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Exponential Minds Podcast with Chief Futurist Nikolas Badminton

Exponential Minds Podcast with Chief Futurist Nikolas Badminton

By Exponential Minds Podcast

Chief Futurist and leader of the Futurist Think Tank Nikolas Badminton presents the Exponential Minds Podcast where he explores ideas with experts from futures thinking all fields around the world discussing how humanity is impacted by the exponential growth in technology and the thinking behind it.
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S5 Ep5: Karl Schroeder talks about the importance of narratives and long-form fiction in foresight

Exponential Minds Podcast with Chief Futurist Nikolas BadmintonNov 22, 2021

S5 Ep5: Karl Schroeder talks about the importance of narratives and long-form fiction in foresight
Nov 22, 202147:01
S5 Ep4: Dr. Jake Sotiriadis speaks about pushing against the tyranny of the now and the power of ideologies

S5 Ep4: Dr. Jake Sotiriadis speaks about pushing against the tyranny of the now and the power of ideologies

Jake is Director of the Center for Futures Intelligence and Director of Operations/Engagement for National Intelligence University's Intel, Research, Education, and Solutions (IRES) Laboratory. He is also a member of the research faculty. He is an international speaker on global futures and intelligence and founded the US Air Force's Strategic Foresight and Futures Team. Jake's work spans the nexus of disruptive tech, geopolitical risk, and futures intelligence. He leads a team that helps senior leaders in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense embrace uncertainty and build anticipatory thinking.

He holds a Ph.D. in political science and geopolitical futures from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a Master of Arts in international affairs from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University, a Master of Philosophy in military strategy from the US Air Force’s School of Advanced Air & Space Studies, a Master of Military Operational Art & Science from the Air Command and Staff College, and a Bachelor of Arts in international studies from Norwich University.

His work as a thought leader has been featured internationally in: The National Interest, The Diplomat, Defense News, C4ISR Journal, China-US Focus, Greece's Kathimerini, the Middle East Institute, MIT Political Science News, the Futurist Institute, the Future Today Institute, and the Delphi Economic Forum.  He is a regular speaker and lecturer on strategic foresight, global affairs, and national security.

You can connect with Jake on Linkedin

See more about Nikolas at

Nov 15, 202150:53
S5 Ep3: Dr. Wendy Schultz speaks about collecting futures methods and #pandemicartifacts
Nov 09, 202156:60
S5 Ep2: Madeline Ashby speaks about why futures work is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, and it’s easier than you think
Nov 01, 202159:26
S5: Ep 1 - Dr. Joseph Voros speaks about preposterous futures and civilization-level foresight
Sep 17, 202101:03:30
S4: Ep 7 - Brett Macfarlane talks about innovation leadership, anxiety and tolerance to drive change.
Jun 28, 202154:20
S4: Ep 6 Tracey Follows talks about the polymorphic code of the self and losing control of who we are
Mar 30, 202132:05
S4: Ep5 Richard Yonck talks about deep futures and Homo Technologicus
Mar 22, 202146:52
S4: Ep4 Oksana Andreiuk talks about biohacking and the longevity market boom
Mar 15, 202142:02
S4: Ep3 Liza Amlani talks about the future of retail, brand ecosystems and sustainability
Mar 01, 202131:26
S4: Ep2 Loes Damhof talks about Futures Literacy, decolonization, and the poverty of our imagination
Feb 22, 202142:29
S4: Ep1 - Ian Burbidge talks about the RSA’s ‘Stitch in Time’ and shifting mindsets towards futures thinking
Feb 03, 202147:47
S3: Ep8 - Carol Anne Hilton talks about indigenomics and building a $100bn indigenous economy

S3: Ep8 - Carol Anne Hilton talks about indigenomics and building a $100bn indigenous economy

Carol Anne Hilton, MBA is the CEO and Founder of The Indigenomics Institute and the Global Center of Indigenomics.

Carol Anne is a dynamic national Indigenous business leader  and  senior adviser with an international Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA) from the University of Hertfordshire, England. Carol Anne is of Nuu chah nulth descent from the Hesquiaht Nation on Vancouver Island.

Carol Anne served on the BC Emerging Economy the BC Indigenous Business and Investment Council and was the only Indigenous person appointed to the Canadian Economic Growth Council. Carol Anne currently serves as a Director of the McGill University Institute for the Study of Canada, the BC Digital Supercluster.  Carol Anne’s work has been recognized with the BC Achievement Foundation’s Award of Distinction in Indigenous Business, the national Excellence in Aboriginal Relations Award from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Carol Anne has led the establishment of a line of thought called #indigenomics - growing from a single word to an entire movement which focuses on the re-building and strengthening of Indigenous economies. Carol Anne is the author of ‘Indigenomics- Taking A Seat at the Economic Table’ and is an adjunct professor at Royal Roads University School of Business.

