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Faith and Economics

Faith and Economics

By Gwartney Institute

In Faith and Economics, economics professors Dr. Russ McCullough and Dr. Peter Jacobsen and philosophy professor Dr. Justin Clarke discuss big issues that impact economic freedom and human flourishing from a Christian perspective. This podcast is an initiative of the Gwartney Institute at Ottawa University.
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Smashing Priceless Art -Protests or Terror? | #266

Faith and EconomicsDec 04, 2023

Smashing Priceless Art -Protests or Terror? | #266

Smashing Priceless Art -Protests or Terror? | #266

Uncover the blurred lines between protest and terror as we explore the controversial act of smashing priceless art. Is it a form of protest or an act of terror? Tune in

Dec 04, 202343:23
Light Bulb Freedom -Government Failure? | #265

Light Bulb Freedom -Government Failure? | #265

Tune in to 'Light Bulb Freedom: Government Failure?' and join the conversation on individual rights and government intervention. Explore the unintended consequences of well-intentioned policies as we shed light on a grassroots movement advocating for personal liberties. Don't miss this compelling episode—listen now and be part of the discussion!"

Nov 27, 202339:28
Charitable Gifts On the Street Moral? | #264

Charitable Gifts On the Street Moral? | #264

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the morality of charitable gifts on the street in our latest episode, "Charitable Gifts On the Street: Moral?" Explore the ethical dimensions of spontaneous generosity. Listen now and share your thoughts!

Nov 20, 202337:40
Entrepreneurship Insights - Chad Steenhoek | #263

Entrepreneurship Insights - Chad Steenhoek | #263

Embark on an entrepreneurial odyssey with Chad Steenhoek, unraveling his unparalleled insights in "Entrepreneurship Insights." Journey through the uncharted terrains of his triumphs, failures, and pivotal lessons, guiding listeners towards their own prosperity. Uncover practical wisdom and cutting-edge strategies from a trailblazing industry leader, offering a compass to navigate the challenges of the business world. Tune in and revolutionize your entrepreneurial journey today.

Nov 13, 202337:53
Reason Your Way to God? Philosophy vs Theology -Pastor Timothy Roth | #262

Reason Your Way to God? Philosophy vs Theology -Pastor Timothy Roth | #262

Join Pastor Timothy Roth in 'Reason Your Way to God? Philosophy vs Theology' as he delves into the age-old debate between philosophy and theology. Discover how these two disciplines intersect and diverge, and explore the profound questions surrounding faith, reason, and spirituality. Whether you're a philosopher, a theologian, or simply curious, this podcast will spark your intellectual curiosity and invite you to explore the path to understanding God from different perspectives.

Nov 07, 202340:26
Reformation, Confession, Church Differences -Pastor Timothy Roth | #261

Reformation, Confession, Church Differences -Pastor Timothy Roth | #261

Tune in to Pastor Timothy Roth's captivating podcast episode delving into the Reformation's enduring legacy, the transformative power of Confession, and the nuances of present-day Church differences. Engage with history and modern spirituality—listen now for a profound understanding of faith's evolution and challenges."

Oct 30, 202338:41
Unemployment - Get a Job? | #260

Unemployment - Get a Job? | #260

In this new episode, we talk about unemployment in the US. We will examine how the employment market has altered over the past 20 years, particularly for men and women. We will simplify it and read the statistics and patterns that have shaped the labor market. It is more than simply numbers. It is about comprehending how the employment landscape has changed. Listen to find out how "Unemployment" is becoming.

Oct 23, 202332:22
Winners and Losers - Government Protecting US Auto | #259

Winners and Losers - Government Protecting US Auto | #259

Join our riveting podcast as we dissect the transformative impact of the U.S. government's protective measures on the auto industry. In this thought-provoking episode, we unravel the intricate dynamics shaping the fortunes of industry titans and the nuanced repercussions on consumer choices. Stay tuned to unravel the captivating narrative of resilience and vulnerability within America's automotive realm.

Oct 16, 202334:40
Power -Maybe Machiavelli Was Right | #258

Power -Maybe Machiavelli Was Right | #258

Let's talk about power! In this episode, we discuss whether the old ideas of Machiavelli, an intelligent thinker from the past, still make sense today. We'll break down the tricks, problems, and tough choices that come with having power. Join us for a chat about what Machiavelli can teach us about power in our world today. Listen now!

