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Etta Arlene's Spiritcast

Etta Arlene's Spiritcast

By Etta Arlene

Join us as we talk about all things related to mindfulness, Reiki, metaphysics, tarot, astrology, the law of attraction, magic, and more.
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The Sacred Rebel, Past Lives, and Radical Self-Acceptance with Nicki Ojeda

Etta Arlene's SpiritcastMay 19, 2023

The Sacred Rebel, Past Lives, and Radical Self-Acceptance with Nicki Ojeda
May 19, 202301:28:02
A Chat About Baneful Magick and Other Witchy Things
Apr 21, 202328:17
Shamanic Journeying And Meeting Your Guides with Thomas Mooneagle
Apr 14, 202355:57
Astrology, Human Design, and More
Mar 24, 202334:49
Witchy Potluck and Hermes
Mar 10, 202328:24
The Moon, The Goddesses, and Healing With Ciara Jean Roberts
Mar 03, 202301:27:24
Let's Do A Tarot Reading
Feb 24, 202331:08
Working With Spirit Guides
Feb 17, 202349:52
Loki, Norse Paganism, Folk Magic, & Other Gods with Jess
Feb 10, 202301:37:44
Druidism & The Morrigan with Patrick
Feb 03, 202301:22:42
Séances, Magick, and More With Ferranti & Jeff - Part 2
Sep 30, 202243:38
Lily Dale, Mesmerism, Astrology and More with Ferranti & Jeff - Part 1
Sep 15, 202201:22:12
Psychic Readings, Witch Shops, and Mystic Mondays
May 02, 202226:07
Part 2 - Dragons, Ancestors, & Spirit Guides with Hannah Azok
Apr 04, 202233:42
Part 1 - Past Lives & Spirit Guides with Hannah Azok
Mar 28, 202201:08:49
What Are Animal Guides?
Mar 04, 202243:10
Light Codes, Lemuria, & Spirit Guides with Divine Derricka
Feb 21, 202201:15:18
"A Twin Flame Journey" The Same Soul With Lyndsy Marie
Feb 14, 202201:13:18
Spirit Communication
Feb 02, 202232:11
Etta Arlene Spiritcast - Trailer

Etta Arlene Spiritcast - Trailer

Welcome to Etta Arlene's Spiritcast! Join us as we chat about all things related to magick, astrology, tarot, witchcraft, spirituality, and anything in that realm. 

Feb 02, 202200:30
Season 2! Astrology, Magic, and More
Jan 21, 202232:45
Chat About Astrology, Tarot, & Other Witchy Things
Sep 10, 202138:43
King James And His Impact On Society
Aug 26, 202144:16
Our Book, Shadow Work, & A Touch of Divination
Aug 18, 202123:57
Spirit Attachments & Intrusive Thoughts
Aug 10, 202140:37
Past & Future Self Astrology Chat

Past & Future Self Astrology Chat

* IMPORTANT NOTE: We may have mistakenly called this aspect something else. We were referring to the Hades Moon. Learn more about it from a professional and check out the book linked here: The Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon by Judy Hall - 

We like to call this an Astro Chat. Astro Chats are when we select a topic in astrology and talk about it. In this episode, we are discussing some of the various things in our astrological charts that indicate our karma brought in from other lives, who we may have been in past lives, and potential indications of our future incarnations. This doesn't cover all of the ways one can explore this information in their astrological charts. These are just a few of our favorite indicators. To learn more about this type of astrology, you can find more information in the books linked below. To learn more about your personal soul journey in astrology, check out the 2 sites also linked down below. 

* Soul Centered Astrology by Alan Oken -

* Esoteric Astrology: A Beginners Guide by Torgny Jansson -

* Karmic Astrology Report & Goddess Astrology reports can be found here:

* South Node & North Node calculator:

Garage Cats Body Balms:

Our Website:

Our Shop:

Our Candles:

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Aug 06, 202135:23
Past Lives & Other Worlds with Thomas Mooneagle- Part 2
Jul 30, 202157:13
Runes and Magic with Thomas Mooneagle - Part 1
Jun 22, 202146:20
Moving With Internal Guidance with Hilay
Jun 11, 202152:46
Cartomancy - Divination With Cards
May 24, 202134:05
Dan The Crystal Witch- Magick And Returning To Self
Apr 02, 202101:01:15
Astrocartography A Game Changer
Mar 24, 202128:49
Astrology & The Elements
Mar 17, 202120:29
Ronnie Angelique- The Power We Hold
Mar 08, 202150:15
"Twin Flame Journey" A Story Of Love with Lyndsy Marie
Feb 10, 202101:00:50
Channeling with Barry Strohm
Feb 05, 202153:07
2021 January Ascension Energy And How To Process It
Jan 18, 202142:09
New Year, New Blessings
Jan 09, 202147:44
Part 3 - Empathy, Self Compassion, & Relationships with The Reiki Loop
Dec 14, 202043:09
Part 2 - Healing & Sacred Sexuality with The Reiki Loop
Dec 07, 202027:07
Part 1 - Inner Journey with The Reiki Loop
Nov 28, 202049:10
What Is The Seekers Bill of Rights?
Oct 28, 202025:32
The Halloween Episode: Vampire, Vegan, or Immortal?
Oct 23, 202041:03
Wow, it has already been a year...
Oct 20, 202022:53
Active vs. Passive Manifesting
Oct 07, 202038:36
The Other Spiritual Laws
Oct 01, 202036:19
Manifesting & The Law of Attraction
Sep 24, 202036:29
The Witch's Book of Power - The Higher Soul Explained - Part 3
Sep 17, 202037:32
The Witch's Book of Power - The Ego Soul Explained Part 2
Sep 04, 202043:47
Bonus Episode: Service to Who?
Sep 01, 202028:33
The Witch's Book Of Power - The Primal Soul Explained Part 1
Aug 25, 202033:39
Energetic Balance And The Bright Future Ahead
Aug 10, 202035:18
Energy Cleansing, Protection, & Psychic Attacks
Aug 01, 202043:51
Landon Guinn- Starseed's and The Galactic Federation of Light
Jul 24, 202001:15:27
We Are One - The New Earth with Karen Neumann
Jul 17, 202001:15:36
The Wounded Healer - Becoming Wholly Aligned with Ciara Jean Roberts
Jul 08, 202058:45
What is High Magick?
Jun 27, 202012:20
Meeting the Darkness & What Comes After

