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EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael Salla

EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael Salla

By Dr. Michael Salla

A leading researcher, keynote speaker & best selling author in the fields of exopolitics. Dr. Salla is a forerunner in the push to full disclosure of secret space programs, black budget projects, and the human ET agenda. These podcasts strive to reveal how this all relates to our past and current Political theater and the future of the human experiment.

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The Role of Celestials in Guiding Humanity with Extraterrestrial Contact

EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael SallaMay 29, 2023

The Role of Celestials in Guiding Humanity with Extraterrestrial Contact

The Role of Celestials in Guiding Humanity with Extraterrestrial Contact

In this video recording from the January 2010 Earth Transformation Conference held on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dr. Michael Salla presents his research into the 'celestials' - beings that use the power of consciousness alone for space-time travel. He reveals how celestials have historically helped humanity deal with the challenges posed by extraterrestrial technologies that have been in the past used in destructive ways. He explains how extraterrestrials are today helping unravel the power elite's control system established to prevent humanity knowing the truth about extraterrestrial life, and the extent advanced technologies have been secretly developed.

May 29, 202301:31:39
Highlights of the May 13 Webinar - Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships
May 25, 202329:13
 Investigating Daniel Salter’s USAF & NRO Career and UFO/ET Revelations

Investigating Daniel Salter’s USAF & NRO Career and UFO/ET Revelations

Daniel Morris Salter worked for over 20 years with the USAF as an electronics communications expert and, in 1968, retired from active duty as a Command Sergeant Major—the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer. Early in his Air Force career, Salter had a UFO sighting in 1949, which propelled him to being offered a senior position in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit – a top secret intelligence unit that investigated the UFO phenomenon. After his USAF retirement, he was recruited by the National Reconnaissance Office to work on extraterrestrial-related issues concerning covert UFO crash retrieval operations. His duties included silencing witnesses to crashed UFOs or extraterrestrial contact as part of a multitiered official intimidation program that began with verbal warnings, harassment and ended with assassination.

After more than a decade of working with the NRO, he retired. In 1993 he began revealing details of his experiences with other UFO disclosure witnesses such as Phil Schneider, who worked on Deep Underground Military Bases such as Dulce, New Mexico, and William Cooper, whose duties in the US Navy were very similar to Salter’s work with the USAF. Salter was among the Disclosure Project witnesses who gave video testimonies to Dr. Steven Greer and attended the latter’s famous May 2001 National Press Club Conference.

In 2003, Salter wrote Life With a Cosmos Clearance, where he shared some of his direct knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and UFO history. In it, he discussed several leaked Majestic documents that he knew to be real, but could not directly confirm with his own direct experiences due to Non-Disclosure Agreements with the NRO and the threat of assassination. Significantly, Salter shared some of his experiences and insider knowledge with his two grandsons, Daniel and Derek, who both graduated as mechanical engineers and currently work in the engineering industry.

In this Exopolitics Today podcast, I interview Daniel and Derek about their grandfather and what they personally witnessed or have learned from documents they found in Salter’s personal archives. We also discuss several leaked Majestic documents Salter discussed in Life with a Cosmos Clearance and what these reveal about the history of reverse engineering of alien technology. Finally, Daniel and Derek discuss what they know of how secret societies operate within the US military intelligence community to monopolize extraterrestrial-related information, and how their grandfather’s Freemason background helped him gain access to the deepest official UFO/ET secrets during his USAF and NRO career.

Daniel and Derek have their own podcast where they discuss their grandfather's knowledge and other witness testimonies on UFOs/ET life.

May 22, 202301:23:29
Tracking Past Life Memories to Find Space Ark Crews

Tracking Past Life Memories to Find Space Ark Crews

After completing his mission to an underground spaceport in the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee region, JP was taken back to a military base where he handed off the healing technology his team had been given to his superiors. He then underwent a decontamination process and was instructed to go to a particular room where he was connected to an unknown technology. JP next began having a vision of a beautiful partially submerged city on another planet. JP recognized himself and a woman dressed in white coming out of the city whom he immediately recognized.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses how the technology that was used on him can stimulate and record past life memories. He claims that this is extraterrestrial technology and is being used by the US military/Earth Alliance to track the crews of space arks that are activating all over the Earth. According to JP, the goal is to find crew members that can help activate different parts of space arks as apparently, these areas remain dormant and inaccessible to those without the right DNA frequencies and consciousness.

Further JP Updates and Interviews:

May 18, 202340:16
Extraterrestrials in History and their Implications Today for Human Evolution

Extraterrestrials in History and their Implications Today for Human Evolution

Timothy Alberino is the author of Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam's Dominion on Planet Earth, where he describes the Book of Enoch as the oldest authoritative source on ancient history and on extraterrestrials interacting with humanity. He discusses how the situation on Earth today has many resemblances to conditions in the Antediluvial World that culminated in the destruction of Atlantis and the subsequent collapse of human civilization for millennia.

Alberino believes that the extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon and transhumanism today pose twin existential threats to humanity. He asserts that Gray alien hybrids—aka hubrids—have infiltrated humanity and are fifth columnists to a coming Gray Insectoid extraterrestrial war. He argues this will be followed by a fake alien rescue by attractive human-looking Nordics that are part of a negative faction of Watcher or Elder Races. Eventually, the positive Nordic/Watcher/Elder race will intervene in a similar manner to the extraterrestrial war described in the Book of Enoch.

In this interview with Dr Michael Salla, Alberino responds to questions about the different extraterrestrial factions that have historically intervened in human affairs, similarities in Sumerian and Hebrew records of such intervention, and what is most likely to happen today given the recent intervention of positive factions of extraterrestrials associated with organizations such as the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Timothy Alberino’s website is

Book, “Birthright” is available at:

May 15, 202301:21:42
Gamma Brainwaves the key to Teleportation, fly-by-thought tech & Space Ark activation

Gamma Brainwaves the key to Teleportation, fly-by-thought tech & Space Ark activation

Jean Charles Moyen is a filmmaker and former secret space program supersoldier with incredible teleportation abilities that have taken him to ancient Halls of Records and hidden Space Arks worldwide. He has provided compelling evidence for his claims in his documentary, Starseed Revelations 2, which documents how his teleportation abilities were scientifically tested and found to operate with high levels of gamma brain wave activity.

Another important point of corroboration is that high levels of gamma brain wave activity were similarly found in another supersoldier, Stephen Chua about whom a book is soon to be released. Chua was asked to pilot fly-by-thought F-15F jet aircraft at Area 51 in the mid-1980s. Brain injuries had been sustained by test pilots who didn't possess the required gamma brain waves.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Moyen discusses a recent incident where his teleportation ability impacted his cell phone's GPS to show a target location he was visualizing in Japan rather than his home office in Quebec, Canada, where he was residing. In addition to discussing Chua's information about gamma brainwaves in classified programs, Moyen discussed his teleportation experience as a 10-year-old to an underwater complex of three large buildings and spacecraft belonging to an aquatic civilization. His description has many similarities to a September 1, 2022 mission report by US Army Insider JP to an underwater civilization comprising three dome-like structures.

Finally, Moyen shares his insights about Space Arks he has visited, orbs that are collecting data on humanity, and the possibility of a false flag alien event being used by the Deep State in a last-gasp effort to stay in power. Jean Charles Moyen

Jean Charles Moyen’s Starseed Revelation2 is available at:

May 11, 202301:20:16
The Ancient Draco vs Negumak Conflict – Its Impact on Earth Joining the Galactic Federation

The Ancient Draco vs Negumak Conflict – Its Impact on Earth Joining the Galactic Federation

The Negumak are a powerful insectoid species that are the ancient enemies of the Draconian Reptilian Empire that have long interfered in human affairs. Reclusive and mysterious, the Negumak have long been courted by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to join their growing alliance against the Draconians & the latter’s Orion Gray (Nebu) allies in an ongoing galactic-wide conflict. In her 2021 book, A Gift from the Stars, Elena Danaan first described the Negumak & failed Galactic Federation efforts to recruit them.

In this interview, Danaan describes her recent updates about attending a diplomatic meeting on April 19 involving the Negumak & their response to a renewed Galactic Federation attempt to have them join their alliance against the Draconian Empire. She claims that recent Negumak skirmishes with the Draco have created the conditions for a union to be finally formed. Such an alliance will have significant implications for Earth as humanity is on course to join the Galactic Federation after the final defeat of the Deep State, which comprises the former minions of the Draco Empire.

