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Evocative Xchange

Evocative Xchange

By Xavier Creative House

Welcome to the Evocative Xchange where we meet with go-getters who have that "X-factor"– a way of meeting today's challenges with bold and evocative solutions. We'll share what keeps these experts thinking, thriving, and feeling inspired in design, entrepreneurial life, healthcare marketing and beyond.
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E7:S1 - Emotional Fitness

Evocative XchangeJan 25, 2021

E7:S3 - The Year of the XFactor
Aug 30, 202324:22
E6:S3 - Bringing the Customer and Patient Experience to the Forefront of Healthcare
Jun 30, 202346:48
E5:S3 - The Planetarian Life
May 26, 202337:14
E4:S3 - From Student to CEO—Pitch for Funding
Apr 14, 202337:23
E3:S3 - An Insider's View of Pharma

E3:S3 - An Insider's View of Pharma

Learn what to expect from a career in healthcare marketing from Dave Chen, a retiree from both BMS & Merck who has experienced multiple high-profile launches with a global reach.  

Mar 31, 202347:51
E2:S3 - Small Business Sustainability with the X-Factor Winner
Mar 08, 202331:30
E1:S3 - Bite Into Plant-Based Luxury
Jan 31, 202328:46
E12:S2 - Entrepreneurship Meets Sustainability
Dec 07, 202240:02
E11:S2 - Rumor Has It... Cheldin is the X-Factor
Oct 28, 202230:06
E10:S2 - She has the "XFactor"
Sep 30, 202223:27
E9:S2 - Sharpen Your Mental Edge
Aug 31, 202237:51
E8:S2 - Where Procurement & Sustainability Meet
Jul 29, 202243:15
E7:S2 - Trailblazing for IBS Awareness through Social Media
Apr 29, 202229:05
E6:S2 - An Entrepreneurial Approach to Children's Health
Feb 25, 202228:24
E5:S2 - Scaling Your Business
Jan 27, 202231:28
E4:S2 - Building a Culture of Inclusivity

E4:S2 - Building a Culture of Inclusivity

Co-Founders of Just Work, Kim Scott, and Trier Bryant, inform and encourage listeners with a practical way to differentiate bias, prejudice, and bullying.  Based on the book, Just Work – Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair, these dynamic women offer an inclusive and forward-leaning approach that raises awareness and educates, putting solutions in reach at every level.

Check out the Just Work Website: 

Follow Trier on Twitter: @trier 

Follow Kim on Twitter: @kimballscott

Connect with Trier on LinkedIn: 

Connect with Kim on LinkedIn: 

Also be sure to tell your story to Trier and Kim on their website: 

Dec 28, 202137:10
E3:S2 - The Hero of Happiness
Nov 26, 202140:23
E2:S2 - A Passion for Pharma
Oct 21, 202127:58
E1:S2 - Season 2 Kick Off with Sunny White
Sep 24, 202113:47
E12:S1 - Ethical Leadership
Jun 03, 202138:07
E11:S1 - Breaking Down the Components of Brand Strategy
May 21, 202133:30
E10:S1 - Carbonfund Foundation
Apr 16, 202132:10
E9:S1 - Digital Disruption
Mar 16, 202135:52
E8:S1 - Women in Leadership
Feb 13, 202135:59
E7:S1 - Emotional Fitness
Jan 25, 202138:47
E6:S1 - Candor
Dec 18, 202032:05
E5:S1 - Purpose
Nov 13, 202038:16
E4:S1 - Innovation

E4:S1 - Innovation

Kelly Giuffrida, Director of Marketing, for Restasis, at Allergan joins the conversation on innovation on episode 4. Kelly is an award winning healthcare marketer and leading innovator that sparks, shapes, and delivers meaningful results. Her futuristic outlook is fueled by continuous exploration of the latest innovations in Brand promotion. Kelly is known for initiating and leading insight based solutions that disrupt the status quo.

Nov 01, 202039:25
E3:S1 - Sales Growth
Oct 01, 202020:14
E2:S1 - Wellness
Aug 31, 202016:54
E1:S1 - Entrepreneurship

E1:S1 - Entrepreneurship

Explore how Sunny White, Entrepreneur and CEO of Xavier Creative House, rapidly scales her healthcare creative agency with the challenges of marketing in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and health systems.

Click here to purchase The American Entrepreneur book

Jul 29, 202008:10