shares his view from the inside
Jun 03, 201801:47:06
#014 Tony Neal founder of CrossFit Liberty Iraq

#014 Tony Neal founder of CrossFit Liberty Iraq

We met Tony Neal at the German Throwdown and sat down and had a conversation. Sadly the first 15 min didnt get recorded but still the conversation was good.

Tony founded one of the first CrossFit affiliates in the military base called Liberty and therefore the affiliate got the name CrossFit Liberty. Tony then moved to Germany where he now lives and runs his affiliate.

Tony shares his story and his passion for helping people, training and beer.

We talk about how to be productive and effective as husband and father of four kids.
Feb 21, 201859:24
#013 Adrian Mundwiler: CrossFit Games Athlete, Winner of German Throwdown 2016 and 2017
Dec 20, 201754:39
#012 Part 1: Building a healthy community with Gregor Schregle
Dec 07, 201727:32
#011 Will The German Throwdown ignite CrossFit into Germany with Benedict Gebhardt

#011 Will The German Throwdown ignite CrossFit into Germany with Benedict Gebhardt

Events like German Throwdown are very important for new sports and it is important to have professionals taking care of them.

This episode we meet Benedict Gebhardt who is the Managing director of the German Throwdown. He comes from a totally different realm of sports but fell in love with CrossFit while studying and being a semi-pro in golf in USA.

In this episode we talk about how CrossFit can grow in Europe and how the future looks like in Germany. We also talk about the importance of having a fitness routine outside your regular sports such as Golf, Rugby and Ice-hockey.

Benedict also tells us about his urge to open an own box and how that pivoted him into getting to know the founder of German Throwdown leading him at the end to become the man in charge.

The event grew unexpectedly last year and he got sponsors like Reebok, Foodspring and Eleiko to help to run the event. This year we some changes in the lineup and the event will be more prepared for more expectators.

We hope that German Throwdown will ignite the CrossFit torch in Europe for real and that it will inspire more kids to start doing CrossFit.

Finals are held 11-12 November! Get your tickets now and support this great event.

Visit German Throwdown:

On instagram:

See our other podcast episodes with guys like Kelly Starrett, Chris Hinshaw, Carl Paoli, Marco Casali, Elli Hachmann and Karl Dyall on our homepage

Or subscribe to itunes here:
Sep 25, 201701:18:42
#010 Learn how to pace with Chris Hinshaw
Sep 05, 201701:42:39