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Everyday Innovation

Everyday Innovation

By Jordan Divecha

Sharing resources, tools, practices, & conversations that inspire and ignite impactful creator-led innovation. Hosted by tech founder, multi-passionate indie hacker, and life + venture design enthusiast Jordan Divecha.
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Navigating Pivots by Peeling Back Your Purpose with Adrian Divecha (#16)

Everyday InnovationAug 31, 2023

Navigating Pivots by Peeling Back Your Purpose with Adrian Divecha (#16)

Navigating Pivots by Peeling Back Your Purpose with Adrian Divecha (#16)

Instant Access to Companion Guide and The Conversation Blueprint Template here!

In this compelling episode of the Everyday Innovation Podcast, I host my husband Adrian Divecha for a discussion on navigating career and life transitions by "peeling back the onion" to reveal one's core purpose.

Adrian, a former pilot turned recruitment expert, dives deep into the layers of career changes, discipline, and redefining success.

This metaphor of "peeling back the onion" aptly captures the essence of the conversation—each layer peeled back provides new insights into our purpose and guides our decisions.

Whether you're contemplating a career pivot or seeking to redefine your concept of success, this episode offers actionable insights to help you align your choices with your deeper purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace Nonlinear Career Paths - (00:03:43) - Don't be afraid of non-linear career moves. Adrian shows that success isn't always a straight path but often involves peeling back layers to find your core purpose.
  • Turn Challenges into New Goals - (00:05:57) - When facing setbacks, set new targets. Adrian shares how adapting to challenges led him to set new goals and directions.
  • Balance Passion and Practicality in Career Choices - (00:13:00) -Be cautious about turning your passion into your career as it can diminish the joy. Adrian advises on how to make career choices that align with your personal and core goals.
  • Cultivate Discipline Over Natural Ability - (00:21:41) - Replace the misconception of "natural talent" with the power of discipline. Adrian discusses how planning and discipline have been his pillars of success.
  • Deepen Business Relationships Through Genuine Engagement - (00:34:59) - Building strong relationships isn't just about networking; it's about genuine engagement. Adrian emphasizes the significance of asking meaningful questions and active listening.
  • Plan to Succeed in Hiring Decisions - (00:53:17) - Eliminate the chances of failure by planning. Adrian shares how proper planning and strategy can lead to successful hiring decisions.
  • Embrace Value-Based Recruiting - (01:00:49) - Shift your focus from long hours to value when recruiting. Adrian discusses the importance of aligning recruiting strategies with core values and changing client needs.
  • Adapt to Change for Career Longevity - (00:28:33) - Accepting change is crucial for a sustainable career. Adrian talks about how he adjusted his work hours for better business development and career longevity.
  • Seek Insights into Personal Motivation - (00:39:01) - Knowing why you left a previous job can provide valuable insights into what motivates you. Adrian delves into how understanding your motivations can inform your future career decisions.
  • Prep for Success in Interviews - (00:43:23) - Prepare for interviews by knowing your non-negotiables and trusting your intuition. Adrian emphasizes the need to prepare and seek different perspectives for successful interviews.

Connect with Adrian: LinkedIn - Instagram -

Aug 31, 202301:02:42
Leveraging YouTube to Leave Your 9-5 with Jeff Parker (#15)

Leveraging YouTube to Leave Your 9-5 with Jeff Parker (#15)

Download YT Marketing Mini-Toolbox podcast companion guide and template here!

In this episode, Jordan and YouTube marketing expert Jeff Parker dive into a range of topics around content creation, social media usage, and personal branding (00:04:59). We discuss the need for boundaries when engaging with social media platforms and express mixed feelings about the pressures of performance on platforms like Twitter (00:05:32).

The conversation then shifts to the importance of separating a holisitic personal brand from projects or products (00:16:02) and the exciting prospects YouTube offers with its recent additions of podcast lists and the general growth of video podcasts (00:20:16).

The conversation later turns to platform criticisms, with Instagram and Twitch's tactics coming under scrutiny, and YouTube being hailed as a more favorable platform for creators with less platform risk (00:22:56).