Oct 09, 202330:36
End Tax-Exempt Status for Churches | #257

End Tax-Exempt Status for Churches | #257

Dive into the contentious debate over tax-exempt status for churches. Uncover the historical context, grapple with the clash between religious freedom and fairness, and discover the tangible consequences. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of this critical issue that's shaping our society. Don't miss this eye-opening episode!

Oct 02, 202329:01
Church Finance, How Should We Spend? | #256

Church Finance, How Should We Spend? | #256

The most recent episode of "Church Finance, How Should We Spend?" examines the sensitive and frequently complicated subject of church budget distribution. Join our Gwartney Institute professors Russ, Peter, and Justin as they discuss ethical issues and best practices for allocating financial resources within a Christian group.

Sep 25, 202334:08
Productive or Fruitful, What Does God Want? | #255

Productive or Fruitful, What Does God Want? | #255

Discover the answer to a profound question in our latest podcast episode: "Productive or Fruitful, What Does God Want?" Dive into spiritual insights and practical wisdom, and join us on a journey to find purpose in your daily life. Tune in now and gain valuable perspective!

Sep 18, 202340:07
Rich Men in Richmond? | #254

Rich Men in Richmond? | #254

We highlight the injustices committed against the rural working class in this episode of "Rich Men in Richmond?" Join us as we explore the unsung tales of devout people who Richmond's wealthy elite has frequently eclipsed. We'll talk about the difficulties, problems, and structural injustices that the rural working class faces as we examine the effects of economic inequality on their daily lives.

Sep 11, 202334:28
Investment Advice -Dollar Cost Averaging and More | #253

Investment Advice -Dollar Cost Averaging and More | #253

In this enlightening episode of "Investment Advice - Dollar Cost Averaging and More," we dive deep into the world of investment strategies and a whole lot more! Join our expert hosts as they unravel some secrets of "Dollar Cost Averaging", a strategy that can revolutionize your investment game. Listen now!

Sep 04, 202338:27
Personal Finance -Pitfalls to Watch for | #252

Personal Finance -Pitfalls to Watch for | #252

Money counts, especially in college, Don't Get Caught! Episode 252 Personal Finance Pitfalls to Watch for. Join us this week as we explore the top financial mistakes that even the most intelligent students can fall victim to. We have the advice to keep financially healthy and prosperous, from credit card mayhem to budgeting gaffes. Watch now to take control of your finances and safeguard your future with smart money moves. Listen now!

Aug 28, 202341:19
Work From Home Does Not Work? | #251

Work From Home Does Not Work? | #251

"Join us on a journey of workplace transformation with 'Work From Home Does Not Work?' podcast. Get into the captivating world of remote work as we unravel its intricate layers. Tune in to explore intriguing topics like the unseen switching costs that impact your remote experience. We openly talk about the diverse work styles and home environments that make working from home a better fit for some than others. Discover how the competitive job market is reshaping the remote work scenario, and learn why companies are reconsidering virtual work arrangements. Listen Now!

Working from home is not for everyone / 5:39

Competition bringing people back / 7:05

Office Culture / 9:25

Team Production / 11:40

Institutions and Norms in Society / 20:00

Minimizing Production / 26:00

Aug 21, 202336:06
Romantic Relationships And Money | #250

Romantic Relationships And Money | #250

This audio episode explores the complex relationship between money and romance. We examine how contemporary sensibilities change how we approach money in partnerships, from splitting costs to making financial decisions. We also explore the role of tradition, looking at how ideas like arranged weddings respond to shifting economic conditions. The episode emphasizes people's sacrifices for their partners and explores whether financial compatibility can lessen these difficulties. Watch for enlightening interviews with subject matter experts and true tales that shed light on the complicated relationship between money and love.

Modern Sensibilities / 3.00

Traditional relationship / 4.00

Arranged marriage / 6.10

Property Rights / 19.00

Independent finances / 28.00

Aug 14, 202338:40
Ex-Pats Hurt Developing Countries? | #249

Ex-Pats Hurt Developing Countries? | #249

In this episode, we focus on neocolonialism as we examine the effects of the rising trend of expatriates on developing nations. We explore the drawbacks of expatriation and discuss how it affects both the ex-pats and the locals. The podcast questions the effects of the precise cultural mismatch between ex-patriots and their new homes on regional identity and traditions. Join us as we evoke discussion on the moral obligations of expatriates and their impact on the socioeconomic environment of their host countries. Listen now!