Pre-order Carol Anne’s book ‘Indigenomics: Taking a Seat at the Economic Table’

Connect with her on Linkedin

See more about Nikolas at

Nov 30, 202037:45
S3: Ep7 - Denny Unger talks about the future of Virtual Reality and creating organic connection
Nov 23, 202055:10
S3: Ep6 - Pia Puolakka talks about rethinking the prison system and the normality principle
Nov 16, 202033:52
S3: Ep5 - Rotem Petranker talks about the psychedelic renaissance and the importance of open science
Nov 09, 202037:57
S3: Ep4 - Chris Dancy talks about our cyborg lives and the need to radically retool the world.
Nov 02, 202040:07
S3: Ep3 - Peter Nowak talks about the citizen superheroes that don masks to fight crime while the world falls apart
Oct 26, 202042:27
S3: Ep2 - Natalie Nixon talks about hacking creativity and the power in being a clumsy student
Oct 19, 202044:39
S3: Ep1 - Melissa Eshaghbeigi talks about the empathetic and ugly future of social media
Oct 12, 202052:39
S2: Ep12 - Sashko Despotovski talks about shifting global investments and ‘green’ consciousness
Jul 06, 202043:49
S2: Ep11 - Rocky Ozaki talks about COVID-19 killing the paradigm of work, and the awakening we need
Jun 15, 202037:02
S2: Ep10 - Rafeeq Bosch talks about Africa, hidden futurists, and the power of Causal Layer Analysis
Jun 08, 202037:55
S2: Ep09 - Monika Bielskyte talks about plurality, injustices of COVID-19, and multiplicitous futures.
May 27, 202055:27
S2: Ep08 - Cathy Hackl on mixed reality, democracy and our digital legacies
May 13, 202047:32
S2: Ep07 - Ben Feist talks data reductionism and creating ‘no narrative storytelling’ for NASA
May 06, 202047:21
S2: Ep06 - Shawn Kanungo chats COVID19, innovation and disruption with Nikolas Badminton
Apr 27, 202044:26
S2: Ep05 - Marianne Lefever talks about bringing human-centred design back to cities
Apr 20, 202036:44
S2: Ep04 - Leah Zaidi talks about using science fiction as prototypes for the future
Apr 13, 202035:41
S2: Ep03 - Bronwyn Williams talks about transhumanism and the future of Africa
Apr 06, 202041:28
S2: Ep02 - Anne Boysen talks about data driven foresight and weak signal hunting
Mar 30, 202044:01
S2: Ep01 - Glen Hiemstra talks about his 40+ years as a futurist
Mar 23, 202047:02
Shawn Kanungo interviews Nikolas Badminton about innovation, artificial intelligence, and the future
Feb 27, 201918:15
Nikolas Badminton talks about the future of finance (Wealthbar Interview)
Feb 04, 201942:03
Nikolas Badminton talks about facial recognition in schools (CKNW Interview)
Jul 27, 201814:25
Nikolas Badminton on the Repercussions Of Facial Recognition Software
May 29, 201810:45
Exponential Minds Podcast Ep019 - 'The Kids are Alright' lecture at Google by Nikolas Badminton
May 18, 201832:14
Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep018: Strategic science fiction and storytelling with Dré Labre
May 15, 201836:29
Nikolas Badminton vs. Elon Musk on 'too my robots'
Apr 18, 201806:36
Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep017: Full Lecture - 2018 The Year Of Radical Creativity
Apr 04, 201846:01
Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep014: Nikolas Badminton talks to Futurist Thomas Frey
Mar 21, 201832:48
Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep016: UBER fatalities, fast transit, and eSports
Mar 21, 201813:55
Drex talks to Nikolas Badminton - Black Tech in China - How does it work?
Mar 15, 201814:38
Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep015: Radical Creativity and 2018 Trends with BIV
Feb 09, 201812:54
2018 Will Be "The Year Of Radical Creativity" - Nikolas Badminton on Charles Adler Tonight
Feb 05, 201809:32
Nikolas Badminton talks on 'The Shift' with Drex on Amazon Go and Automation
Jan 23, 201828:24
Nikolas Badminton talks to CKNW on 2018 Trends and the futures
Jan 04, 201815:00
Nikolas Badminton on Charles Adler Tonight talking about automated commercial vehicles
Jan 04, 201807:01
Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep013: The Future of Biohacking with Amal Graafstra

Exponential Minds Podcast - Ep013: The Future of Biohacking with Amal Graafstra

Welcome to the new Exponential Minds Podcast where Global Futurist Nikolas Badminton speaks to amazing thinkers that dream bigger and impact the world with their thinking and actions.

This episode features Amal Graafstra - biohacker and CEO of - who believes our bodies are our own, to do with what we want, and that biohacking is the forefront of a new kind of evolution. He pushes the agenda that he “socially acceptable” of tomorrow will be defined by boundaries pushed today, and he's sure excited to be a part of it.


Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist speaker that provides keynote speeches about the future of work, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving. Nikolas is based in Vancouver, BC, and speaks across Canada, USA, UK, Asia, and Europe. See more at
Aug 29, 201736:36
Nikolas Badminton talks to CBC Business Radio about a cashless society

Nikolas Badminton talks to CBC Business Radio about a cashless society

Nikolas Badminton talks to CBC Business Radio about a cashless society. This broadcast was one of the top-3 stories on Wednesday 26th April across Canada.
May 01, 201701:57