The discussion further evolves to practical tips on enhancing content and audience engagement (00:29:53), the importance of attention-grabbing thumbnails and titles on YouTube (00:39:37), and the need for building community (00:49:03).

We explore the transition from YouTube creator to entrepreneur (00:55:59) and offer specific advice for niche gaming YouTubers (00:57:01).

Finally, we discuss YouTube Marketing Secrets, Jeff's paid newsletter (01:03:55), the importance of confidence and overcoming challenges (01:10:20), and conclude by probing into what it means to be a creator and the motivations behind it (01:19:15).

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest Time in Your Video “Packaging”: Focus on crafting a simple thumbnail with attention-grabbing words. A catchy and interest-piquing title is essential, and researching what draws you in personally can spark inspiration.
  • Be a Resource with a Face: It's not merely about being the star of the show; it's about serving others. Sharing your face helps create a genuine human connection and builds trust with your audience.
  • Get Views with How-To Guides: YouTube audiences love to learn. Whether you're a new or seasoned creator, producing guides that showcase your expertise and solve real problems can lead to channel success.
  • Utilize the Community Tab: Engage in a two-way conversation with your audience through polls and questions. The Community Tab is also a place for less polished updates, allowing you to research your audience's needs.
  • Don’t Wait to Monetize: Launching a newsletter (whether paid or free) helps bring your audience into a less competitive space. Start sharing your offers or products early, gather feedback, and continually innovate.
  • Taking Action is #1: Consistency is key. Keep creating videos, sending newsletters, and publishing your landing pages. Continuously take steps in the direction you wish to grow, and success will follow.
  • YouTube for Legacy Creation: YouTube, a more mature platform, often presents fewer risks and offers better benefits for creators. Its robust SEO capabilities make it an attractive platform for lasting discovery.
  • Power in Niching: While opinions may vary on niching strategies, YouTube particularly celebrates niche content. Jeff's success on Twitter, specializing in marketing for YouTubers, exemplifies the power of focusing on a specific niche.

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Aug 12, 202301:21:20
A Polymath's Guide to Building Your Freedom with Frank Elda (#14)

A Polymath's Guide to Building Your Freedom with Frank Elda (#14)

In this episode of the Everyday Innovation podcast, we are joined by Frank Elda, a versatile talent who wears many hats as a writer, scientist, strategist, parent, musician, and mentor for multipassionate entrepreneurs.

Make sure to check out this free, companion instant access InnovatorOS workbook template ➡️ BUILDING YOUR WORLD OF CONTENT

Frank starts the conversation (00:04:19) by discussing the impact of the AL2 algorithms on content generation. He attributes the wave of high-quality content, even in the realm of fiction writing, to these advanced algorithms. This offers individuals who may lack writing skills the opportunity to produce decently or even well-crafted content. AI + Writing Community

He then moves to talk about his personal journey (00:15:21) in Kung Fu and how the discipline is similar to dancing in aesthetics and approach. He considers the black belt not an end, but a beginning for further learning and growth.

Frank explores the intersection of tech and art (00:18:49) and how our personalities shape our intuition (00:26:06), creating unique solutions to various situations.

On the topic of writing (00:30:16), Frank discusses the importance of maintaining a personal voice in today's AI-driven content creation era. He shares how Twitter improved his writing and thinking skills (00:36:20), suggesting that social media can be a tool for self-improvement.

Discussing goals (00:41:43), Frank emphasizes the importance of pursuing projects freely, with financial stability and the ability to pivot, emphasizing the value of geographical and internal freedom.

He passionately talks about systems and operations (00:45:10) and how they serve as a foundation for creativity. Frank argues that tools and systems can save time and let individuals focus on their passions.

In terms of productivity (00:49:04), he suggests managing energy, not just time, to increase efficiency. Frank shares his philosophy of life (00:58:08), encouraging listeners to take charge of their life and start building their dream life today.

Frank concludes the podcast by sharing his thoughts on innovation (01:00:05) and encourages listeners to approach problems from their unique perspectives. Finally, he extends an invitation for communication via Twitter or email at ⁠⁠ (01:04:58).