Aug 07, 202335:26
Ruler vs Ruled | #248

Ruler vs Ruled | #248

Explore the world of "Power Struggle: Ruler vs. Ruled," resulting in probes of the intricate connection between individuals in control positions and those they rule. Explore Adam Smith's principles and their impact on power dynamics as you unravel the historical development of democracy and its effect on empowering the populace. Consider the difficulties of majority rule while keeping the rights of minorities in mind. Travel through time to see how the monarchy has shaped society by rising and falling. Finally, examine fascism's shadowy side and how it affects personal freedoms. Listen now!


Democracy, Adam Smith // 4:50

Majority Rule Problems // 10:30

Monarchy & Fascism // 18:30 Ceterus Parabus // 30:10

Definition Problem // 38:15

Jul 31, 202342:19
Transhumanism - Government Control? | #247

Transhumanism - Government Control? | #247

Welcome to our podcast episode, where we explore the fascinating world of transhumanism and how it relates to government control. Transhumanism is about using advanced technology to enhance human abilities, like outsourcing our brains or merging technology with our minds.

This episode discusses these technologies' ethical questions and how governments might get involved. We'll also look into "Bitcoin breaking the normal danger of centralized decisions" and how it connects to transhumanism.


Outsourcing Brains // 2:30

Technology & Brains // 12:00

Bitcoin - Breaking The Norm // 17:50

Danger Of Centralized Decisions // 26:00

Jul 24, 202332:12
Transhumanism - Live Like God? | #246

Transhumanism - Live Like God? | #246

In this episode, we dive into the challenges and uncertainties of transhumanism. We will discuss the tough questions about what it means to be human and the potential consequences of transforming ourselves in profound ways. Does altering our physical bodies undermine God? Listen now!


Are You The Same As You Where In Kindergarten? // 4:30

Life Is In The Memory // 8:45

Memory, Schmemory // 16:00

Memory and Transhumanism // 22:00

The Teleporter // 30:00

Bernard Williams - Philosophy

Christopher Nolan - The Prestige

John Locke - The Prince and The Cobbler

Donald Davidson - Philosophy

The Ship of Theseus - Philosophy Thought Experiment

Jul 17, 202333:46
Transhumanism – Morally Still Man? |#245

Transhumanism – Morally Still Man? |#245

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses the transhumanism movement. Join us as we define this concept and discuss whether or not it should be an ultimate goal for our society.

Transhumanism / 1:30

When we prolong and improve life, is it still human? / 10.25

The Heavens Gate Comet / 15.00

Lost common tongue / 17.00

Faith and transhumanism / 20.15

Aim to be like "God" / 26:30

Error in the leaps / 34.00

Jul 10, 202333:52
Repugnant Conclusion with Population Growth | #244
Jul 03, 202332:55
Popular Science Is Bad? | #243

Popular Science Is Bad? | #243

In this episode, the Gwartney Institute discusses popular science and some of the dangers of trusting the science. Is there a stigma around popular science that does not try to teach, but merely entertain? Join us as we discuss how popular science may have more negative effects than positive.

Jun 28, 202339:50
Aliens - Where Are They? | #242

Aliens - Where Are They? | #242

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the possibility of aliens after the United States Government declassified information that supports the existence of extraterrestrial life. We attempt to lay some of the intellectual groundwork that is necessary for the discussion of aliens by discussing multiple theories that have emerged over the past 50 years and wonder, would it be in humans best interest for aliens to exist? Join us for a fun and informative conversation over one of the more mysterious topics within society today.


Arguments For/Against Aliens // 1:45

Zero Communicative Life //7:30

Abiogenesis //12:00

Slipped Through the Great Filter? //22:00

Too Dangerous to Communicate //29:15

Drake Equation

Pharme Paradox

Nick Bostrom

Three Body Problem

Dark Forest Theory

"Thinking About the Infinite |#217" -

Jun 19, 202335:48
I Can’t Sell Honey at the Farmer’s Market? | #241

I Can’t Sell Honey at the Farmer’s Market? | #241

This week's discussion covered a recent story about a local woman who is pushing back against the regulations banning gardening and keeping bees as a business in the city of Ottawa KS. Join us as the Gwartney Team discusses entrepreneurship, home businesses, and property rights.


