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Exponea - Audio Insights

Exponea - Audio Insights

By Exponea

Exponea unites customer data management and analytics, cracking the unified Single Customer View. We enable marketers to understand their customers and turn insights into actionable campaigns, all within a single integrated solution.

Marketers can deliver personalization to their customers at scale through embedded AI-powered capabilities and leverage intent to purchase.

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Online Fashion Retail

How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Online Fashion Retail

Episode's Topic: AI Marketing

Episode's Description: How do fashion retailers use AI in 2019? How will they use it further into the future? Learn the latest techniques from industry insiders!

Further Knowledge on AI Marketing: Find out how artificial intelligence revolutionizes online fashion retail and makes or breaks marketing superstars. (Deep Dive into AI | E-Book: )

Topic's Introduction:

If you aren’t using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate with your customers, your company is already falling behind. This podcast looks at the state of AI in online fashion retail, comparing companies that use it and companies that don’t.
This episode will also discuss how AI is currently used by fashion retailers, and how we believe it will be used in 2019 and beyond.

Table of Contents:

- The State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019
- How Can AI Be Used in 2019 for Online Fashion Retail?
- What Are the Realistic Expectations for the Future?
- Why Are SaaS Companies Like Exponea Leading The Charge

Original Article:
Dec 19, 201814:01
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