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The Experience Quest — a TTRPG Talk Show

The Experience Quest — a TTRPG Talk Show

By Sarah (CritCat)

Well met! The Experience Quest is a TTRPG variety podcast hosted by Sarah and focused on the experiences of players, gamemasters, and creators. With an emphasis on Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5th edition Sarah discusses her experiences running and playing the game. Episodes featuring guests bring fresh perspective and incredible tabletop role-playing tales! What quest will you embark on next? Enjoy the episodes at your own pace, in any order, and check out the companion blog for more content. This podcast was formerly titled "Critical Catastrophe"
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A thrilling battle recounted with far too little annunciation!

The Experience Quest — a TTRPG Talk ShowJan 06, 2021

A thrilling battle recounted with far too little annunciation!
Jan 06, 202121:06
Creative success fueled by passion and ramen! feat. Laura and Hector from A Few Burnt Hairs
Dec 23, 202001:29:01
A new quest beckons
Dec 09, 202056:51
S0:E14 | Season 0 finale and transforming into The Experience Quest
Nov 25, 202010:37
S0:E13 | Interview with Mark, a full-time DM with over 20 years of experience!
Nov 12, 202001:36:43
S0:E12 | Ody has inspired homebrew, DM experience, and the most fascinating beard to grace Crit. Catastrophe!
Oct 28, 202056:03
S0:E11 | Make traps visible!
Oct 21, 202018:47
S0:E10 | Let's talk breaking tropes and creative worldbuilding with Sword & Quill's Zein (Party Chat)
Oct 14, 202001:18:38
S0:E9 | From gaming tropes to character hopes ft. Ethan (Party Chat)

S0:E9 | From gaming tropes to character hopes ft. Ethan (Party Chat)

Season 0, Episode 9. Ethan returns to Critical Catastrophe for a party chat about tabletop gaming tropes! Along the way we discuss all sorts of influential media, tropes we love and dislike, and some very strong feelings about movies, anime, and games. To top it all off we share our tabletop character ideas. A cleric pâtissier? A masked half-orc monk? Why not!

You can check out Ethan's latest articles at and can find him on Twitter @RollWithItBlog. Be sure to investigate his blog when you're finished here! 

If you'd like to be a guest on Critical Catastrophe you can find me on my blog or on Twitter @CritCatastrophe. Let's collaborate!

Intro and Outro Music: "The Drunken Siren" by Philip Melvan from the Tabletop Music Bazaar. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Oct 07, 202001:23:00
S0:E8 | Philippa's journey from player to TTRPG writer is a treasure trove of insight (Interview)
Sep 30, 202052:33
S0:E7 | Exploring nuanced characters with Amy (Party Chat)
Sep 23, 202048:49
S0:E6 | The power of player choice - plan the conflict, not the outcome
Sep 16, 202017:13
S0:E5 | Ethan's decade of gaming weaves a tapestry of tales (Party Chat)
Sep 09, 202001:07:17
S0:E4 | Devil in the Details - How fiendish lore transformed my campaign
Sep 02, 202030:19
S0:E3 | Jak Started his D&D Actual Play Podcast How? (Interview)
Aug 29, 202001:09:03
S0:E2 | Amy Breaks out of the "Creative Box" (Party Chat)
Aug 29, 202047:55
S0:E1 | Fantastic Characters and How to Make Them
Aug 29, 202026:44
S0:E0 | Welcome! The Dice Don't Run the Table
Aug 29, 202010:26