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Essential Aromatica

Essential Aromatica

By Amy Anthony

Whether you are new to Essential oils and Aromatherapy or well versed in the subject matter, Essential Aromatica is here to inspire, ask questions and elevate the possibilities of Aromatherapy.

Join certified aromatherapist, herbalist, distiller, gardener and educator Amy Anthony to question and explore the world of aromatic plants and their preciously concentrated essences. Aromatherapy is much more than "essential oils." It may connect us with nature and remind us of our whole nature: mind, body, spirit.

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Luna Aroma: Little Spirit Moon with Eastern Red Cedar

Essential AromaticaNov 12, 2023

Luna Aroma: Little Spirit Moon with Eastern Red Cedar
Nov 12, 202329:01
Luna Aroma: Autumnal Liminality and Vetiver

Luna Aroma: Autumnal Liminality and Vetiver

Welcome to Luna Aroma, where Aromatherapy meets the Moon.

This 10th episode of Luna Aroma invites you to settle in and descend to the realm of liminal spaces, darkness and crossroads. Places and spaces where Persephone and Hecate among other archetypes may guide us. This is an invitation to revel in the marked transition from late summer's end to the bittersweet falling leaves of full-blown Autumn. Which brings us to root season, a time to harvest root medicine such as Ashwagandha, Valerian, Angelica and Cohosh. And get grounded with all of the root essential oils, notably Vetiver.

Come along as my guest! I'll take you through seasonal themes, a guided aromatic meditative encounter and a poem I feel touches upon this moon-time's qualities. Although this time of year might bring slight sadness and longing with the increasing darkness and chill in the air, it also invites us to approach life with wonderment and curiosity. Root essential oils such as Vetiver are here to support us no matter what.

Episode Highlights:

  • 9:15 Introducing themes of Wonderment and Curiosity
  • 11:00 Roots and Root Oils
  • 13:55 Highlighting Vetiver Essential Oil
  • 16:15 Recommended Yoga Poses
  • 17:15 Guided Aromatic Encounter with Vetiver
  • 24:50 Poem: 'Hades and Persephone' by Carol Tufts

Links to Articles and Classes

Vetiver Essential Oil Profile: Vetiver Essential Oil - NYC Aromatica

Hecate and Autumnal Themes: Hecate Illuminates Transitions and Darkness - NYC Aromatica

Online Aromatherapy Classes: Aromatherapy Online Classes - NYC Aromatica

Ciao, for now!

Oct 13, 202328:22
Luna Aroma: Late-Summer Moontime & Goldenrod Essential Oil
Sep 13, 202325:58
Luna Aroma: Mid-Summer Moontime & Carrot Seed Essential Oil
Aug 16, 202325:57
Connecting with the Sacred Through Aromatic Botanicals

Connecting with the Sacred Through Aromatic Botanicals

Smudging with Sage, burning Frankincense in a censer, lighting incense to visualize and symbolize your thoughts rising to the heavens through smoke. These are only some of the botanicals and ways aromatics help us connect with the divine. What is the divine, the sacred? There may be debate about that, but I think we can all agree it is something that is bigger than us that also includes us. Incorporating aromatic botanicals--not synthetic fragrances--such as essential oils, hydrosols and raw plant material help us connect and commune with the present and sacred time.

This episode shares thoughts on why and how essential oils are powerful chemo-sensorial connectors. Amy touches on distillation, quintessence, the multivalent qualities of essential oils and how they connect mind-body-spirit-soul via the unseen (i.e., tiny, volatile lipid loving molecules). Further into the episode, explore how aromatic botanicals span and connect continents, cultures, ancestors and time. Even deeper is the sacredness of sex and its connection to scent reception and communication through DNA.

Aromatics are molecules of communication. As I’m writing this it occurred how they are also yin and yang at play: penetration and reception. The airborne scent molecules float around until they dock on nerve endings and receptor sites. Smell, scent molecules, help attune with deep knowing. Aromatic botanicals are keys to help us connect with the divine.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Stay in-touch with comments and questions:

Jul 31, 202346:08
Luna Aroma: Thunder Moontime with Laurel, Rosemary & the Sages

Luna Aroma: Thunder Moontime with Laurel, Rosemary & the Sages

This episode features Thunder moontime, when the hot and humid days of summer are often visited by thunder, lightning and rain. This is a time, like most times, to contemplate change. But this time is different. Lighting and thunder are sudden and drastic. They are poignant symbols of change and transmutation. Think of something in your life that weighs on you, that you are looking to change, to shift. Thunder moontime, lightning time, can metaphorically assist along with the powerful essential oils featured in this episode.

