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Body and Soul

Body and Soul

By Eva Yaa Asantewaa

Artists, advocates, and activists in dance, performance and more hosted by veteran dance critic and curator Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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Kayhan Irani: stories from the waters of memory

Body and SoulJan 17, 2023

Rebecca Fitton: Rethinking fiscal sponsorship and equity

Rebecca Fitton: Rethinking fiscal sponsorship and equity

In this episode of Body and Soul podcast, dance artist and administrator Rebecca Fitton (she/they) presents insights from her research into the ways current systems of fiscal sponsorship maintain the status quo of power and fail artists.

Watch Fitton's film, ⁠⁠Best Practices⁠⁠ (2022).

⁠⁠Transcript of this episode⁠⁠

InfiniteBody blog post

Rebecca Fitton is from many places and peoples. She nurtures community through movement, conversation, and food, strives to equally prioritize her multifaceted roles as an artist, administrator, and advocate.  Fitton works as Co-Director/Director of Operations and Development for Bridge Live Arts and as the Director of Studio Rawls for artist Will Rawls. She has previously produced multi-disciplinary works for J. Bouey, zavé martohardjono, and FAILSPACE. From 2017-2021, she worked with DELIRIOUS Dances/Edisa Weeks to coordinate community gatherings focused on abolition movements. She was a Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee member from 2018-2020 and participated in Dance/USA’s Institute for Leadership Training in 2021. Their writing has been published by Triskelion Arts, Emergency Index, ⁠⁠In Dance⁠⁠, ⁠⁠The Dancer-Citizen⁠⁠, ⁠⁠Etudes⁠⁠, ⁠⁠Critical Correspondence⁠⁠, and ⁠⁠Dance Research Journal⁠⁠⁠⁠.⁠⁠ They hold a BFA in Dance from Florida State University and an MA in Performance as Public Practice from the University of Texas at Austin.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Nov 07, 202317:34
Vicky Shick: The refuge we take in trust

Vicky Shick: The refuge we take in trust

In this episode of Body and Soul podcast, the respected, award-winning artist and educator Vicky Shick discusses the challenge and "universal necessity" of trust in a time of widespread distrust and anxiety. As an artist, she sources trust in "the innate intelligence in our bodies" and "in the vulnerable practice of creation."

Vicky Shick has been involved in the New York dance community for four decades--teaching, performing, and making pieces. She feels grateful to all the incredible people with whom she has worked. She was a member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company and staged several of Brown’s dances, including in her hometown, Budapest. Previously, she was a member of the Sara Rudner Performance Ensemble. Vicky has developed student pieces at Barnard, The New School and Yale, among other institutions. Her last two works were at Arts on Site, and a collaborative performance at Roulette with choreographer/artist Jon Kinzel. In New York City, she teaches at Movement Research, for the Trisha Brown Dance Company and has taught for 15 years at Hunter College. She was a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence (twice), a Bessie recipient (twice), a grant recipient from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, a Gibney DiP grantee, and a Guggenheim Fellow.

Oct 09, 202314:17
Heather Robles: Reclaiming aliveness
Oct 08, 202315:08
Stephan Koplowitz: History in place
Jun 25, 202313:08
Thomas Ford: For love of Black queer identity
Jun 20, 202317:10
Kate Mattingly: Troubling the silence

Kate Mattingly: Troubling the silence

This Spring, author Kate Mattingly published Shaping Dance Canons: Criticism, Aesthetics, Equity, an analysis of many decades of dance criticism in the US (University of Florida Press). As a white woman, she accepts responsibility to speak out on white supremacy. In her talk today, she shares thoughts on how white supremacy has historically defined and dominated dance criticism and continues to silence women in academia.

Dr. Mattingly has written for The New York Times, The Village Voice, Dance Magazine, and Pointe Magazine and is associate editor of Dance Chronicle. She is assistant professor of dance at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Learn more about Dr. Mattingly on InfiniteBody blog here.

Jun 08, 202320:23
Italy Bianca: Pleasure Within
May 30, 202329:18
Catherine Kirk: an artist of many measures
Apr 27, 202320:43
Tamisha A. Guy: Bring it back home
Apr 27, 202319:50
Dr. Iquail Shaheed: Blackness. Social justice. Joy.
Apr 04, 202307:05
Ricarrdo Valentine: Rest for freedom
Mar 29, 202325:01
Samar Haddad King: on time
Mar 20, 202320:15
Megan Curet: in collective rhythm
Mar 14, 202314:47
Elena Demyanenko: The art of disobedience
Mar 12, 202319:48
Cory Nakasue: embracing complexity
Mar 12, 202318:04
george emilio sanchez: Information is medicine
Mar 09, 202329:56
Stephanie Skura: intention and surrender
Feb 22, 202332:26
Daphne Lee: Prepare for touring. Prepare for leadership.
Feb 22, 202323:14
Judith Sánchez Ruíz: no better time than now
Feb 19, 202330:07
Travis Knights: making sound on Mars

Travis Knights: making sound on Mars

As Canadian tap dancer and podcaster Travis Knights recorded this episode, he used a great word to describe one of his beloved colleagues, and I, in turn, will choose the same word to describe Knights's performing--impeccable. I first learned of Travis through another tap artist you've heard on this podcast--Lisa La Touche--and, coincidentally, I later met Travis and shared space with him in a discussion on the state of tap today. And, yeah, maybe there are no coincidences!

