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Europeans: into a new Europe

Europeans: into a new Europe

By European Solidarity Network

Get inspired by social projects across Europe that are shaping our future!

Listen to seasons 1 and 2 - stories from a union of volunteers - to join Europeans as they share their adventures about volunteering abroad and how you can do it too! Don't forget to check our Spotify playlist Europeans: songs from a union of volunteers.

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Special Episode: The European Youth Event

Europeans: into a new EuropeJun 18, 2023

Special Episode: The European Youth Event
Jun 18, 202323:35
I love dyslexia

I love dyslexia

Europeans: into a new Europe Season 3 Episode 15

Which challenges are faced by pupils and students with dyslexia in the learning process and educational system?

Today we talk with Aggeliki Pappa, CEO of ''I love dyslexia" and devoted teacher about #dyslexia, #education and #changingforbetter and #globalcitizenship.

Our quest tells us about a special program ''I love dyslexia" about learning foreign languages for students with dyslexia.

Check the social media of Aggeliki Pappa and ''I love dyslexia''.

May 31, 202343:36
Youth Engaged in Wetlands

Youth Engaged in Wetlands

Europeans: into a new Europe Season 3 Episode 14

Why should we protect wetlands? What is Ramsar CoP14?

Today our guest is Hugo, who talks about Youth Engaged in Wetlands and gives insight into biologists' work in the field. Youth Engaged in Wetlands is a youth group that focuses conservation, protection, and wise use of wetlands.

Photo credit: Fabrice Pavanello

Feb 22, 202330:52
European Youth Parliament (EYP)
Feb 01, 202319:30
ECYP Alumni
Jan 11, 202322:30


Europeans: into a new Europe Season 3 Episode 11

In the episode, our guest is Tana Foarfă from Europuls. The NGO was set up by a group of Romanian experts in European affairs in 2010 and focuses on European issues and integration.

You get to know how Europuls promote and spread knowledge about European policies in Romanian society.

Let's be inspired by Europuls's project.

Jan 04, 202328:10
Feeling of Beauty ®

Feeling of Beauty ®

Europeans: into a new Europe Season 3 Episode 10 - Feeling of Beauty ® is a project developed by the Polish psychologist Dorota Anna Milke to boost self-confidence through photography, art and culture. In this episode, she shares her work at RAiDO Foundation to integrate people with special needs in society. Listen to her inspiring story and have a look at the photos and read the stories of those involved in the project here.

Dec 21, 202228:45
Looking for Inspiration

Looking for Inspiration

Europeans: Into a new Europe Season 3 Episode 9

In today's solo episode, Roksana talks about some projects from Poland in three fields: #cultureheritage #thehumanlibrary and #seniorvolunteering. We hope you get some inspiration from the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

If you engage in similar projects, please share with us

Aug 17, 202206:25
Aug 03, 202215:30
BikeSurf Berlin
Jul 13, 202231:48
3 amazing projects for you to join this summer
Jun 29, 202214:23
Language Café by Språkstudion

Language Café by Språkstudion

Europeans: Into a new Europe Season 3 Episode 5 - Let’s learn a new language and meet new people. Amanda from Språkstudion (Stockholm University) talks about running a Language Café and how you can partake in one. These are special sessions where students can learn from one another. What language do you want to learn and practice? Get inspired from the episode!

Check out Language Cafe:

To not miss an episode of our new season, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Jun 15, 202215:40
Vegan Kochen Wien
Jun 01, 202218:42
The Trash Traveler
May 18, 202217:57
May 04, 202212:60
Apr 20, 202217:24
The European Charlemagne Youth Prize

The European Charlemagne Youth Prize

As previously announced we are back with our next special episode about the European Charlemagne Youth Prize and it's ceremony in Aachen, Germany. Paula talks about the event which happened in late September and shares her impression from this week. You get also the change to listen to other participants of the Award Ceremony. Don't forget to check out their wonderful projects! Find all winners here and click here for more information about the Charlemagne Prize.

Here you can go directely to the projects featured in our episode:

Odense, European Youth Parliament, Denmark

Conference of the European Youth Parliament, Slovenia

Treatment without Borders, Bulgaria

13th EFPSA European Summer School, Greece

Don’t avoid what is easy, Estonia

My Europe My Say, Slovakia

And of course, don't forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook! :)

Nov 08, 202124:49
We are winners!
Sep 29, 202108:24
What does solidarity mean?

What does solidarity mean?

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Season 2 Episode 26 - Tune in for a dose of solidarity from our past guests and answer the question yourself on our social media!

We'll be back after summer with a new season! For now, stay safe and enjoy the sun (with sunscreen)!