In 1989, the Negumak first made contact with Earth’s governments. Soon after the Draco’s Deep State minions went into action by starting a psychological warfare campaign depicting the Negumak as evil aliens with genocidal plans for humanity. Movies such as Independence Day and the Alien vs. Predator series of movies are examples of this covert perception campaign emerging from Hollywood blockbuster movies. In the two Alien vs Predator movies, the Predators (resembling Draco Reptilians) are depicted as frenemies to humanity, whereas the Aliens (resembling Negumak) are portrayed as genocidal.

This covert psychological warfare program is best evidenced by comparing Danaan’s drawing of a Negumak after she received a mental image of one from Thor Han Eredyon that appeared in her 2021 book. The side-by-side comparison of a Negumak with the Alien Queen shown in Independence Day: Resurgence shows a striking resemblance. The uncanny resemblance suggests that Roland Emmerich, the Director/Producer of the Independence Day series, was given an image of a Negurak and told to make it the ultimate genocidal villain for the movie series.

In this interview Danaan further describes the significance of the Anunnaki siding with the Galactic Federation in a looming galactic confrontation with the Draco Empire & their allies. Her Galactic Federation sources say that a galactic war with the Draco Empire is looming & both sides are recruiting allies & preparing for the inevitable confrontation.

Danaan next discusses her upcoming book Area 51: Conversations with Insider Stephen Chua. Chua was a supersoldier from Singapore who had special abilities and was trained to fight against Draconians. Chua spent time at Area 51, where he was exposed to some of the advanced technologies used in secret space programs. Her book, which is scheduled to be released on June 1, presents the transcripts of many hours of interviews and communications she had with Chua before his death after his first public interview. The sequence of events culminating in Chua’s death suggests that he knew he was dying due to Deep State machinations and wished his testimony would be made public before it was too late.

Finally, Danaan and Dr. Salla discuss some of the implications of extraterrestrial disclosure for the three Abrahamic religions, particularly the identity of the alleged Creator God called Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah in relation to the principal Anunnaki revered as gods by the ancient Sumerians. They also discuss Yeshua/Jesus’ secret teachings that focused on establishing a connection with an Inner Light that is part of a Universal God rather than a single Creator God & how the Roman Catholic Church suppressed these teachings after becoming the Roman Empire's state religion.

Elena Danaan's Negumak update:

Elena's website:

May 08, 202301:33:24
JP Mission to Underground Spaceport in US Southeast

JP Mission to Underground Spaceport in US Southeast

JP currently serves with the US Army and reveals his latest covert mission on behalf of US Space Command was to a large underground spaceport where he witnessed hundreds of ships and visitors from different extraterrestrial civilizations. The spaceport is located in mountainous terrain in the general area of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and it uses a unique kind of laser stealth technology to hide the arrival and exit of spacecraft 24 hours a day.

JP says his eight-man team was tasked with receiving an advanced healing technology that was needed on an extraterrestrial base on one of the moons of a gas giant. He asserts that barter is central to how US Space Command works with extraterrestrial civilizations.

JP shared critical information about the functions and purpose of probes/orbs being released by space arks and extraterrestrial motherships currently moving towards the Earth. Millions of people will increasingly witness these probes. JP believes there is a countdown to a major disclosure event involving orbs/probes. However, they will be disclosed in a confusing way to the general public by the Deep State-controlled media.

The Deep State will also use its military/corporate assets to attack some of the ark/mothership probes. Such attacks will provoke the orbs' self-defense mechanisms leading to a contrived conflict designed to confuse the general public even further about the probes/orbs' true purpose. To learn more about Orbs, Space Arks, and Motherships, and why the Deep State fears them, Dr. Michael Salla recommends his upcoming May 13 webinar, which will be available at: .

For more interviews and updates from JP, visit:

May 04, 202344:11
Orbs: Search for the Space Ark Crew - A Short Film

Orbs: Search for the Space Ark Crew - A Short Film

Many metallic orbs are increasingly being sighted around the world and have become a hot topic of mainstream media interest and scientific speculation. The small orbs are connected to Ancient Space Arks and Extraterrestrial Motherships, and are studying humanity and the planetary situation. The orbs are also searching for the space ark crews, whose giant physical bodies remain in stasis chambers on the hidden arks, while their souls have incarnated among humanity. The Deep State is terrified by the emergence of these probing orbs, the activating space arks, and the incoming motherships, and is using its controlled mainstream media assets to sow the seeds of fear about the orbs’ presence and activity. This short film is the trailer for the "Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships – Why the Deep State Fears Them" webinar that will be held on May 13 at 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time, 11 am Pacific. For more webinar info visit: To register visit: Heartfelt thanks to my highly talented wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for creating and co-narrating this short film. Michael Salla, Ph.D.

May 03, 202309:06
Escape from Communist Romania, Portals to Inner Earth, Bucegi Hall of Records & ET Contact

Escape from Communist Romania, Portals to Inner Earth, Bucegi Hall of Records & ET Contact

Corina Pataki is the author of four books and is an ordained Christian Minister who escaped Romania during the Communist era. In this Exopolitics Today interview, she describes the high strangeness of her birth and mysterious disappearances during early childhood which involved her unique ability to access space time portals. Pataki describes the subsequent protection she and her family received during two failed escape attempts from Romania due to her exceptional abilities that were recognized by senior officials in the intelligence community. This unusual protection culminated in the miraculous circumstances that led to her family being allowed to leave Communist Romania for the USA.

Pataki has memories of traveling into an Inner Earth city under the Black Sea and also meeting with a mysterious elderly man who showed her an ancient key with strange writing that she photographed being he disappeared with the key. She describes more recent experiences involving her interaction with three extraterrestrial beings that showed her DNA connection to 24 civilizations she believes are the Seeder races responsible for multiple human genetic experiments. Pataki finally shares memories of being inside the Bucegi Mountains where she interacted with an advanced chair inside the Hall of Records described in the Transylvanian Sunrise book series.

Corina Pataki’s books are available on and her Facebook page is:

May 01, 202301:12:49
Project Bluebeam about to be unleashed according to former FBI Special Agent

Project Bluebeam about to be unleashed according to former FBI Special Agent

John DeSouza was an FBI Special Agent working on Counter-Terrorism and Paranormal Cases for 25 years. He conducted many investigations and collected the real X-FILES used on the top-rated television show: THE X-FILES. DeSouza has written three books, one of which, The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors (2016), contains predictions about how a false flag Project Blue Beam event will play out.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, DeSouza explains his decades of research and experiences that led to the information inside The Extra-Dimensionals. He outlines several predictions and how these are being fulfilled by contemporary events that point to a false flag event involving a mix of holographic technologies, and actual reverse-engineered spacecraft is going to play out. DeSouza’s astounding predictions and analysis are a must-watch for all wondering what cards the Deep State will play as it desperately tries to hold onto political power.

John DeSouza’s website is:

Apr 27, 202301:33:28
 Bringing Anti-gravity & Quantum Healing technology to the World

Bringing Anti-gravity & Quantum Healing technology to the World

In 2021, Dave Rossi began receiving information downloads after an extraterrestrial contact experience that activated advanced mental abilities to understand and develop complex mathematical equations. He suddenly understood the scientific principles behind a range of exotic technologies which he was able to envisage or was exposed to. Rossi’s surprising new abilities came to the attention of top scientists working on advanced technology projects who sought assistance with problems they were encountering. He has since been working with several scientists and investors to solve problems in classified programs, and is simultaneously developing advanced technologies that can be released into the public sector.

Rossi recently applied for several patents, two of which he shared with Dr. Michael Salla concerning antigravity and quantum healing inventions. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Rossi explains the principles behind the antigravity and quantum technologies he is developing and the timetable for releasing these patents to the general public. In his special announcement, Rossi explains how he is working with individuals ready to understand and build similar antigravity and quantum healing technologies for public release. He has created a Patreon channel to support his and others’ efforts to develop and build advanced technologies that otherwise would remain hidden in classified programs. He believes this is the most effective means of circumventing the draconian secrecy orders used to suppress more than 6000 patent applications through the US Patent and Trademarks Office.