Categorically, I feel, essential oils assist in change. They are agents of change: whether a temporary shift in mood and mind states or helping bridge the false mind-body-spirt gap, assist with grief or usher in new beginnings and adopting new habits in exchange for old ones (to name a few states-of-being). Are you ready? Get your Rosemary, Laurel and Sage (common, clary and white) essential oils or plants to sit with during this episode's Guided Aromatic Encounter. The Three Sages also spur a contemplation on the Triple Goddess, something you don't want to miss. The episode winds down with a poem that has made my heart sing since I came upon it a few years ago: "The Other Women" by Twyla M. Hansen. Who might the Other Woman be? Tune in to find out.

Below are links to relevant articles and videos mentioned during the episode:

Ciao, for now!

Jul 16, 202329:30
Luna Aroma: Strawberry Moontime with Lime
Jun 18, 202328:53
Spotlight: Amy Galper on Clean Beauty, Entrepreneurship and Essential Oils

Spotlight: Amy Galper on Clean Beauty, Entrepreneurship and Essential Oils

Jun 09, 202349:22
Luna Aroma: Flower Moontime & German Chamomile
May 19, 202322:42
Spotlight: Cathy Skipper on Alchemical Transformation

Spotlight: Cathy Skipper on Alchemical Transformation

Welcome to Amy Anthony's Spotlight on Aromatherapy series featuring Cathy Skipper whose insights on embracing your unconscious to become your true self are thought provoking, exciting and empowering.

Find yourself a quiet space for Cathy to guide you through the realms of alchemy, working with the unconscious and recognizing and reclaiming the feminine. When does a woman step into her true power? Why do we need initiation rites? Tune in to learn more.

Following are only some of the insights Cathy shares during our conversation:

  • Importance of liminality and transitions; navigating the edges.
  • Perimenopause is a time, a developmental stage of a woman's life, a shamanic initiation.
  • "To know yourself is without danger."
  • How can one fully heal if one doesn't support the psyche and acknowledge the human isn't just a physical body?
  • What does it take to know a realizing it is a soul-to-soul connection.
  • "The analytical mind has a role as servant, not as master."
  • "If we don't befriend the unconscious, it controls us."

Cathy is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing, and plant experience, her highly-attuned intuition, and her mastery at ‘seeing the person within’ to all her work. "All my work is based on my own journey as a wounded healer. I coach and teach from a place of experience. I am totally familiar with navigating the unconscious realms, the ancestral realms, the plant and animal realms. I am a menopause midwife, helping women rebirth themselves as they go through the initiation of menopause into their wise-eldership."

Sign up here to join her free Guided Journey on June 1, 2023.

Learn more about Cathy and her work at and Watch videos on the AromaGnosis YouTube channel. Get social on Instagram by following @cathy.skipper & @the_alchemy_of_menopause. Get a copy of her book on the Alchemy of Menopause.

May 12, 202359:12
Luna Aroma: Grass Moontime with Lemongrass and Palmarosa
Apr 20, 202325:13
Spotlight: Hana Tisserand on Interpretation and Essential Oils

Spotlight: Hana Tisserand on Interpretation and Essential Oils

Welcome to another Spotlight on Aromatherapy featuring Hana Tisserand!

Hana is the Chief of Operations and Communications at the renowned Tisserand Institute where she is also an educator, course moderator and key content creator. Hailing from Prague, Hana and brings a strong background in French and English translation and interpretation as a professional interpreter working with politicians, authors, and educators.

I reached out to Hana soon after watching a webinar she gave for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists titled "How to Talk to People About Safety - Without Controversy." We all have many beliefs and different understanding of the universe, including how we can responsibly work with essential oils. Her background as a professional interpreter provides great insight into how we can navigate the world at-large and when relating to the vast topic of essential oils: "Context is Everything!"

