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Elevate Your Life: A Transformational Podcast

Elevate Your Life: A Transformational Podcast

By Farhan Dhalla

“Elevate Your Life: A Transformational Podcast” will inspire you to “Connect, Move and Meditate. This Podcast serves as a safe space to openly dialogue authentic, real and transformative conversations.
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S2 Ep 6 "Mediumship and Queer Relief with Galit Deri Shearouse"

Elevate Your Life: A Transformational Podcast Sep 09, 2023

S2 Ep7 "The United States first Openly Gay Imam Daayiee Abdullah"
Oct 09, 202301:04:35
S2 Ep 6 "Mediumship and Queer Relief with Galit Deri Shearouse"
Sep 09, 202301:02:06
S 2 Ep 5 "Breaking Fast and Queer Relief with Mike Mosallam"
Jun 15, 202301:00:55
S2 E4 "Desi Love at First Pride"

S2 E4 "Desi Love at First Pride"

Everyone deserves a great love story like this one. Vaibhav Jain and Parag Mehta are two gay South Asian husbands who's love story began when they first met at a pride parade in Washington D.C. They are true trail blazers who along with their families are leading and role modelling to many what it means to live a life lead with love. We discuss all things Queer Desi including the viral video of the beautiful speech Parag's father made on their wedding day. His speech has helped many open their minds but more importantly their hearts to love and acceptance of members of the Queer community and helped parents of all faiths with antiquated beliefs. Their love has been championed by all their parents and the union of their families have proven that love isn't limited to the heteronormative status quo even in the South Asian community. Their love has turned into a force for human rights and the two are plaintiffs in a landmark court case before the Delhi High Court in India which seeks to legalize same-sex marriage for 1.4 billion people in the world’s largest democracy. In addition to being global advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, Vaibhav and Parag recently became fathers of two beautiful children born via surrogacy. In 2023, the couple welcomed a daughter Parineeti followed by a son Vivaan.

A Loving Indian Dad's Moving Toast at His Gay Son's Wedding





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Jun 12, 202301:18:44
S2 Ep 3 "Ramadan and Queer Relief with Rizwan Jagani"
Jun 08, 202301:03:14
S2 Ep2 "The Day I Had The Conversation With My Mom"
Jun 05, 202332:45
S2 Ep1 "In My Own Words and Finally on My Terms"
Jun 01, 202343:46
Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 is titled "Queer Relief"

May 23, 202302:23
S1 Ep 10 "Art and Grief Relief"
Feb 14, 202245:57
S1 Ep 9 "Rituals and Grief Relief"

S1 Ep 9 "Rituals and Grief Relief"

Our transitioned loved ones never really die but our relationship with them changes because they are no longer in physical form.  In this conversation Rishma Govani, author of the book "Sushi and Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations,"  and I share the many unique rituals we have created to continue our relationship with our loved ones on the other side and how it has strengthened our bond of love with them.

Instagram: @rishmagovani

In honour of Rishma's husband Aly and my Mother we are supporting the following initiatives and kindly appreciate your donations:

Princes Margaret Hospital

The Aga Khan Foundation

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Dec 08, 202150:34
Ep 8 "Signs From Heaven And Grief Relief"
Nov 10, 202101:23:27
S1 Ep 7 "Grief Waves and Grief Relief"
Oct 20, 202134:31
S1 Ep 6 "The PABR Method and Grief Relief"
Oct 15, 202141:46
S1 Ep 5 "Islam and Grief Relief"
Sep 23, 202146:12
S1 Ep 4 "Music and Grief Relief" with Neha Mahajan

S1 Ep 4 "Music and Grief Relief" with Neha Mahajan

Neha Mahajan is an extraordinarily talented actress, musician and is passionate about making our world more beautiful through her Green initiatives. She's featured playing the sitar in a collaboration with Ricky Martin on the song "Mi Sangre" on the album "Pausa" which won a Latin Grammy Award.  Neha shares her personal journey with grief and offers insights on how music has helped her cope. This episode features a performance by Neha on the sitar. Follow Neha on Instagram @nehamahajanofficial or visit her website

Additional resources:

Using Music To Help With Grief

Using Music To Cope With Grief

The Brain, Grief And Music

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Sep 17, 202151:19
S1 Ep 3 "Mediumship and Grief Relief"
Aug 27, 202133:06
S1 Ep 2 "Meditation and Grief Relief"
Aug 20, 202153:52
S1 Ep 1 "My Journey"

S1 Ep 1 "My Journey"

All of us a grieving at this time. It may be due to individual loss such as a loved one, job, pet a or a life you once knew. As a global community we are all feeling the collective loss of a world that has forever changed. Whatever your experience I’d like to invite you to join my grief journey. Together we can hold space for each other as we collectively heal our personal experience with grief. In this episode I share with you my personal journey and some of the tools I’m using to help me process. It is my hope that in this episode and podcast you find and discover ways to support your unique process.

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Aug 11, 202134:40
Season 1 "Grief Relief" Trailer

Season 1 "Grief Relief" Trailer

In this season I'll be sharing my grief journey and talking with several experts who will offer tools to help you with your personal journey. 

Aug 11, 202102:09