Dave Rossi’s Patreon Channel is

Apr 24, 202301:19:46
Galileo Project’s Search for ET Techno Signatures & Advanced Aliens: An Interview with Prof Avi Loeb

Galileo Project’s Search for ET Techno Signatures & Advanced Aliens: An Interview with Prof Avi Loeb

Prof Avi Loeb is the former chair of Harvard University’s Department of Astronomy and founder of the Galileo Project which seeks empirical evidence of “extraterrestrial technological signatures.” His interest in the discovery of alien techno-signatures began in 2017 with the arrival of the interstellar object Oumuamua whose orbital behavior around the Sun suggested it was an artificial object. Prof Loeb’s subsequent papers and book on Oumuamua, Extraterrestrials: The First Sign of Intelligence Life Beyond Earth (2020), has generated much mainstream interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation.

In this Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Prof Loeb explains the genesis of his interest in extraterrestrial visitation and the role Professor Stephen Hawking played due to his 2010 views about advanced extraterrestrials likely being hostile. Prof Loeb explains why he arrived at his conclusion that advanced extraterrestrials would be beneficial rather than hostile.

In response to questions about the role of human judgment and observation in collecting data on the UFO phenomenon, as opposed to scientific data gathered through mechanical instruments, Prof Loeb took the uncompromising position that the former is not reliable or accurate and therefore has no role in the Galileo Project endeavors. In contrast, Dr. Salla pointed out the benefits of non-empirical data sources as a complement to scientific sources for a wide-ranging intelligence gathering approach to understanding the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Loeb finished his interview by briefly discussing the genesis of his view that some UFOs may be probes released by an alien mothership that recently entered our solar system.

Apr 20, 202350:48
Remote Viewing the Atlantic Space Ark with Dick Allgire

Remote Viewing the Atlantic Space Ark with Dick Allgire

Dick Allgire is a former professional news presenter who, in 1997, got interested in remote viewing projects using blind scientific protocols that would eliminate front loading. He subsequently trained with military-grade instructors such as Glen Wheaton (US Army Special Forces) and has ever since been conducting remote viewing projects involving various targets. He eventually created as a means for remote viewers to be trained and to collaborate in intelligence gathering on various targets. On April 14, 2023, released a two-hour report on the remote viewing of a target supplied by Dr. Michael Salla – a submerged space ark under the Atlantic Ocean.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Allgire discusses with Dr. Salla the genesis of the remote viewing of the Atlantic Space Ark from a meeting they held in January 2023 in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they decided to collaborate on a future remote viewing project. No specifics were shared on potential targets to prevent frontloading. In February, Dr. Salla was subsequently approached by a tasker, Ed, from Cryptoviewing to find a suitable target that would be passed along as an alphanumeric sequence. A second tasker received the alphanumeric sequence and passed it along to Allgire and three other remote viewers—Daz Smith, Edward Riordan, and Nyiam Vendryes. This double blind protocol eliminated any foreknowledge and possible frontloading of the target. The target was a submerged space ark claimed by a US Army Insider, JP, who has described his participation in three multinational missions there.

Allgire discusses some of the data he and others gained through their remote viewing of the space ark. He identified hieroglyphs on walls containing ancient knowledge, spacetime portals or stargates, sarcophagi with sleeping giants, religious themes, a tunnel to an underground civilization, and a giant spacecraft/ark underwater. Allgire’s results were similar to what was discovered by three other remote viewers involved in the space ark project. All these elements have been described by JP in his three reports on his Atlantic Space Ark missions.

The full two-hour cryptoviewing report is available on Patreon at;,

The main website is:

A trailer is available on YouTube at:

Apr 17, 202301:25:35
Investigating the 1996 Alien Interview Video

Investigating the 1996 Alien Interview Video

Jon Stewart has spent more than 20 years researching the authenticity of a VHS Tape showing an alleged interrogation of a Gray Alien who was captured sometime around 1991. He watched the video soon after its release in 1996 and became intrigued by its realistic depiction of the Gray Alien. Stewart consulted video and animation experts, who did not detect any forgery. Stewart received a list of medical and military personnel directly involved in the interrogation and was able to speak with several of the named individuals. He also learned about a disgruntled group of military insiders associated with the infamous S-4 facility at Area 51 who revealed they were behind the leaked video. Stewart concludes that the tape is authentic and was leaked by an insider called Victor.

Stewart is a former professional wrestler who worked with the American Wrestling Association on ESPN from 1988 to 1991 and became the AWA World Heavyweight Champion in 1996. He ran several times for the Illinois House of Representatives and the US Congress. His first campaign consultant was none other than President Donald Trump’s legal counsel, Kellyanne Conway before she joined the Trump White House. In this Exopolitics Today interview, he presents his trailer to a documentary of the Alien Interview, which he plans to complete by Fall 2023.

Jon Stewart can be reached by email at:

Apr 13, 202301:18:12
The Book of Enoch, the Watchers, Antediluvial History & the modern UFO Threat

The Book of Enoch, the Watchers, Antediluvial History & the modern UFO Threat

Timothy Alberino is the author of Birthright, where he describes the Book of Enoch as the oldest authoritative source on ancient history and on ‘Watchers’ or extraterrestrials interacting with humanity. He asserts that the Ethiopian version of the Book of Enoch (aka Enoch 1) contains information that is older than Sumerian records and is consistent with Plato’s account of the final days of Atlantis. While Sumerian cuneiform texts date from around 3800 BC, the Book of Enoch derives from oral traditions that can be traced back further in time to the Antediluvian era, according to Alberino.

The Book of Enoch provides a rare first-hand account of what life was like in an Antediluvian “Golden Age” that degenerated as Atlantis embarked on a series of imperial wars and genetic experiments that ended with the Great Flood event around 9600 BC. The Great Flood marked the end of Atlantis as described Plato, and is corroborated by scientific studies showing the Younger Dryas period ended at this time with the melting of the massive North American and European Ice Sheets.

Alberino’s radical assertion has support insofar as the Slavonic Book of Enoch (aka Enoch 2) discusses how the patriarch Enoch wrote 360 books of knowledge dictated to him by positive groups of Angels (aka Watchers/extraterrestrials) in different heavens. Enoch's books of knowledge were subsequently handed off to Methuselah, who was responsible for preserving these for post-flood humanity. Methuselah subsequently passed these off to his grandson Melchizedek (Noah’s cousin) who created the Order of Melchizedek that was responsible for preserving Enochian books and knowledge for a post-flood humanity.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Alberino addresses how this antediluvial history is relevant today with a UFO threat that emanates from a group of Gray and Insectoid extraterrestrials. He believes there is also a human-looking group of extraterrestrials interacting with humanity, corresponding with the heavenly angels described in the Book of Enoch. Finally, he addresses questions about a recent paper written by the head of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office about alien motherships releasing probes and who these ships belong to.

Timothy Alberino’s website is

His book, Birthright is available at:

Apr 10, 202301:15:44
Applying the Science of Consciousness to SSP & ET Technologies

Applying the Science of Consciousness to SSP & ET Technologies

Dan Winter has worked for over four decades on the frontiers of consciousness studies from the perspective of an electrical engineer. He has encountered and/or collaborated with cutting-edge pioneers such as Andrija Puharich, Marcel Vogel, Itzhak Bentov and Tom Bearden in understanding the principles and applications of longitudinal waves (scalar waves), implosive forces, brain waves, the Kundalini force, and the Schuman Resonance.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Winters discusses his scientific background and collaboration with various consciousness researchers. He explains how advanced technologies based on longitudinal waves/antigravity have been operationalized by different groups such as Nazi Germany, secret space programs and extraterrestrial intelligences. He gives a unique perspective on contemporary exopolitical issues such as space arks, hibernating Anunnaki scientists, and the Halls of Amenti. He finally discusses his scientific testing of a secret space program witness, Jean Charles Moyen, who simulated a teleportation experience while his brainwaves were being measured. Winters’ positive test results support Moyen’s incredible claims of teleporting to four space arks, two of which were physically corroborated by a former French archaeologist Elena Danaan.

Dan Winters main website is

Apr 06, 202301:14:36
JP Update on Ancient Library at Military Base Revealing History of Arks on Earth

JP Update on Ancient Library at Military Base Revealing History of Arks on Earth

In his latest update, my US Army Insider, JP, was taken inside an underground library in a US military base where he visited a mysterious Aisle 10. It contained ancient Sumerian records about how large Space Arks operate and their use of probes to gather intelligence on the level of civilization development at any historical period. JP further added that we are in the midst of a surge of orb sightings from Arks, which are activating all over our solar system, including subterranean areas on Earth.