Episode highlights:

  • Appreciating interpretation when communicating with others (e.g., "how can I help you hear me?")
  • Embracing the "frustrating beauty of language".
  • Considering emotions when engaging with the world around us (e.g., are emotions serving you and getting your message across?).
  • Contemplating the natural but artificially concentrated nature of essential oils.
  • Contemplating Brands and Essential oils!
  • Being comfortable in our skin and tending to our body (and more!)
  • Relating research on single components to the complex nature of essential oils.
  • Embracing how the evolution of language and knowledge impact our offerings as educators and practitioners.

And much more in-between! Which are Hana and Amy's favorite essential oils? Join us for the answer!

Learn more about the Tisserand Institute on the web and on Instagram as @tisserandinstitute. Find Hana on Instagram as @tisserandhana.

Ciao for now!

Apr 14, 202301:00:42
Luna Aroma: Worm Moontime & Ylang ylang

Luna Aroma: Worm Moontime & Ylang ylang

Happy spring equinox~Spring is “champing at the bit”! Water, associated with intuition, is rising and running, sap is flowing in the Maple trees. Birds are coming home, and the soil slowly awakens. There may even be some eagerness in the air that goes along with “Spring Awakening”. What better way to honor Spring’s burgeoning energy than muse about sensuality and living through the senses? Get out your bottle of Ylang ylang essential oil, make a cup of Jasmine tea and spend a few minutes with me for seasonal ponderings and a guided aromatic experience: "Trust your intuition, you have the answers you seek."

Each Luna Aroma episode is released the day before each new moon. Thank you for taking time out of your day to connect! I hope you find these episodes inspiring, engaging and a great excuse to experience essential oils!

Mar 20, 202314:23
Spotlight: Olfactory Sounds by Yuliana Kireyeva

Spotlight: Olfactory Sounds by Yuliana Kireyeva

What does Jasmine sound like? What about Frankincense or Vetiver? Get your essential oils, and brew up some Vetiver tea, Jasmine tea and prepare some Frankincense water and sit for a spell to discover the sounds of these aromatics with Yuliana Kireyeva, an accomplished choir conductor, classical vocalist and certified aromatherapist. Yuliana translates scents to music notes, what she calls Olfactory-Auditory Congruence. I cannot fully articulate how moved I have been by these pieces and encourage you to find a quiet place to join us for a listen. 

When I came across what Yuliana is doing, listening to essential oils and translating them to sound, I was floored and excited. I hope you are too after you listen to her compositions. Essential oils in conjunction with olfactory aromatherapy can be incredibly nuanced and, I feel, dismissed by many people who often speak of "placebo effect." The chemical messages are often dismissed and it's the aromatherapist's role (one role, that is) to highlight the nuance and PERSONALITY of each essential oil. Yuliana takes this expression of each personality to another level through music. 

Yuliana is a graduate of the State Academy of Music in Belarus where she studied choir conducting and classical vocalism. Her professional career includes choir conducting for 8 years, performing as a leading Soprano for 7 years, including performing classical, spiritual, folk and jazz music around the world. She currently resides and works in the UAE as a vocal and a piano teacher and composer-translator of olfctory sounds. 

Aromatherapy-wise? Tune it to find out about Yuliana's journey and expansion into the world of Olfactory-Auditory Congruence.

Find Yuliana on Instagram as @olfactorysounds and look forward to experiencing further olfactory-auditory congruence!

Mar 10, 202301:12:17
Luna Aroma: Hunger Moontime & Juniper
Feb 19, 202316:28
Poetry, Pharmacoenergetics & Aromatherapy with Gabriel Mojay

Poetry, Pharmacoenergetics & Aromatherapy with Gabriel Mojay

A rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a…rose. Mused the legendary Gertrude Stein. How does one go about knowing a rose or any other aromatic plant for that matter? Through the poetry of Gabriel Mojay! Join us during this poetry-inspired hour to immerse yourself in Rose’s history and therapeutics through verse. 

This hour starts off with Gabriel’s insights on the pharmaco-energetics of diffusion aromatherapy! Pharmaco-what? Pharma-co YES! Get out your pencil and notepad as he shares wisdom about the power essential oils and diffusion aromatherapy have on a cellular level through hermetic dosing. This is even before we get into poetry!

Then it’s time to get your bottle of rose essential oil or rose hydrosol and listen to his aromatic sonnet on Rose. This poem captures how poetry is an amazing way to share in-depth information in a mesmerizingly memorable way. Next up, I share a prose-poem about Myrrh, seeking to convey the energetics and application of Myrrh resin and its extracts.

