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Below Zero to Hero - Brain Dump by the Fail Coach

Below Zero to Hero - Brain Dump by the Fail Coach

By Miha Matlievski

Can setbacks fuel future success?

When I coach entrepreneurs, I tell them, "Fail forward and fail fast, and every day will be a school day." What that means is that there is always a lesson to be had and failure is one of our greatest teachers. Approach every day as a school day.

In this podcast,​ I will do my best to share with you my failures, business and personal, and all the lessons learned so that hopefully you don't have to repeat those same mistakes.
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30: Value Interview w/ Ted Prodromou :: A little bit each day, goes a long way

Below Zero to Hero - Brain Dump by the Fail CoachNov 11, 2019

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60: Value Interview w/ Jeraud Norman :: If you stay ready you don't have to get ready

60: Value Interview w/ Jeraud Norman :: If you stay ready you don't have to get ready

Back in May of 2012 Jeraud Norman and his son got hit by an 18 wheeler truck. This personal tragedy triggered an avalanche of events; he lost his job, his house was foreclosed, and he ended up in mounds of debt.

At this point in his life, he was a single dad for the past year and a half, adopted his nephew, filed for full custody of his son, and won.

This all happened a year after he left his job at Newport News Shipbuilding where he graduated at the top of his class as an Apprentice. And later became a supervisor of the nuclear power plant aboard the aircraft carrier CVN77 Bush.

While out of work, he desperately tried finding ways that would enable him to provide for his family when the only way he knew how was not an option.

Throughout this journey, he was introduced to the world of marketing on a few occasions and realized that he needed to take it seriously.

After going headfirst into sales he realized it is difficult to give things away for free. What intrigued him the most about marketing online was it made it easier to find your ideal clients to buy your product or service.

It was not until he went to a conference in Las Vegas and was on a plane home that he met a woman that was selling the exact same product as him but was using online marketing to do all the selling for her. She was making over $20k a month and could care less about talking to someone about her business. She recognized the materials from the conference and said she was there too. He was grinding his tail off and was making scraps. It was at that point that he decided that he had to do the marketing thing.

So, he started his own marketing company where the motto is "We Turn Strangers Into Customers Using Paid Social Media Ads" and it has been a successful business for the past four years.


Facebook page:
Instagram: @jeraud_gave

May 03, 202001:04:18
59: Value Interview w/ Agnes Bilik :: How to start a podcast
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58: Value Interview w/ Heather Parady :: Surviving solopreneurship
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56: Value Interview w/ Tom Brush :: Ignite your action NOW!

56: Value Interview w/ Tom Brush :: Ignite your action NOW!

Tom Brush is a nonprofit consultant/coach who partners with nonprofit leaders and organizations to design strategies to further engagement with their constituencies, effectively manage volunteers and boards, increase donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and creatively steward donors.   After spending nearly 25 years working in development and involvement with nonprofits, Tom knows what drives engagement and increases giving.

In that time, Tom has worked on four comprehensive fundraising campaigns which all achieved their goal; built and managed annual fundraising appeals that have increased giving; developed engagement and communications plans that increased participation; identified, cultivated, solicited and steward major gift prospects for gifts up to $250,000; and created and directed events that increased net revenue.

As the founder of Advancement Designs, Tom has supported nonprofits of all sizes and has strong connections in the higher education advancement industry.  Twice he has been on the planning committee of the CASE District II annual conference planning committee. He has regularly presented at conferences and in front of groups large and small.

Serving as an Associate Consultant with the Maryland Association of Nonprofits (MANO), Tom holds a Bachelor's degree, an MBA, and has served as president of two nonprofit boards.

Outside of his passion for consulting and coaching nonprofit professionals and organizations, Tom loves to network, connect with other professionals and officiate girls and women's lacrosse.

As a result of working with Tom, nonprofits have focused their efforts enabling them to spend more time engaging, soliciting, and steward their donors generating more support and revenue for their organization.


Facebook profile:
Facebook Page:
LinkedIn profile:
Twitter username: @AdvancementAid

Apr 30, 202041:41
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47: Value Interview w/ Kelli Bradley :: The Devoted Daughter’s Entrepreneurial Journey
Mar 29, 202058:20
46: Value Interview w/ Luana Riberia :: Is your business PR ready?

46: Value Interview w/ Luana Riberia :: Is your business PR ready?

Bestselling author, speaker and orchestrator of daring publicity campaigns, Luana Riberia helps coaches and entrepreneurs to connect with a larger audience. If you have something you want everyone to see and talk about, or a great idea you want to develop, Luana will help you to rise to the top of your game and become known as the leading expert in your niche.