This episode is filled with insights from a multi-passionate entrepreneur and is a must-listen for all creators who aspire to balance their creativity and productivity in their entrepreneurial journey.

Frank's Question: What are the obstacles that you have in the journey of building the life you want?

Connect with Frank:

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Jul 27, 202301:05:31
Building a Misfit Brand and Community with Amine Hammou (#13)

Building a Misfit Brand and Community with Amine Hammou (#13)

In this episode, personal brand strategist and community orchestrator Amine Hammou shares his unique journey of personal and professional evolution, shedding light on the power of owning a misfit identity. He discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with feeling disconnected and different, emphasizing that being a misfit can be a source of distinctive talent, creativity, and change.

This discussion is packed with inspiring stories, practical advice, and innovative strategies - a must-listen for anyone interested in personal branding, monetization of one’s passions, community building, and embracing a misfit identity.

** INSTANT ACCESS to InnovatorOS template - The Misfit Branding Iki-guide **

Key Moments:

Introverted Misfit and World Citizenship (00:02:31): Amine Hammou identifies as an introverted misfit and discusses his desire to build a community of like-minded individuals. He aims to achieve a sense of global citizenship through creative endeavors.

Journey from Engineering to Design (00:07:56): Amine shares his transition from software engineering to design into building community around a misfit personal brand, influenced by his mother's community-building efforts when he was young. He aligns his journey with the concept of Ikigai, emphasizing personal branding and education.

Building a Community (00:13:38): Amine discusses the journey of building a community, involving exploration, vision, and planning. He stresses the importance of hard work, resources, experimentation, and understanding the needs of community members. He also highlights the necessity of balancing enjoyment and resource management.

Personal Branding (00:17:46): Building and monetizing personal brand, according to Hammou, involves experimentation, authenticity, creating a sustainable community, openness to change, and avoidance of draining activities.

Ikigai in Personal Branding (00:23:25): Hammou discusses the application of Ikigai in personal branding and career, sharing his own unique interpretation involving lifestyle, personal branding, community building, and education.

Misfit as a Positive Attribute (00:30:21): Hammou redefines being a misfit as a pathway to create one's own unique journey, enabling individuals to make significant changes and lead by example.

Self-Discovery (00:34:14 ): Hammou encourages listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of personal freedom and exploration.

Personal Development and AI (00:43:20): The conversation covers the significance of personal development, innovation, and the integration of AI into life and business. Hammou underlines the importance of engaging with listeners through questioning.

Connect with Amine:

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🤝 Brand Orchestrate Community

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Jul 13, 202345:34
Infusing Spice and Soul Magic into Entrepreneurship with Chuck Copenspire (#12)

Infusing Spice and Soul Magic into Entrepreneurship with Chuck Copenspire (#12)

In this episode, Chuck, a multi-talented professional with expertise in SEO, marketing, content coaching, and personal branding, joins us. They delve deep into their experiences, sharing valuable insights and inspiring innovations in creative messaging.

[Download "Spice Up Your Multifaceted, Magical Messaging" InnovatorOS template here ]

Chapters & Key Insights:

(00:00:56) Mastering Chat GPT & Sharing Knowledge

Chuck shares how they utilized their marketing craft to create an ebook in just two days. This segment sets the stage for their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

(00:04:50) Empowering Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

Chuck talks about how their background in computer science informed need to automate tasks, reducing friction for neurodivergent entrepreneurs and those with anxiety. They address the importance of accessible technology in business.

(00:07:19) Intersectionality in Coaching

They open up about their queer experience and its intersection with their coaching work, emphasizing the importance of inclusive and diverse business spaces.

(00:09:44) Navigating Online Platform Challenges

Discussing the pressures online platforms face from large banks and shareholders, Chuck and Jordan highlight the subsequent impact on spicy entrepreneurs, the inherent safety concerns, and how to say things without saying them.

(00:14:24) Addressing Burnout through Alignment

In this chapter, Chuck stresses the importance of alignment to prevent burnout, illustrating the importance of personal wellbeing in professional success.

(00:20:43) Project-Based Work & Burnout

Jordan shares her personal preference for project-based work and the realization that it still can sometimes feel ongoing, leading to burnout. Chuck discusses client selection strategies to prevent burnout.