Myrrh musings lead us to one of Gabriel’s favorite poems, “Dark Friend” by Mirabai. This poem inspires further thoughts on practicing the cultivation of knowledge, devotion, service and mystic ways of connecting. And how there’s a deep connection with secondary plant metabolites between matter, energetics and information.

As Gabriel shares at the end of the episode: "Each plant is a beautiful, special teacher." 

Feb 17, 202359:58
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Melissa Holman of Lemon Balm Coaching

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Melissa Holman of Lemon Balm Coaching

Healing for Unemotional wrecks. Who can help us understand what an unemotional wreck is and how to transform such a state into fulfillment? 

Introducing: Melissa Holman! The founder of Lemon Balm Coaching and Master Transformational Coach who helps people rediscover emotions that have been stuffed away for so long that emotions and pain are foreign to them. That's right, rediscover. Sometimes it seems easier to shove everything away and plow ahead. Until something shifts in life that forces you to pay attention. 

What does it take to realize it's time to change? Most often something breaks, and we're forced to stop and ask for help. What could that be? Tune-in to hear Melissa's guidance.

As a registered aromatherapist who was ranked 30th among the 50 Most Influential People in Aromatherapy in 2022 and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Representative’s Mentor, Melissa is serious about the power and safe application of essential oils. Her approach is holistic, often including Aromatic Solutions into care plans; yet her main goal is holistically identifying the cause of a client's stifled emotions and facilitating transformation through expertise beyond aromatics. What can that transformation look like? Someone realizing and acknowledging their unique gifts and sharing them with the world. 

Get in-touch with Melissa at Lemon Balm Coaching and follow her on Instagram, as lemonbalmcoaching, for wisdom and inspiration. 

Feb 10, 202301:03:52
Luna Aroma: Wolf Moontime and Scots Pine
Jan 20, 202316:01
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Gabrielle "The Tea Lady" Jammal

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Gabrielle "The Tea Lady" Jammal

Tea. What comes to mind when you read that word? Family farms? A gorgeous experience? Quality ingredients? This episode highlights one of the first trained tea sommeliers in the United States: Gabrielle Jammal, also known as "the Tea Lady". Once you spend time with Gabrielle you may never look at bagged tea the same way as she removes the "veil on the tea world"!

Gabrielle is a tea sommelier who took tea tasting and experiences to new heights by creating a tea program at the esteemed Baccarat Hotel in NYC. This includes sourcing quality ingredients and selecting teas to entice and elevate client experiences. What does a high-quality Earl Gray taste like? Stick with Gabrielle to find out. You'll learn a LOT from her during this episode: from tea regions, the plant Camellia sinensis, what makes a quality tea and what makes white tea so special. 

A core theme during our conversation is experience.  How every day is special and taking time to appreciate what we have, like a beautiful cup of tea served in a glass pot and cup, can be enriching. Yes, please use that nice glassware and don't keep it stuffed away in a cabinet!  Be curious and make mistakes (experiment!) to learn what you like and how you like it prepared. 

Also, don't be afraid to step away from the supermarket and try new teas! Gabrielle encourages us to recognize that we have a lot of pull with our purchasing decisions. There are many businesses specializing in tea that can help you navigate the seemingly intimidating world of tea--seek out these suppliers for guidance or contact a professional tea sommelier like Gabrielle, The Tea Lady, to help you navigate the world of tea.

Learn more about Gabrielle at and be inspired by her tea-centric posts Instagram as @the.tea.lady.

Jan 06, 202355:55
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Nikki Fraser Co-Founder of the Essentria Aromatherapy School

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Nikki Fraser Co-Founder of the Essentria Aromatherapy School

This episode features the wonderful Nikki Fraser, Co-Founder of the Essentria Aromatherapy School. Join us as we have a blast delving into topics like aromatherapy schools, "aromatic lifestyle," and learning from mistakes.  (Pssst: listen to the episode for a special discount on certification classes at Essentria Aromatherapy School!)

Nikki is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Aromatherapist Health Practitioner, co-founder of the Essentria Aromatherapy School and past education director with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA). She has been recognized as a top aromatherapist in her region for 3 years in a row and recognized as one of the most influential people in aromatherapy for 2022.

