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By Gurpreet Luthra

In Expertease, your host Gurpreet Luthra, talks to experts in the Indian tech industry to tease out their learnings and decode the principles of their craft. Real people, with real stories!

We cover various topics ranging from Design, Product Management, Org Culture, Leadership, Software Development, DevOps and Entrepreneurship. Sit back, grab a cup of chai and enjoy.

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Episode #5 - From Doctor to Coding Architect with Mushtaq Ahmed (Expertease)

ExperteaseOct 31, 2021

Episode #5 - From Doctor to Coding Architect with Mushtaq Ahmed (Expertease)
Oct 31, 202101:23:43
Episode #4 - Insights on Career, Mastery and Craftsmanship with Nikhil Prasad (Expertease)
Nov 29, 202042:12
Episode #3 - Empowered Engineering Culture with Nikhil Prasad (Expertease)
Oct 02, 202052:51
Episode #2 - Exiting the Rat Race - The Entrepreneurial Journey of Sandeep Nanu
Aug 01, 202057:46
Episode #1 - Art of Experience Design with Aditya Karle (Expertease)
Jul 22, 202059:52