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The Ethnographic Eater

The Ethnographic Eater

By Mick

Welcome to the Ethnographic Eater on Anchor FM. This podcast focuses on the impact food has on society, our relationships, and how we function as individual humans. We hope to inform and inspire others to join us as we discover how food has changed over time, and how it effects us emotionally, physically, and mentally. This podcast will be covering the ethnographic and anthropological perspectives of food.

*This is a multifaceted podcast, with each subject being divided into seasons*
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Anthropology In The Moment

The Ethnographic EaterMar 19, 2021

Food Justice Series: The Carver Market story

Food Justice Series: The Carver Market story

Mick sits down to talk with current Carver Market manager, Mr Jeff Delp about how the market came to be, where its going, and how the market helps improve the health of his coworkers and neighborhood.

Jeff Delp and the team at Carver Market have helped create a warm welcoming environment to the Carver neighborhood in South Atlanta. Along with the help of the economic development group he is a part of, this dream became a reality. While the local area flourished with small neighborhood markets in the 1950s and 60s, eventually big box stores began to have an affect on those mom and pop shops. Big box stores like Target, Walmart, Meijers and Krogers have become todays norm and often times can be found in bustling suburban areas. However, this leaves smaller neighborhoods that are miles from the city are hard for some residents to reach. This leaves communities at risk for malnutrition and poor physical and emotional health. This is something Jeff, his family, his coworkers and the economic development group didn't want for his neighborhood. Carver Market not only is a place of community gathering and empowerment, but a place where the community can walk to get fresh coffee, meats, vegetables, cheeses, as well as other snacky-staples.

Come join us as we talk about the importance of small hometown markets, the topics of race and gender on physical well being, and how putting equity, time, and love into local neighborhoods can benefit the area for years to come.

Supplemental information: 60 Minutes spiel from Facebook:

Aug 01, 202324:38
Food Justice Series: Class with Chef Christophe

Food Justice Series: Class with Chef Christophe

In this episode, Christophe D and host Michela sit down to talk about Social Gastronomy, Collective Kitchens, the pillars of food research and social gastronomy, social and racial justice, Suburban and Urban food movements, how the pandemic has affected the food scene in Montreal, Canada, the affects of "big food" corporations on citizens across the world, and Christophes time as a chef, and how it influenced his new love for social work and social gastronomy. While food affects us all, we sit down to talk about all the important aspects of food and how it can impact us emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Jun 28, 202337:53
Food Justice Series: BOOK DISCUSSION "Retail Inequality: Reframing the Food Desert Debate" w Dr Ken Kolb

Food Justice Series: BOOK DISCUSSION "Retail Inequality: Reframing the Food Desert Debate" w Dr Ken Kolb

In this episode, The Ethnographic Eater host Michela sits down with James Beard Award Finalists and Association for Study of Food and Society award winner
author Dr. Ken Kolb (Furman University) to discuss his newest book titled "Retail Inequality: Reframing the Food Desert Debate"
Jun 28, 202334:00
Food Justice Series: Gender, Class, and Media; Interview w Dr. Patgiri

Food Justice Series: Gender, Class, and Media; Interview w Dr. Patgiri

Michela and Dr Patgiri talk about the influences of culture, media, gender, and class on our perceptions of Food. We talk about food in the indian context, and how eating through the pandemic also changed our perceptions of cooking and who's in charge of kitchen duties.

Jun 28, 202329:36
Food Justice: Food Access, Food Waste, and the Impact on our Environment w Guests Food Rescue Hero

Food Justice: Food Access, Food Waste, and the Impact on our Environment w Guests Food Rescue Hero

Welcome back to The Ethnographic Eater podcast! Today we are going to be discussing a multitude of topics, all of which intertwine together.

We have two special guests on our show today! Michael Bocchine, local Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering enthusiast, and Jen England from Food Rescue Hero in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We apologize for how long it took to produce this episode, as the month has been extremely hectic on our end.