Topics covered during our conversation cover embarking on the aromatic path, starting a school (wow!!), the concept of an aromatic lifestyle and what that really is, the application of essential oils, aromatherapy awareness (e.g., what is an essential oil and what do you do with them?!) and resurrecting older books that are still relevant and have amazing information such as Turkey Red Oil (wha?!)... 

Learn more about Nikki and her private practice at Fraser Holistic Health. Check out the Essentria Aromatherapy School online and on Instagram...and the podcast! Listen to episodes of Vetiver Vibes on your preferred podcast venue like Apple or Spotify or through the school's website.

Dec 09, 202201:02:21
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Lopa Visaveliya of Purandhri Hypnotherapy
Nov 25, 202201:05:30
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Liz Hill of Karma Ripon and Spiritually Speaking with Liz

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Liz Hill of Karma Ripon and Spiritually Speaking with Liz

Greetings friends of Essential Aromatica! I'm pleased to introduce Liz Hill, the host of the Spiritually Speaking with Liz podcast and proprietor of Karma Ripon, a store that draws you in and makes you feel like you belong because you intuitively know something is there for you.

Join us for banter about the number 22, paying attention (!) and getting into the intricacies of Aromatherapy. Liz shares her journey of how she came into the practice and studied with the esteemed Shirley Price. We get into the nitty gritty of the safety, quality and responsible, educated application of essential oils. This episode highlights how the incredibly concentrated nature of essential oils sets the foundation for the practice of aromatherapy. What happens when essential oils are in the hands of the untrained? Join us to ponder such questions.

Liz is a certified yoga and meditation teacher who is also certified and practices several “-ologys” including reflexology, iridology, kinesiology and remedial massage and manipulative therapy; these influence her life-practice, shop and podcast! She is a clinical aromatherapist who wrote the NVQ 3 (National Vocational Qualification, level 3) in Aromatherapy and taught Aromatherapy on a Higher National Diploma. She was course tutor and on the steering committee of a complementary therapy degree at Bradford University as well as an Aromatherapy principal tutor and examiner for the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (the IFPA), which is a prestigious Aromatherapy organization.

Check out her beautiful shop at | Listen to her podcast | Find her on social media: Instagram: @spiritually_speaking_222 & Facebook: spirituallyspeaking222

Nov 11, 202258:11
Connection, Nature and Aromatherapy

Connection, Nature and Aromatherapy

One of my goals as an aromatherapist is demystifying aromatherapy and making it accessible. Years ago, upon moving to NYC, I felt incredibly disconnected and literally ungrounded. This episode is inspired by an upcoming community class I am giving at P&T Knitwear in NYC's Lower East Side. The class, and therefore this episode, is inspired by my journey, professional experience and bolstered by 3 books purchased from P&T Knitwear (listen to the episode to learn which books!).

Here's the crux: We know we need access to nature and its healing powers because we are of this Earth...but sometimes we don't have direct access to nature and need help. This is where our herbal allies and especially aromatherapy can come in to bridge the gap.

  • Aromatherapy goes beyond scent recognition & perceived pleasantness of an aroma.
  • It touches a sense of place & memory association.
  • it helps us connect with nature.
  • essential oil chemistry interacts with receptors throughout our mind-body-spirit.
  • it takes us beyond ourselves, not judging us, giving us space and, just possibly, lightening the heaviness of being human.
Sep 01, 202230:60
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Makeba Lloyd of Butter by Keba

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Makeba Lloyd of Butter by Keba

How can odors, aromas and scents transform and empower us? Join Makeba Lloyd, founder and formulator of her NYC Harlem-based company of Butter by Keba to find out! Her journey from the NYC real estate market to founding her own company is one of transformation and intention that started in 2005 during a trip to Egypt. Never looking back, this trip reinforced a longing for her to empower and “bring people together through fragrance”. This goal goes beyond the notion of perfume and into helping others through the Harlem-based organization “Hands That Make a Difference.”

As a certified aromatherapist and trained perfumer, Makeba creates uniquely aromatic personal care products and moisturizing fragrances that exemplify affordable luxury. She is passionate about the pursuit of learning, sharing, experimenting and creating gorgeous products that are sustainable, elegant and Earth-centered--which all come through when you hear our conversation and look at her products and consulting services.

Learn more about Makeba's thoughtfully crafted products and other services at Butter by Keba and get social on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok (and other platforms!) by following @butterbykeba.