I'm never sure how these Body and Soul podcast talks will turn out, but I've come to believe in their emergent magic, all so unique. Learning more about the charming--and very frank--Travis Knights did my heart good, and I hope you'll enjoy his talk, too.

Visit InfiniteBody blog for more about Travis Knights. Click here.

Feb 08, 202330:43
Brinda Guha: Melting down the wall
Feb 05, 202331:34
Kayhan Irani: stories from the waters of memory
Jan 17, 202321:11
Maxine Montilus: To teach is to learn
Jan 08, 202334:39
devynn emory: dancing in the liminal
Jan 06, 202318:31
María de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez: Earth and Spirit
Jan 06, 202319:31
Lisa La Touche: Tap 4 The People

Lisa La Touche: Tap 4 The People

I'm delighted to feature the wonderful tap artist and filmmaker Lisa La Touche as my next guest. Born in Canada and, for a time, residing in New York's Harlem, Lisa has traveled the world with her tap shoes--drumming the earth, finding community, and realizing the power of artistic legacy. 

Read Lisa's bio and learn more about her on InfiniteBody blog:

Jan 04, 202320:34
Ziiomi Law is not playing small!
Dec 02, 202215:60
Listen.: Cristiane Bouger

Listen.: Cristiane Bouger

Cristiane Bouger muses on time.

Cristiane Bouger is a Brooklyn-based artist and writer. She explores the intersection of performance, theater, philosophy, literature, do-­it-­yourself practices and post-­punk influences. Her work reveals existential examinations reflecting upon the female body, desire, cultural conducts, behavior and symbols, biography and fiction. She is a 2012 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence and a 2012-2013 Performa Magazine Writer-in-Residence.

Learn more on InfiniteBody blog (

(c)2013, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody
May 29, 201315:09
Listen.: Jennifer Monson
Jan 25, 201317:23
Raimund Hoghe: US premiere of "Pas de deux"
Oct 11, 201204:33
Listen.: JoAnna Mendl Shaw
Oct 05, 201206:14
Listen.: Camille A. Brown

Listen.: Camille A. Brown

Dance artists who happen to be both female and Black often find it tough to forge a viable, sustainable career, says Camille A. Brown, the well-regarded choreographer and Artistic Director of Camille A. Brown & Dancers. They need role models. Listen as this inspiring artist shares her experience of taking nourishment from talking with young dance students of color. Camille A. Brown & Dancers (c)2012, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody (
Oct 02, 201214:47
Listen.: Steven Reker
Oct 01, 201205:36
Listen.: Todd Shalom
Oct 01, 201211:30
Listen.: Dan Safer

Listen.: Dan Safer

Listen to my guest Dan Safer (Artistic Director of the great dance/theater hybrid troupe, Witness Relocation) talking about the importance of listening.

(c)2012, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody (
Sep 28, 201207:34
Listen.: Imani Uzuri
Sep 26, 201210:13
Listen.: Maria Bauman
Sep 23, 201209:44
Listen.: Deborah Hay

Listen.: Deborah Hay

Listen to choreographer Deborah Hay talk about what she has learned from working with highly-skilled performers and about her plans for a sabbatical to re-set, refresh and see what comes next in her work.

(c)2012, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody (
Sep 21, 201208:10
Listen.: Edisa Weeks

Listen.: Edisa Weeks

Listen to director/choreographer/educator Edisa Weeks (DELIRIOUS Dances) talk about the role of storytelling and justice in her work and the inspiration of the political insights of Thomas Paine.

Edisa Weeks premieres To Begin the World Over Again at the Irondale Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Sept 27-29 at 8pm; Oct 4-6 at 8pm.

(c)2012, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody (
Sep 17, 201210:23
Listen.: Saifan Shmerer
Sep 14, 201210:44
Listen.: Katy Pyle
Aug 28, 201209:24
Listen.: Doug Varone
Aug 21, 201209:46
Aviva Davidson: Body and Soul podcast
Jun 16, 200946:23
Naomi Goldberg Haas: Body and Soul podcast
Jun 08, 200918:20
Olive Bieringa: Body and Soul podcast
May 28, 200934:25
Megan V. Sprenger: Body and Soul podcast
May 11, 200917:10
Michelle Boulé: Body and Soul podcast

Michelle Boulé: Body and Soul podcast

Michelle Boulé is a choreographer, teacher and performer well-known for her work with cutting-edge dancemakers such as John Jasperse, Miguel Gutierrez, Donna Uchizono, Beth Gill, Doug Varone and Deborah Hay. She is also a certified practitioner of BodyTalk, a fascinating bodymind healing modality which we discuss in today's podcast.

Michelle Boulé

Nurture Day Open House
Nurture New York
Thursday, May 7 (4-8pm)
$30 for one of various mindbody modalities, including BodyTalk; $25 for 2 or more. See Web site for details. Drop in: Reservations not required!

Nurture New York, 1123 Broadway, Suite 1205, Manhattan (at 25th Street); 212-580-2689;

The BodyTalk Center

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,
May 06, 200937:15
Berkeley crisis--Pt. 2: Body and Soul podcast
Apr 25, 200911:45
Berkeley crisis--Pt. 1: Body and Soul podcast
Apr 25, 200921:38
Jody Oberfelder: Body and Soul podcast
Apr 13, 200916:37