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Fandom Buzzz!

Fandom Buzzz!

By Fandom Buzzz!

Welcome to the "green room" for Alexa Loves Books, where spoilers abound and ships set sail (or crash and burn)! Macky & Alexa get together to chat about books, comics, TV shows, movies, anime and manga while drinking caffeine (most of the time, anyway). Basically, this is the podcast for you if you're interested in listening to two fandom enthusiasts break down their feels for the things that they love. We hope you enjoy the buzz!
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S02E08: Bookish Breakdowns #5, Part Two: Rule of Wolves

Fandom Buzzz!May 12, 2021

S02E08: Bookish Breakdowns #5, Part Two: Rule of Wolves
May 12, 202101:59:21
S02E07: Bookish Breakdowns #5, Part One: Rule of Wolves
May 12, 202101:53:59
S02E06: Bookish Breakdowns #4:Keeper of the Lost Cities - Legacy
May 11, 202101:45:57
S02E05: The Grishaverse - Shadow and Bone
May 05, 202158:54
S02E04: Rule of Wolves Preview, Back to the Streamies and Fearless
Apr 21, 202144:35
S02E03: A Return to Gaming and Good Times
Apr 07, 202143:60
S02E02: Bookish Breakdowns #3: Chain of Iron
Mar 19, 202101:37:26
S02E01: Season 2 Opener, Raya & the Last Dragon + WandaVision
Mar 17, 202101:02:15
S01E23: Best of 2020
Dec 31, 202001:25:26
S01E22: Bookish Breakdowns #2: The Lost Book of the White
Oct 19, 202001:31:16
S01E21: Animorphs, Addie LaRue & Black Clover, Part 2
Oct 12, 202001:00:26
S01E20: The Baby-Sitters Club, Dystopian Streamies, The Guild Hunter Series & Magic the Gathering
Oct 05, 202052:17
S01E19: Anime Wrap-Ups, Byakko Senki & Keeper of the Lost Cities Revisited
Sep 28, 202001:08:04
S01E18: Sailor Moon Super S, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Avatar the Last Airbender & Black Clover
Sep 21, 202056:45
S01E17: Cold Snap, Outer Sailor Scouts and The Illuminae Files

S01E17: Cold Snap, Outer Sailor Scouts and The Illuminae Files

We're feeling a little bit sci-fi over here! This episode covers our thoughts on The Illuminae Files and our love for the Outer Sailor Scouts. But it's also got a bit of shameless plugging for Cold Snap, coming soon from


For our thoughts on what we've read & our book hauls, feel free to also check us out on Youtube.

Alexa also shares review on her book blog. She also runs a bookstagram!

Macky's music can be found on Spotify.

For more on Macky's novellas, do visit the BlueRoom.

Check out for Macky's novella Cold Snap! Kindle exclusive for Cold Snap can be found here, while the Deluxe Version with the art book is right here.

May 25, 202051:16
S01E16: Illuminae, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Sailor Moon S and CLAMP
May 19, 202001:03:18
S01E15: Animal Crossing, Garth Ennis, Crack Ships and A Little More Sailor Moon
May 12, 202045:00
S01E14: Les Miserables, Into the Badlands. Bleach Fan Fiction & Storm from the X-men
May 04, 202059:33
S01E13: Sailor Moon R, Final Fantasy and Just A Bit More X-men
Apr 28, 202058:18
S01E12: Dawn of X and Violet Evergarden
Apr 20, 202001:13:35
S01E11: Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 3, X-men, Bleach, Sailor Moon... What Year Is It Really?
Apr 13, 202001:14:57
S01E10: Shin Megami Tensei Persona and The Bridgerton Series Mini Tour
Apr 07, 202036:40
S01E09: Okami, Resident Evil and Staying In
Mar 31, 202049:22
S01E08: Little Women and Otaku Overload
Mar 19, 202001:11:35
S01E07: Bookish Breakdowns #1: Chain of Gold
Mar 12, 202001:32:41
S01E06: Sarah J. Maas and Chain of Gold, Episode Zero
Feb 06, 202037:48
S01E05: My Hero Academia & Tamora Pierce
Jan 30, 202041:22
S01E04: Four the Win... Shinkai Strikes Again!
Jan 23, 202047:57
S01E03: Hugo, Shinkai, Schwartz and Gygax
Jan 16, 202042:11
S01E02: Round Two!
Jan 09, 202035:53
S01E01: Path of Least Resistance
Jan 02, 202050:23