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Fair Reach Forum

Fair Reach Forum

By Jim Spell

A firefighting podcast to inspire discussion.
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The Firefighter Job Interview: How to Stand Out

Fair Reach ForumNov 01, 2021

The Firefighter Job Interview: How to Stand Out
Nov 01, 202106:36
8 Tips to Survive Your First Firefighter Shift
Oct 01, 202110:53
Scene Safety: Firefighters must prepare for more than smoke, & flames
Sep 03, 202105:42
2 Operational Acronyms Firefighters Must Learn
Jul 09, 202110:41
Be a Better Firefighter with Post-Incident Analysis
Jun 02, 202107:20
Fire Engineers: 12 Rookie Mistakes
Dec 01, 202010:58
A firefighter’s Back-to-Basics Guide to Forcible Entry Tools
Nov 02, 202010:28
A firefighter’s Guide to Fireground Search and Rescue
Oct 12, 202008:58
Building Construction Basics: Key Terms Firefighters Need to Know
Sep 01, 202011:29
Overcoming Fear: What Firefighters can do to Alleviate Problematic Phobias
Aug 01, 202007:06
 There is an 'I' in team – and it’s good to recognize and reward it
Jul 01, 202006:13
Solidifying Firefighter Accountability on the Fireline
Jun 01, 202008:52
What City Firefighters Need to Know about Wildland Fires
May 01, 202007:32
When the Power Goes Out: Redundancy is Key with Firefighting Technology
Apr 01, 202005:51
A Firefighter’s Guide to Fire Service Politics
Mar 01, 202012:27
From Meaningful to Mundane: The Importance of Firefighter Conversations
Feb 01, 202007:18
4 Roles of a Great Company Fire Officer
Jan 19, 202007:52
Best Practices for Preplanning Special Events
Dec 08, 201909:52
A firefighter’s Guide to Radiation and Response
Dec 01, 201908:60
Social Media Landmines: Protecting Firefighters from Themselves
Nov 16, 201905:60
Announcing Boot Basics the book

Announcing Boot Basics the book

We are proud to announce the release of a new book by Jim Spell - Boot Basics - A Firefighter's Guide to the Service. Available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Also available as part of Kindle Unlimited. Boot Basics is a concise, general explanation of what a firefighter needs to know to begin a lifelong career in the fire service. Boot Basics provides the all-important overview of the fire service… allowing you to acclimate to the demands and rigors of the profession. Chapter by chapter, quiz and answers, Boot Basics gets you to where you want to go. Amazon Book: Amazon Kindle:
Nov 13, 201900:50
A Firefighter’s Guide to UAS Certification
Nov 01, 201910:23
10 Keys to Electrical Fires and Emergencies

10 Keys to Electrical Fires and Emergencies

What firefighters need to know about mitigating electrical emergencies.
Oct 01, 201910:40
Reflecting on 9/11 and the Superhero First Responder

Reflecting on 9/11 and the Superhero First Responder

In the years since Sept. 11, 2001, firefighters have been elevated in TV shows, movies and advertising as modern heroes.
Sep 09, 201907:11
Sign of Low Firefighter Morale

Sign of Low Firefighter Morale

Decreasing productivity, lack of participation, bullying as humor and a loss of confidence are the first signs of low firefighter morale in your firehouse.
Sep 01, 201909:12
How to Succeed as a Firefighter

How to Succeed as a Firefighter

A sense of responsibility, being trustworthy and having a positive attitude are three step you need to succeed in your career and in your personal life.
Aug 01, 201909:26
A firefighter's Guide to the Two-Way Portable Radio

A firefighter's Guide to the Two-Way Portable Radio

Firefighters must learn to use the two-way portable two-way radio. If there is ever a moment of equality in the fire service, it is when the microphone of a two-way radio is keyed.
Jul 23, 201908:04
The Challenges of a Railroad Disaster
Jul 10, 201909:24
Fire Service Lessons for a Successful Retirement
Jul 09, 201905:20
Post Incident Analysis
Jul 08, 201906:58
PTSD Part Two - Treatments
Jun 07, 201910:19
PTSD Part One - Symptoms
Jun 07, 201908:14
Tunnel Vision
Apr 24, 201906:22
Generational Change in the Fire Service
Apr 22, 201908:08
Firefighter Stress and Well-Being
Mar 20, 201909:12