Restrict the Business / 3.00

Government is thinking of Externalities? / 6.30

Private Solutions or Collective Action / 13.15

People require too much of one another? / 19.30

Reduced competition / 22.45

Vote with your feet / 27.00

Jun 12, 202335:23
Fed Pays Banks 5.15% With Your Savings - You Get None of It?| #240
Jun 05, 202333:21
Intellectual Property Rights | #239

Intellectual Property Rights | #239

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses what should be considered as intellectual property and why certain things may not meet the criteria. For instance, do patents restrict ownership of physical property? Does intellectual property require one to sell/buy rights? We consider that businesses are incentivized to create intellectual property, and discuss what is the government's incentive to protect it. Join us as we tackle intellectual property from all angles!


Patents and Ownership // 4:30

States Defend Property //10:00

Utilitarian Argument // 17:45

Prizes Instead of Patents? //22:30

Litigation Costs //30:00

May 29, 202336:05
Interpreting the Text -Peter and Justin Battle | #238

Interpreting the Text -Peter and Justin Battle | #238

In this episode, the Gwartney team wants to discuss the best way to interpret texts. Should we attempt to discover the authors intended meaning or is our own valuable? Peter argues that there needs to be a checkpoint of meaning from the author for interpretations to have any value. Justin argues that words have meaning regardless of what the author meant, and that the only way to describe meaning is by using more words or using the same sentence again. Who do you think won?


The Author is Alive // 1:00

Meaning & Significance // 7:30

Is It All in The Head? // 11:45


Author Creates Meaning, Not Words? // 24:40

Words Create Meaning, Authors Do Not? // 26:15

Intention is Important // 35:00

Misused Meaning // 38:30

May 22, 202348:50
Jesus the Scapegoat? | #237

Jesus the Scapegoat? | #237

In this episode, Justin leads the team through ideas from Rene Girard, a French theorist from the 20th century who countered mainstream thought during this time. Girard wanted to refute claims that Greek myths and the Passion of the Christ were the same, or at least very similar. By comparing stories of Greek myth and those in the Bible, we are able to see the what separates myth from the Passion of Christ. How did Jesus shed light on the Devil's tricks, especially the one where society believes something of his working is required for survival? Join the conversation now to hear how Jesus uncovered Satan by being exclusively innocent and holy while on Earth.


Desire in Life & Myth //3:15

Joseph and Edipus - A Comparison // 8:00

Warming Your Hands With Society // 14:00

Jesus Uncovered Satan // 20:45

Luke's Account // 24:30

Exclusive Innocence // 34:00

Rene Girard - The Scapegoat (Le bouc émissaire)

Rene Girard - I See Satan Fall Like Lightning

May 15, 202336:58
Inflation Adjusted Capital Gains Tax? | #236

Inflation Adjusted Capital Gains Tax? | #236

How do taxes affect investment and saving incentives for individuals in the United States? In this episode, the Gwartney Institute discusses an issue with the tax system in regard to how it handles inflation. Should our tax system include inflation when evaluating individuals capital gains? These taxes disproportionately effect lower income earners more harshly than high income earners, yet they still feel a huge blunt end of these taxes. Listen now to an informational show on inflation, taxes, and their effect on our incentives to invest and save money.


Capital Gains & Income Taxes // 2:30

Inflations Effect on Capital Gains // 5:00

Printing Money Causes The Bid to Go Up // 10:15

Effects All Citizens // 18:00

Cryptocurrency & Unrealized Gains //23:25

Create Inflation and Collect Taxes? // 26:00

May 08, 202327:55
Tenure for College Professors? | Episode #235

Tenure for College Professors? | Episode #235

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses movements in the structure of college professors. There is currently a diverse competition in the job market of higher education. As states like Texas ban tenure for professors at public universities, more professors move to the private sector. Join us in our latest episode to learn why this is happening!