JP responds to questions about a recent paper written by Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Head of the Pentagon’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb, who speculate that recent UFO sightings may be orbs originating from alien motherships (aka Arks) in our solar system. In his update, JP further stated that the orbs could have deadly consequences for those that get too close.

He asserts that these orbs and motherships they originate from were well known to the ancients, who knew that only individuals with the right genetics and consciousness could safely approach and interact with the orbs. The orbs contain an organic and/or artificial intelligence designed to protect themselves from those that get too close. JP’s answer further reveals why he and other contactees have been recruited into the US military since they have the right genetics and consciousness to safely interact with orbs emanating from the Arks/motherships and other ancient artifacts found around the Earth, which in many cases are connected to Inner Earth Civilizations.

For more articles and interviews on JP’s Missions and Updates, visit:

Apr 03, 202328:48
Investigating Ancient Civilizations in the Grand Canyon & the Extraterrestrial Connection

Investigating Ancient Civilizations in the Grand Canyon & the Extraterrestrial Connection

Brad Olsen has traveled the world investigating legends of ancient civilizations, paranormal phenomena and UFOs. Among the many places he has visited is the Grand Canyon, Arizona, which has long been rumored to have ancient Egyptian and Far Eastern artifacts in its numerous caves estimated to be over a 1000.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Olsen discusses his 21-day boat trip through the Grand Canyon river system to investigate legends of ancient artifacts in caverns. He discusses the 1908 G.E. Kincaid expeditions to a mysterious cavern filled with Egyptian and Far Eastern artifacts, along with the recent claims of a US Army Insider, JP, who claims to have seen similar artifacts along with an ancient saucer-shaped spacecraft during a covert mission in February 2023 to the Grand Canyon.

Brad Olsen is a best-selling author, publisher, and has appeared in many popular shows including Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM. His website is

Correction: In this interview an unconfirmed rumor about an alleged US Supreme Court case involving the Smithsonian Institute dumping giant skeletal remains at sea was discussed. After the interview it was found that the rumor was a rehash of similar claims debunked in August 2022.

Mar 30, 202301:11:54
Clifford Stone's 22 Years in UFO Crash Retrieval Operations

Clifford Stone's 22 Years in UFO Crash Retrieval Operations

Mar 27, 202353:51
Full Disclosure Plan Begins with Rediscovery of Ancient Technologies
Mar 24, 202303:45
Son of former US Senator & Secretary of Navy reveals a lifetime of UFO Secrets

Son of former US Senator & Secretary of Navy reveals a lifetime of UFO Secrets

John Warner IV is the son of former US Senator John Warner III who was also Secretary of the Navy during the Gerald Ford Administration. His mother was Catherine Mellon whose grandfather was the famed banker and philanthropist, Andrew Mellon. John Warner spent a lot of time traveling with his father and got to meet many VIPs and see many things that gives him special insights into the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrial life and secret space programs.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Warner discusses his unique background and shared his insights UFOs, reverse engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft, the US Navy’s secret space program, President Kennedy’s knowledge of classified UFO projects, manufactured alien threats, different groups of extraterrestrials historically involved in human affairs.

John Warner’s website is:

Mar 23, 202301:25:02
Ending the Century-long Suppression of Alternative Healing, Free Energy & Antigravity Technologies

Ending the Century-long Suppression of Alternative Healing, Free Energy & Antigravity Technologies

Dan Willis has spent decades researching alternative healing, energy and propulsion technologies that have been suppressed for well over a century. In this interview, he gives us a detailed historical overview of the key individuals and organizations involved in suppressing public awareness of natural healing, free energy and antigravity technologies. He also shares some of his own personal experiences of how inventors and health pioneers have been targeted and assassinated for threatening the pharmaceutical and oil industries.  Finally, he and Dr Michael Salla discuss recent developments that suggest all this suppression is about to end, and amazing alternative healing and energy technologies are destined to be released to the world.

Dan Willis website is

Mar 20, 202301:57:47
Missing Persons and the UFO Connection – Interview with David Paulides

Missing Persons and the UFO Connection – Interview with David Paulides

Dave Paulides spent twenty years in law enforcement and held senior executive positions in the technology sector before becoming interested in missing persons cases in national parks and wilderness areas. He subsequently wrote 11 books on missing persons and produced several documentary films. In his 2022 documentary Missing 411: The UFO Connection he explores missing persons cases and their connection to UFO sightings, which often involved triangle-shaped craft.

He identifies some common themes in missing person cases such as them not leaving any tracks, scents, and leaving their belongings behind. Most intriguing was that those cases he investigated were all male hunters who had German ancestry. A significant fact is that one individual of German ancestry who was returned because he was infertile. Those taken and not returned were capable of biological reproduction.

In this Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla he responds to questions whether missing people have been taken off planet by Gray aliens, walked through portals into parallel realities, taken into the Inner Earth, or have been taken by a German secret space program to enrich their off-planet gene pool. This latter explanation is augmented by his discovery in his previous investigations that an unusually high percentage of missing persons in national parks were found to be young German male scientists.

The evidence presented by David Paulides in his best-selling documentary Missing 411: The UFO Connection raises many troubling questions and provides compelling circumstantial evidence for a German secret space program created after World War II. 

David Paulidis website is

Mar 16, 202301:14:24
JP Mission to Ancient Artifacts & Civilizations found in Grand Canyon
Mar 13, 202338:33
Great Pyramid Artifacts, Raven Rock Disclosure Plan & Underground ET Civilizations

Great Pyramid Artifacts, Raven Rock Disclosure Plan & Underground ET Civilizations

Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, discusses the March 2, 2023, announcement of a new chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Giza and what kinds of ancient artifacts might be found there. She explains that Dr. Zahi Hawass, the former leader of Egypt’s antiquities department, has for decades been muzzled by Freemasons from revealing the true extent of the advanced technologies and artifacts discovered under the Giza complex.

In a press conference on the new chamber, Hawass hinted at the fabulous artifacts that the chamber may lead. Danaan reflects on the significance of the new pyramid chamber announcement with what her extraterrestrial contacts told her about major rediscoveries of Earth’s ancient history that are on the way in 2023 and how these would involve the pyramids.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Danaan also comments on a January 7, 2023, meeting at the Raven Rock Mountain Complex attended by Thor Han Eredyon, where he passed on a disclosure plan developed by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to General Glen VanHerck, head of NORAD and US Northern Command. She explained why the plan had to be delivered person-to-person and shared her analysis of its contents. Danaan asserts that recent events, such as the multiple UFO shootdowns in the US and Donald Trump’s March 4 speech about flying cars, are part of the disclosure plan.

She also discusses a February 8, 2023, update by the US Army insider JP, who revealed how his team was led by a 7 feet tall Nordic-looking individual named Jaseet, into an underground city and an extraterrestrial spaceport in Florida. JP identified a strong vanilla scent around these structures and plans for future flyovers of hundreds of flying saucer craft. Danaan says the vanilla scent is very likely associated with the national flower of the Errahel (aka Ahel) civilization from the planet Erra in the Taygeta system of the Pleiades constellation, and that the name Jaseet is a common Errahel name.

Dr Michael Salla points out how the above developments and other events corroborate Danaan’s remarkable revelations from her Galactic Federation of Worlds sources. For a full list of corroborating data for her revelations that has been compiled by Disclosure Project witness, Dan Willis, see: Finally, Elena Danaan discusses her upcoming March 19 webinar on Crowdcast.

Elena Danaan’s website is:

Mar 10, 202301:29:52
40 Years as a Diplomat in a United Nations Secret Space Program

40 Years as a Diplomat in a United Nations Secret Space Program

Chris O'Connor claims to have completed three "20 and back" tours of duty with secret space programs including one run by the United Nations. He says that it all began with his birth into a normal human family as a “starseed” as part of a pre-life agreement between the US Navy/Air Force and his extraterrestrial family. In 1970, at age 2, O’Connor claims he was "age-progressed" to 25 years old where his past life memories as an extraterrestrial were fully restored. He believes that his genetics and consciousness as a starseed helped ensure the success of the newly formed Navy/Air Force secret space program (SSP). 