(00:24:34) The Power of Gratitude & Groups

They talk about the value they found in participating in group coaching containers, content creation as a form of self-care, and the importance of fostering deeper relationships through compliments and recognition.

(00:27:53) Authentic Social Media Presence

Chuck advises finding value in small social media spaces, answering questions with your expertise, foregoing traditional market research, and serving with kindness, emphasizing authenticity in online interactions.

(00:35:04) Anti-Professionalism & Inclusion

Chuck discusses their anti-professionalism stance, and how it works to break barriers in business, shining a light on biases, and creating spaces for all individuals to succeed.

(00:39:03) Spirituality, AI, & Entrepreneurship

They highlight the importance of heart/soul-centered entrepreneurship and the intriguing connection with advancements in AI technology.

(00:42:12) Energetic Management & Creativity

Chuck and Jordan discuss the importance of energy management and finding creative activities that help with creativity and comparisonitis caused by social media.

(00:50:04) Embracing Intuition & Overcoming Fear using Improv Wisdom

They conclude the episode by encouraging the audience to follow their intuition and not fear failure in their endeavors, be it in improv or life.

Connect with Chuck: ✉️ Website & Newsletter -

🎙️ Anti-Professional Podcast -

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More from Everyday Innovation (& Jordan):

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Jun 29, 202353:02
Styling Your High-Vibe Authentic Brand with Kate Obert (#11)

Styling Your High-Vibe Authentic Brand with Kate Obert (#11)

I am privileged to host Kate Obert, styling and personal branding expert, creator of Necessary course and community, and a close friend of mine. In this episode, we dive into the captivating world of personal branding and aesthetics.

[Podcast companion guide - Visualizing Your High-Vibe Personal Brand Experience - can be downloaded here ➡️ GET THE GUIDE }

Our conversation begins with Kate discussing how she discovered a safe and resonant environment that stimulates creativity and ideas, setting the stage for her personal brand (00:04:18).

She then shares her process of discovering and defining personal style through an intuitive wardrobe audit and the creation of an inspirational Pinterest board (00:11:36). Kate emphasizes the influence of personal style on every aspect of life and the importance of tuning out social media noise. We then explore the essence of personal branding beyond reputation (00:17:28). According to Kate, documenting life and sharing your journey helps in identifying unique abilities and strengths, providing a 360 approach to style that embraces the digital sphere, personal presence, and environment.

At (00:28:06), Kate underlines the importance of aligning personal style with authenticity and brand purpose. She offers insightful tips on balancing openness with privacy and finding creative ways to foster relationships with audiences.

The idea of maintaining a uniform vibe across various moods within a brand is discussed (00:35:14). Kate underscores the necessity of personal alignment to effortlessly exude authenticity across different platforms.

The intriguing concept of silent ambassadors and sensory branding is brought up at (00:44:10). Kate explains how seemingly random items can be used strategically to create intentional and memorable brand experiences that appeal to all senses.

At (00:55:42), we delve into Kate's online course NECESSARY. This comprehensive tool helps individuals stay connected to their brand and offers them permission to pivot when required.

The significance of community feedback in personal branding is discussed at (01:00:19). Kate believes that having a sounding board for elements like mood boards and imagery ensures effective brand representation.

At (01:09:06), we learn about Kate's innovative use of AI in the form of Chat GPT for brainstorming ideas and creating mood boards. In one of the highlights of the conversation (01:11:51), Kate shares the creation process of her unique business cards. Inspired by music festivals and designed using AI, these cards resonate with her brand's aesthetics and enable deeper connections with recipients.

Towards the end (01:18:06), Kate emphasizes the importance of curating positive, interactive experiences with brand elements, fostering a sense of ownership and promoting engagement.

Lastly, we wrap up at (01:25:52) by acknowledging the simplicity yet subjectivity of personal branding. The key takeaway? Stay curious and committed to solving your audience's personal branding challenges.