Jul 22, 202256:13
Saffron on the Lower East Side

Saffron on the Lower East Side

What do Saffron, "Sunset Cocktails", Saint George's Common Table and P&T Knitwear have in common and anything to do with aromatherapy? A lot! This episode highlights community connection with threads of the ephemeral & aromatic Saffron weaving things together. Saffron, one of the worlds priciest aromatic spices is incredibly water soluble and not a common botanical hanging out in an aromatherapists bag of tricks...or so one might think. 

Join me during this episode recorded at P&T Knitwear's community podcast studio for inspiration sourced from community, abundance and sharing...and to learn more about Saffron! I didn't know what this episode was going to be about until yesterday, when this ephemerally aromatic botanical helped me knit (Pun intended!) experiences over the past few weeks together.  

Thank you for listening to Essential Aromatica; wishing you abundance and many joys punctuated by therapeutic aromatic experiences. Ciao for now!

Jun 30, 202223:37
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics

Join Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics to revel in the passion, practice, expertise and distillation-know-how of native plants of the Southwestern United States. This episode is a deep reminder of the time, patience and great care it takes to wild harvest and distill plants, and how this expansive practice is a continual reminder how "plants make the world bigger than us", much bigger.  

Look forward to hearing Clare expound upon the following topics during this episode:

  • The implications and responsibility of legally wildcrafting plant material.
  • Appreciating a plant and its oil for who and what it is
    • Going beyond "liking" and disliking a plant based on its inherent aromas (listen to Clare's experiences with Arizona Juniper!!!! Wow!)
  • The dedication to time, and practice it takes, to get to know a plant and the distillation process.
  • The power of sharing distillation techniques across borders, highlighting Clare's work in Iceland and continued work with organizations in Haiti/ Teaching and supporting people helps improve quality of life and humble us knowing that working with plant medicine show how the world is so much bigger than an individual/us. 
  • Honing your skills: The importance of taking distillation notes and aging essential oils

We hope you walk away from this episode feeling elevated, revived, elucidated, and dare I suggest, humbled. The plants are indeed our teachers, and we are forever students. 

Find more about PhiBee Aromatics at and find them on Facebook as @phibeearomatics.

May 12, 202201:28:32
Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Krishana Chaitanya of Nisarga Farms

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Krishana Chaitanya of Nisarga Farms

How does an Aroma-technologist and Hatha yoga meditator and practitioner approach the business and practice of farming and distilling? This episode explores such questions (and more!) with Krishana Chaitanya of Nisarga Farms. This episode celebrates the work and philosophy of Nisarga farms, which includes attention to soil, plants, farmers, harvesters, distillers and beyond. 

We contemplate:

  • The meanings of "holism" and "organic" on a high level and related to essential oils up to the integrity of the business owner
  • How Small is Big
  • How we survive because of plants
  • Trying to understand and know plants, to pay attention
  • Awareness of violence in everyday life, from harvesting a plant to commodification of plants to aggressive marketing and business practices
  • How the pandemic has shifted practices around plant harvesting
  • Laziness and participating in other peoples (other beings!) happiness
  • And much more...

We hope you walk away from this episode feeling refreshed and eager to immerse yourself amongst the plants of the world, taking the time to indeed "stop and smell the roses". Deeply. And to share the joy of Nisarga, which I learned is much more than a simple business name. It is a way of life.

Find more about Nisarga at and find them on Instagram as @essentialoildistiller and Facebook as @essentialoildistillerie.

Apr 08, 202201:09:09
Finding Alchemical Gold
Mar 03, 202229:28
Attunement, Attention and Black Bean Soup "Better Than I'd Get in Cuba"!

Attunement, Attention and Black Bean Soup "Better Than I'd Get in Cuba"!

As a saying goes: "You only have one attention." Indeed! This episode focuses on the practice of Attunement in herbalism and aromatherapy. Quite frankly, the practice may be applied to anything when you think about it. Tune-in (pun intended!) and muse about "PIGGS" (as related to Attunement: P="Perceive", I="Imperceive"....) and Saint George's soup featuring Oregano, Bay laurel and Cumin. 

I find it fun how a lot can come from soup making, cooking with herbs and more. Are life's lessons learned over a soup pot? Maybe! 