With appearances on FOX TV, ITV, BBC and Channel 4, Luana is as comfortable in front of the camera as she is in a one-to-one situation. After becoming one of Forbes’ Top 21 Emerging Females to Watch in 2018, she developed relationships with many media outlets, including NBC, ABC, the Miami Herald, and The Huffington Post.

Luana’s latest book, Game of Phones, is the first in a 3 part series set for release in 2020. The first book of the trilogy is a light-hearted yet practical guide to aligning yourself with the leadership mindset, in order to create your very own online kingdom. The subtle Game of Thrones theme appeals to fans of the books and TV show, as well as aspiring writers and fantasy fans.

Luana is an international speaker, who mixes inspirational wisdom and advice with contemporary culture and a healthy dose of humor. She’s warm, funny and uplifting, whatever the topic. Some of the topics you might encounter in her talks are why you should be completely outrageous, how Game of Thrones is more like being an entrepreneur than you might think, and what to do if your husband suddenly turns into a woman. She’s 100% pro-diversity and pro-equality, and aims to help everyone find their own path towards fulfillment and success.

When she’s not on stage or on the ‘phone to a client, Luana can be found in Portugal, setting up a sustainable animal sanctuary. Somehow she finds the time to play the occasionally twisted psycho in a horror movie, which might come as a shock if you’ve met her usual smiley self in real life. She also has two home-schooled daughters and a house full of cats and dogs!


Facebook page:

Mar 29, 202054:43
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30: Value Interview w/ Ted Prodromou :: A little bit each day, goes a long way
Nov 11, 201949:60
29: Value Interview w/ Brian Basilico :: Relationship marketing in a social media world
Nov 11, 201955:29
28: Value Interview w/ Calvin Wayman :: From Polygamy to Prosperity

28: Value Interview w/ Calvin Wayman :: From Polygamy to Prosperity

ATTENTION listeners - Calvin would like to gift you with his free book. Claim it here:


Imagine you were born into a family so large that the most common question people ask you is “can remember all of your siblings names?”

Our next guest is 1 of 45 kids in his immediate family. He grew up on family farm in a strict fundamentalist religion that practised polygamy—1 dad, 4 moms (yes, FOUR), and 44 brothers and sisters!

From an early age, he was taught exactly what “could” or “couldn’t” do--how to act, what to think, what to desire and not desire, even down to the kind of underwear he was supposed to wear.

But he always felt he was meant for more, and had a dream of designing a life on his own terms.

In 2015 at 27 years old, he took the plunge to leave everything he ever knew to pursue the life he had always dreamed of. He started selling door-to-door, facing adversity and rejection that helped mold him.

As rocky as his story has been, he’s been documenting the entire journey on social media to help others on their own path.

(Some of the things he’s done are incredible:

He was an employee and started working for himself full time

He was $53k in debt and documented him becoming debt free

He had never run a marathon before and he ran a 50 mile ultra marathon

He was overweight and lost over 50 pounds

He had a dream of one day speaking on stage with his mentors, and he’s since shared the stage with people like: Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty, and Tom Bilyeu)

Today, he’s a proud papa and successful entrepreneur. He’s a TEDx Speaker, and the best-selling author of Fish Out of Water. He’s the host of a podcast carrying his name, and he stars in the YouTube show Making The Millionaire: a vlog where he’s documenting his story from polygamy to prosperity--from $53,000 in debt, to his first one million dollars. He’s been featured in 100s of magazine, television, radio, and podcast shows—including Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Dave Ramsey Show.

He’s the founder and CEO of The Prosperity Loop: a company that helps people live their dreams and make an impact on the world through first improving their relationship with money.

Simply put, this guy’s story shows that it doesn’t matter what everyone around you--including the negative voices in your head--tell you about what you can and cannot do. And despite the adversity you’ll face along the way, you have the power of creating the life of your dreams.

Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Calvin Wayman.


Facebook page:
Calvin on LinkedIn:
Calvin on Twitter: @calwayman
Calvin on Instagram: @calvinwayman

Sep 11, 201901:01:07
27: Value Interview w/ Gabe Arnold :: The secret marketing ingredient that no one has told you about yet

27: Value Interview w/ Gabe Arnold :: The secret marketing ingredient that no one has told you about yet

Sep 11, 201950:56
26: Value Interview w/ Daniel Linares :: There is NO “me” in customer experience
Sep 11, 201901:02:38
25: Value Interview w/ Janis Pettit :: Why being comfortable with the uncomfortable is the key to success for entrepreneurs
Aug 06, 201953:50
24: Value Interview w/ Jaime Jay :: Grow your business by using Virtual Assistants

24: Value Interview w/ Jaime Jay :: Grow your business by using Virtual Assistants

Jaime has over 15 years in the business management industry. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate enough to have worked for two fortune 500 companies in an executive capacity where he was responsible for managing close to a million dollar sales portfolio. This experience taught him to develop professional negotiation skills with C-level executives through building and maintaining relationships. 