After serving for 20 years in the US SSP performing security related duties, O’Connor was allowed to became a liaison/ambassador for the United Nations SSP. In this interview, he discusses with Dr. Michael Salla the formation of the United Nations SSP that emerged during the run up to the end of the Cold War in the 1980’s, which is best evidence by speeches from President Ronald Reagan urging nations to cooperate in facing an extraterrestrial threat. Apparently, Reagan’s exhortations, while publicly dismissed, were taken seriously behind the scenes and secretly implemented. The UN SSP formation was a direct factor that led to the Cold War’s end.

According to O’Connor, the United Nations SSP had three outposts: one around Jupiter; another on Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn; and finally one around Neptune. He say in 1990, he began serving at Mimas UN outpost, where he conducted diplomatic negotiations with many extraterrestrial civilizations. He asserts that many negotiations involved exoplanet populations that had been negatively impacted by human SSPs such as the Dark Fleet. He claims that during his down times, he toured Mimas’ futurist space facility and stayed in a stasis chamber so he could better handle the eighth density energies of the facility.

In this interview, he discusses how he and Jean Charles Moyen, who served with a joint US French SSP recognized each other when they first met in October at the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection conference in Orlando. In a stunning corroboration, Moyen says that he and his wife, Melanie, remembered seeing O’Connor while he was lying in stasis during his first 20 and back on Mimas from 1970 to 1990. O’Connor says that he currently is experiencing two timelines as his third "20 and back" tour of duty completes in 2030. 

He discusses his memories of participating in diplomatic negotiations conducted in 2021 for the handover of Anunnaki control over Saturn to the Earth Alliance. He recalls meetings involving a tall being that he believes was Enki (aka Prince Ea), which supports Elena Danaan’s claims of diplomatic negotiations for the handover of former Anunnaki facilities on Saturn to the Earth Alliance. Finally, O’Connor discusses his involvement in an extraterrestrial disclosure plan that was handed over to the Earth Alliance at the Raven Rock Mountain Complex in January 2023.

Chris O’Connor’s website is

Mar 07, 202301:20:09
Encountering Space Arks and their guardians on Mt Fuji & Mauna Kea Volcanoes

Encountering Space Arks and their guardians on Mt Fuji & Mauna Kea Volcanoes

Jean Charles Moyen, a French-Canadian film maker, has just revealed several spontaneous teleportation experiences he had in December 2022 where he witnessed space arks inside of Mount Fuji, Japan and Mauna Kea, Hawaii. In both cases, he encountered beings guarding the space arks, which are closely associated with the fire energies of the two volcanoes. What makes Jean Charles claims stand out is that he has both documentary and witness testimony supporting his incredible teleportation experiences.

Moyen’s first experiences began one night in December when he spontaneously teleported to Tokyo, where he met with Elena Danaan who had been teleported there at the same time by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They were both in their pajamas and immediately recognized each other and walked together in the Tokyo streets to the surprise of passerbys. Danaan was then teleported back to her home, while Moyen teleported to Mount Fuji, where he met a guardian being named Utsu, who he recognized as the same person he had witnessed decades earlier when he was 7 years old and had teleported to Mt Fuji from his home in Paris, France. 

Moyen wrote write about his childhood encounter with Utsu in his personal diary and draw a picture of her and the disk-shaped spaceship inside at the time. Japanese researchers investigating Moyen’s remarkable claim discovered, to their great surprise, historical records about Mt Fuji containing a spaceship that is protected by a guardian named Utsu. Both the diary entry along with historical records on Mt Fuji provide compelling documentary evidence supporting Moyen’s remarkable teleportation experiences. 

Moyen next describes how Utsu introduced him to the Fire goddess responsible for Mt Fuji, Kono, who then teleported with him to Mauna Kea—the world’s tallest mountain when measured from its underwater base to its 13,800 000 ft (4200 meters) summit. Inside Mauna Kea was another spaceship that he went inside with Kono, which Moyen believes is another space ark. 

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Moyen discusses his teleportation experiences and responds to questions about his supporting evidence from Dr. Michael Salla. The compelling witness, documentary, and historical evidence presented by Jean Charles Moyen corroborating his teleportation experiences into Mt Fuji, adds credence to his claim of also having teleported into Mauna Kea to witness another space ark, as well as earlier teleportation experiences where he witnessed space arks in Tibet and Antarctica.

Jean Charles Moyen’s latest documentary is available at:

Mar 02, 202301:16:52
Overcoming Suppression of Free Energy, Antigravity Propulsion & Healing Inventions

Overcoming Suppression of Free Energy, Antigravity Propulsion & Healing Inventions

Dan Willis has been working for several decades with breakthrough technologies such as free energy, antigravity and crystal technology for healing.  In this exclusive interview he reveals for the first time his direct involvement with Dr. Steven Greer’s AERO project for over a decade, which was a pioneering effort to support free energy inventors in releasing their breakthrough technologies into the public domain.

This was prompted by the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure Project event which brought forth hundreds of military and intelligence witnesses that were asking for a congressional hearing to bring forth scientists within the unacknowledged special access projects who could prove that we have suppressed technologies such as zero point energy that would eliminate the need for our obsolete, dangerous and polluting energy generation methods, such as those using nuclear, oil and coal.   The request for the congressional hearing was denied by the Bush administration, so an effort was launched to identify scientists and inventors in the civilian sector to bring out a solution for the world.   Staring in 2003, Willis worked with dozens of scientists and inventors vetting these technologies as a technical advisor.   In 2014 after experiencing the many years of extreme efforts by the Deep State and other factors to not allow the release of these technologies, these efforts were abandoned with the realization that these advanced technologies will not be allowed to be released until these Deep State control elements have first been removed.

We are fortunate to be able to be joined by one of these brilliant and credible scientists Dr. James Schwartz, to tell his story of how he has for decades been at the cutting edge of free energy and alternative medicine research. Dr Schwartz has had a National Secrecy Order issued against one of his inventions and was jailed in Japan for his pioneering research.

In this interview, Willis and Dr Schwartz discuss their respective histories in free energy, propulsion, and alternative healing technology projects, and how they witnessed or experienced suppression at the hands of the Deep State. They discuss several breakthrough technology pioneers that were murdered as a result of their pioneering efforts that challenged Deep State interests.  Willis and Dr. Schwartz provide insight into how secrecy orders from the US Patent and Trademark Office are used to suppress different categories of inventions that involve antigravity, free energy and more.

Dan Willis website is:

Dr James Schwartz’s website is:

Feb 27, 202301:36:42
38 Years on Mars Colonies & Space Programs

38 Years on Mars Colonies & Space Programs

In 1981, Mark Domizio was coerced into serving for two years with a highly classified “Black Navy” operating out of a Deep Underground Military Base at Diego Garcia. After performing several abduction missions, Mark says he was imprisoned and tortured for his unwillingness to kill targets ordered by his superiors. At the end of his service in 1983, two clones or ‘alters’ were preserved that were infused with his soul extracts made possible by advanced extraterrestrial technologies. The clones were then put into service, one with the Black Navy at Diego Garcia and the other with secret space programs operating out of Mars.

In part 3 of this interview series, Mark talks about the clone on Mars who was given the name ‘Sam’ and performed a variety of missions including assassination on behalf of organizations such as the Kruger, Dark Fleet, and a mysterious operative called “the Old Man”. Sam was involved in the destruction of a base on Mars populated by 250,000 personnel who were mostly slaves, and other disturbing missions ordered by his superiors. When Sam died in 2022, his soul fragment returned to Mark carrying with it all the memories of Sam’s missions. Mark describes the emotional trauma he had to overcome in dealing with both Sam and Han’s violent filled memories, and how connecting to his higher consciousness helped him heal these, and reintegrate his personality.

For Part 1 of this interview series, visit:

For Part 2, visit:

Feb 23, 202301:12:12
JP Mission to Underground Civilization & Nordic Spaceport
Feb 20, 202333:34
Thiaoouba Prophesy - Contact with a Hermaphrodite ET Race

Thiaoouba Prophesy - Contact with a Hermaphrodite ET Race

Feb 16, 202301:12:58
34 Years in a Deep Underground Military Base at Diego Garcia

34 Years in a Deep Underground Military Base at Diego Garcia

Feb 13, 202301:20:49
From the Trail of Tears to Extraterrestrial Contact
Feb 10, 202301:14:39
2023 - Rise of the Earth Alliance
Feb 04, 202306:33
The Scientific Principles behind Extraterrestrial Technologies

The Scientific Principles behind Extraterrestrial Technologies

Dave Rossi has been working with a number of government scientists involved in classified projects to better understand and reverse engineer advanced technologies associated with zero point energy, exotic propulsion systems, mind body navigation, holographic healing, etc. Elena Danaan has had direct contact experiences with extraterrestrials who have exposed her to similar technologies used in their ships, and explained some of the scientific principles behind them. Rossi confirmed that some of the scientists he is communicating with do monitor Danaan's public communications for clues on how to better understand and develop the principles she has revealed for advanced technology projects.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Rossi and Danaan cover a range of advanced technologies used by extraterrestrials and how the principles behind them might be applied for developing similar technologies on Earth. Several of the patents granted to Dr. Salvatore Pais on behalf of the US Navy were discussed to identify how extraterrestrial technologies compare to similar human inventions.