Jun 30, 202115:52


Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Season 2 Episode 25 - Happy birthday to this podcast! One year ago we recorded our first episode with the hosts José and Paula and today we are closing the circle and interviewing each other. Find out about our first impressions, funny stories and, of course, our favourite volunteering songs. Check them out here!

Also, if you want to dive into good European teen drama, go watch Skam! There are plenty of versions to choose from but José mostly recommends the original Norwegian version and Skam Italia.

We would like to thank every listener and guest for being part of this cross-border European podcast through which we spread solidarity. Stay tuned for a new season coming after summer!

Jun 23, 202132:37
Jun 16, 202119:35
"Stay positive, people can adapt"

"Stay positive, people can adapt"

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Season 2 Episode 23 - Dilyana Dimókova from Bulgaria is now volunteering in Stuttgart at the association Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg in a project about multiculturalism. She talks about adapting to a new country as a volunteer, facing lockdown in Germany and planning cultural events. Listen to her volunteering song on our playlist!

Jun 09, 202119:13
"Impact of your actions"
Jun 02, 202123:14
"Taking steps into the unknown"

"Taking steps into the unknown"

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Season 2 Episode 21 - Immerse yourself in camping opportunities in nature through the eyes of our host, José, as he unravels some tips on what not to forget when camping.

Are you a volunteer who wants to be part of our podcast? Write us an email

May 26, 202108:47
May 19, 202122:39
“Kind and good people are everywhere”
May 12, 202122:34
"Show support to the community"
May 05, 202121:22
"I’m here for a good reason"
Apr 28, 202120:45
"I can do that!"
Apr 21, 202125:26
“Understand my own privilege, my own close-mindedness”
Apr 14, 202125:15
"Europe is my home"
Apr 07, 202122:33
“Make their voices be heard”
Mar 31, 202122:27
Mar 24, 202129:50
“I learned to live with others”
Mar 17, 202119:58
"Every year you can make the circle bigger"

"Every year you can make the circle bigger"

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Season 2 Episode 10 -  Between highschool, university and work, Gianluca Rossino from Italy  managed to promote the European Youth Capital of 2018 Cascais in Portugal within his ESC project. Five months full of intercultural exchange, adventures, challenges, learning experiences and the Atlantic breeze. Do you already hear the seagulls call?

Mar 10, 202121:47
“Solidarity is an action that’s always evolving”
Mar 03, 202124:56
"To have a cousin in every European country"
Feb 24, 202117:40
“You help change someone else’s life but you change yours at the same time”
Feb 17, 202127:47
"Focus more on the aspects we have in common"
Feb 10, 202123:38
“You have a say, no matter who you are”
Feb 03, 202116:17
"I learned to get over some prejudices that I had"
Jan 28, 202118:03
"It was an opportunity to play, to explore"
Jan 20, 202117:53
"Solidarity kept me motivated"
Jan 13, 202126:02
"People are the same, we are humans"
Jan 06, 202118:52
#13 From volunteers to Europeans

#13 From volunteers to Europeans

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Episode 13 - José Azevedo and Alexandra Vinczi debate on how volunteering changed their identity and what it means to be European.

Dec 02, 202020:56
#12 Is hitchhiking safe?

#12 Is hitchhiking safe?

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Episode 12 - Ilze Rozenberga and José Azevedo share some of their travelling experiences during their ESC project, the convenience and difficulties of hitchhiking and how vacations during the project helped them to grow and live a better experience.

Nov 18, 202022:36
#11 Living in cultural diversity

#11 Living in cultural diversity

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Episode 11 - Paula Gehrs and Ilze Rozenberga talk about living together with people from different nationalities, what you can learn from cultural diversity and how they dealt with cultural shocks while living abroad.

Nov 04, 202021:59
#10 Does age matter?

#10 Does age matter?

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Episode 10 - Weronika Suchodolska and Paula Gehrs talk about why they volunteered at a specific age, how their experiences differed because of the age difference and what they learnt in order to answer to whether there is the best age for volunteering abroad.

Oct 21, 202022:08
#9 What is volunteer work, really?

#9 What is volunteer work, really?

Europeans: stories from a union of volunteers Episode 9 - José Azevedo and Hugo Ferreira talk about what they worked with as volunteers, how it aligned with expectations (or not) and how different it was from a "normal job".

Oct 07, 202017:27
#8 Small cities, big communities

#8 Small cities, big communities

Europeans: stories form a union of volunteers Episode 8 - Christina Klisari and José Azevedo talk about living in a small city, connecting with unexpected people and staying active during their projects.

Sep 23, 202022:17