Meeting the Darkness & What Comes After

This is our first round table style episode that we recorded in the heat of the Pandemic. 

Joining us on the podcast are Dan Deluca and Thomas Mooneagle plus a cameo from one of our witchy besties Derek. Dan is a highly intuitive, crystal enthusiast who studies various magical practices.  

He is an avid student of the universe. Thomas Mooneagle is an amazing spiritual teacher who we have had the honor to have on the podcast once again. He is a healer, teacher, mesa carrier, intuitive reader, artist, shamanic practitioner, and author. 

Thomas is trained as a Usui Reiki Master,  a Sifu of Southern Chinese Tai Chi, ordained as a Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, and initiated as a Fourth Level Andean Priest. Every time we speak with him we learn so, so much!

Today we discuss healing and how sometimes we have to acknowledge our darkness in the process.  You have to feel to heal. You have to face your shadow sometimes. We chat about how this connects to the current energy of the world as a collective and on an individual basis. 

P.S Arlene gets a powerful healing from Thomas! 

Thomas Mooneagle:  

Thomas Mooneagle's Previous Episode: Soul Retrieval, Shamanism, & Matrix Energetics with Thomas Mooneagle

Dan Deluca's Previous Episode: All About Crystals with Dan Deluca

Support Pittsburgh's Foodbank: or the one in your town :)


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Jun 25, 202051:15
Intuition, Meditation, and Clairvoyance
Jun 19, 202046:45
The World & Her Shadow

The World & Her Shadow

In this episode, we wanted to speak about the current events and the idea of Spiritual Warrior.  We are asking where are you sending your energy and what can you do to help others?

How To Help:

Learn more about reiki here:

Follow us on YouTube:

Recourses & Books We Love:

Find A Charity: is a great place to find charities to donate and support. 

Other Places to Donate:

Black Lives Matters (your local chapter) George Floyd Memorial Fund Minnesota Freedom Fund Black Visions Collective Reclaim the Block Campaign Zero The Unicorn Project

Feeding People: We mention fighting hunger, so please donate as little as $1 to your local food bank. 

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Jun 01, 202036:45
Mediumship, Aliens, & Channeling Higher Energies with Barry Strohm
May 11, 202001:11:10
The Witch of Wonderlust & Mystic Dylan Talk Folk Magic
Apr 22, 202001:21:11
WTF is Going On!?! & Ascension Energy Update

WTF is Going On!?! & Ascension Energy Update

In today's episode, we are talking about Ascension Energy and the energies surrounding the current global health pandemic. We discuss how the energy of the collective impacts you, what you need to do as a lightworker, and how to use this time to heal. 

Reiki for 2020 Ascension Energy

Learn more about Reiki:

Now more than ever it can be hard to get groceries. If you are fortunate enough to not be affected by the current state of things, we ask that you donate to your local food bank or Feeding America. Any amount will help someone in need. A donation of $3 can help someone else eat. 

Pittsburgh Food Bank:

Feeding America:

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Apr 14, 202043:54
The Akashic Records with Ernesto Ortiz
Mar 27, 202001:00:15
Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Communicate With You
Mar 20, 202029:36
Discordianism, Magic, & Inner Peace with Sheila
Mar 08, 202053:52
3 Things Blocking You From Raising Your Vibration
Feb 07, 202020:10
Oracle Card Reading & Thoughts on Spiritual Development
Jan 23, 202034:06
Bonus: Drumming Down the Runes & Other Book Recommendations
Jan 13, 202007:57
Soul Retrieval, Shamanism, & Matrix Energetics with Thomas Mooneagle
Jan 10, 202040:53
Access Bars, Sound Healing, and more with Avi Karp
Nov 30, 201954:16
All About Crystals with Dan Deluca
Nov 04, 201957:03
Italian Mysticism, Curses, & The Evil Eye with Amedea
Oct 28, 201901:08:18
Mini Episode: Residual Energies with Karen Rontowski
Oct 26, 201917:25
Increasing Psychic Abilities, Energy Protection, & More with Karen Rontowski
Oct 25, 201958:46
Archangels & Angel Guidance with Cristina Aroche
Oct 14, 201901:06:07
Mini Episode - Using Full Moon Energy
Oct 11, 201918:38
Interview with Etta - Fine Art, Karma, & Energy Blocks
Oct 07, 201956:02
Mini-Episode - Dolores Cannon & Past Life Regression
Oct 04, 201927:40
Episode 2 - Interview with Arlene - From Warped Tour to Energy Healing
Oct 01, 201957:26
Episode 1 - Ego, Intuition, & The Full Moon Meditation
Sep 18, 201949:38