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Faking Notes Podcast

By Faking Notes Podcast

This podcast for artist entrepreneurs, co-hosted by professional musicians ThatViolaKid and Trevor Bumgarner, features playful, authentic conversations with artists, influencers, and future titans of the music industry. Because school can’t teach you everything, we fill in the blanks with enthusiastic curiosity and real-life experience.

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Persistence, Perspective, and Presidents ft. Anthony McGill

Faking Notes PodcastJun 15, 2021

Find Joy in Your Career ft. Time for Three
Sep 27, 202201:19:18
Aug 23, 202201:31
How to Kiss Ass and Influence People - Essential Skills for Musicians
Jul 19, 202201:12:00
Dreaming Big, One Drumbeat at a Time ft. Wesley Sumpter
Jul 05, 202201:08:05
Life of a Concertmaster: The Ultimate Balancing Act ft. David Kim
Jun 07, 202201:15:00
How Classical Music can Save the World ft. Michael Francis
May 31, 202201:02:16
The First 10 Steps after Graduation
May 17, 202201:08:57
Why You Should Bet on Yourself ft. Karoline Menezes
May 10, 202201:08:45
Overcoming Stage Fright - Essential Skills for Musicians
May 03, 202201:02:07
Stage Fright, Learning Other Genres, and Recording Sessions (Discord Q&A)
Apr 26, 202248:44
How Machine Learning will Change Music Forever ft. Pedram
Apr 14, 202201:05:18
How to Find Clients and Keep Them
Mar 29, 202201:10:48
Beyond Talent: Overcome Resistance and Get Things Done ft. Angela Beeching
Mar 17, 202201:08:30
Faking Fam Feature 4: Antshay
Mar 08, 202255:07
With Great Platforms Comes Great Responsibility: Joe Rogan and Spotify
Mar 01, 202249:04
Why HitPiece Scam Won't Stop NFTs
Feb 22, 202258:26
Marketing: Why does it matter?
Feb 08, 202246:54
Money: Why does it matter?
Feb 01, 202245:19
Value: Why does it matter?
Jan 25, 202229:02
How to Balance Conducting and Crypto ft. Yuga Cohler
Jan 11, 202201:28:36
The "Steve Jobs" of Classical Music ft. Aubrey Bergauer
Jan 05, 202201:34:58
The Fellowship of the Strings: Kings of Social Media ft. Nathan Chan and Ken Kubota
Dec 29, 202101:37:11
Julia of all Trades ft. Julia Danitz
Dec 14, 202101:20:53
Kris Bowers - King Richard, Bridgerton, and the Future of Film Scoring
Dec 01, 202158:20
Basketball is Chamber Music ft. Kyle Price
Nov 23, 202101:22:23
Touring and Teaching – from Classical to Pop ft. Melody Giron
Nov 18, 202159:45
Crypto and the Future of Music Communities ft. Groupmuse Founder Sam Bodkin, pt. 2
Nov 12, 202158:47
Groupmuse: Culture, Community, and Technology ft. founder Sam Bodkin, pt. 1
Oct 15, 202145:35
Self Love and Celine Dion ft. Judy Kang
Sep 24, 202101:02:52
How To Make the Most of Music School
Sep 16, 202158:19
Student Loans: Everything’s Fine? ft. Zack Morrison
Sep 10, 202101:15:52
The Jingle King, ft. Tom McGovern
Aug 31, 202101:23:19
Essential Social Skills for Musicians pt. 2
Aug 24, 202101:06:51
Essential Social Skills for Musicians pt. 1
Aug 18, 202101:23:31
Lead with Vision - The Contracting Queen ft. Stephanie Matthews

Lead with Vision - The Contracting Queen ft. Stephanie Matthews

Ep. 89 – What do LA, Trinidad and Tobago, and LA all have in common? They all have been elevated by Stephanie Matthew’s vision. A top violinist turned top music contractor with clients such as  Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Chloe x Halle, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, John Legend, Coldplay, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Lizzo, Camilla Cabello, Justin Timberlake, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Pharrell, H.E.R., and Bastille. I mean - COME ON. She shares so much knowledge about the business and life in general. This is an episode you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Aug 10, 202101:22:05
More Music, Bigger Comedy ft. Isabel Hagen, The Sequel
Aug 03, 202101:01:17
The Voice of Harp ft. Margaret Davis
Jul 27, 202101:21:04
Courage in Seven Languages ft. Anna Murakawa
Jul 15, 202101:27:40
Mission Focused Projects
Jul 07, 202101:18:22
Singing and Seaming with Style ft. Martina DaSilva
Jun 29, 202101:19:29
Faking Fam Fika 3: Kayley Clark
Jun 23, 202101:18:43
Persistence, Perspective, and Presidents ft. Anthony McGill
Jun 15, 202101:17:44
Rise with a Purpose - the Global Musician Perspective ft. Wordsmith
May 31, 202101:29:59
Trust, Connection, and Never-ending Growth ft. YAS
May 18, 202101:18:37
Respect Your Shadow
Apr 10, 202101:16:28
Body, Mind, and Being Kind ft. Tom Lea
Mar 24, 202101:34:37
Folk Sings and Bridgerton Strings ft. Leah Zeger
Mar 13, 202101:27:38
The Well-Rounded Musician ft. Nathan Chan
Feb 11, 202101:31:20
Broadway to Bitcoin ft. Brian Li
Jan 22, 202101:42:19
Meaningful Music and Spotify Strategy ft. Dillan Witherow
Jan 13, 202101:44:57