Todays topics inclue:

How we rescue food, what rescuing food really means

How rescuing food has a positive impact on our atmosphere and environment

What the greenhouse gas effect is

Statistics on Food Waste, brought to you by stats from Feeding America and Food Rescue Hero

How rescuing food without a wait period impacts local families in a helpful way

How increasing food access can correlate with better meal choices and health outcomes

How the greenhouse effect can affect ecosystems and human health conditions

We are so happy you are joining us for this conversation!

May 07, 202330:21
Food Justice: Community Health and Well Being

Food Justice: Community Health and Well Being

Mic ans Ms. Wendy Wesley speak on the food disparities of St Pete, Florida, and how we can increase attention to our communities by writing, and asking for an increase in healthy food options and grocery stores. 

Short introduction to current global chronic health condition statistics

Feb 05, 202317:18
What are Health Halos and Nutrition Labels (US Version)

What are Health Halos and Nutrition Labels (US Version)

A brief understanding of health halos and nutrition labels, and a conversation with Registered Dietician and Food Researcher Ms. Lauren Swann

Dec 07, 202240:43
What is food politics?

What is food politics?

Podcast host Mick does a short blip about Food politics, what it entails, and what to look out for the next time you visit a grocery store. All resources for this episode will be published on The Ethnographic Eater Facebook page as well as the APA resource page on The Ethnographic Eaters Google website. 

Music was provided by 

Purple Planet, Coca Cola, Anchor FM, and Ben Sound. 

Apr 12, 202113:19
Anthropology In The Moment

Anthropology In The Moment

Welcome to The Ethnographic Eater on Anchor FM! I'm your host, Michela. This multifaceted podcast is all about Food, Culture, History, and the current state of the world. This podcast is meant to act as an open learning zone for those interested in all things Food research, as well as virtual gatherings. Today we welcome two new panelists to our table; Mr. Mark Anthony Arceño and Mr. Jeff Marden. Today they are both here to talk about Anthropology and Ethnography, and how their current projects help us better understand the people, and foods around us.

Todays music is brought to you by Purple Planet and BenSound

You can find their music downloads at

Mar 19, 202136:30
Why Food Is Crucial

Why Food Is Crucial

Welcome to The Ethnographic Eater on Anchor FM, Spotify Premium, and wherever you get your podcasts! Today were going to be talking to our first two panelists Nathan Lebras and Nadia Minniti! They will be discussing how Food has impacted their lives in oh so many ways! From France to the United States, we'll be taking a long digital journey. 

The transcript of this episode should be out within the next few weeks for those of our listeners who are hard of hearing. 

To find out more about your panelists, please be sure to find us also on Google Sites!

Jan 29, 202135:41
Introduction to the Host

Introduction to the Host

Hi everyone! Welcome to The Ethnographic Eater. My name is Michela (or Mick for short) and I am your host. since you'll be hearing my voice on every episode, I figured i'd say hello! In the case that there are listeners who are interested in our show, but are deaf or hard of hearing, I'll be doing my best to get episodes written down in the description boxes. 

A little bit about me:

Im a recent graduate from Allegheny College and has my B.S. in Psychology. During the course of my degree, I really took a liking to Food justice and food psychology. I wanted to share the information I learned to everyone around me. Hence, the reason for this podcast. From conversations about religion, race, food systems, access, equality, sustainability, cooking, and food health...theres a lot to unpack. 

Our seasons will become more structured as we move along this year. Join me and our season one panelists in just two weeks! 

Jan 15, 202102:31
The Ethnographic Eater Trailer

The Ethnographic Eater Trailer

Have you ever wondered who created the foods you eat? Have you ever thought about how far your food traveled or even how its changed over time? Look no further! Welcome to the Ethnographic Eater on Anchor FM, Spotify Premium, and more. Subscribe to our podcast for a little slice of knowledge! 

Dec 12, 202001:09