Kate's question for the audience: What are some specifics that you're struggling with in your personal brand? Kate's Links: 💻 ⁠Website and 1-1 Services⁠ - 🌴 ⁠NECESSARY Course⁠ - 📷 ⁠Instagram⁠ - 📺 ⁠Youtube⁠ -

Jun 14, 202301:27:11
Embracing Multipassionate Solopreneurship with Imed Djabi (#10)

Embracing Multipassionate Solopreneurship with Imed Djabi (#10)

In this episode, we dive into the multifaceted world of multipassionate solopreneurship with Imed Djabi, a creator who's successfully blended his love for web design, branding, and content creation into a thriving business. His unique approach to life and entrepreneurship, rooted in nourishing his mind, body, and spirit, and striking a balance in his multipassionate pursuits, sets a fascinating example for aspiring entrepreneurs.

[Podcast Companion Guide - The Multipassionate Solopreneur’s Roadmap - can be downloaded here ⁠⁠] Key Takeaways: -Connecting Concepts: Imed underscores the importance of diversifying your knowledge input. By reading multiple books at the same time, he is able to connect ideas and concepts between different topics, fostering a deeper understanding. -Balancing Act: Being a multipassionate solopreneur doesn't necessarily mean having to niche down. Imed found success by building genuine relationships with clients and balancing his freelance work with content creation. -Personal Branding: Drawing from his background in branding and web design, Imed's minimalist approach reflects his personal values and tastes. He argues that simple, honest branding attracts people who resonate with your vision. -Breaking Perfectionism: The quest for perfection can be a stifling force. Imed suggests adopting high standards that define your own version of perfection, inspired by the principles of Japanese minimalistic culture. -Building a Creator Brand: Entering the creator space with authenticity and a focus on community-building are critical to building a successful brand. Imed emphasizes on creating long-form content that resonates with your audience and reflects your unique interests and values. -Tech and the Multi-Passionate Lifestyle: Tech innovations like no-code platforms are empowering multi-passionate individuals to blend their diverse interests, from art to coding. -Transparency and Accountability: By building and innovating in public, Imed shows how sharing your goals and roadmap can provide a source of accountability and encourages transparent communication with your audience. -High-Ticket Pricing Mindset: Trust and genuine relationships are key to securing high-ticket clients. Imed shares his experience transitioning to this mindset and advises on the importance of finding sustainable ways to monetize your business. -Embracing Multiplicity: Generic advice doesn't always apply to multi-passionate individuals. Imed encourages listeners to trust their gut, follow their passions, and design a life that aligns with their unique interests and values. -The Power of Technology and Creativity: Co-creating with technology can be a powerful tool for multi-passionate individuals, encouraging innovation and a broader exploration of passions. Get inspired by Imed's journey and his insights into the exciting world of multi-passionate entrepreneurship. Tune in to uncover ways to build a balanced, passion-driven business that genuinely reflects your personal values and interests! Subscribe to Imed's Youtube:  Website and Newsletter: Imed's Twitter: The Passion Intersect Podcast:

Jun 01, 202301:01:57
Transitions & Designing Your Next Chapter with Patricia Cosulich (#9)

Transitions & Designing Your Next Chapter with Patricia Cosulich (#9)

Oct 25, 202201:08:52
Thinking Better with Mental Models

Thinking Better with Mental Models

It's been a minute since I last hit publish on a podcast episode, but I'm happy to be back!

This recording is actually from a Twitter space that I hosted on mental models and frameworks in preparation for an Innospiration newsletter (subscribe here to receive future curations and access the archive!).

I loved the discussion so much that I decided to share this wonderful content-packed audio here. This may be part of a new release model along with more traditionally produced episodes.

I share quite a bit about the benefit and purpose of mental models and frameworks, why they are essential in understanding and shifting our perspective, and give a bunch of examples that inspire deeper analysis about the way that we think!

My friend and talented coach Fabiola Segovia also shares a thorough walkthrough of a fascinating detailed coaching energetics framework that she uses in her practice that you can immediately apply after listening to this episode.


Fabiola Segovia - Certified Business Coach

Framework Contribution (visual reference) : Energetic Self-Perception Chart

Fabiola uses this particular framework in assessments with clients and is certified in this methodology. Check out more of her offerings here.