4:00 // Benefits of Tenure

8:00 // Tenure vs Non-Tenure

11:00 // Freedom of Ideas in Academia

18:00 // Texas Removing Tenure - Public Schools

24:00 // The Future of Professor's Pay

May 01, 202331:14
Gospel Politics - A New Way? | Episode #234

Gospel Politics - A New Way? | Episode #234

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the problems of 'older brother' vs 'younger brother' mentalities in the political spectrum. How have these roles switched in the past 50 years? Perhaps having more congressmen not participate in the legislature can allow for more elected officials to preach the gospel. Listen in for a hot take on the problems and solutions of Gospel Politics!

Show Timeline:

Older and Younger Brothers / 2:00

Political Mindset of the Brothers / 6:30

Social Rule Enforcement / 9:30

Paul, Older or Younger Brother? / 17:00

Political Homelessness / 25:00

The Gospel & Politics / 32:30

Utilization of the Platform /38:45

O'Connor - Wise Blood

Tim Keller

Apr 24, 202340:59
Bank Bailouts -No More Please! | Episode #233

Bank Bailouts -No More Please! | Episode #233

A few weeks ago, we witnessed Silicon Valley Bank scare the financial sector with a bank failure. The FDIC then 'came to the rescue' in ensuring depositor's their money. The team dives deeper, discussing weaknesses, cracks, and the heavy regulations within insured banks. Could there be more to the story?

The banks are fine? / 5:15

Who got the bailout? / 10:00

Effects on consumers? / 15:00

Interest Rates / 21:05

'Fat Cats' / 26:00

Dominos are falling / 31:45

Backwards incentives / 36:30

Regulations don't save bucks / 39:00

Apr 17, 202344:18
Socialism Fails Venezuela - Creighton University | Episode #232

Socialism Fails Venezuela - Creighton University | Episode #232

In this episode, the Gwartney Team hosts a podcast at Creighton University with a special guest from Venezuela. Our guest explains the breakdown of Venezuelan Political and Economic Institutions over the years. Could democracy hold a problem that leads to dictatorship? Listen in to find out!

2:45 // Institutional Hierarchy

9:15 // Political Power of Leaders in Venezuela

15:30 // The Decline of the Venezuelan Economy

20:45 // Venezuelan Education System

24:00 // Q & A

33:00 // Economic Freedom Today

Apr 10, 202339:56
DARE to say NO? - Drug use up? | #231

DARE to say NO? - Drug use up? | #231

The war on drugs produced many programs, with one of them being the Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The Gwartney Team discusses the topic and its long-term effects on America's youth. Has this program been successful, or has it perpetuated the idea of the drugs it is fighting? Perhaps there is a better approach to limiting the number of drug abusers. Listen now to find out!

Show Notes:

DARE to Resist Drugs // 1:30

Pressing Issues with DARE // 6:00

30 Ways to Say 'NO' // 10:05

Zero Tolerance and Leveling // 16:00

Legalization // 23:25

Drinking & Driving // 29:00

Cell Phones & Boredom // 33:00

Apr 03, 202334:02
Do We Deserve Anything from Government? | Episode #230

Do We Deserve Anything from Government? | Episode #230

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses just what people deserve. It's often theorized that the state ought to give criminals what they deserve, in defense of their neighbors' rights. Perhaps we must weigh the costs and benefits of the state's policy. Could this be wrong? Listen to find out!

Show Notes:

How does the State decide? // 3:45

Cost & Benefit of the State // 8:15

Justice & Harm Principle // 13:40

What is the Role of the State? // 18:35

The Types of Laws // 24:30

Race-Based Aid // 30:10

Mar 27, 202338:54
Christians & Creationism - 6000 Years - Really? | Episode #229

Christians & Creationism - 6000 Years - Really? | Episode #229

In this episode, the Gwartney Team dives into the topic of creationism. Science and religion both have varying ideas as to what caused the creation of the universe. The founding belief of The Resurrection in Christianity can be seen as a miracle, unable to be disapproved by science. What does it mean if these miracles can be disputed? Join us to hear a take on Christians & Creationism!

What is Creationism? // 2:00

Does Science Disprove Creationism? // 7:45

Can Miracles be Disputed? // 14:30

Exegetical Grounds // 18:40

Genesis Written Historically // 28:00

The Big Bang // 34:45

Mar 20, 202340:36
Government Weapons of Oppression - Dr. Rachel Ferguson | Episode #228

Government Weapons of Oppression - Dr. Rachel Ferguson | Episode #228

In this episode, The Gwartney Team has a special guest, Dr. Rachel Ferguson. Esteemed author of Black Liberation Through the Marketplace, Rachel has joined us to answer questions from students who have recently attended our Breakfast Book Club. Listen now for a rich conversation on the stories of Black America. 

