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Every Human Heart

Every Human Heart

By Stephanie Lee

Every Human Heart is a podcast about choices, mindsets, and getting in the driver's seat of our lives. Join Stephanie in shifting her mindset and perspectives on life and love and everything in between, and begin to create the future that you truly want.

Stephanie is a remote work / future of work professional by day and life coach by night. In her previous life, she was a Philosophy teacher, and even before that, a brand executive and copywriter. Every Human Heart blends her love of words and love of wisdom into bite-sized ruminations on everyday human experiences.
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26. On Growth and Expansion

Every Human HeartApr 18, 2022

26. On Growth and Expansion
Apr 18, 202213:22
25. How to make a change stick
Feb 14, 202210:35
24. What is your body telling you?
Feb 02, 202220:14
23. Be unapologetically you

23. Be unapologetically you

Sometimes we don't realise how far we've come till someone remarks on our growth. Come along with me as I reflect on what what it means to live unapologetically and how you can continue to grow and evolve even when being unapologetic about who you are. This reflection was sparked by some very unexpected but well-received comments about me and was recorded at the end of 2021. The year-end reflection was particularly poignant for me and I invite you to come along as I think about what it means to live in alignment and acceptance of who we are now and continue to shape who we want to become. 

Jan 17, 202216:35
22. The most important relationship you'll ever have
Dec 20, 202112:24
21. Knowledge vs Knowing

21. Knowledge vs Knowing

Sometimes we think that making the best decision is just a matter of getting all the information we need so we go down the rabbit hole of research research research. And buried under this endless research -- especially when we outsource decision-making -- is the inner knowing, the quiet whisper of our intuition. Yet both knowledge and knowing need to go hand in hand for us to make the best decision *for us*. 

Join me in this mini stephisode as I reflected out loud on this :) 

Nov 07, 202108:56
20. The attitude shift that will transform your relationships
Aug 23, 202117:14
19. What makes you, you?
Jul 13, 202114:37
18. What if this doesn't work out?
Jul 05, 202110:55
17. Time to get rid of your boundaries?
Jun 28, 202115:35
16. Write the script to your own life
Jun 21, 202117:04
15. 4 questions to get you through tough times
Jun 14, 202116:05
14. When life gets tough, remember this
Jun 07, 202115:21
13. Get out of your own way with this question
Apr 19, 202114:51
12. The secret to taking charge of your life
Mar 23, 202115:14
11. Balance is a verb

11. Balance is a verb

My first minisode / mini-stephisode -- thanks Joeri for the catchphrase -- is kinda meta. I've been trying to find a balance lately between all the things that demand my attention and care, and a little note I wrote for myself last year really resonated: Balance is a verb. It's not a destination. There's no one-size-fits-all. Balance is about juggling your energetic outputs and energetic inputs (or investments!) so that you can keep on keeping on without burning out. 

In this stephisode, I share with you a little exercise I did recently to do a kind of energetic input/output check-in. If you've been grappling with the demands of life lately, or if you've felt like you're burning the candle at both ends, this little reflection might just be the check-in you need. 


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Mar 15, 202106:04
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Mar 01, 202114:48
9. Can you be friends with an ex?
Feb 15, 202110:26
8. Thinking you're awesome doesn't make you a narcissist
Feb 08, 202112:15
7. Keep your standards high and expectations low
Jan 25, 202113:56
6. Hope is a paradox: Hold on to it, but also... abandon it? Wait, what?
Jan 11, 202111:42
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Dec 28, 202017:10
3. The important thing about vulnerability
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2. Feel your feelings but own your story
Dec 17, 202011:04
1. Just because it ended, doesn't mean it failed
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0. The Labyrinth of Life
Dec 14, 202008:23