Relevant updates and resources:

Innospiration 10 - Thinking Better with Mental Models - newsletter & resources on mental models

Everyday Innovation Galaxy Community (free!)

P.S. Quick update not in the episode - I'm 6 months pregnant!

Jul 20, 202245:20
Unapologetically Living What You Love with Taylor Clark

Unapologetically Living What You Love with Taylor Clark

Taylor is an unapologetically badass multipassionate creator who has embraced her unfolding journey and more recent diagnosis of ADHD. We recap some highlights in her non-linear journey and share some insights into the hopeful future for authentic, multipassionate entrepreneurs and artists.

Taylor and I discuss:

  • Being multipassionate while receiving more "expert-driven" guidance
  • Sharing her (fabulous) journey developing a community/cultivating an audience before "creators" were a thing
  • Embracing a non-linear path and showing up in each chapter unapologetically
  • Late diagnosis of ADHD and the insights gleaned from being curious instead of self-judging
  • Operating in masculine vs feminine energy and redefining alignment
  • Systems and archetypes we enjoy exploring that frame experimentation and strategy

For those curious of our Feminine Archetypes and HD Profiles (mentioned briefly):


  • The Ingenue - Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna - "Your unexpected mix of girlish charm and womanly sensuality enthralls" - Authentic, Sensual
  • HD - The Generator (The Life Force, lifts energy of the world) - Emotional Authority (Decisions made with emotions) - 1/3 (Establisher of Knowledge & Truth)


  • The Gamine - Princess Diana, Josephine Baker - "Your natural charm and playful spirit lowers defenses" - Playful, Wise
  • HD - The Manifesting Generator (The Multi-Hyphenate/MultiPassionate, here to do many diverse things)- Emotional Authority (Decisions made with emotions) - 4/6 (Regal Authority Figure/Role Model)

Taylor's Instagram

Jordan's Instagram

Oct 20, 202101:58:45
A New Chapter For Everyday Innovation

A New Chapter For Everyday Innovation

Kicking off a new chapter for Everyday Innovation as a resource hub, community, and multi-platform movement, as well as sharing the importance of designing your unique creator-led innovation process.

Oct 07, 202135:36
Magnetizing an Authentic Community with Fabiola Segovia

Magnetizing an Authentic Community with Fabiola Segovia

Jordan discusses authentic community-building with life + business coach and Thrive & Align CEO, Fabiola Segovia.
Apr 17, 202101:41:12
Resilience & Writing a Story of Possibility with Katie DePaola

Resilience & Writing a Story of Possibility with Katie DePaola

Jordan dives in with Katie DePaola-- Inner Glow Circle Founder & CEO, 5x bestselling author, speaker, and mental health advocate -- on resilience, trusting your body and intuition, the power of possibility, writing & rewriting your life story, and learning to glow through what you go through.
Apr 03, 202149:29
Cultivating & Protecting Your IP with Laura DiFrancesco

Cultivating & Protecting Your IP with Laura DiFrancesco

Jordan speaks with Laura DiFrancesco, a corporate attorney and CEO/Founder of Dean Street Law + Flourish West Chester, about protecting intellectual property as a founder and creator. Recorded in a founder-focused Clubhouse room, they cover steps to take when launching a business/product and also answer questions about trademarks, social media, and course creation.
Mar 19, 202101:08:05
The Artist's Way Pt. 2: Morning Pages & The Artist Date

The Artist's Way Pt. 2: Morning Pages & The Artist Date

This is the second part in a series exploring concepts and practices from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way made to rehabilitate the inner creative. I share the practices of Morning Pages and the Artist Date, as well as recount the details of the recent "happy accident" launch of Everyday Innovation as a podcast.
Feb 11, 202125:02
The Artist's Way Pt. 1: Intro & The Inner Critic

The Artist's Way Pt. 1: Intro & The Inner Critic

This is the first part in a series exploring concepts and practices from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way made to rehabilitate the inner creative. This recording is a casual jump-on with Jordan as she dives into pulling apart the inner critic and its origins, why and how we must get real with our subconscious, changing our creative story, and the duty to innovate.
Jan 30, 202142:40