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Fact Check it!

Fact Check it!

By Ben McNeil

Information is everywhere, but how can we judge fact vs fiction?

In this show, we take a specific question or topic in health and science - and ask at least 5 independent experts to share the facts. We all walk away with well-rounded bite-sized intelligence to make better decisions in health, science and business.
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0: Google is not your doctor!

Fact Check it!Oct 03, 2019

Are you born smart?
Feb 09, 202020:24
Are probiotics worth it?
Nov 29, 201924:05
Is gluten bad for us?
Nov 20, 201906:12
Oct 24, 201915:52
0: Google is not your doctor!

0: Google is not your doctor!

Where did this podcast come from? Ben McNeil is a climate scientist and founder of Metafact. In this episode, with the help of British comedian John Oliver, Ben explains how the media, Dr Google and internet misinformation led him to think of a new model to help fact-check the internet with a community of thousands of experts.  Listen in to understand what this podcast is about and how it aims to provide something unique to help people source the truth. 

Oct 03, 201914:52