Show Notes-Student Questions

3:11 // Native & African American Land Rights?

7:00 // Rachel’s Comments on Defunding the Police

12:52 // Why go into such detail explaining atrocities?

20:29 // What is Civil Society?

27:25 // Reparations for Black America

35:04 // Martin Luther King & Malcom X

38:40 // Segregation, Integration

Mar 13, 202344:32
Democracy, Populism, Mob Rule - What's the Difference? | Episode #227

Democracy, Populism, Mob Rule - What's the Difference? | Episode #227

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the populism issues arising from democracy. Too often does the 'mob rule' dominate over large portions of citizens. Is there a chance that this may be counterproductive to the benefits of democracy? Perhaps the concept of Fiscal Federalism could solve these issues. Join us in the link below to find out!

Show Notes: 

4:15 // Contradiction between Democracy and Populism

11:20 // Is Elite Rule Good or Bad?

19:00 // Guard against Mob Rule

29:30 // The Fed is Too Large?

35:00 // The Power of Markets

Mar 06, 202342:04
Ban Smart Phones for Kids Under 18? | Episode #226

Ban Smart Phones for Kids Under 18? | Episode #226

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses a looming mental health crisis in the United States. The leading demographic is young women. With an increase in suicidal thoughts, many Americans tend to blame the newly evolved social media. The constant critiquing that comes with these media sites may be influencing our young women badly. Could this be a breakdown of civil society? Would a smartphone ban for kids work? Listen in to find out!

Social Media or Something Else Entirely? / 3:30

Lockdown Effects / 7:45

Civil Society Breakdown / 10:25

Constant Critiquing / 19:00

Smartphones & Boredom / 27:15

Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits? / 36:00

Who Gets Punished? / 45:20

Externalities / 53:45

Feb 26, 202355:09
International Conflicts and Aid -What should the US do? | Episode #225

International Conflicts and Aid -What should the US do? | Episode #225

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the United States' role in foreign aid. When the U.S. gets involved in international conflicts, the interests of domestic citizens may not be apparent. What are some of the reasons for the U.S.' increased involvement in foreign affairs? Do these actions move our government in the direction of totalitarianism? Join us for a controversial discussion on the role of U.S. on a global scale!

What are the United States top interests? / 4:30

Encourage freedom, or create freedom? / 8:00

Local help or federal aid - Which is better? / 14:05

Disentangling military from charity / 22:00

Cycle of history or parallels through time? / 27:30

Political interest outweighs societal? 35:35

Moving the needle / 42:10

Feb 19, 202342:14
More AI, More Safety Nets for Job Loss? | #224

More AI, More Safety Nets for Job Loss? | #224

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses AI's role within the marketplace. Artificial Intelligence has proven to be useful in various industries, improving productivity exponentially. While this is a huge benefit, the team discusses where AI may not be applicable in the future. Will a machine perform a service job better than a human? What is the appropriate level of work in a society rich in artificial intelligence? How will people earn and retain money? Join us for this continuation of the discussion on the prospects of Artificial Intelligence.


Docking Industry / 4:00

How much A.I. in the Market? / 10:30

Is Work Desired? / 19:00

Industry that can be programmed / 23:00

The Mormon Church / 30:00

Do we need to restructure? / 38:00

Feb 12, 202339:56
Artificial Intelligence Wrote My Paper -Deal With It | #223

Artificial Intelligence Wrote My Paper -Deal With It | #223

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses AI's recent developments and the conveniences it may provide. Yet, as artificial intelligence is making strides in advancement, what does this mean for the future of education? While the team thinks AI is not at a level of eliminating essays from the curriculum, we do believe there will be potential for a transition back to hands-on learning. Some say artificial intelligence will eventually become sentient, and if that's the case will artificial intelligence create innovation within society and create abundance throughout the world? 


