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ĒMA Podcast

ĒMA Podcast

By Every Mother's Advocate

ĒMA (Every Mother's Advocate)

We exist to prevent family separation by advocating for mothers in crisis.

A world where mothers are no longer separated from their children due to preventable causes, but are equipped and empowered to raise their children in stable and nurturing homes.

- Mothers are at the center of our work
- Every human has inherent dignity
- Prevention is the key to sustainable impact
- The church is our missional partner
- Advocacy inspires change
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Trauma-Informed Mother Advocacy

ĒMA PodcastDec 16, 2022

Empathic Listening with Dr. Jackie Perry

Empathic Listening with Dr. Jackie Perry

A Conversation with Dr. Jackie Perry | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor 

Join us as we acquire an understanding about Learning Empathetic Listening to create safe spaces.

Jackie Perry, PhD, LCMHCS, ACS is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (Cornerstone Counseling Center), Counselor Educator (Montreat College Adult and Graduate Studies) and Approved Clinical Supervisor. She is also the author of the parenting book, Heart Cries of Every Teen. She is excited to combine her teaching and clinical skills with her faith in Christ to equip people to become better listeners in their families, churches, and the community as a whole.

Jan 28, 202352:28
Trauma-Informed Mother Advocacy

Trauma-Informed Mother Advocacy

A Conversation with Lindy Green Johnson | A Coach + Trauma Educator

Join us as we discuss the effects of trauma on vulnerable mothers. Lindy developed the America’s Kids Belong trauma training and holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with vulnerable populations through their trauma and mental health needs.

Dec 16, 202255:26
Helping Vulnerable Families Navigate the Housing Crisis

Helping Vulnerable Families Navigate the Housing Crisis

A conversation with Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh | Urban League

Join us as we learn more from Dr. Baugh on her work at the Urban League and her expertise on the housing crisis and how to help vulnerable families navigate the system.

Dec 16, 202255:24
Systemic Family Separation, Prevention, and the Role of the Church
Dec 16, 202255:48
A Solution to Medical Debt for Moms in Crisis

A Solution to Medical Debt for Moms in Crisis

A Conversation with Jared Walker | Founder of DollarFor

Join us as we talk with Jared Walker, founder of DollarFor. We will discuss how a medical crisis can become a financial crisis, and an easy solution you can use to help eliminate medical bills for vulnerable moms!

Dec 16, 202253:22
Parenting Through Depression

Parenting Through Depression

A Conversation with Eddie Archer | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Join us on how depression and anxiety impacts the mothers we serve and the best approach for us to take in our work as advocates.

Dec 16, 202243:15
The Crisis We Face

The Crisis We Face

A Conversation with Charlee Tchividjian | Every Mother’s Advocate

Join us as the founder and CEO of Every Mother’s Advocate walks us through the crisis vulnerable moms are having to face and the approach and solution ĒMA has for this crisis.

Dec 16, 202219:25