Jan 07, 202220:10
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Carolyn Jones of The Healing Project
Dec 17, 202101:00:32
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Aaron Theno of Bioesse Technologies and Breatherapy

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Aaron Theno of Bioesse Technologies and Breatherapy

Imagine your sense smell impacting your entire sense of being. It happens every day. Something magical happens when the chemical sense of smell mixes with our own chemistry. That power of olfaction married with vibrant essential oils is harnessed by Bioesse Technologies and Breatherapy Tabs. This episode highlights Aaron Theno, a professional vocalist and the Vice president and Chief Aromatherapist of Bioesse Technologies and Breatherapy Tabs. Aaron's diverse background in arts and business stirs our conversation through a melody mixed with art, science, clinical settings and business.

Join us for a conversation about the power of olfaction-based aromatherapy in hospitals, the business AND gentle art of aromatherapy, and other hot topics such as sustainability of the essential oil industry, elevating all facets of creating and working with essential oils and looking locally for plants. It may be no surprise that the conversation turns to "less is more" and how essential oils fundamentally connect us to nature; all through the power of our chemical sense of smell.

Learn more at and Get social with Breatherapytabs on Instagram and other platforms under the same name.

Nov 12, 202144:28
Finding Awe in Liminality and Root Medicine
Oct 07, 202117:44
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Judith Guerra: Embracing Vitality and Curiosity

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Judith Guerra: Embracing Vitality and Curiosity

Does it only take one drop of oil to experience sudden change? Can Rose essential oil support a grieving heart? Join certified aromatherapist, Judith Guerra, and me as we delve into the vapors of working with and experiencing the impact of essential oils on the mind-body. Our conversation highlights topics ranging from mindful application of essential oils, staying curious, taking a time out, pain management and much more. 

A born seeker, Judith was intrigued by what she saw and experienced during her first nebulous encounters with essential oils. Her natural curiosity and questions about safely working with essential oils led her to seek aromatherapy knowledge, education and certification. As a life-long health and wellness advocate, she has been blogging about such topics since 2012 and continues to look for ways to encourage vitality at any age.  

Find more about Judith at, check out her podcast, Judith Guerra Wellness Connections and follow her on Instagram as @autocreate740.

Sep 17, 202146:45
Aromatherapy in Practice with Jirbie Go: From Aroma "Novice" to Country Representative
Sep 03, 202150:42
Aromatherapy in Practice with Elizabeth Ruth: What Makes a Book Worthy of Your Bookshelf?

Aromatherapy in Practice with Elizabeth Ruth: What Makes a Book Worthy of Your Bookshelf?

This episode highlights Elizabeth Ruth of Herbology East and West's: Lotus, Lady and Verse. Join us as we get "into the stacks" and talk about plants, books and more books. What DOES it take to be a book worthy of reading? Of purchasing and putting on your shelf? Of going back to over and over again?* When I step back and think about our conversation a few words shine through: credibility and standards. 

Elizabeth's extensive background as a Landscape designer and Librarian informs her current practice of reading and reviewing plant-themed books, related to (but not limited to) Herbalism and Aromatherapy. Her life-long love of herbs and plants in general has also lead her to pursuing certifications in Herbalism from the East West School of Planetary Herbology and Aromatherapy from Aromatic Studies (Level 1 & 2). 

Get in-touch with Elizabeth and read her reviews at Herbology East and West's Lotus, Lady and Verse. Also find her on Instagram.

*Note: Check out to really get into the stacks. A great resource Elizabeth shared with me after our recorded conversation.

Aug 20, 202149:13
Falling In Love, Again, with Lavender

Falling In Love, Again, with Lavender

As Lavender season comes to an end I found it's time to reflect upon the virtues of the many "Lavenders" out there. This episode is inspired by my recent class "The Lavenders", which celebrates the virtues of several of "The Lavenders": Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula latifolia, Lavandula x intermedia with a shout out to Lavandula stoechas. One Lavender is not better than another, they all just are. Plants are beings expressing themselves, existing and adapting in the climate and location their roots are in. 

Prepare a cup of cold infused lavender tea! I look forward to your joining the Lavenders and me.

Jul 16, 202120:45
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with BotanicAromatica

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with BotanicAromatica

This episode highlights Yvette Ramos-Volz, founder of BotanicAromatica and The Glass Room. Yvette, a driver and facilitator of change, is the creator of the trademarked, arts-based coaching model called Living Life, in the Meantime. This intensive model is a driver of her vision for integrating botanicals (including Aromatherapy) and the creative process of working with stained glass. 