The skills learned in the corporate environment prepared him for the next step in his career that also included one of his hobbies and favorite sports... ice hockey. Jaime was asked to come to Las Vegas to oversee the construction and development of a large 14 acre sports complex complete with three softball fields, an ice and roller hockey rink, pro shop, concession and karate studio. He also oversaw 50 staff people including department directors. 

One market that interested Jaime was the real estate market and due to a lucky introduction to a real estate mogul, he decided to make the move to the real estate investing arena where he founded his own real estate investment firm. After a couple of years buying and selling both residential and commercial properties, the economy took a turn for the worse.

Acknowledging his losses, Jaime had to take drastic action to find an alternative solution to create wealth. After months and months of trial and error, he was able to identify the wonderful world of internet marketing. 

With his "never give up" attitude, he set out on his quest to learn how to become an effective online marketer. Jaime loved marketing and the lure of working from home and creating an income at first seemed like a dream, but after months of hard work and continued diligence, he finally broke through. 

After trying several different programs, solutions and "guru" techniques, he decided to embrace his passion and experience and set off on an epic journey to help others find their way. Jaime is a coach, dreamer and connector.


Facebook Page:
LinkedIn Business Page:

Jul 17, 201949:07
23: Value Interview w/ Lars Hedenborg :: How to work ON your business instead of IN your business
Jul 17, 201932:09
22: Value Interview w/ Joe Rutland :: Grow your business and brand through effective content
Jul 11, 201954:57
21: Value Interview w/ Izdihar Jamil :: Simple system to attract one new client a day
Jul 11, 201940:02
20: Value Interview w/ Heather Havenwood :: Growing your influence through LinkedIn
Jul 11, 201941:29
19: Value Interview w/ Sebastian Lecona :: An inspiring brand strategy

19: Value Interview w/ Sebastian Lecona :: An inspiring brand strategy

Lecona started doing animation on flashback in 2002. He used to teach his computer teacher before each class so she could teach the rest of the class while he practiced and learned new things.

From there Lecona started learning the software by oneself and in 2010 started freelancing for friends and family.

In 2012 Sebastian Lecona enrolled in college (the first animation program in Mexico that was worth it) but left after 9 months to start working on a national TV channel on the motion graphics area. He worked for a year and a half at TV UNAM doing video branding for the channel and its programs. This was the first approach towards serious branding.

Even when it was a great job with a really cool environment and significant projects he was missing the chance to travel. He has always been a traveler so this was heavy enough to push him into the freelancing life again while traveled around Mexico.

During these time he started tapping into entrepreneurial skills. For motion design freelancing and other projects (Lecona also started a tattoo business, circus classes, and partnered with a friend to grow a jewellery workshop along with a natural products distribution business).

After a couple of years, he realised that he was spreading too much energy across many fields, dissolving the impact of actions. So in 2016 Lecona decides to go all in into his core skills as a designer and founded his agency. That was the best decision ever. Since that day he dropped every other business, Sebastian Lecona was involved with and put all of his time and attention into growing business.

From that day forward he has been growing his business into a vessel that helps him live the dream life and fulfil the purpose of building a better world by telling inspiring stories! Now, Lecona and his agency work with people from all over the world helping young entrepreneurs build their online businesses. From YouTube channels to transportation businesses, they are helping inspiring leaders to connect with their tribes.



Jun 11, 201946:09
18: Value Interview w/ Shannel Rivera :: Strategic Business Mindset
May 28, 201939:53
17: Value Interview w/ Purdeep Sangha :: Healthy Life Balance
Apr 28, 201954:32
16: Value Interview w/ Andrew Arnold :: Health Matters
Apr 03, 201945:05
15: Entrepreneurship and Emotional Intelligence

15: Entrepreneurship and Emotional Intelligence

Often I am asked "Miha, what is the key to entrepreneurial success?" and my answer is always: "knowing how to balance your emotions".

Have a listen to this episode and I would love to hear your opinion and what you think is the key to success.

Mar 01, 201922:56
14: Value Interview w/ Liz Pifko :: Legal Matters
Feb 05, 201954:41