Jan 31, 202301:22:49
Multiple witnesses remember their Secret Space Program encounters with one another.

Multiple witnesses remember their Secret Space Program encounters with one another.

Jean Charles Moyen has had multiple encounters with extraterrestrial entities and has displayed paranormal abilities that led to him being eventually recruited into a joint US French Secret Space Program where he says he completed a "20 and back" tour of duty aboard aircraft carrier sized motherships called the Solaris and Excelsior.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, he discusses his recent meetings in Orlando, Florida, with several individuals who he recognized during secret space program service and/or through teleportation experiences. He describes the unique circumstances where he respectively met with Tony Rodrigues, Chris O'Connor, Elena Danaan, and JP.

In addition, Moyen discusses the release of the English dubbed version of his documentary, Starseed Revelations 2, where he presents extensive evidence supporting his extraordinary claims of extraterrestrial contact, teleportation, and encounters with Men in Black.

Jean Charles Moyen's documentary Starseed Revelations 2 is now available on Vimeo at:

Jan 28, 202301:21:25
Clones & Black Navy Operations at Diego Garcia

Clones & Black Navy Operations at Diego Garcia

After Mark Domizio applied to join the US Navy in 1981 a chain of events began that culminated in him being coerced into signing up for a two year period for a highly classified program run by the "Black Navy". The program involved clones of him being created and animated with part of his consciousness (aka soul fragment).. He claims that he was then taken to the Diego Garcia naval base where he was involved in abduction and assassination missions. When he refused to assassinate a requested target as ordered, he was placed in an underground prison and tortured for a year. He was next taken to the underground Dulce facility in New Mexico, where he was examined by Gray extraterrestrials for a 2 week period and witnessed many other human prisoners being held in cages in the lower levels of the facility.

Mark Domizio has been able to identify key features of both the Diego Garcia Naval base and the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico, in support of his story. His experiences at Dulce match witness reports of conditions at the underground facility undergone by survivors. He believes that his ordeal was part of a sting operation conducted by a higher dimensional galactic civilization to gather data on conditions in classified Earth programs that will be eventually exposed, leading to full accountability for all those humans and extraterrestrials complicit in the abuses conducted in such programs.

Jan 23, 202301:17:35
Visits to King of Ant People and Ancient Moonbase

Visits to King of Ant People and Ancient Moonbase

JP currently serves in the US Army and recently completed a mission to an underground Florida location as part of a team of eight covert military personnel seeking information about a sleeping giant discovered at another nearby underground facility. At the entrance to an underground city his covert team was met by security personnel from a civilization of humanoids with distinctive Ant characteristics (aka "Ant people"). JP's team was then led into the base, where they eventually met with the Ant people's King.

After the seven other members of his team was asked to leave, JP was given a private audience with the King who told him that their civilization was opening up to the rest of the planet and would soon be permitting more people to visit their underground facilities in Florida and elsewhere. Once his mission to the underground Ant civilization was completed, JP went on another Moon mission where he saw the ancient ruins of an underground city that was built by the Ant people.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, with Dr. Michael Salla, JP describes what the Ant people intend to do shortly, and why they feel it important for them to reconnect with surface humanity, and introduce us to the true history of the planet.

For a prior article/podcast about JP visiting an Ant colony protecting a sleeping giant, go to:

For more interviews and articles featuring JP, visit:

Jan 14, 202356:41
ET Disclosure Being Planned Now at an underground Blue Ridge Mountain Complex

ET Disclosure Being Planned Now at an underground Blue Ridge Mountain Complex

On January 7, 2023, an alleged meeting occurred at a secret underground military facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains to discuss an extraterrestrial disclosure plan developed by an Earth Alliance of military leaders and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena Danaan, a former French professional archeologist, claims to have witnessed some of the events that transpired at the underground base through her primary Galactic Federation of Worlds contact, Thor Han Eredyon, with whom she is linked through a physical implant.

 She gave testimony and provided sketches of what she witnessed through the eyes of Thor Han, who was present at the base and participated in a meeting with its military leader. What makes Danaan’s extraordinary claim significant is that major elements can be corroborated with what is known about underground bases in the Blue Ridge mountains and rumors of a Continuity of Government emergency that was secretly implemented after the 2020 U.S. Federal Election.

Jan 11, 202314:58
Ghosted by the US Army to keep SSP & Ancient Phoenician secrets

Ghosted by the US Army to keep SSP & Ancient Phoenician secrets

Mary Beaver comes from a multi-generational US Army family where her father and grandfather served in the Army and were involved in classified programs that led to Mary being identified at a young age as a person of interest. Mary's great uncle (her grandmother's brother) was General Walter Bedell Smith, General Eisenhower's deputy during WWII and a former CIA Director (1950-1953).

Mary possessed unique abilities such as being able to speak, write and understand ancient languages such as Phoenician. She was subsequently handed off by her father/grandparents to classified programs where she claims to being age progressed and regressed up to five times from age four to seven, for service in secret space programs.

Mary subsequently served for eight years in the US Army where her involvement in classified projects continued due to her detailed knowledge of the ancient Phoenician language.She was given access to secure vaults where ancient artifacts were stored and also saw a captured giant being tortured to death. After completing her Army service, Mary was "ghosted" as she knew too much. Nevertheless she possesses several documents and pictures supporting her claim of military service.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Mary discusses her family background, the role of her grandparents in having her taken into classified programs, her understanding of the Phoenician language, and some of the things she witnessed during her military service.

Jan 04, 202301:08:26
Introducing Antigravity & Quantum Energy technologies with a new understanding of old science

Introducing Antigravity & Quantum Energy technologies with a new understanding of old science

In mid-2022, Dave Rossi had an encounter with a blue extraterrestrial entity that changed his life by activating latent mental abilities to develop complex mathematical equations explaining the operation of advanced technologies. He soon began building an antigravity device that successfully levitated objects and generated a small EMP wave that attracted the attention of the military intelligence community in Canada.

After Dave was approached by Canadian officials inquiring about his experiment, he began corresponding with leading edge scientists in the US working in the classified world. He shared his equations explaining the principles behind advanced propulsion and energy technologies. Dave's detailed knowledge of equations associated with antigravity, free energy, and other exotic technologies, known only to a few scientists, led to him being quickly recognized in the covert world as someone knowledgeable about how extraterrestrial technologies operate.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Dave explains his background and why his newly developed ability to render the principles behind exotic technologies in complex equations, understood by only a few in the classified world, has given him direct access to leading edge scientists. He also explains how scientists in the classified world monitor the revelations of extraterrestrial contactees on the workings of off-world technologies, with one popular French contactee being of particular interest to them. Dave finally discusses his collaboration with several prominent scientists to develop working models of propulsion and energy technologies that can be released to the general public.

Dave Rossi's Generation Zed podcast is available at:

Dave's Patreon account where you can support his work is available at:

Dec 29, 202201:13:28
A Kuria Matte - Aztec Chant to activate Atlantic Space Ark
Dec 25, 202204:20
The Journey from Spiritual Therapist to Extraterrestrial Conference Organizer: Interview with Dani Henderson

The Journey from Spiritual Therapist to Extraterrestrial Conference Organizer: Interview with Dani Henderson

Dani Henderson has had a lifetime of paranormal experiences, psychic/intuitive revelations, and extraterrestrial contacts. She has worked as a "spiritual therapist" in England for several decades, and in 2010 was tested by the British media who blindfolded her and took her to secret locations, one being the Old Vic Theater, to successfully confirm her psychic/intuitive abilities. Dani has had direct contact experiences with extraterrestrials associated with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. These contacts include Annax and Thor Han Eredyon, thereby corroborating Elena Danaan's own contacts and communications with these galactic entities.

