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Book Lover's Companion - The English Version

Book Lover's Companion - The English Version

By EZ Fiction

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Episode 45 - Greenland Noir: Talking Murder and Fishy Business with Christoffer Petersen

Book Lover's Companion - The English VersionDec 13, 2021

An Evening of Crime with Sheila Bugler, Sarah Ward, Marion Todd, Rachel Lynch and Jeanette Hewitt
Dec 03, 202301:27:49
No Body in Blackberry Cove: Small Town Murder Mystery. A conversation with Ben Cotterill
Nov 27, 202347:25
The Solace of Denim: YA Fiction, Crime and Finding a Way Through the Dark. A conversation with Kathy Otten
Nov 20, 202352:57
Aristotle James and The Phantom Funeral Coach. A conversation with Daniel Bautz
Nov 13, 202351:57
Salt Island: Energy, the CIA, Twisted Plots and PIs to Solve the Case. A conversation with Lisa Towles
Nov 06, 202357:03
Science in Fiction. A conversation with Caroline Ailanthus and CA Farlow
Nov 04, 202301:31:30
The Bane of Angelfall Academy: Writing and Creating Fiction for Young Adults. A conversation with Shanti Hershenson
Oct 30, 202346:33
Stella Blómkvist: Murder at the Residence. A conversation with Quentin Bates
Oct 23, 202301:05:20
Deadly Autumn Harvest: Crime and Fiction in Romania. A conversation with Tony Mott and Marina Sofia
Oct 16, 202357:04
Black Valley Farm: Power, Secrets, Family and Guilt. A conversation with Sheila Bugler
Sep 25, 202354:03
Trigger Warnings: If Life Doesn't Come with a Trigger Warning, Then at Least Jane Austen Should
Sep 24, 202301:57:45
Can We Play Baseball, Mr. DeMille? Childhood, Nostalgia and Nature. A conversation with Mark Angelo
Sep 18, 202355:04
Cold Mirage: YA Fiction, the Future and the Supernatural. A conversation with Kristina Bak
Sep 11, 202359:05
Dark Roux: A Cajun Family Story. A conversation with Toby LeBlanc
Sep 04, 202355:55
The Importance of a Writing Community. A conversation with Lucy Lakestone, TJ Logan, Jill Wallace and Natalie Palma
Aug 30, 202301:01:16
Skin Deep: Crime Fiction, Ageism and the Unexpected. A conversation with Antonia Lassa and Jacky Collins
Aug 28, 202301:00:13
Salt Girl: Village Life between Delight and Dread. A conversation with Katherine Graham
Aug 21, 202346:24
Ecological Memory: Post-Apocalyptic Optimism. A conversation with Caroline Ailanthus
Aug 14, 202350:10
Forensic Psychology in Reality and Fiction. A conversation with Ben Cotterill
Aug 13, 202301:17:43
Weep, Woman, Weep: Everyday Magic, Gothic Fairytales and all Things Witchy. A conversation with Maria DeBlassie
Aug 07, 202354:58
Western Horror and Splatterpunk. A conversation with B. L. Blankenship
Jul 31, 202301:10:14
Spectrum Books. Publishing Across Genres. A conversation with Andrew May
Jul 24, 202353:49
Indigo Field: Southern History, Communities and the Indigenous People of North Carolina. A conversation with Marjorie Hudson
Jul 10, 202356:28
Special: Editing with Elze
Jul 06, 202301:05:17
Dylan's Dog Squad: Heroic dogs and Great Adventures. A conversation with Kathleen Troy
Jul 03, 202301:01:51
Angel of Ambition: Amorality in the World of Advertising and Corporate America. A conversation with Glenn Kaplan
Jun 26, 202359:14
Timeless Beginnings: Past Lives, Soulmates and a Perpetrator on the loose. A conversation with Jill Wallace
Jun 19, 202357:33
Special: Find your Sources with Pepper Anne
Jun 12, 202301:00:49
Life is in the Blood: Cults and a trio that fights back. A conversation with Daniel Bautz
Jun 12, 202355:32
Once, upon an Island: Beauty, Tragedy, Friendship and Family. A conversation with Laury A. Egan
Jun 05, 202351:33
The Gift Best Given. A conversation with Edward Di Gangi
May 29, 202301:00:00
Special: Celebrating the Indies with Anna M. Holmes, Kimberly Sullivan, Teri M. Brown, Patti Meredith, Caroline Goldsworthy and Karmen Spiljak (Episode 100)
May 21, 202301:57:49
Prophet's Debt: Cults, Politics and the Righting of Wrongs . A conversation with Robert Creekmore
May 15, 202301:11:12
Arid: Dystopian Sci-fi and the Real Dangers for a Future for Human Kind. A conversation with Anne Joyce
May 08, 202349:25
Weaver of Worlds & Teller of Tales: A conversation with K. V. Johansen
May 01, 202357:02
The Birthday Girl: Poison, Unsettling Holidays and an Island in the Storm. A conversation with Sarah Ward
Apr 24, 202356:33
Ruby Roy the Reluctant Sleuth. Reading mysteries and the importance of Agatha Christie. A conversation with Rima Ray
Apr 17, 202357:49
The Fourth Reason: YA fiction, romance and overcoming a taboo. A conversation with Safa Shaqsy
Apr 10, 202348:55
Werwolves, Vampires, Supernatural Legends and Romance. A conversation with Alexa Whitewolf
Apr 03, 202355:02
An Enemy Like Me: WWII and the impact on families and relationships. A conversation with Teri M. Brown
Mar 27, 202359:05
The Love You Know: Happily ever after or not? A conversation with Elaina Lyons
Mar 20, 202351:33
Special Episode: Book Launch Party for "The Paris Contagion"
Mar 19, 202301:00:55
Australia's Wild West: Cold Cases, Horror and a Police Force Hard at Work. A conversation with Anna Willett
Mar 06, 202353:27
Dark Ice: Prisons and the Dark Side of Life. A conversation with James Michels
Feb 27, 202350:57
Dark Blue Waves: Jane Austen between Past and Present. A conversation with Kimberly Sullivan
Feb 20, 202348:55
Donuts, Murder, Art Theft and Furry Overlords. Ingredients for a Cosy Mystery. A conversation with Natalie Palma
Feb 13, 202352:03
Hurricamp: Adventures in Summer Camp with Steph Katzovi
Feb 06, 202353:35
Dead Lucky: Influencer, Murder and Frenemies. A conversation with Andreina Cordani
Jan 30, 202354:32
Wild Salvation: The American West between Romanticism and Hardship. A conversation with Alfred Stifsim
Jan 23, 202347:20
Goddess of Everything: Creepy Nuns in the Land of Enchantment. A conversation with Paul DeBlassie III
Jan 16, 202353:22