Academia vs. AI: FIGHT! / 2:30

Better Education Trumps AI? / 10:00

Life of Abundance / 18:00

Will AI make conscious decisions? / 27:30

Does AI Effect Innovation? / 33:30

Utopian Dreams / 42:00

Mind or Matter? - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 1 | #181

Materialism Battles Dualism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 2| #182

Mind and Body Functionalism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 3 | Episode #183

Property Dualism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 4 | #184

Feb 06, 202349:05
Credit Score Facts and Fiction -Chad McCullough | #222

Credit Score Facts and Fiction -Chad McCullough | #222

We are proud to welcome Chad McCullough, an expert on credit score repair to educate on the facts and fiction in the world of credit. How is a credit score composed? Are there incentives for the credit industry to withhold information from consumers? We hope you are able to gather some valuable information about a potential oligopoly. 


Credit is a Puzzle / 1:30

Are People Complacent? / 6:45

Character Probability / 10:00

Personal Ownership / 14:15

Information's Value in the Credit Industry / 20:25

FICO vs FAKE-O / 24:00

Credit Union's Incentives / 31:00

Jan 30, 202336:36
Academic Journals—Good Ole Boys Club? | #221

Academic Journals—Good Ole Boys Club? | #221

In this episode, the Gwartney Institute discusses issues within Academia. To earn merit within Academia, one is almost required to have some of their work published in a journal, the more prestigious, the better. Yet, there has been an increase in the discussion that the peer-review system is flawed and may be doing more harm than good. The system incentives scholars to create within a narrow scope and to deny one's own story in an effort to present only information. Has academia lost its identity? 


Peer Review's Role in Academia / 2:00

Journal Prestige / 7:25

Problems with Peer Review / 12:15

On a Need-to-Know Basis / 17:00

Insular Self-Publishing / 21:00

Narrow Scope and Barriers for Viewing / 25:30

How Do We Maintain the Spread of Knowledge? / 31:40

Unmask Identity / 38:00

Jan 23, 202343:08
Tipping is out of control? | #220

Tipping is out of control? | #220

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses different point of views on the social construct of tipping. What are some of the issues that arise when tipping is prevalent at every food or drink establishment? Is there a moral requirement for tipping? Join us for a lighthearted and fun conversation over tipping and its normalcy. 


Why do we tip? / 2:30

Value of Information / 10:00

Bias Tipping / 14:15

Moral Arguments / 18:45

COVID, Coffee, and Tipping / 24:30

Free Riding / 30:00

Subsidy to Employees / 36:30

Jan 16, 202345:33
Mass Extinction is a Bad Prediction | #219

Mass Extinction is a Bad Prediction | #219

In the late 1960s, Paul Ehrlich predicted that the world was facing the mass extinction of land and sea animals. He predicted that the coastline would have to be evacuated ten years after his first book was written due to the smell of dead fish. After the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings last week, Paul Ehrlich was seen on CBS’ 60 Minutes, restating arguments he made almost 50 years ago. The Gwartney team discusses issues with Elhrich’s logic and presents arguments against mass extinction. We suggest that humans are inherently different from other animals for we have the ability to innovate with the resources around us. We must strive toward policies that encourage innovation and away from over-restrictive policies that limit the use of resources.


Humans Are Equal to Animals? / 4:30

Humans Create Ideal Circumstances / 7:00

Endogeneity Problem / 11:00

No Claim to Mass Extinction / 14:00

Stewardship & Private Property / 19:45

Basic Needs Must Be Met to Adust Priorities / 26:00

People Are The SOLUTION / 35:00

Paul Ehrlich - The Population Bomb

Julien Simon - The Ultimate Resource

Jan 09, 202338:23
Christmas Gifts Ruin Christmas? | #218

Christmas Gifts Ruin Christmas? | #218

As we look back at the holiday season, we feel it is interesting to examine the idea of gifting. During Christmas, consumerism is rampantly increasing, and as we dig further into the concept of gifting, the Gwartney team seems to look more at the potential negatives of gift-giving. Has the idea of gift-giving exceeded what was thought of as its potential? Does gift-giving highlight the core values we want to imbed in our future? We discover the actual value of a gift comes from the effort and thought that the giver put into it. 


Non-wealth Maximizing / 3:00

Value Derives From Effort / 7:15

Kids Are Very Material / 14:20

Christians & Consumerism / 17:55

Outsourcing Goods / 25:45

Our Favorite Gifts / 30:00 

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Thinking about the Infinite | #217
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