 In October 2022, Dani organized a major international conference highlighting extraterrestrial contact called "Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection" that was attended by well over 900 people. Dani announced that she plans to host a similar event in Orlando in October 2023. In this interview, Dani discusses her childhood, her training as a hypnotherapist, psychic/intuitive work, ET contact experiences, and why she decided to host a major international conference on galactic civilizations.

Dani Henderson's website is:

Recordings of the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection are now available at:

Her blindfold experience at the Old Vic is available at:

Dec 22, 202201:16:32
How to Identify Counter Disclosure Assets: Interview with Dan Willis

How to Identify Counter Disclosure Assets: Interview with Dan Willis

The Deep State has conducted psychological warfare operations using embedded assets to deceive and mislead the general public on the UFO/extraterrestrial issues since the early 1950s. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Dan Willis who served with the US navy, worked with a major television network, and spoke at the 2001 Disclosure Project discusses the main elements of the psychological warfare conducted against the general public.

He and Dr. Michael Salla discuss the historical pillars of the psychological warfare operations and how compromised assets have been used to hide the truth. Dan finally presents his 20 pointers for identifying potential counter disclosure assets.

Dan Willis' paper "Counter Disclosure Assets: How to identify them?" is available at:

Dec 17, 202201:26:00
Highlights from Enki's Return Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants Webinar
Dec 12, 202222:03
Nordic ET Supply Missions to Ganymede and Europa's Secret Underground City

Nordic ET Supply Missions to Ganymede and Europa's Secret Underground City

JP currently serves in the US Army and has been disclosing covert missions he has participated in with the approval of more senior officers in secret space programs. Contrary to his recent SSP missions, he was taken this time by Nordic-looking extraterrestrials in one of their spacecraft that was part of a convoy to two of Jupiter's moons: Ganymede and Europa. The spacecraft's crew involved three Nordics that he met back in 2008 during his first contact experience in Brazil.

In the Ganymede visit, he was asked to observe a resupply mission where a base belonging to another extraterrestrial group was given supplies by the Nordic convoy. JP said that the base he visited was not one he had seen when taken to Ganymede by another convoy that was organized by
US Space Command in late 2021.

He was next taken to Europa where the spacecraft flew into a cavern located inside a crater on the surface. Inside the huge cavern he witnessed a large crystalline city. A vast ocean was also witnessed adjacent to the city. JP made sketches of the underground city and the Nordic space convoy which are shown in the video of this interview.

JP says that the Nordics allowed him to take his mobile phone with him, which is currently not the case with his SSP missions organized by US Space Command. where all personal electronic devices are left behind. JP took photos of the city inside Europa, and of the departing Nordic space craft when he returned to the pickup location. Photos and a video of the departing Nordic spacecraft are being released in this video. The photo of the city inside Europa is being withheld until he has permission to release it.

Nov 30, 202244:24
The Suppressed History of Giants & their Reemergence into the Public Arena

The Suppressed History of Giants & their Reemergence into the Public Arena

Nov 26, 202201:09:51
Enki and the Awakening Anunnaki God-King Scientists

Enki and the Awakening Anunnaki God-King Scientists


Nov 22, 202207:17
Corroborating eyewitness testimony of space slavery on Ceres and Mars

Corroborating eyewitness testimony of space slavery on Ceres and Mars

In 1982, at age 10, Tony Rodrigues began 20 traumatic years as a slave owned by an Illuminati family that inducted him into multiple programs that included child sex trafficking, drug trade, and secret space programs. The final 15 years of his ordeal was spent on Mars and Ceres as a slave.

In early 2022 Tony released his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, which detailed his harrowing experiences. After reading Tony's book, Dr. Courtney Brown from the Farsight Institute set out to confirm the truth of Tony's incredible claims by having four world class remote viewers investigate key incidents from Ceres Colony Cavalier. The remote viewers corroborated Tony's eyewitness testimony of having served on a slave colony on Ceres, and having briefly served on Mars as an auxillary fighter to lure native insectoids into ambushes by Mars colony supersoldiers.

In this ground breaking Exopolitics Today interview, Tony joins Dr. Michael Salla to discuss the Farsight Institute's remote viewing investigation. Critically, they also discuss Tony's experiences with a French secret space program supersoldier, Jean Charles Moyen who met Tony four years prior to his 1982 child abduction. Jean Charles involvement with a joint US French Secret Space Program and with a Galactic Federation suggests that Tony was also a starseed performing a covert mission. The startling possibiity that Tony was part of a sting operation conducted by the Galactic Federation against the Illuminati is discussed in the interview.

Ceres Colony Cavalier is available on

Nov 21, 202201:07:06
7 Sleeping Anunnaki Scientists are Awakening

7 Sleeping Anunnaki Scientists are Awakening

On November 1, my US Army source JP revealed that another giant king in a stasis chamber had been found in Iraq. According to other sources, the giant is one of a group of 12 scientists left by a departing faction of the Anunnaki. JP gave details of the location of the sleeping giant as somewhere under the remains of the Sumerian city of Nippur, which was the ancient capital of the leader of the Anunnaki space fleet, Enlil, and his son Ninurta.

The location of Nippur as one of the places where a sleeping giant could be found was highly significant as it meant some of the ancient Anunnaki space technology was almost certain to be found hidden in the buried ruins.

Nov 17, 202208:45
20 years as a Cyborg Supersoldier on Mars & Kuiper Belt

20 years as a Cyborg Supersoldier on Mars & Kuiper Belt

Rebecca Rose claims to have served for 20 years as a cyborg supersoldier first on Mars and later in the outer reaches of our solar system, where she was based on a Kuiper Belt facility run by Draco Reptilians. While Germans associated with the Dark Fleet often visited the Draco run facility, Rebecca says the Germans were little more than minor players in space events occurring in the Kuiper Belt and beyond that were being controlled by the Dracos.

Rebecca shared a number of official documents showing her father's service with both the US Army and Navy, and also in a corporate run classified aerospace program. She believes his involvement in classified aerospace programs was a major factor in her identification and recruitment into a 20 and back service from 1982 to 2002.

Rebecca says she was first taken to the Moon by Grays as a four year old where she was subjected to many egregious experiments as part of her 'training', which including repeated use of jumpgates between the Moon and Montauk, Long Island. Her participation in the Montauk Project began in 1978 and involved acclimating her biology to jumpgate technology. In her first interview on Exopolitics Today, Rebecca explains the sequence of events that led to her recruitment, trips to the Moon, Mars, and Kuiper Belt, and how she is regaining memories of her time as a cyborg supersoldier performing psychic reconnaissance and warfare.

Rebecca Rose's website is

Her YouTube Channel is

Nov 14, 202201:07:13
Recovering Stolen seeds from a Tree of Life and activation of a sleeping giant in Iraq
Nov 09, 202228:27
Extraterrestrial Genetic Engineering of two human genotypes began 400,000 years ago - Interview with Peter Moon

Extraterrestrial Genetic Engineering of two human genotypes began 400,000 years ago - Interview with Peter Moon

Peter Moon discusses a recent trip to Romania where he conducted research related to the Translyvania Rising book series. In the first part of the interview he focuses on what was discovered at a Cioclovina Cave, which he states has clear evidence of being a powerful time reactor. He believes the cave takes special significance during the 20 year planetary biorythm associated with the Montauk Project, which next occurs on 2023.

In the latter portion of the interview, Moon focuses on Book VI of the series: Forgotten Genesis where humanity's genetic origins is revealed. Moon covers how holographic records are accessed by the series protagonist Radu Cinamar who is helped in understanding humanity's origins by beings associated with an underground civilization called Apellos.

Moon elaborates on Cinamar's information about two human genotypes being created from which Sirians could incarnate on Earth, and a worker race would serve them. The first genotype called E N L would possess more extraterrestrial genetics and thereby have greater psychic and mental abilities. In contrast, the second genotype, E N K would be more robust and better suited for living in Earth conditions. Moon discusses the Sirian geneticist Tenekau (aka Enki) responsible for creating the two human genotypes, which could be mixed to create a long lived hybrid species as discussed in ancient texts such as the King's List and Manetho's history of Egypt.

