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Build your vocabulary. Refine your study strategies. Improve your critical thinking.
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New year same old you? My experience choosing an alcohol-free life

Ethos EnglishJan 09, 2023

Season 3 coming soon!

Season 3 coming soon!

I'll be back with season 3 of Ethos English in September!

Aug 14, 202300:16
Spanish stalemate: a deep dive into the vocabulary of elections
Aug 01, 202311:00
Precision before adornment: EFL and George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language"
Jul 17, 202311:24
The monk who made Apple possible
Jul 03, 202308:16
Dialling it back: a metaphor that might change your life
Jun 05, 202308:10
Print over pixels: Marshall McLuhan and the cognitive benefits of reading physical books
May 28, 202309:01
Microfluency: SMART goals and context-specific language learning strategies
May 22, 202314:11
Navigating the content tsunami: stop mixing the trivial and the transformative
May 14, 202307:46
A royal pain: King Charles and monarchy idioms in English
May 08, 202309:22
The artist's dilemma: EU copyright law and generative AI
May 01, 202308:14
Fox News' record-setting defamation lawsuit and the unmasking of Tucker Carlson
Apr 24, 202311:28
Surprising lessons from my coaching training: being well-rounded is overrated
Apr 17, 202312:44
Making language sticky - the many uses of "stake"
Mar 19, 202311:10
The overlooked skill you need to stand out in oral exams, job interviews and even on first dates
Mar 13, 202312:46
Breaking free from the native-speaker ideal: the incredible journey of Joseph Conrad
Feb 26, 202312:06
Roald Dahl and the censorship debate: the ethics of bowdlerisation in children's literature
Feb 20, 202312:13
Unlocking inversions: the grammar shortcut to speak English confidently
Feb 12, 202306:56
Are we in a friendship recession?
Feb 05, 202313:60
Qatargate: corruption, whistleblowers and the European Parliament
Jan 22, 202308:40
University student creates reliable AI detection app
Jan 17, 202309:24
New year same old you? My experience choosing an alcohol-free life
Jan 09, 202310:09
Nuclear fusion breakthrough and adjectives ending in -worthy

Nuclear fusion breakthrough and adjectives ending in -worthy

This week I explore news reports of advances in nuclear fusion from The Financial Times and The Economist and discuss adjectives that end in -worthy.

Dec 26, 202210:22
Is ChatGPT the future of language learning?
Dec 19, 202213:38
The power of patterns: why your brain loves alliteration
Dec 12, 202210:18
Celebrating 1 year and 30 episodes of Ethos English
Dec 04, 202209:26
Back on the royal road to fluency - adverbs, reading and two powerful writing tools
Nov 28, 202210:01
Want to make the leap from B2 to C2? Understanding adverb use is key!
Nov 21, 202214:27
Of slow growing coconuts, the true nature of genius and MC Hammer
Nov 07, 202209:27
Blind dates, hot button issues and an introduction to cognitive biases
Oct 30, 202222:02
Putting my tips into practice - a vocabulary scavenger hunt
Oct 23, 202211:38
Neuroscience and language learning: what's the attentional filter?
Oct 17, 202221:52
The zombies in our midst: an antidote to bad economics and bad English
Oct 11, 202224:07
Ethos English: a new name and a new season
Sep 21, 202202:01
The US Supreme Court and abortion
Jun 29, 202209:16
Pesticides, scientific fraud and the moral arc of the universe
Jun 23, 202216:59
The Great Stink of 1858
Jun 09, 202212:09
Eco-anxiety, ikigai and the power of art
May 31, 202212:34
We all have an inner voice - what's yours telling you?
May 25, 202215:42
Speaking exams: Key language to boost your performance
May 18, 202213:36
Of binomials, jingoism and inhumane empires

Of binomials, jingoism and inhumane empires

In this episode we find out about binomials as well as some interesting facts about the British Empire, jingoism and why British civil servants are threatening to revolt agains the government's latest plans to deal with refugees.

Apr 21, 202215:32
Talking about Atomic Habits with Tim Warre
Apr 06, 202247:56
The road to Ukraine is paved with good intentions

The road to Ukraine is paved with good intentions

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is a common saying in English. In short, having good intentions does not always lead to good outcomes. I argue that condemnation of Putin's war in Ukraine is not enough. We need to understand the conditions that allowed his rise to power and the ways in which Western powers might be partly responsible for this tragic war. I bring in Slavoj Žižek, Aditya Chakrabortty, Naomi Klein, John Mearsheimer and Masha Gessen. Lots of food for thought.

Mar 23, 202215:00
Talking about supply chain economics with Iván

Talking about supply chain economics with Iván

In this conversation with Iván, who's both a student and teacher of English, we talk about an issue of interest to him, namely economics and supply chain issues that have been affecting the world economy. We also exchange ideas on effective language learning approaches, and discuss things such as translation and the use of flashcards. 

Feb 23, 202242:53
Carrie Bradshaw and the overlooked advantages of being single

Carrie Bradshaw and the overlooked advantages of being single

In this episode I discuss Valentine's Day and its Catalan equivalent Sant Jordi as well as delve into research on the hidden benefits of being single. What's more, I look into the concept of "greedy marriages" and why it's okay to want a relationship if you aren't in one. As always, you'll find an interactive transcript and Quizlet flashcard sets by going to my podcast page.

Feb 15, 202208:25
Talking about books you've never read
Feb 08, 202227:34
Seek and ye shall find
Feb 02, 202210:00
Is text messaging killing your social life?
Jan 26, 202210:41
J'accuse! Overcoming the philistinism of English language teaching
Jan 19, 202209:22
An oasis in the desert? Dubai Expo and post-covid culture

An oasis in the desert? Dubai Expo and post-covid culture

In this week's episode I talk about my recent trip to Dubai. This year the emirate is hosting Expo, so I decided to explore a bit of the cultural impact of this international event throughout history. I come to the conclusion that the post-Covid world needs more catharsis-inducing art.

Jan 12, 202212:32
New Year's resolutions worth making
Jan 04, 202208:36