Our conversation begins with plants: inspiration from the garden captured in infusions! She shares how aromatherapy came into her life to assist in navigating changes and stress. Underlying themes of the discussion are the importance of Aromatherapy as a supporting modality, synergy, integration, intuition and "coming into your own." We reflect on how aromatherapy is everywhere: when we cook, walk up to a pine tree and more. 

Yevette's weaving of change, process, glass (i.e., the similar fragility of glass to the mind) and botanicals left me refreshed and inspired, as I hope you are too after listening to this episode!  

Get in-touch with Yvette and find out more about her at The Glass Room and BotanicAromatica and on Instagram at @theglassroomnj and @botanicaromatica.

Jun 18, 202144:01
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica

This episode highlights Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica. She is a tea blender, aromatherapist, Master in Food Culture & Communications, a meditation teacher-in-training...and much more!  Topics include being curious, knowing ingredients (What are you eating? What are you putting on your body?), "objectification of essential oils," blending (!) and trusting yourself. For me, our conversation reinforced how paying attention & stepping back gives us space to notice nuance, learn, receive and grow. 

We get personal and share stories: sometimes all you need is your breath, awareness and a little Vetiver (Jackie) or Ginger (Amy) oil for grounding when you're feeling unsettled. 

Get in-touch with Jackie and find out more about Nuda Botanica on the web and Instagram.

May 28, 202138:22
Luna Aroma: Showing Spirit with Play, Confidence & Chamomile

Luna Aroma: Showing Spirit with Play, Confidence & Chamomile

May is the month of the "Flower Moon," when "all plants display their spirit sides for all the world to see." This episode explores how spirit is bolstered by confidence and playfulness. German chamomile is a plant emblematic of this! Join me as I wax away and slip into the realms of an e.e.cummings poem: "I am too busy with my flowers to believe, the rain answered." Go ahead, make yourself a cup of chamomile tea and set a spell...

May 15, 202117:06
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Candice Forness

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Candice Forness

Spend time with Candice Forness, a holistic healer from a lineage of healers, and Amy Anthony as they discuss the life-changing potential and depth of essential oils and aromatherapy. Candice’s versatile practice focuses on holding space, lifting people up and fortifying the mind-body connection through a multitude of healing arts. As she puts it, we can be Cerebral AND Organic at the same time. She shares how we can get on our own “Beauty Cloud” to meet ourselves again and be deeply inside ourselves. Things get deeper (!) when she shares how “the integrity of the molecule” reinforces HOW we treat ourselves, the Earth and others profoundly impacts…everything.

Get in-touch with Candice and find out more about her at CANDICEFORNESS.COM

Apr 30, 202131:40
Luna Aroma: Cleansing & Lemongrass
Apr 16, 202119:54
No, There's Not "An Oil for That."

No, There's Not "An Oil for That."

Happy April Fools! But there is no fooling around about the touchy subject of "there's and oil for that"! Join me as I scratch the surface of pondering the limitations of essential oils, where they do in fact shine and how essential oils and "consumption" don't go together very well. Tied into the aforementioned topic is soup making and the heart-breaking essential oil of the Neroli flower. 

Apr 02, 202120:21
Therapeutic Aromas and Oils that are Essential?!
Mar 19, 202115:09
Luna Aroma: Sensuality & Spring
Mar 12, 202112:49
Accessible Aromatherapy

Accessible Aromatherapy

We encounter essential oils every day, from a cup of Coffee to Pine trees in your neighborhood to spices in soups! Possibilities abound for immersing yourself in ad-hoc, on-the-fly aromatherapy-like sessions such as making a soup with Bay Laurel, simmering Cardamom, Cinnamon and Star Anise in a pot or crushing Juniper berries with your fingers. Oh, and was Black Pepper really worth more than gold? Grab your Pepper grinder and join me for a spell... 

Mar 05, 202112:06
Welcome to Essential Aromatica

Welcome to Essential Aromatica

Greetings and welcome to Essential Aromatica, a podcast with Amy Anthony of NYC Aromatica about aromatherapy, essential oils and more. This introduction welcomes you to what is in-store: episodes on aromatic plants & their essential oils to the vast and sometimes controversial topics in and around aromatherapy.

Mar 03, 202101:58
Aromatic Root Chakra Rituals
Mar 01, 202110:56