Peter Moon's website is
For list of earlier interviews with Peter Moon about the Translyvania Sunrise series visit:

Nov 05, 202201:37:55
Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki & Saturn Moon Crash: Roundtable Discussion with Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP & Michael Salla

Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki & Saturn Moon Crash: Roundtable Discussion with Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP & Michael Salla

In a roundtable discussion recorded after the conclusion of the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection on October 23, 2023, Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP and Dr. Michael Salla go over recent developments involving a sleeping giant in Florida, missing seeds from a Tree of Life, return of Quetzacoatl, and a moon crashing into Saturn. JP reveals that the missing seeds were taken to England on orders of the new British sovereign.

The roundtable then discussed the connection between the sleeping giant and legendary figures such as Quetzacoatl, Viracocha and Kukulcan who were predicted to return one day. Elena presented information that the sleeping giant was awakening as a result of an activation ceremony held at the conference that was led by Quetza Shah, an indigenous Aztec/Mayan shaman. Another topic of discussion was recent news that a moon had crashed into Saturn. JP, Elena and Alex all discussed what they knew about secret operations around the vicinity of Saturn, and the connection to the return of Enki.

Oct 31, 202253:45
From Secret Space Program Insider to Psionics Trainer
Oct 27, 202201:17:43
Meeting & Understanding the Shining Ones - The Countdown to 2023

Meeting & Understanding the Shining Ones - The Countdown to 2023

Independent book author, editor and experiencer, Robert Stanley, has had several contact experiences with the Shining Ones dating from 1985 when he first encountered one who looked remarkably like Jesus Christ. In one of his subsequent encounters with the Shining Ones he was told about geopolitical events that would occur from 2013 to 2023 due to incoming waves of cosmic energy.

Robert reveals details about the Shining Ones connection to the Anunnaki. He describes several divisions in the Anunnaki ranks between their top leaders, Enki and Enlil, and between the leaders and the rebellious Igigi. He believes the Igigi are connected to the Deep State and are responsible for many problems affecting humanity.

Robert Stanley is the author of Close Encounters in Washington DC (2006) and Covert Encounters in Washington DC (2011). He was the full time editor of Unicus Magazine from 1990 to 1995.

Oct 24, 202201:38:60
2nd Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida & the missing Gift for Humanity
Oct 20, 202226:45
The Journey from UFO research to Exopolitics Pioneer

The Journey from UFO research to Exopolitics Pioneer

Paola Harris, M.Ed., is an investigative journalist who became interested in UFO research in 1978 when she began working with the legendary astronomer Dr. Allen Hynek, who needed assistance in translating Italian UFO cases into English for his Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). In 1997, during a conference held for the 50th anniversary of the famous Roswell UFO crash incident, she met Lt. Colonel Philip Corso whose best selling book, The Day After Roswell (1997), had stirred much public interest and also controversy within the UFO movement.

She found Col Corso's whistleblower revelations to be so compelling that she began translating his original book manuscript into Italian. Paola decided to abandon nuts and bolts UFO research and began investigating the testimonies of whistleblowers such as Col Corso.

Her next major whistlelblower case involved Dr. Michael Wolf who she interviewed in over a hundred phone calls and in person during three separate visits to his Connecticut apartment. Wolf decided to become a whistleblower during the terminal stages of cancer and revealed much about extraterrestrial visitors that were involved in classified government programs. In subsequent years, Paola has interviewed whistleblowers such as Clifford Stone, Charles Hall, Dr Dan Burisch and many others.

Her ground breaking interviews with whistleblowers and extraterrestrial contactees dating back to 1997 can be found in seven books she has authored. Two of which are considered pioneering texts in the Exopolitics movement: Exopolitics: All of the Above (2009) and Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality (2011). Paola's books are available at her website: and

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Paola Harris discusses her journey from nuts and bolts UFO research to becoming a pioneer in the Exopolitics movement. She explains why she found whistleblower cases so compelling, and why she is now focused on extraterrestrial contactee cases which she promotes through an annual conference held in Laughlin Nevada. Paola's 2022 conference is called "Messages from the Andes: A Wake Up Call for Humanity. It will be held from November 11 to 13, 2022. More info at:

Paola also teaches four courses with the Exopolitics Institute, in which she sits on the Board of Directors. More info about her courses is available at:

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ENki's Return, Activating Human DNA

ENki's Return, Activating Human DNA

In Elena Danaan’s new book, The Seeders (2022), she described meeting the leader of one of the two main Anunnaki factions Prince Ea (aka Enki), who has just returned to our solar system. She was told that he had brought the original Adamic DNA blueprint that could be used to remove harmful genetic alterations inflicted upon unwary humanity by the opposing Enlil faction of the Anunnaki, which had left its minions (aka the Deep State) behind millennia ago to control the Earth’s population.

In an interview with the long-time Andromedan contactee, Alex Collier, which was
released on October 8, I raised the question about the return of the Enki faction of the Anunnaki and Enki bearing the gift of humanity’s original Adamic DNA blueprint. I asked for Alex’s perspective as he works with the Andromedans, who are an entirely separate group of extraterrestrials that would have an objective perspective on the operations of both the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Enki faction of the Anunnaki.

Alex’s answers to my questions clarify some of the vital exopolitics issues raised by Enki’s alleged gift, which some may suspect to be a Trojan horse for a hidden agenda.

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45 Years of Extraterrestrial Contact & Research
Oct 11, 202201:28:54
Return of Enki, ETs Preventing Nuclear War & Restoring Adamic DNA

Return of Enki, ETs Preventing Nuclear War & Restoring Adamic DNA

Alex Collier, a long-time Andromedan Contactee, reveals what he knows about the return of Enki, the Anunnaki geneticist who played a leading role in the genetic modification of humanity. Alex explains how the Anunnaki's genetic experiments were the latest in a series of modifications of early humans by up to 22 extraterrestrial civilizations stretching back millions of years in time. He describes some of the races that preceded the Anunnaki's genetic intervention, and why humanity's innate potential was recognized by Enki, but opposed by his half brother and rival, Enlil.

Alex shares his insights about Elena Danaan's claims in her latest book, The Seeders, that Enki has returned with the code of humanity's 12 stranded Adamic DNA. After Enki's departure due to an Anunnaki civil war, humanity's Adamic DNA was corrupted by the victorious Enlil faction, which wanted to degrade surviving humans to a simple slave species. Alex believes that restoration of the Adamic DNA can be achieved through both technological and spiritual means, and that an alliance of extraterrestrials and White Hats will expedite the process.

He also discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine and why extraterrestrials will not allow nuclear weapons to be used in the conflict. A gray area however involves a dirty bomb which could be detonated as part of a false flag operation by the Deep State.

Alex Collier's insights on the Anunnaki, nuclear weapons, the final days of the Deep State, and realization of humanity's galactic potential, are a series of eye opening revelations that outline the incredible future that lies ahead for humanity.

Alex Collier's website is

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Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida and a Gift for Humanity

Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida and a Gift for Humanity

JP, who currently serves with the US Army, recently led a covert mission of eight military personnel to an underground facility in Florida guarded by a strange race of insectoid looking custodians (aka Ant People). His team was taken to a massive underground garden where they saw a very large tree that absorbed copious amounts of water from an adjacent stream, and emitted a filtered flow of water that was highly rejuvenating.

JP's description of the large tree with the rejuvenating waters could be compared to the mythical Tree of Life in religious texts, or the Fountain of Youth as described by Ponce De Leon. JP says that seeds from the rejuvenating tree were given to him by the custodians.of the underground garden/civilization, and taken back to his military command as a gift to humanity.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses the mission he led, the TR-3B that took him to the underground Florida cavern, and the gifts given to surface humanity by the custodians (Ant People) guarding the underground garden/civilization he visited.

Oct 06, 202246:31
20 Jumpgate Missions to Mars & Corroborating NASA Images of Martian Life

20 Jumpgate Missions to Mars & Corroborating NASA Images of Martian Life

Andrew Basiago, J.D., claims that he visited Mars 20 times between 1981 and 1984 through a Jumpgate located in El Segundo, California. He says others, including VIPs such as former CIA Director Admiral Stansfeld Turner, were also sent to the Martian surface through eight jumpgate portals dispersed around the middle latitudes. Basiago says the average daily temperature was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air was similar in oxygen content to an altitude of 11,000 feet on Earth.

Basiago claims that at any one time there were up to 1,500 Americans on Mars surface that were there to maintain a continuous presence, and they had to escape numerous predators. His experiences with Mars predators and other wildlife led to him recognizing some of these animals and vegetation in NASA Rover images. In Basiago's fir